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Triscuit Oct 2020
I want you to transcend me. I'm unhinged and my breath is bated.
Come in for the **** and end me, the trepidation is like condensation. The release you provide is enough to drive me crazy. I can't help but think about it. It's an addiction now, but I'm not trying to fight it. Pull me in closer.
Isaac Spencer Aug 2020
She sunk slowly southward, skimming my soul with sweet sighs,
Acutely aware of my amorous... appeal, I ached for her acquiescence,
Daring- Her; I- dazed: Delicately devouring my disheveled desire,
Leisurely lingering, her lips leaving lipstick licks and languor,
Yet it ended, and I yearned for you.
Amanda Hawkins May 2020
as tears rolled down from the depths of your core
the thought of us fulfilled the absence as afore
our love is frozen in time
your wettest dream will always be mine
seshi Apr 2020
I think about
you, loosely in the cracks
between my mind. You
hold that power over me,
my favourite misdirection-
My favourite muse.
To desire to want you in a
masterpiece is the secret
painted on my
wrists. I breathe you in
a little louder, kiss you a little
harder; til the earth
wipes away.
a Daydream in the night sky,
I hold you there.
Carlo C Gomez Apr 2020
Lost underneath the hood
she made sure
he stopped to ask for directions
then with map in hand
and strapped to the seismograph
she tremored into the land
of eternal sunshine
hydonni Apr 2020
Let us cry out our names in primal need in the dark,
And kiss like Eskimos when light comes.
Let us tear into ourselves like animals through the night,
And make pancakes in the morning.
Seán Mac Falls Dec 2019
Silent pond ripples
She dips her toes in water
Soft ******* stiffen
CandidlySubtle Nov 2019
I’m swimming in a sea of warmth,
Waves that rub along my skin like silk,
Each wave a push and pull,
Of muscles being massaged,
Relaxing and softening,
With each wave that splashes,
Sends tingles vibrating through,
They rush through as I gasp for air,
And I breathe into this sea of warmth,
And I taste all of its salt,
Prickling and tickling my tongue,
And with one final wave,
I disappear and surrender into this sea of warmth.
In your coming and your going,
Feel the love my soul is knowing,
The gentle zephyr through your hair,
Should remind you my love is there.

In your pictures or in the flesh,
Each time my love wakens afresh,
Incomparable imagery,
Arouses love inside of me.

In whispers or your written word,
I dream that mine’s the voice you heard,
You’re nothing short of living art,
Writing your poems on my heart.

In fantasy or in my bed,
“I love you” shall not be unsaid,
You may well be a dream unreal,
But truth is in the love I feel.
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Nisha Fatima Jan 2019
In this court of thorns and roses,
There are immense threats that life poses.
However, through this endeavour,
They spar to undertake and sever.

They, the ingenuous wonder who 'they' are,
They are the spirits and psyche that haul you afar,
They are the facets that stow you awaken,
And the vital force that fore you of the forsaken.

But, though you are stirred,
Which is everything except the eerie wind,
You still don't possess the viciousness to brawl,
Or to discern the phenomena that enable the pneumatic to at least sprawl.

Sprawl, let solitary, its hard enough for you,
As an intellect, to understand, to *****,
All the thoughts and doubts you wish to abandon,
Until by the stupor you understand, that they who you wished to envisage were the omnipotent and his drudges that are abounded.
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