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In your coming and your going,
Feel the love my soul is knowing,
The gentle zephyr through your hair,
Should remind you my love is there.

In your pictures or in the flesh,
Each time my love wakens afresh,
Incomparable imagery,
Arouses love inside of me.

In whispers or your written word,
I dream that mine’s the voice you heard,
You’re nothing short of living art,
Writing your poems on my heart.

In fantasy or in my bed,
“I love you” shall not be unsaid,
You may well be a dream unreal,
But truth is in the love I feel.
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Nisha Fatima Jan 19
In this court of thorns and roses,
There are immense threats that life poses.
However, through this endeavour,
They spar to undertake and sever.

They, the ingenuous wonder who 'they' are,
They are the spirits and psyche that haul you afar,
They are the facets that stow you awaken,
And the vital force that fore you of the forsaken.

But, though you are stirred,
Which is everything except the eerie wind,
You still don't possess the viciousness to brawl,
Or to discern the phenomena that enable the pneumatic to at least sprawl.

Sprawl, let solitary, its hard enough for you,
As an intellect, to understand, to *****,
All the thoughts and doubts you wish to abandon,
Until by the stupor you understand, that they who you wished to envisage were the omnipotent and his drudges that are abounded.
Lurid pressure in perfect hiding,

Heat rises amidst quiet timing.

Covers conceal fingers,
And skin conceals-


Only from the blinded.

Flitting breath from lungs to neck,

Begging tongue,
And baiting breast.

Tentative flesh,
Upon tentative flesh,

What comes next?

Anything I want,

If this is,

Don't judge my #'s
Johnny walker Dec 2018
That almost scared feeling
trembling with excitement
seeing for the first time you're lovely girl stripping
naked before your
Feeling yourself stirring below on seeing each Item of clothing slowly being removed, moments you had dreamed of as
Seeing her completely naked stood before me I must confess one my biggest thrills
Was to see her walk totally naked, the gentle movement of her breast
as she walked the natural moment of
To me there nothing more beautiful In this life than
a naked lady walking or running In the open air
a sight to
Whisper Yes Nov 2018
I feel like me
I feel happy
Is it that simple?
Do I just need to be held
To be seen
To be kissed and told
'I see you'
'I  know who you are'
To feel his strong body on top of mine
To have my complexity not only welcomed but celebrated
To be pulled so close in the dark
To feel the sweet safety of him
To be kissed and kissed and kissed
Deep and hard and true
To share emotion and longing through our lips and our tongues
Not through words but through our kisses and our touch
Your kisses speak a hundred words
Telling me what your words cannot
Stroking my hair, my face, my *******
Pulling my *******, bringing me alive
Sweet arousal wrapped up in the sweetest holding
Strong and soft
Rough and gentle
Pain and pleasure
You give me it all
Except you don’t
This is a false safety
Ormond Jun 2018
Delicious is a word I save for you.
Chocolate comes close but feeds me only
Famine.  Your skin is blest three times,
Once for new redolence.  Bay leaved
To the core, you proffer memories
Which chamber the years in round rooms,
Opening freely into rouge galleries
Of spice.  Secondly, it is soft as summer
Water.  It draws itself toward touch
Like ripples skipping over a sweating pond,
Lapping its way towards the creamy shore.
The third gift of your skin is the colour
Of desired destination, an instrument
Which maps the mirror of a universe,
Because you are deckled with stars so heady,
You are wet smoke from drooling galaxies
And rose white fathoms of sky, they are pooling,
And pulling me with force so fulsome
As to be almost—

                 The firm green bread of spring,
The blue blood of heaven and the milky
Sun, these are your flavours all intermingled,
And three piquant senses speak to my tongue;
I smell, I touch, I taste— you are,
Poetic T Jun 2018
Gravity now limps aging parts,
once firm tools of arousal  
        now dulled
             scrapping on the floor.

But each holds the others up,
                dignity with a hand
                         and string.
Gravity cant dull their love.
Awaken the beast.
Tremors and quakes rattle this
vessel of flesh like
a storm that ravages the
spring sky. You do the same to

me. Fingertips like
cold raindrops trace my landscape,
I'm electrified.
Quiet moan breaks the silence;
every cell has come to life.
Muted Aug 2017
follow the motions
read them aloud

the flick at the end
of your lowercase d
ignites me
when you say
you're aroused

and looping
i study your prose
nectar trickling down

body curved like a c
lips pursed patiently
my dear,

how are your o's so perfectly round?

the stroke of your pen
is all i can see

without physicality
my floodgates are opened
with poetry
you stroke me
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