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lonleyflowerx Dec 2019
I remember learning about the physical STD kind
I remember learning about the short and long term affects it has on the body
but no one taught me the reality of the STDs of the mind.
Because you see, no one prepares you for the reality that is a tear-filled bed and the constant thoughts running through your head of how you still aren’t good enough for them.
They told me to use protection but how do you protect your self from someone who fills your veins with the simple idea that they might just actually like you back. That they might just actually stay.
Because the reality is life isn’t some fairy tale movie. It’s text and calls until they find your way to your door
Letting them in to your body and soul, then them leaving the next morning acting as if they don’t know you anymore.
It’s them holding your hand at the party and introducing you to all their friends like you actually ******* matter to them
while closing your eyes and telling your self to enjoy this moment now
to remember this right here
so when they leave the next day you will have the imaginary fairy tale that they actually cared
But maybe they will love you if you send those pictures they are asking for because now a days nudes are the currency of love and they keep saying things like “you are beautiful” and “but baby what’s just one more?”
So you do it because if you don’t they are just one click away from finding someone who will Because this is reality of love now and you have to swallow this hard pill.
So You learned to stop crying when your body is still stained of their touch while you watch them kiss someone else.
And you hear them saying in your head that being inside of you didn’t mean anything, because you guys are “just friends” that they “just wanna have fun with no strings attached”
but if this is friendship and this is fun i don’t want it anymore.
I just went someone to actually ******* stay instead.

I remember learning about the physical  STD kind
But I wish someone would have taught me about the STDs of the mind
Kat Dec 2019
In the evenings when she feels
The world’s energy like an elixir
Slowly filling her with energy
She can’t help but wander to the city
Where the lights are bright and the people
Flock like birds to a wire
And the clubs blast music into the soft cool night
Can’t help but pick the nearest bar
Neon signs buzzing
Blinding behind her eyelids
Offering the promise of pure sweet release
Can’t help but wander through the door
The smell of alcohol flooding her nostrils
A fog of hot air and cigarette smoke hitting her face
Then ordering the fanciest cocktail
And scouring the room for strangers
Can’t help but start up a conversation with a handsome man
With dark hair and dark eyes
Exchanging smirks and smiles
Long into the night
Can’t help but follow him
Down the street at 2am, fingertips brushing in the breeze
Electricity flowing through their bodies
Until they get to a line of mini skirts and polo shirts
Bow ties and flats and smiling faces and eager eyes
Can’t help but enter the club
Pulling him into the hub of bodies
Moving beneath a thousand tiny specks of light
And pressing his lips to hers
Tasting bliss as the energy of a hundred happy souls
Fills her like a cup that can never overflow
And she drinks in the elation
That comes from dancing under
Blaring music and flashing lights,
All strangers but all connected
In this wonderful beautiful hectic place
When they are done dancing
They will drive down the street
Past the lights and the crowds and the noise
Strangers turned friends
Filled with desire
For what the night holds
They will stare out the windows
Smiling as scenery replaces skyscrapers
In love with the city
Where they go to feel truly alive
A more positive view of a city, compared to my poem “The City: Alone”
xiǎo jūn Sep 2019
I don’t know how to say
But I gotta be honest about the other day
Last night I had a hook up,
and I know I’ve been seeing you for a month now
So it’s probably about time you leave
It’s not a lie, it’s not you it’s me
Look I like you, but I got needs
And they hadn’t been getting met recently

Honestly, didn’t mean to be a mickey
Throw it all away cause I’m sickening
Disgust myself I need a new awakening
Cause I’m fake, and lie all the time
It’s the same thing every single night
I **** it all up every single time

But then again
We are just friends
striking parallels in my life
Daniel Redford Aug 2019
She sits up
Rehooks her bra matching
a pink lace thong
He kisses up her soft back
She laughs
"That was fun" they agree,
She has to go,
He tries to tempt a change
Of mind
But holds himself back.
She falls to the night
Bathed in a mournful
Of streetlights.
He smiles while she smirks.
Gotta break a few hearts
To fix hers.
steph Apr 2019
in your dark room
on your fish pillow
i dwell on your touch
i feel it everywhere

being quiet so no one hears
we weren't supposed to be
doing what we were

you didn't leave any trace
but i wish you had

what was i to you?
you don't even realize
i never learn

and to make it worse
i’d do it again

you say you don’t remember
and it hurts
because i won’t ever forget
i guess that’s what i get

what made you choose me?
i wanna know but
i can't bring myself to ask

when i see you next
i don't know how i'll feel
would you do it again?
Xoaquín Oznian Jan 2019
[High You Are (Branchez Remix) by What So Not & Branchez playing in the background]

We were both naked that night
sitting comfortably on a hotel bed
As we smoked a bowl together
from your fancy ****
the high hit us both
with waves of desire
Lust in our *****
Love in our hearts
Liberation in our souls
You grabbed my face
and started making out with me
with such passionate aggression
the moment being intensely beautiful
the night being so dangerously young
"Let's make this night last forever." you said to me
"We'll be young forever." you said
with a deep breath of passion following your kiss
with tears in my eyes I said "We will."
with the same expression you said "Perfect."
You pushed me down onto the bed
Got on top and continued to French kiss me
Rubbing your ***** and moaning into my ear
I'm licking and ******* your *******
as you take my **** and insert it
into your gorgeous *****
you started off riding me slow
asking me "How do you like it?"
"Faster, baby." I said
"Be careful what you wish for lol" you said in a *****, **** little whisper
As you ****** the tears right out of my eyes
"I want to pleasure you." you said
"I want to make you feel so ******* good." you said
"It's okay to cry baby." you said
"I know it feels good." you said
"**** right" I said gasping for breath while laughing at the same time
You laughing with me as you briefly collapsed on top of me
You got back up and started kissing me again
[Unforgettable by French Montana & Swae Lee starts playing.]
"Harder, baby" I said
"Lol I never thought you were daring enough to want to *** down mother nature's throat!" you said as you kissed my lips repeatedly in succession
"Don't underestimate me lol"
"Actually scratch that because as long as I'm under you
I don't even give a **** because the scent of you clouds my brain with such blissful emotion and euphoria."
"That's what you're supposed to feel silly." you said
"Now close that pretty mouth of yours and let me love you." you said
"The night is still young."
"Let us be."
'Let this be."
Random foreign chick I hooked up with after the club.
Connor Nov 2018
The metro station caged the slumbering metropolis
From this dingy mid-March town fridged in January wind
A ******* clad explorer marches in mellow strides
All the way to you
To back the lover's whisper spoken by static selfies
With fleshy whiffs, a borrowed jacket and a gawky face
Blind to but maybe fiddly pepples on the ground.

Down at a backstreet diner, its locked out doorstep,
A hygge cover made for two,
Humming low is the city's nocturnal remains' dubstep
Coming from an illuminating exit,
Luring the busy hands and buckled excitement, whereto ----

Whereto the vacant main street glides them
With the at ease traffic,
Down loops of everextending branches
I followed you
To the roundabout between
two surrounding glassware towers
Where gleaming sparks ***** on each other's windows
Divining themselves by lighting up pavements, entrance signs
and glooming heavens.

Corridors, lawned with clutters from refurbishments,
Lead to glassrooms of suspended business meetings,
And that cozy cavern,
Where you flump into a swivel chair.
Your inhibited expression unwinds
As my curious caress explores
The damp torso slumping deeper into the pliable seat.
And a devoted twitch of ecstasy, blossom unexpectedly
On your face,
Which already shied itself away from its audience,
Doubtlessly, for way too many times ----
A candid sight I could only cache from you,
Because I intend to see it again, your effortless reaction.
The sarcoma-like lump left uncut at the bottom,
Wrinkled like wind waves in a Ukiyo-e drawing.
I scoop the saline ripple, so you can taste it beforehand.
Our bodies started gravitating
onto each other or all over the place.
And lips, they startlingly perched,
out of wills, like magnets
For the very first time.

I've been feeling patient.
And I love taking my time with you
latavia Nov 2018
And just like that you were gone.
No photos of the way your touch electrocuted me.
No video of the charge between your lips and my neck.
No archive of the fullness of you inside me.
No remnants of these moments beside the fragments of burnt film strips in my head.

And the vague words we share.

I don’t know you but I want you. Again.
latavia Nov 2018
We wake up
I’m encased between your pillowy arms
Your curly hair caresses my cheek
Your breath tickles my neck
Your nose, so cold, slightly shocking me every other breath.
I don’t know you
Yet so much comfort came with you
So much...
Dare I say that four letter word.
Just. So much.

When can I see you again?
I fell in love in Rhode Island.
You’ve been friends for what seems like forever, until one day you realize you don’t really want to hear about this amazing hookup he had last night. You’re not sure why. Usually, you’d be happy for him, but something has changed. When you fall in love with your gay BFF you have to tell him (once you’re sure it’s not a fleeting crush). Who knows? He may like you too. probably NOT.
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