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riri Aug 2021
laying in his arms, huddled up right beside his chest
next thing you know we're kissing, while he's touching my breast
grabbing onto my waist, his hand running down my back
he's playing with my hair, while whispering down my neck

sirens going off in my brain, telling me to run
"run as fast as you can, you are not the only one"
his touch was an indicator for me to leave, but i didn't know how
temporary affection is what held me back, so i thought "it's only for now"

his hand was like a vacuum, every touch ****** bits of my soul away
i knew deep down his desire for my body was the reason he wanted to stay
the more he said he "fell" for me, the more i became sweaty
sweaty with genuine anxiety, for the fact that all i felt was empty

i gave every reason i could to leave but he twisted each excuse in his own way
"it's just a phase of emptiness & numbness you're going through, please stay"
every opportunity i grasped onto to escape
just led to me having my mouth covered with tape

not even self sabotage could free me from his control
so i decided to permanently walk away, but in my heart remained a hole
i constantly asked myself why i stayed when i couldn't feel a connection
but i realized he gave me what daddy didn't: just some affection
******* dad
Maha May 2021
how many times do I tap past your eyes
before you feel the twinge of regret
for letting my kite string go
when I chose to fly so low to you
about them
Bri Stokes Nov 2020
I never read your letter.
I can’t bring myself
to confront the sting of
I can’t bear to
part the veil which shields
my failures from my
from my lips
and legs
to listless
avoiding variables;
I ignore to keep
my weary eyes
above water.
See, reality wrinkles
its nose at the fantasies my insanity
can concoct
when I’ve yet to find a reason
to chase you away.
When the tethers of my grip
have yet to give way to anxiety, leaving me to wonder
if I feel too happy,
look too good,
want far more than what
my karma will allow.
I never read your letter, as I’ve been
consumed with playing
dress-up, draped in finery and fixtures
fit to outshine all the glow of
unshed tears
under pulsing
I'll coax it open it yesterday, but never tonight.
Isaac Spencer Sep 2020
Oh, it's been such a tough day, I'd-
******* **** for a cigarette,
Pathetic, upset, frayed and failing,
Falling apart with blood to let,

I'd like to get some rest now,
Without whiskey on my breath,
I'm more of a ***** scumbag,
And I'm begging to be left,

Again I lay awake,
Oh, redemption, I pray,
Or one more drunken hookup,
Whatever comes my way.
Kai Apr 2020
Your eyes bleed mystery
So, I fell for you
Your hair, fake, like yourself
So, I fell for you
Your voice is an earthquake
So, I fell for you
Your hands touched everyone
So, I fell for you
I know you’re bad for me
So, I fell for you.
Sometimes, bad boys know how to treat you right.
Emi Feb 2020
Hey babe,
Just lift up your shirt, show me your gown.
Do it with a smile, please never frown.
I don't care for your looks, I want your lust
Even if I'm the hard one to trust.
I want your ***, I want your appeal,
but trust me darling your face isn't my feel.
I need your body, I need to caress,
So do please lift it up that beautiful chest.
In my eyes you're pretty, you're just so gorgeous
However who you are isn't in my focus.
I just want you, and I know you want me too.
But a relationship, baby? No can do.
You're mine, one and only,
But baby don't fret if you get lonely.
Just hit me up on that cell phone of yours
And I assure I'll make my way over to ******* of course.
I don't want your story, I don't want to know your day,
Just let into your pants so I can feel happy hurray!
Another big score into the books, and all it took was complimenting your looks.
Please don't cry baby, it wasn't all a game.
After all, you knew what this was..
Just a hookup, okay?
Bob Wax Sep 2019
I don’t know how to say
But I gotta be honest about the other day
Last night I had a hook up,
and I know I’ve been seeing you for a month now
So it’s probably about time you leave
It’s not a lie, it’s not you it’s me
Look I like you, but I got needs
And they hadn’t been getting met recently

Honestly, didn’t mean to be a mickey
Throw it all away cause I’m sickening
Disgust myself I need a new awakening
Cause I’m fake, and lie all the time
It’s the same thing every single night
I **** it all up every single time

But then again
We are just friends
striking parallels in my life
steph Apr 2019
in your dark room
on your fish pillow
i dwell on your touch
i feel it everywhere

being quiet so no one hears
we weren't supposed to be
doing what we were

you didn't leave any trace
but i wish you had

what was i to you?
you don't even realize
i never learn

and to make it worse
i’d do it again

you say you don’t remember
and it hurts
because i won’t ever forget
i guess that’s what i get

what made you choose me?
i wanna know but
i can't bring myself to ask

when i see you next
i don't know how i'll feel
would you do it again?
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