Sarah Spang Feb 2015
Time and risk caught up to you;
Gagged you into silence.
Chasing down the dragon was
Your favorite form of violence.

I saw its markings on your skin;
The gauntness of your eyes
Your searching fingers scratching down
To truth, as you breathed lies

China white won this round, love
You thought you'd always dance
The dragon chose another one
And turned its gaze askance.
Toss a penny my way
Sarah Spang Sep 2015
The dragon looms before him
With waiting wanting jaws
And with its talon-ed fingertips
It grasps him in its claws.

Together forever, blissfully
They soar up and away
He doesn't know he's falling
As the dragon flies away

And every time he hits the ground
And gasps in disbelief
The pain drags on until the dragon
Offers him relief

One day, wings will carry you
Beyond what you can take
Those soothing claws will let you fall
And crush you when you break.
Trevon Haywood Feb 2016
They said we couldn't beat the Steelers.
We did.
They said we couldn't beat the Seahawks.
We did.
They said there is no way to beat the Panthers.
We did.
And as for us, we did it! We WON the SUPER BOWL 50!
Poem is dedicated to the Super Bowl 50!
DaRk IcE Oct 2015
Its almost halloween so thought I'd share a bit of Halloween spirit. Happy halloween to everyone.
chloe hooper Dec 2014

watch my poem i won my local poetry slam with
(my dad is actually the greatest)
Semerian Perez Aug 2012
I am
At a crossroad
How much
Am I going to
Take from you
You've won

You broke me
I never thought
It would hurt this much
But rest easy
You've won

You may
Have taken my sanity
And left this shell behind
But I will survive
Mending these pieces
That you crushed
Beneath your feet
You've won

Once I heal
Once I recover
Dont even try
Because you
Think you will win
But this time..
You wont win.

But until that time
You've Won.
AW Nov 2015
Holding on, hands grappling
Wrapping arms around air
Fleeting, leaving
Urges, lurking
Out of reach
Bubble burst
Glass shattered
Chances lost
Among the ashes of
Last convulsions
Through my fingers
Lingering loud
Won (Korean): The feeling of reluctance a person gets when letting go of an illusion.
DJ Thomas Jun 2010
em>Her prized first bike
came out of a breakfast cereal competition.
Then sped her around London
from lecture to final examination.

Twenty years on it was replaced
by gleaming white and black carbon.
Bought, lacking in memories
faster, lighter with a baby seat for Bethan.

Fitness, a priority this year
swimming in the pool, open water and the sea.
Clare selected a running coach
cycling home at an ever higher cadence for tea.

Happy, with her performance
in her very first event as a triathlon novice.
A second, saw Clare pedaling faster
to race past fellow competitors with ease.

In her last competition she was pictured lithe
on posters promoting reactive sports glasses.
Winning a new Felt racing bike, seats in the VIP stand
for the Tour de France finish and her fit lasses-ass.

My congratulations dear hero...
copyright© 2010
Senor Negativo Sep 2012
Let the a.n.t.s sleep
Warm and dry blankets
Let the victories of the future brace you
Body molesting wind demons
false but True
Cloak yourself in my laughter
Grab reality and pull a book out of your spleen,
with a Dim mak to sentence your fears to death.
The first page is eternity,
Stay within the pleasure, bathe in it,
Body hyper aware, unclouded vision
Disrobe, and bathe in it
Open the door and begin
It is Unjust not to
Press Play.....
It will all rush forward, and you will breath freely.
Trumpeted like the arrival of an avatar of the love goddess.
Cool cheeks, unmarked by tear tracks..
Built back up with the love you feared had departed.
I'm pitiful alone.
It is emotions prerogative to make its opinion known.
These feelings cannot be ignored.
Doing so makes things worse.
Let confidence be always with you
For all time
All day long
You can honestly talk to me.
Trivial questions.
Something burdening your breast.
I can make you feel better, if only for a handfull of minutes.
You'll float away, but later crash on heavy thought.
You know 
For several reasons
The outcome is always the same
Mind games are involuntary muscle spasms,
it is an affliction of chaos tourettes, inherited from a goblin ancestor,
Straighten your shoulders, I am here to reassure you, 
Every day it will get lighter
The stress will be less, the panic will simmer
The message is salvation, in acceptance of the depth of the love felt for you.
I am here to listem.
Stop being kicked around by your thoughts.
Feel instead, gliding into a gathering of like minds.
I dare not say the full extent of what I know, and what I feel is transparent.
It grants me sanity
The compulsion to sing
Satisfying smashed hearts
Feeding your lips
Sanctifying your suffering into submission
Fulfilling a proper apology for the perversions.
You have won the war.
M Aug 2014
Champion Roar
Winning Score

Gasping for air
Competitive Glare

Honored in gold
"Amazing" she's told

Feel the high on the high podium
Better than opium
Better than love
Better than some presence above
Better than any second of bliss
Remember, this life is hit or miss

A single tear of joy
Fears destroy
Simple Winner
Captain Stars and Gold Medals; Perfection within her
Once it's won
The long run has begun


Too Thin
Mortal Sin

Gasping for air

Forced and Fed
Only water she plead

No moving in a single room
Worse than the tomb
Worse than pain
Worse than being insane
Champion Status locked; forced to reminisce
Remember, this life is hit or miss

A single tear
So much fear
The Olympics play on television
Athletes with such precision
She'll never go
Her perfection will never show


State cuts made with cuts down her ribs
Times dropped with her weight
But five circles never appeared on her back
Oh, because she starved herself

mûre Mar 2012
well, now i've done it.
Got just what i asked for
fought for
and the sun keeps rising
and all horizons seem to picket-fence
the ruins of my waking life
when your head is beaten in and down
and your words are your banner
ripping from your throat
when you win the war
and all seems calm
larks and flower-like
you cannot fathom
the devastating cost

of rebuilding the world.
I'm expecting a telephone call
within the next few days
and the person on the other end
shall tell me I've had a humongous pay

the other afternoon I took a lottery ticket
which will hopefully mean
that for the rest of my days
I'll be on a good wicket

I'm sure the numbers
I've so studiously selected
are marked
she'll be in for a collect

I'm sitting by the phone
ready to smile
once the lottery official
tells me I've won a pile
Kuah Yee Han Jul 2015
Here, I'm gonna get something off my chest
Results, that's all we need, scrap the rest
Just smother us with tests for a key to a chest
That supposedly holds knowledge and while it does, it holds very less

The outcome is what matters to be the best
Success is guaranteed? Hah, more like stress
I know you're under duress so come on just confess
It's so blatant that our certifications are a mess

Does it really matter if I get a B or an A?
It doesn't, and that's what I'm trying to say
The world is becoming increasingly competitive every single day
As long as we have the initiative to learn, it's okay

The main purpose for this isn't to criticise
In fact, the worse it can do is bring some people down to size
Your advice is for us to revise and revise so we can work for the prize
Come on, look beyond the disguise and stop with the lies.
I think I came up with this because I got bad marks on an examination... so yea
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