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How could you say these lies
When you know I anticipate these times with you.
To watch you walk away
Your warmth instantly leaving my hands.
How could you say these lies
Knowing that your not coming back.
My hands with nothing left to grab.
Watching you walk away.
Those jeans
The way you sway.
My hands ache with nothing left to grab on to.
The warmth hidden behind those jeans.
How could you say these lies
Knowing that I am waiting.
Anticipating this time spent with you.
The way my hands grip you.
Each moment slipping through my fingers.
Not knowing you didn't plan on coming back.
Your sway imprinted on my hands.
This walk a reminder of how I waited.
Anticipating this time spent with you.
How could you say these lies.
My hands filled with brown skin.
Squeezed tight
Cuffed beneath the bottom of your jeans.
Finally realizing you never planned on coming back.
Your sway
Those jeans.
Your warmth forever leaving my hands.
& here I am
Still anticipating this time,
Spent with you
Poetic T Apr 2018
We tied
      sweet nothings
around our wrists.

And fell,
        in life we were
equal together.

In death we were
                 a strand
connected eternally.
Lin Dec 2017
Hide in a closet
You assume
All is good
But never assume

For I hide
For a reason
For I’m here
Because of treason

I cry
But why
Is it because I wore a smile
Or because you played along for awhile

The reason
I hide
Is cause of treason
But who betrayed who

The liar
The actor

Or you
The one
Who played along
When the situation became dire
I have been playing around with my style, like you saw in the last one.Again, It’s kinda different and was interesting to write.
anna Dec 2017
Ku tulis ini untuk rindu
Yg gejolaknya membara selalu
Tak henti henti merayu
Tuk membuat sajak-sajak mendayu

Mau apalagi
Aku tak ingkar hari ini
Sungguh rindu ku rasa kini
Tak penat hati tuk habiskan ini
Sajak bait pun terangkai kini
Dan saat itu pula rasa rindunya semakin menjadi
Hello, this is my language, Indonesia. If you don't know the meaning of this poem you can translate in Google and learn my language
Swimmer101 May 2017
I searched for you
In the eyes of the cashier
In the eyes of the lady on her phone
In the eyes of anyone willing to let me search

I couldn't find you
the spark that gripped me
the shine the captivated me in awe
the windows that showed me the soul I fell in love with

Your soul was the loveliest of souls
Pure, Honest, Compassionate, Trustworthy
Pretty much everything God could want in a human being
An absolutely beautiful type of being that made love feel real

Are you searching for me too?
Are you wondering where your baby girl went?
Are you tearing through confused crowds yelling my name?
Do you feel every cell in you telling you that something is wrong?

Because I'm always looking for you
I'm always wondering where you went handsome
I'm fighting my bed sheets at night, screaming your name
Every cell I contain tells me that something is terribly wrong

When I find you handsome, I won't let go
I'll love you beyond the infinities separating us
The heart wrenching deadly cries will finally end
I'm waiting for the day I find you, my handsome
Handsome, please come back, Handsome please
Maybe one day when the days are fine,
Maybe some years after nine.
Maybe then we come across each other or maybe we won't.
Maybe we ignore or maybe we won't,
Maybe we smile or maybe we won't.
Maybe we crave for that one hug or maybe we won't.
Maybe then you notice the love in my eyes or maybe you won't,
Maybe you can hear the poem my eyes recite or maybe you won't.
Maybe you still pull my cheeks or maybe you won't.
Maybe you still laugh on my jokes or maybe you won't.
Maybe we exchange contacts or maybe we won't.
Maybe then you leave saying goodbye once again or maybe you won't.
Maybe you call me later or maybe you won't
Maybe i say hello and you reply or maybe you won't.
Maybe we start once again or maybe we won't.
Maybe we fall in love once again or maybe we won't.
Maybe you too wish the same to happen or maybe you won't.
Maybe you too miss me or maybe you won't.
Maybe you too write the same or maybe you won't.
Charity Warren Dec 2016
Resting, resting in puddle
The grains relaxed
splayed across one another
The sand is peaceful
It is undesturbed
The worlds chaos passing it by
Watching the world as through a glass
its where it belongs
No pretenses - no emotion
Just stillness as the sand melts content in a puddle
as not a participant but an observer
Life passes by
zebra Sep 2016
The way we love
is deep ocean rolling
into the depths
parts unknown
as her hips sway in my mind
to a melodious Adagio
and every day,
when we talk
she unravels
like the threads of a scanty dress
more exposed
our souls held
in a steady grip
caressed at first
like nested fledglings
open mouths begging
blood bells weeping
swallowing each others souls
like bears
eat up-leaping salmon
pink tongues
frothy saliva
and runny roe sacks
loves hungry mouth

a ***** head
a brute
storming her *****
sweet fluttering nightingale
singing the high notes
she opened
like queen snake
pierced to the core
royal lady weeping
lost in heaven
and then cut off
we hang up the phone
left longing
for more words
butter kisses,
butter kisses
mixed with
whisper cocktails
a sea of fire
that singe and burn

our love
a flaming pink cloud
brains like cheese melts
mouths like powder fizz
our feet and thighs
flexed and scorched
by lurid desire

and if it gets murky
if the fog blinds us
we hold a tender stretch
of vastness
and endless lighted torches
as the lifeline pulls through
a pulsing chord
binding hearts
by threads of light and crimson plush
fused by cosmic fires white
hollowing parched sockets
pumping out epiphanies
in beaten silken swords
full of faith
spines like temple columns
i am free to love her
as trees cradle monarchs
both of us
children of the heavens
dark lover yielding
in lustful throngs
as we thrill
in the realm of the senses
like dancing flowers
in sprinkles of dew and light
as love blushes
and shimmers up around us
like rhythms of a thousand kissing eyes
penetrates sinews and the body electric
like winged Venus
when two souls
love each other
yet obstructed
by oceans and continents
a colossal brood of lands
while beneath
shrug tectonic groans

our love
air and fire
while flesh remains
un-thawed by proximities neglect
panes of ice

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