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Man I'm feeling sad but good, sliding on the leatherwood, **** near wrecked,
Up in the hood,
I'm misunderstood, my city like a ghetto, hollywood, so I should,
Let it off my chest, never grow soft, real man dont shed no tears,
Now that yall no longer here, I gotta embrace the fears, my death is near,
But dont shed no tears, when I'm up out of here, out of here,
Yosef get a control, of ya soul, **** Im in hidden in the valley of skulls,
Closet opened, now see all the pain unfold, I'm still living for the city,
Like stevie, and I wonder, will ever get a break from the thunder,
Under the lightening, it's kind of frightening, tryna be writing,
To ya in the afterlife, dayum you left behind ya wife,
I cant think straight , see double visions, while driving on the interstate,
**** it's too late, too late, why so many up in a crate,
Smiles and tears, as the caskets appear, closer and closer mayne,
And I'm a sit back cruising in the slow lane, while I focus on the puffs, of mary Jane,
Im So high so high, I'm lookin at em, so low so low, six feet deep they go,
Bangs on my mental, how i keep myself sane, in a world that so insane,
Mayne, it's enough to make ya wanna blow out ya brain, with no remain,
Tryna get a strain, on the devils mane see me up at 4 way holding it mayne,
I wish I could change, the world but too many love the evil that curls,
Love into pain, submission I'm giving, all that I got, til my body is shot,
Open for the plot, I see the enemies sitting near me, waiting for me,
To put a gun to my head, man I'm half dead see my thoughts, is half read,
Cant see through the Hennessy, demons shaking me, and the angels, tryna walk with me, at the same time,
Put my thoughts on rewind, so it dine, mayne I gotta stay on top of mines,
Grind, sunday to sunday, so many living the life one way, everyday I treat it like holiday, no matter what the haters say, I pray,
On bended knees, hoping one day I'll see, my babies, what up heaven?
What up hell? Will ever get a break, through this madness out of my shell,
****, first it was my uncle calvin, then next was my baby zekara, ****
This can scare ya, now I see the rapture, my baby Lelei, got caught up in the capture,
Mayne, im.being real, I miss yall laughter,
Now pops is gone, you was strong, you used to play the same ol song,
Now I'm humming, the band played on, them jheri curls was on, on and on,
You used to to get me gone, with your infinite wisdom, another kingdom,
Added **** I wish I didnt bat it, the bases is loaded, with spirits, wait to be loaded,
At home plate, where the angels await, another heart is on the stake,
Another family at the wake, silence sighs see the water in they eyes,
It's no surprise, another limo ride, in black for the disguise, I peep wise,
My eyes glow red, when I see another soul that's godspeed, my thoughts red,
Nothing but pain, I can see the grains, off wisdom stretching on my brain,
I cant maintain the goetias mayne, somebody come save me, pray for me,
I feel for any, you got pity, in they heart beware glowing darts,
Splitting apart, evil and the dark, I'm paced up happy as a lark, as I park
A bullet for ya mind, not even one time, can stop this shine, I miss yall,
I miss yall, man we gonna have a ball, celebrate ya homegoing call,
No more pain no more rain, only the sunshine, that gathers the opening lanes,
Clouds of joy, hands comforted around me, let my invisible wings, fly freely,
I'm feeling glee, spirits all over me got me, freaking out violently,
Cant sleep, cuz my eyes flowing like a creek, feel the sorrows of the weak,
Beckons like concrete, so watch ya speak, I only promise,
Hang with the wisdom of Thomas, I'm not a teacher, or a preacher,
I'm just here to reach to ya, how many people  gonna read, embrace my philosophical seeds, I'm here to breed, nothing but peaceful creeds, see the Rasheeds,
Out here throwing techs, for greed my soul only feeds, to the real indeed,
I bleed, nothing but war inside of chaos live life everyday, as a coin toss,
How I can see wins, if I'm stuck at a loss, one hand ya soul like Randy Moss,
Suckas get tossed, out my battlezone, many nights I've battled alone,
PTSD just another clone, many of soldiers ain't never seen home,
Visited many nights, of the unknown tombstone, so many hearts is gone,
Chasing, something they cant even chase, im.just sit, copy and paste,
Coming off my mind, its goes dine, I'm gripping on my iron, like mike,
I see enemies in my sight, I'm hallucinating got my brain creating,
Scenarios, scenarios, black mirror got me feeling homicidal, hits like a tidal,
Wave only for the brave, I see the crave hibernate pain, like a bear in a cave, naw I cant be saved, i dont wanna be saved,
Dear lord can you hear me, take me, away from the webs of humanity,
I know you see me as a key, like Joseph to Mary situations scary,
Can even look at my family, the same I see them as the same, adversaries stay lookin for me but they cant blast me,
Blast me cuz I got the armor of soldier, hell spawns all in me ya feel me feel me???
God bless the soldiers

Yeah God bless the soldiers
That died for nothing
For a punk *** lie
I gotta stay high sendin' a blessin to the sky
All day **** them ******* they gotta pay
I remember like it was yesterday say
Ya words playing vividly in my mind grind
Always we was laughin blastin
Have a good time
Then a bomb took you away
Now I'm stuck with a graphic vision
Of dead homies
Closed casket and a covered flag
I seen the pain in the families
Eyes and cries
Day and night they were demised for nothing
For believin in something
That was told through heresay
**** them but it made me a rebel
Never shook hands with them devils
But I know it gotta be
Somebody watching me
Slaves to times through crimes
Underhand deals sealed and skills
Sold to train muthaphukkaz
To **** us what the ****
Is going on it's all wrong
Read the art of war best enemies is self
Cuz if you don't know ya self
Ya bound to be blasted a tisket a tasket
So many hearts in a casket
I feel yo grief
Wishing you was here every year I shed a tear
I know it ain't no justice
Dog tags hung on the wall
Can't get a piece of the pie
Cuz all them politicians lie
In the belly of the beast see they need to souls to feast
But I broke the chain's strains
Around my brain maintain
Re-Focus the picture
I ain't dying
**** that keep my m 16 to my back
Kevlar rifle boots in memory of you
21 gun salute don't stop the loot
Im still bustin' til they bodies all red
From locals states and feds
God bless the dead soldiers

Since the break of dawn
I'm hearin the same theme song
With the stretchin horns
Battles of scorns cuz they pain is all worn
Reminsicing on the soldiers thats gone
Everybody at attention but my minds locked in submission
Trying to figure out what we fightin about
Even though we ain't got the clout
Them officials go home everyday
While we in the struggle jungle prey
Thrown in a desert ACUs in high
jacked boots
Looking for an adversary to shoot
But they poor as us
And why we put our trust
In to a system that don't like us
We went from fresh to crust
I'm paranoid quick to bust
At a ghost calls is close but it's just the wind gust
Coming over sand storms approaching
Everybody take cover all my soldiers is my brothers
Along with the sister's sorry I missed ya
I know you died too but know there's a hero in you
Yeah sending celebrities offspring of  demons
To entertain thee and take us out of the mental  drain
But I'm still soaked
In my clothes
Thinkin of a master plan
To expose
These ******* I got God on my side
And it's going to be ****** homicide
Yeah I gives a **** how it comes out
Cuz I'm a smart enough to know
That ain't no mercy???
Silence the court once I puff my newport
Ships to port ******* in the urban city
And that have not pity
put soldiers on the frontline
I thought we suppose to keep folks free
But it's the other way arounds
We don't see the truth until
We six feet in the ground
As the world grows colder
God bless the soldiers

To all my soldiers I served you serve for fascist government we are here it's more of us than them we will rise twenty million plus vets n they're scared **** em lets bring the pain
This is for all my brothers and sister's who died in battle this ones for you I'm coming remember me I'm the real General
War is peace
Cause you can't have
One without the other
War has no color
Nor does peace
For when the bloodshed.
Is spread
Who benefits
Only the elite
People who are cowards
Behind power
Keep your conscious
With brainwashing
You with topics
They scared of conscious people
Who are mere prophets
Wake up
Peace Is war
They is always more war
Than there is peace
Look around you
People dying left and right
War is spiritual emotional
Physical and mental
Dint be distracted
By the *******
Watch out and don't be a victim
To the killing fields
So keep it real
I'm a veteran exposed to the evils
Of the United states
Causing massacre
To people I didn't know
And now I hav nothing
To show
But some funky *** dog tags
So whoever brags
Don't understand
They just a pawn in the game
Wake up
Moonbeam Dec 2016
Where the hell is humanity
All I see is insanity
Focusing on wars and vanity
Speaking up gets people mad at me
Nothing on this planet is flattering
People starving and freezing; teeth are chattering
Police taking blankets from the homeless
Even in the places where snow is
People are so violent and shameless
Is there even a way to tame this
Or do our efforts further inflame this
It's time to collectively claim this
Look at all the problems that we make
By blindly following the side we take

Politics and money are one in the same
Why must we think life is all about fame
We have so much more that we can do
Like question why the sky isn't blue
What are those lines that expand all day long  
Is questioning their safety so ******* wrong

Everything on this planet is basically toxic
And people wonder why we're all so sick
Plastic, chemicals, metals, and poisonous water
Feeding processed foods to your son and your daughter
When the aquifers are empty, what will you think
You're going to rely on toxic water and oil to drink?

I swear to God you need to look around
In the sky, at the world, and what's underground

Did you know that bees are life and so is clean food
If the elite continues to rule, we're all ******* *******
False flags, terrorism, furthering their plan
For a one world government, that rules all the land
We're already slaves, but it will get so much worse
If we continue to forget that we all come first
Nobody should get left behind or feel like they're stuck
Let's show each other love and actually give a ****

Selfishness and narcissism run rampant in our world
Walking around like we own the place, our lips slightly furled
Looking into each other's eyes but there's not much there
I see shallow complacency, that infamous fluoride stare

The world is going down, unless we turn it around
Look at Syria, Palestine, and all areas that surround
Fear, violence, and terrorism is life
No husband is safe, no child, no wife
They're eating the grass
And rotten food from the trash
Starving and freezing throughout the winter
They can't even leave their towns, they're stuck in the center
They've been targeted by rulers of this sick twisted place
The banksters are evil they're not of our race

How can they be so far removed from the rest of the planet
If anything benefits us they make sure to ban it
LSD, mushrooms, cannabis, and DMT Anything good for cancer: B17 and CBD
Essential oils are what's next on their list
I swear if they take my lavender I'll be so ******* ******

Alternative energy is more than suppressed
The need for clean energy should be more vocally addressed
But when it is, someone intervenes and hides great inventions
Laws and patents are created to stop our intentions
For a clean world and a safe place
The elite couldn't care less about the lives that they waste
They build on the dark side of the moon or possibly Mars
They're preparing themselves a new world, while they **** up ours

I only feel solace when I look into space....
Why must it be so hard to save the human race?
It ain't no Sunshine
Cuz I got closed blinds in my mind
I reconcile all my problems
Tragedy seems to follow me
Since I was a kid put in my bids
I was already auctioned off
Look wat I did
See me trying bring the world to peace
But peace equals war more decease
Bodies rot can't trust the cops
And why not?
cuz everybody getting shot
Brothers especially the color of fudge
System ****** by the crooked *** judged
Paid under the table by the elite
Souls in fear destined for a repeat
I used see the world different
When I was young
But now I'm grown I feel much hung
On the *******
Spinning out wombs from cradle to tomb
Ill still be sweeping pain up like a broom and soon
My misery will be gone
Cuz ain't no sunshine. When ya in a funeral home

Lights camera actions
Gets happy people satisfaction
Nobody pays attention any more
Honor dead peeps that try to peep us about war
Spiritually I try to waken your conscious sick of the nonsense
Every time I turn on the news
Sad stories filled with blues
Destined for hell
Fight for rights though it will never prevail
They preach freedom but all I see slaves that pave
Away day by day
Leaning on the delusion of God
Which is orchestrated by man
U understand we playing with fire in our hands
Gettin the burn stuck in predicament
Waiting for turns
Turns to get a piece of the pie
Open ya eyes it's no surprise
Things ain't what it used to be
Reparations for the black fams
Naw they say we pass slavery
But what about my ancestry
Died for free working on the chattel fields
Bleeding hands have you ever seen a starving
Giving us crumbs off the table
Then have a nerve to give us different labels
First ***** to boy
To ***** to ***** to black
I never got joy
I was more than slave more like a lost king
And I know by the spirits that sing
No sunshine

Since I followed the light
It seems everything is tight
Loosing friends who pretend
To be down like brandy
Can't stand thee
Rain against window pane
Going insane circling the drain
There's no humanity left
I could even open the ears of the deaf
What's worse than worse
See a dead body being transported in a hearse
Taken to the grave
But soul ain't saved
Who can I COUNT on when my tears is gone
Pain is temporary weakness
But I say it's permanent
Cuz everyday is a new struggle from hustle to hustle
I gotta make means to get green
To maintain a luxurious dream
And I know I'm just venting
Breaking pass your mental jurisdiction
Wake you before it's too late
They poisoning food cigs and water
Prepare for slaughter
They want us die young never old
So folks stand bold
*** it's more of us than them
STAY dunkin with funk like Tim
Inhale the smok from v slim
The choice is yours
Take back your existence
Or die lika punk
**** it raise hell to this blunt
Ashes to ashes dust to dust
One time for ya mind
Darkness casted over the sun no sunshine
Ya oakland lets gather all the black men
And load em up with guns and ammunition spittin'
Nothing but hundred round clips
Plus extra
Open up the scriptures
To crack the pressure
Break textures
Through the necks of fake messiah
Spittin' flows hotter than a california fire
I am hip hops sire
Even made the devil retire
Punishment and sin goes together
Like birds flock together
In stormy weather we can endeavor
Much more than an overcome
Mlk had a dream
But then got murdered son
In cold blood souls stuck in mud
They say im holding a grudge
Naw just a ******* to the judge
Cuz the system gotta problem with the people the color of fudge

yea homes I said it before came through the door
starting war making gore
through the white house as I pour
out a blessing
ease their pain
with the bullets testing
nerves they couldn't dodge or curve
my potency or prodigy which be deadly
gotta proteges
that be my lil babies
gotta teach my sons
how to be a man
hold them nuts
without use of their hands
crazy come as crazy goes
I go for the jugular cut throat quick with the knife as I smote
my own justice
**** the police
and they can quote this yea I wrote this
maybe get a sentence from this
but ill get dismissed
uh got my apes to guerillas getting hella illa
turn bodies ice ice baby like vanilla
born a cap peela
on the for reala
got a pile of dollaz
talking bout scrillaz
uh reach the minds of the minorities
then eradicate the system who holds the authority
as the revolution starts boostin-
let the guns began shooting as souls began to get lootin' uh
Street talk revolutionlife
Moonbeam Sep 2016
Come with me down the rabbit hole
It does look scary
But it'll awaken your soul
Knowing the truth is worth all the pain
Keep ahold of yourself and you won't go insane
Every problem we face DOES have a solution
There is a way to have a peaceful revolution
Keep your heart present and don't get lost
Choosing hate over love comes with a cost
Right action, compassion, and empathy we need
Not fear, propaganda, judgment, and greed
Moonbeam Aug 2016
What's up with this planet, who's in charge here
Obviously ****** up people whose minds aren't clear
They're clouded with greed
They bribe people who lead
Deaf are their ears when we plead
Get out of our society, just leave
You're not welcome here
You make us hate and live in fear
It's hard to believe people still fall for your games
The world is blindly covered in your chains
We will free ourselves just you watch
We are raising the vibrations another notch
Maybe you should run while you still can
Before everyone finds out your sick twisted plan
Revolution will be lurking around the corner and in the dark
We need to inform everyone and ignite their spark
Our souls know something is horribly wrong
The caged bird sings the prettiest song
Look at the music and what people say
They're fed up with the planet and it's evil way
Life here is horribly unaligned
With Mother Earth and the divine
Don't be distracted just open your eyes
Get in tune with yourself, feel the vibrations rise
You'll change the world if you look within
Knowing thyself is how we win
Don't stop growing, you'll never be done
Love yourself and make your changes fun
See the silver lining, the light, the sun
Look at what's in front of you, don't just run
Feel awareness in every part of your soul
A loving world for all should be your goal
Happiness isn't far out of reach
Ignore false prophets and what they preach
Let your experiences and your higher self teach
Be a sustainer and not just a leach
I promise we can change the world if we try
Listen to what people are saying when they cry
We should come together with love and compassion
Quit self loathing and quit people bashin'
Lend each other our heart and our hand
Quit fighting over oil and this sacred land
The Earth is for all of us to share
To create something beautiful with endless care
It's not all about you, it's all about us
Now come join me on my hippie bus
Moonbeam Aug 2016
Days feel hollow
Months get swallowed
Time is moving fast
I don't know how much time has passed
24 has turned into sixteen
I hardly have time to fix me
One day turns to 8
I try to be on time but I'm always late
Time slips right by
No matter how hard I try
The grip is not as tight
We're turning into light
Vibrating at a higher speed
Our physical bodies we'll no longer need
The shift is coming faster and stronger
I just wish my days felt a few hours longer..
Yet it is a sign of the changing times
Let's unbuckle our seatbelts and enjoy the ride
As the shift continues, time is speeding up. 24 hour days now feel like 16. If you feel like you're losing time it is due to this phenomenon.
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