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My heart’s been pulled out of my chest. And I’m the one who pulled it. All of my decisions have led to this point and now I have to deal with the consequences. I am a murderer. I am my own judge and jury and I am going away for a LONG time...
When my body and soul want to die,
Your glittering image strikes my eye,
Flowers befall me,
The pain melts away,
When my mind says “go!”
My heart wants to stay.
The devil can’t catch me,
I’m safe in your arms,
You won’t let the voices,
Do me much harm.
You kiss away tears,
You hold me so close,
You make me smile
when I’m hurting the most.
So when I call you my angel,
I just want to say,
When the demons surround me,
  Jan 14 Willow Branche
I remember the day you broke me,
that was just the beginning
of my collapse.
The reason I'm afraid of people,
I jump when I feel their touch.
It reminds me of those times
where you ruined me
and felt nothing while you did it.
You're the reason why
I can't do anything in my life.
You're the reason why
I'm defective, unable to move.
Get your hands off of me and please
just rip your name from my memory.
It's cruel enough that I have to remember
but I couldn't bear it if anyone else found out.
It sickens me to the point of nausea,
I almost can't live with it.
Why did you do this to me?
I feel like I could drown.
After all of these years
I still can't figure it out.
I live with the fact that a specific event happened to me during my childhood. I refuse to state what it was. I will not do that. I can't do that. This is something I think about every day. I would consider it extremely traumatic. It's the reason I cannot consistently function in life. It's probably the reason why I write. During nights like these I just cannot ignore it, so I wrote this out of frustration about a situation I cannot escape. A predetermined trauma that will not go away.
  Aug 2020 Willow Branche
I suddenly feel like dying
Maybe it’s cause I puked up my meds
Drinking too much
Pushing my limits
Maybe I’m lonely
Actually yeah of course I am
I’m empty inside
I could break open my skin
And not even care
So... maybe I’ll just flirt with some boys...
That’ll make it better...
  Jun 2020 Willow Branche
tw self harm

I hear its sweet voice in my head
Making promises
Offering deals....
A little cut to calm the nerves?
That.. that sounds reasonable...
Its voice grows louder and louder
Tempting, coaxing

I don’t want it!
I’m not doing that anymore!
I won’t do it!
I try to protest

But there’s an ache in my heart
A restless, painful void
And while I know it’s not a solution
I do know it’ll release some pressure....
Make it a little easier...
maybe? maybe I’ll try... just a bit...
  Jun 2020 Willow Branche
i got distracted
by your laugh

so, if there was a sign
at the border,
i missed it

all i know
is now i’m in a place
called love

and all the houses
look like you
Willow Branche Mar 2020
The hum of your song, sings me to sleep
It’s the only thing that makes me comfortable
Your voice it pulls me in so deep
Into the light, out of the miserable
Sing to me my angel,
Free me from this prison.
I walk among the living dead,
I walk without a mission.
The silk reverberates across your tongue
Tell me that I’m special
Tell me I’m the only one.
I’ll make you my queen when you are done.
You are my song,
the one that plays so beautifully
You are my song,
the one that plays so magically
You’re my magical girl,
with that life saving gaze
You are the one for who I’ll change all my ways.
You are my song.
My beautiful song.
So sing to me.
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