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I never thought that I would see the world in your eyes.
You filled the vast space of my world with your bright spectrum.
Your smile creeps into my heart, your laughter echoes repeatedly into every nerve of my body.
You've poisoned my very soul with so much happiness, happiness that not even in my wildest dream will warm my frozen heart.
Happiness that calms my chaos.
Happiness that I'm very willing to take under whatever circumstances.
Happiness that I found and will always find in you.
My constant you.
Amanda May 5
For us I will do anything I am able
To get to a place where our relationship is stable
Back to chapter two
Or maybe onto the next
Should write new stories but I'm rereading past text
To me seems like our happiest days are gone
I love you so much I keep holding on
Because I cannot comprehend a book without your name
No matter which way it's written the antagonist is the same
I can change the storyline a bit
But not the plot because you're always it
Goal after goal I never quite achieve
Surely it would be better for you if I'd leave
We are aware we must work tirelessly to improve
Where do I put the bad habits and flaws once removed?
Maybe we are a vast distance from where
We were then
At least we're together somewhere
Have eachother at least
Not alone in the struggle
Life can be awful but much less when we snuggle
In your arms find strength replenished when weak
Supplying hope and comfort
With soothing words you speak
Hopeful dreams disappear when despair does not depart
Try to repair damage
You continue destroying my heart
I had a really bad week guys
Sierra Mar 7
Sunny turning violent white.
Everything's still, covered in sheath

Warming breeze under a rain fall
Animals begin to awake

The scorching sun, dripping of sweat
Running freely, adoring the light

Starting to dim, color is falling
Succumbing to the nearing cold

The cycle repeats, never ending
From Winter. Spring. Summer. And Fall
A simple poem. 10 lines, 8 syllables per line about the seasons
Jade Feb 15
As the world came crashing down
I couldn't help but wonder
At the beauty of its wholeness.
As I cursed the rain for soaking through my mind,
I laughed because I knew it would fall.
There's a terrible but beautiful way this lonely little sphere
Sitting in an endless dance takes all this in stride.
It sings and it dances and it twirls and it spins,
And it never stops.
Not for heartbreak,
Not for anger,
Not for loss.
I stood there and looked at it
Amidst the downpour and the flood,
And couldn't help but wonder at the beauty
Of being free from the ground.
It would never fall,
It would never fly,
It would never feel the seemingly too-close
But until the end of time,
It will always
Keep on
A poem about how the world keeps going.
zz Jan 23
I failed at everything
loving you

But some people
never get
their fairy tale
it feels like i'm stuck in
a never ending
night terror.

it's on loop and
won't stop
going and
going and
going and
going and
going and

this is my cry for someone-
anyone to help me escape.
i can't handle it anymore...
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
The word


overwhelms me.

It has no end

It has not start.
Just thinking about it floods me.
Rei Coman Dec 2018
December 12th, 2018: For K B D

I remember the exact instant I knew
that I had surrendered my heart;
when your eyes drifted towards the floor
and off to the side,
shyly voicing your love for me.

I remember every sensation:
the dim sounds of a party
two doors down, the light from the hall
timidly peaking in under the doorway,
the zippers of your sweatshirt
a rough contrast with the soft warmth
of your bewitching body.

I remember our joyous union
as you pressed your mouth into mine
for the first time, as if our souls
embraced and kissed with our bodies.
Never before had I felt
so close to another human being,
never before had I felt such bliss,
such rapture, as I did
that night in your arms.

Now, every time we kiss under the stars,
every time you look up into my eyes
and tell me that you love me,
that moment reoccurs:
As if somewhere,
beyond time,
beyond space,
beyond forgetting
and beyond remembering,
our souls remain
locked in an eternal first kiss,
joined together in a passion unbroken
and untouched by our humanity.

Each end had a beginning

And Every beginning will end.
It starts with a soft hand shake and mostly end with swollen eyes.
V liv Nov 2018
Your influence is incessant
"Take care of her for me"
Ringing in the ears of my loved ones
Weighing on their minds
Your Words
Your Wishes
Still streaming through the veins of my life
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