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Jade 7d
As the world came crashing down
I couldn't help but wonder
At the beauty of its wholeness.
As I cursed the rain for soaking through my mind,
I laughed because I knew it would fall.
There's a terrible but beautiful way this lonely little sphere
Sitting in an endless dance takes all this in stride.
It sings and it dances and it twirls and it spins,
And it never stops.
Not for heartbreak,
Not for anger,
Not for loss.
I stood there and looked at it
Amidst the downpour and the flood,
And couldn't help but wonder at the beauty
Of being free from the ground.
It would never fall,
It would never fly,
It would never feel the seemingly too-close
But until the end of time,
It will always
Keep on
A poem about how the world keeps going.
zz Jan 23
I failed at everything
loving you

But some people
never get
their fairy tale
it feels like i'm stuck in
a never ending
night terror.

it's on loop and
won't stop
going and
going and
going and
going and
going and

this is my cry for someone-
anyone to help me escape.
i can't handle it anymore...
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
The word


overwhelms me.

It has no end

It has not start.
Just thinking about it floods me.
Rei Coman Dec 2018
December 12th, 2018: For K B D

I remember the exact instant I knew
that I had surrendered my heart;
when your eyes drifted towards the floor
and off to the side,
shyly voicing your love for me.

I remember every sensation:
the dim sounds of a party
two doors down, the light from the hall
timidly peaking in under the doorway,
the zippers of your sweatshirt
a rough contrast with the soft warmth
of your bewitching body.

I remember our joyous union
as you pressed your mouth into mine
for the first time, as if our souls
embraced and kissed with our bodies.
Never before had I felt
so close to another human being,
never before had I felt such bliss,
such rapture, as I did
that night in your arms.

Now, every time we kiss under the stars,
every time you look up into my eyes
and tell me that you love me,
that moment reoccurs:
As if somewhere,
beyond time,
beyond space,
beyond forgetting
and beyond remembering,
our souls remain
locked in an eternal first kiss,
joined together in a passion unbroken
and untouched by our humanity.

Each end had a beginning

And Every beginning will end.
It starts with a soft hand shake and mostly end with swollen eyes.
V liv Nov 2018
Your influence is incessant
"Take care of her for me"
Ringing in the ears of my loved ones
Weighing on their minds
Your Words
Your Wishes
Still streaming through the veins of my life
lovelywildflower Nov 2018
page after page after page
these words are always about you

Sarah Grace Oct 2018
The three of us saw each other
for the first time in three months
our late nights sounded the same,
full of  laughs and whispers.
Our mornings tasted the same,
full of breakfast cooked by your mom.
The October air on my face reminded me that change had come
forcing me to remember summer left us
the air chilled my throat as I watched both of you
and I remembered all the forgiving I had to do.
Forgiveness you were never aware of.
I watched the leaves beg to fall
and remembered the hundreds of nights
we spent out here just being young.
all the songs in my ears warned me
that these days felt never ending.
As I watched the sun beat down white instead of yellow
I looked at you two
and remembered all our days that seemed
this way.
It started as an annoyance,
a small ***** inside,
and that grew,
and grew,
and grew,
and at first I could still function,
keep moving with my normal duties,
but the pain became agony,
as this turn inside was too much to bear.
My hands clawed,
and smashed,
and attempted to stop,
but there was no exits,
or emergency buttons to press,
I was on a ride of suffering,
that was just beginning.
I'd twist,
and writhe,
but nothing helps.
I'm just hitting the peak,
when I can no longer move,
just stuck with my thoughts,
without the ability to act,
and this torment that I must go through.
I want to attack it,
rip it out of me,
cut it,
pull it,
destroy it,
but I can't.
I'm only able to sit and be frozen in misery.
It starts to fade,
I might be OK,
but there it is to build again,
can I take much more?
It slows some more,
and I can use my hands again.
The blood that was flowing,
is leaving my eyes,
and I see more than that red haze again.
I calm back down to normality,
and there is just a soft reminder,
that the pain may return.
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