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Aubrey Jones Oct 2020
when they say "no one is perfect"
what they mean is
I will make mistakes and expect you not to react
I will hurt
and break
and project
and abuse
and you will forgive me
Aubrey Jones Oct 2020
time does not exist in this place
where children can be heard crying for help
nicotine addictions are the only thing that keeps us running
addicted as hell

this place where we're taught how to respect those that have never respected

seated in rows
stripped of 'privileges '
the authority deems unnecessary

you will stay in your seat for two hours
you will not talk to your peers
you will not leave the room unless it's an emergency
in the case of an emergency, you will do as I say
you will not communicate with the outside world
and you will eat only what we deem appropriate for you

my lungs burn and
my head is pounding and
it feels like days since I started writing this
but it's only been 7 minutes
and my teacher is still telling us what we're doing wrong

time does not exist in this place
and I wish I didn't either
Aubrey Jones Sep 2020
I feel like I'm drowning
not drowning
drowning comes with resistance.
I am sinking to the bottom of the ocean
my every thought is a stone in my pocket
my mind treads ever forward though it knows I will not float
it doesn't care
It is only after my head dips below the surface that I start to realize the severity of what I cannot undo
I open my mouth to ask for help
but instead, my regurgitated words bubble out of my lungs and float away
and I'm distracted by the beauty of the scene
isn't that so like a poet?
so engulfed in the romanticization of my death that I pick up the shovel
and I dig the grave myself
so distracted with the view
I can't force out the words I need
I won't betray those stones in my pocket,
Can't give them away
But then again, what have they ever done for me?
Aubrey Jones Sep 2020
If I were a color
I think I'd be baby blue
a clear sky just after dawn
that perfect reflection in almond eyes
open doors
new opportunities
I guess you could say it almost feels like

Aubrey Jones Apr 2019
The day is over
The sun

My bed awaits me
Tired and sore
I lay there
And out
Of an
Dreadful consciousness
we were studying the effects line breaks had on poetry and I really like this one that I wrote. hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!
Aubrey Jones Apr 2019
Stiff and sickened
There I lay
My body numb and
struggling not to tear itself apart from the inside out
My lungs cave with every shredded breath
Dragged through my teeth
My chest fills with smoke and I feel like vomiting
I can't hold the weight
Of any more losses
I fear my soul can't handle the pressure
Please don't leave me now
Aubrey Jones Feb 2019
I want to know that you see me
                                                 feel me
                                                             hear me
                                                                        miss me
                                                                                     know me
even if you do not
love me

                              that would be enough
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