Mvteko Mar 1

Two halves make a whole
Two hearts join to become one soul
Two eyes that see one truth
We see different skies but take comfort in the same moon
We promised to never leave the other alone, that the love would not be gone too soon
Rejoicing in the moments from heaven,
Comforting each other when hell breaks loose.
Together through each others mountains and rivers.

Forbidden lust, forbidden love
Two souls that are forced apart
Two that yearn the others heart
Accepting each others flaws
One boy that’s far away from home,
One girl that’s questioning her own

But half a heart is better than none cause it can always be completed by the chosen one, But half a heart is like half a sun
Would it still be as bright as the full one?
Would the love be the same knowing that the other is not as strong
Why must these two hearts fight what’s in their souls
This burning desire
This passion they hold
Why must they put the flame out and become cold
Why waste away the hearts of others when they know the real future is with each other
Why not combine their hearts to become whole, to become one soul.

But having half of anything is like having half of nothing at all
It’s settling for half the love
Yet it could be more
Having half of love must be impossible, must be wrong
-The world is only existent because of wholes
One half cannot love for both
One half cannot fathom growth.
So why not have two halves of a heart
Two broken souls
Let the shattered remains of the other halves be the glue that makes these two people’s love whole
Because why face the world as half a person
When facing it as a whole is already near to the impossible

Two halves of a heart make a whole
Two hearts join to become one soul
But these two halves will never join
These two people will face the world alone- together, but lonely, like two sides of a coin
Not knowing the existence of humanity is dependent on whether they choose to love each other or choose to let it go.
The existence of humanity is dependent on all our lost souls.

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Raven Little May 2016

Your heart is surrounded by glaciers of ice
While mine roams wild with dancing flames.
We destroy one another playing for the vice
And become scarred in fatal games
When too close we get, your heart melts
and frostbitten mine becomes
Time is our enemy and to the ground it has us knelt
This passion renders my heart throbbing,
for what I feel is not allowed to be felt
You provoke the flames,
but somehow have a calming effect.
Smiling when catching me off guard,
My every emotion you can detect
Blind you are, and cannot appreciate works  of art
While my ears deafens and no music on earth
can sooth my burning heart
You drown your sorrows in alcohol and self-pity
While I have to deal with mine in sobriety
Yearning for warmth, you set your soul afire.
So desperately your acceptance I want to gain,
that I risk suffocation, of course all of it in vain.
A selfish love like this could never suffice.
That is the curse of fire and ice.

Arcassin B Aug 2016

By Arcassin Burnham

How did it feel when you took her and made her
Understand that you were the one who cared and
Showed her more compassion?
How did it feel when you've noticed all her
Imperfections letting her go off into the sunset in
A paper town?
How did it feel?
Oh! How did it feel?
Watching over her like the hawk, making sure she'd text back,

How did it feel when you told her all of those things
Before she ran off and never came back?
How did it feel when you looked for clues and letter boxes
Going on a journey just to see if she'd turn up,
How did it feel?
Oh! How did it feel?
Watching over her like the hawk, making sure she'd text back....
One day, one day.

Cweeta Cwumble May 2016

i will never get to
taste the sweetness
of your lips - their soft
firmness. the hunger of them.

i'll never feel your lips
eagerly wanting my lips,
the way they would part
to welcome me inside.

i'll never surround your lips
with every fibre of every ounce
of all the good and bad that i carry
in my heart and soul, mind and body
for one moment, all of it channeled
into one passionate kiss

no. i never will.

Charleigh Huston May 2016

I ENVY the seas of Neptune that he rides,
      I envy the thrills,
Of his royal chariot of May;
      Gracing these glistening hills.

Gaze upon our journey, Love!
       Where the stars may gleam
On our forbidden melody,
       Bless this love, unto me!

I envy lakes of Swans,
        That flutter on August Eves,
That bless a forbidden Love,
        With newfound Autumn Leaves.

Opened is the portal,
         On this summer's Eve for me,
That jewels and diadems of Wealth,
         Shall never; could never be.

I envy our everlasting light,
         And bells that gently ring
Over that fateful evening,
         That - envy shall bring.

Yet interrupt Spring's blossom,
         Even when our hearts may bleed,
Run into this everlasting night,
         Under the stars with me.

I can see the stars... from America, oh.
Cweeta Cwumble Apr 2016

lips like a ripe plum, so juicy.
my mouth waters, begging
for a taste.
i would suck the nectar
from your skin.
each sip would be sweeter
than the one before.
i would drink you like fruit juice,
and i wouldn't stop

until the sugar
made my teeth rot.

Those eyes that holds a thousand meanings
Those lips that sends ecstatic feelings
Every touch it burns the sanity in me
Oh how I wish I could just let it all be

Marlena R Feb 2016

Good morning,
what'd you wake to?
What kind of eyes you lookin' through?
Tell me,
was it ever me you wanted?
'cus every dream I have
I'm haunted...
Oh, babe
I feel this kinda way now...
the way the sun rays warm us all
like anticipation for the  
rain to fall...
I gotta' know,
are you in this for the
long haul?
I know I shouldn't be...
Honestly, I'm not looking
for an answer
they'll warn you,"You can't change her,"
so in my mind
I walk to you
leaves under my feet
& in my mind we meet.
& I poke fun
& say, "Where've you been?
You down for sinning?"
I'm just kidding."
I just desire simple living,
picking flowers,
extending hours
in your presence
earthly heaven.
Laughing in a 7/11
to buy a smoke
& then we choke
from laughing.
Oh, babe
I'm already fucking trapped in

It's fine, yea it's fine
I sit 'round a fire, wine & lips
eating pears,
he loves my hips
And then he grips
Yea, babe,
here I go again
I've slipped
he hands me a clip
I burn...
& there I go,
it's all gone
I blow him
like some bubble gum.
with you
sitting there in a
corner of my mind
tucked away he'll never find.

Still wonderin',
what do you think at night?
Who is it that you write?
I know it's not my right
to know
but you,
you always linger
& I'm worse
a curved
index finger.

Autumn Daze Jan 2016

That song you wrote
is still on replay mode
It used to make me special
to leave, you did cause you said shall.

I wish you didn't have too
though you said it is for me too
I never want you to leave
because to you I want to live.

The lines of that song,
oh what happened wrong
can't we just relive the lines
and grow together like vines.

I want to hear you sing that song you composed
as long as I live but why does everyone oppose?

© Cassandra Cereza

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Autumn Daze Jan 2016

I never thought I would feel this,
when I am with you I feel peace.
Without you beside me gives me sting,
I may be confused at times but I know this isn't just a fling.

You make me so happy,
like a honey bee in glee.
I don't know why nor how,
but you never failed to make me feel wow.

Right now, I am missing you so much,
I don't know how long could I take it like deep pain from a punch.
I really want to hear you,
because I indeed worry about you.

I am hoping we are fine,
just as like thriving like a vine.
I don't want to lose you,
because I am sure that will make me blue.

When I'm with you, it feels like I'm in a whole new world,
without you everything seems blurred.
Having you near me drives me to a new inspiration,
as you encourage me to a new and joyful direction.

All I want now is for us to be better,
as I give you a cuddle.
It may be wrong to them but it doesn't matter,
because what's important is you make me feel dazzled for you are my candle. you stay as my Dazzle...
but you didn't

© Cassandra Cereza
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