karma Sep 5

A kiss,
A look,
A touch,
A conversation,
Heat courses through my veins like an erupting volcano.
It's at this moment I know I am done for.
Forbidden love tastes so sweet, my sweet tooth can't help but ache for more.
You look at me and your eyes anticipate more.

Our love was not love,
but lust and desire.
It grew;
Flourished into something so wild
not even Buddha could tame it

I fall again and again
Josie Graves Aug 11

And you'll love me when
the music fades
the choir stands with all hands raised
when everybody's backs are turned
when every petal has been burned
when the last rays fall behind the clouds
You'll love me when no one else is around.

                          - Graves -

September 2011

When wisps of dandelions lay still in the blanket of your hair,
and your eyes can no longer say I love you,
without your lips moving.
I know my world has ended.
We stood on the porch
with the wind chimes blowing songs through my ears.

There's still something there through this Armageddon. I recollect the curve of your smile or the shape of your face
in every single pool of water I come across.
Your eyes had a haunting quality about them,
as they look through my hollowed out frame,
and see what wars I've fought.

It was your time darling,
your time I bought.

I know,
my world is ending.

The skin of strangers bone's looks dimmer,
and your heart looks darker.
When it's revealed in the quiet of our room.
That distorted haziness your voice gets when you're tired, is there all the time.
I can never help but wonder what I did wrong.

Asteroids come hurling towards me
at a thousand miles an hour,
The world is ending.
Just as predicted.

Where are you now?
Clairvoyant and always knew just what to do.
What happens now that I've been left behind.
What happens now that I can't pick up the pieces?

Your promises never looked more beautiful,
than when you couldn't keep them.
Lies never seemed more eloquent
than when you couldn't stop telling them.

Your face it haunts me.
Your words they weaken me.
Your hours we devoted to one another- cut through me.

I'm not afraid anymore,
to do this alone.
Let the flames engulf me,
let my skin hang loosely from the bone.
Let me drown.
Let me fade.
Let me waste away.
Let me be reborn.
Let me live again.
Let me find a way back to earth.
Let my soul go on.

There was a time I thought of adoration
when mention of you,
but it's now replaced with bitter resentment.

In the miscalculated performance,
you couldn't be faithful.

And now I see-
dandelions are just weeds.

And now I see-
I see everything.
The honesty your spirit lacked,
the lies you spoke from cracked lips.

And the venemous kisses you placed upon my skin,
I was poisoned- to think I saw everything from your perception
and ignored my own crumbling world.

Now, we are nothing.

Ako Jun 22

As cold as the moment
You threw me away.

As lost as the moment
You left me standing.

Fate has ascertained me,
You are one with me.

Fate also has saddened me,
You are not what the book allows.

Is it not insane?
I am myself is a "why?"

You are one with me...
In another life I have embraced...

Ako Jun 18

Firm hands
Visage, chiselled by gods
I pray upon the temple
Intertwined fingers
Sinful embrace
I have longed a touch for Mars
So far, yet he saw the wood,
The hill,
The Temple.

The Mars enraged!
Raging howl of a lone canine
Digging of what the burried desire has for him
Digging, digging
The Lumberjack fervently saws the hills
O God! Visage with a burning desire!
Not a tune of emotion compares to what this broken vision has seen
Not a tune of reality passes him.

Unconcious by the dew,
Concious by the sun
Ending the sin of a forbidden bind.

Mvteko Mar 1

Two halves make a whole
Two hearts join to become one soul
Two eyes that see one truth
We see different skies but take comfort in the same moon
We promised to never leave the other alone, that the love would not be gone too soon
Rejoicing in the moments from heaven,
Comforting each other when hell breaks loose.
Together through each others mountains and rivers.

Forbidden lust, forbidden love
Two souls that are forced apart
Two that yearn the others heart
Accepting each others flaws
One boy that’s far away from home,
One girl that’s questioning her own

But half a heart is better than none cause it can always be completed by the chosen one, But half a heart is like half a sun
Would it still be as bright as the full one?
Would the love be the same knowing that the other is not as strong
Why must these two hearts fight what’s in their souls
This burning desire
This passion they hold
Why must they put the flame out and become cold
Why waste away the hearts of others when they know the real future is with each other
Why not combine their hearts to become whole, to become one soul.

But having half of anything is like having half of nothing at all
It’s settling for half the love
Yet it could be more
Having half of love must be impossible, must be wrong
-The world is only existent because of wholes
One half cannot love for both
One half cannot fathom growth.
So why not have two halves of a heart
Two broken souls
Let the shattered remains of the other halves be the glue that makes these two people’s love whole
Because why face the world as half a person
When facing it as a whole is already near to the impossible

Two halves of a heart make a whole
Two hearts join to become one soul
But these two halves will never join
These two people will face the world alone- together, but lonely, like two sides of a coin
Not knowing the existence of humanity is dependent on whether they choose to love each other or choose to let it go.
The existence of humanity is dependent on all our lost souls.

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Arcassin B Aug 2016

By Arcassin Burnham

How did it feel when you took her and made her
Understand that you were the one who cared and
Showed her more compassion?
How did it feel when you've noticed all her
Imperfections letting her go off into the sunset in
A paper town?
How did it feel?
Oh! How did it feel?
Watching over her like the hawk, making sure she'd text back,

How did it feel when you told her all of those things
Before she ran off and never came back?
How did it feel when you looked for clues and letter boxes
Going on a journey just to see if she'd turn up,
How did it feel?
Oh! How did it feel?
Watching over her like the hawk, making sure she'd text back....
One day, one day.


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