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We are not dating
And how I wish we were but since we work together it is a big no-no.  
But how he held me last night was the way I had dreamed of.  
How he wrapped his huge arms around me and cuddled me in.  And how he said that I was perfect how I am.  
Small and he likes small girls.  
How he held my hand.  He just slow grabbed it and held it and I loved it.  
We are not dating and how I wish we were.  
Cause he is actually a guy I can see a future with.
Galbraith Frase Jul 2018
the world is full of missing parts,
then so am i
the malfunction of my image can bloom
the good deeds may glitch and die

no broken hearts could open gates for others
only throbbing fissures are to be seen
secret doors and damaged keys
rotten sadistic teen

yet you came
and i've never seen a demon so sweet to me, how?
smooth puffs ****** into my head
making me crazy and sane,
trust ain't easy to gain,
but i'm coaxed by your vows

i liked myself before
then i like my halo better now
the idea of angel wings and a fiend's ***** is not a good blend
but a compatible path was created
with an adequate commitment to try
he said he wants to love the opposite
if that's the deal,
then so am i
♥ ♥ ♥
Jester Andre Jul 2018
I clenched my fist and gritted my teeth as I gulped;
My head tilted upwards and stared at the sky filled with the
blue color that reminds me of your eyes filled with
wonders, trying not to look directly into the windows of your
I did all these not to suppress my anger, but something even more
But no matter what I do, everything is not under my
control and will
never be
For these tears still streamed down my cheeks filled with deep sorrow and melancholy;
Yes, it's hard;
It's making me bleed so much that I feel like I'm dying yet still continuing to
It's far more arduous than any predicament that I have encountered in my whole existence;
Yet I still have to do it;
For I cannot continue any longer to hurt you by offering you my heart, my dear;
As you continue to heal and purify all my sins
While all I ever do is
your soul and drag you in the the deepest and darkest abyss that I call
Darling, I am now setting you free and breaking the chains that
you from ascending into the
limitless sky where you truly
belong, so flap you wings
and fly to your
yellow soul Jul 2018
he is the first thing I think about in the morning
he is the last thing I think about at night
he is the only thing I dream about
he is the Only thing I want so bad, but I can’t have
he wants more than my sweet kisses and my hand in his
he wants us to be more than friends and I want to
but my parents are so strict,
that if I tell them all the things we love to do together
will be forbidden,
we weren’t be allowed in my room alone with the door closed
and I bet my parents will be so mean to him
he is my forbidden love the thing I really want but can’t have.
Mariam Elgarhy May 2018
I may choose to love,
But it must be hidden.
Oh, God above;
It is forbidden!

Not uttered in the quiet winter,
Not even as soft as a whisper.
Oh, it must be hidden
For it is forbidden!

I take a chance
And steal a glance,
Oh, what a mistake;
My heart now aches!

But I cannot utter the word,
The word that I cannot afford.
It must be hidden
For it is forbidden!

I long for a day
Where I can say
The word that is hidden;
Oh, why must it be forbidden?
liv Feb 2018
for her to tell me
she has fallen out of love
but, i am still very deep in love
she is the perfection in my life
she is miles away
i still love her
i only want her
she has told me she has fallen,
out of love
with me...
Tiana Marie Jan 2018
At first, I wasn’t interested.
It wasn’t a love at first sight kind of deal.
The moment he started talking, however,
I felt something real.

Hard to believe, I know–
Especially in a world of desire and ****.
What is real and what is fake?
Will someday these feelings turn to dust?

He asked me for my number.
Despite my better judgment, I said yes.
I was too caught up in my feelings.
I couldn’t make my heart beat rest.

Full of butterflies my stomach was
As we said our last goodbye.
Butterflies don’t always tell the truth, though.
Unfortunately, sometimes they lie.

To listen to your heart or head–
That is the ultimate test!
For sometimes you’re right and sometimes you’re wrong,
it‘s hard to tell what’s best.

Do I take it one step at a time
Hoping his feelings haven’t changed?
I never texted him back that day.
What if he’s hurt from the words never exchanged?

Then there’s another problem
Oh, yes, the other boy.
The one who won’t move on,
Claiming I’m his only joy.

If I were to find someone else
Would I destroy his entire life?
If I choose to not hurt him and stay alone
Then would my own be full of strife?

Too many questions and too many answers
Makes me fear my heart is wrong
Listen to your head, I beg.
It’s hard, for my heart is strong.

Give it up, for it’s what’s best.
We both know It’s true.
My heart and my head now both agree.
It’s what I have to do.

I have made up my mind.
The boy has got to go.
Anyhow, we’ve only had one chat.
I need to tell him no.

There he goes now smiling at me.
I wish he would stop.
“Hi,” He says…
Well, here we go. I’m back up to the top.
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