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Persephone Jan 19
You are truly breathtakingly beautiful.
And I condemn god every time I see you for not gifting me with an artistic soul.   
For you deserve nothing less then to be immortalized in art
she remains anon Nov 2021
You touch like Midas;
turn everything to an apricot hue.
I want to taste the honey off your breath
and lay my chest down next to you.
As timeless as salt air by the sea
my hand under yours
and your heartbeat 'neath me.

I find myself in forever
counting the freckles upon your shoulder.
Gather up your handsome frame
and still wish a way to hold more.
This happiness, I will not let my misery maim,
I dare not even whisper your name
-although to shout-
I wish I could.
Albuna Aug 2021
You came like a storm in my life, unexpected, leaving a big mess behind
Do you remember us laying on the grass watching the stars?
Me laying my head on your shoulders, feeling safe and protected close to you
It hurts so much that I lost you
I lost the most precious person I have ever met
You opened my eyes and made me experience what real love feels like
I can't forget your eyes, your glances, your smile and your laugh
I never opened up before, I never came to someone so close
I thought I can't, I couldn't open up to anyone
But with you, I didn't recognize myself
I was happier, your positive charisma pulled me along with it
You always listened to me, never interrupted me, you even listened, when I made the dumbest jokes and laughed with me.
You made my heart race.
Looking into your eyes would make my whole body shiver
I trusted you so much that I gave you my first kiss.
I found the person that I always dreamed of and lost that person
We let our love fall
Because the reality devoured us
Our families could never accept our love
Because of our different nationalities
Aren't we all human?
But we were too weak
We couldn't lose our families
They were too important to us
So we let our love fall, we did what they wanted.
Now all we have left are the memories we made.
I don't wake up happy anymore, the world now seems dark and boring to me.
You won't knock at my door anymore.
You won't sing loudly to songs in your car with me anymore (even though, you couldn't sing at all)
There won't be your smell all over my room anymore
You won't give me your jacket because I have cold anymore
I won't feel your kisses anymore
Will I ever forget you? I don't want to.
Two lovers gave up, they didn't fight.
And now they try to continue with their life
But it won't be the same anymore because they both still have each other on their minds.
How unexpected life can be.
In one day you meet a person and this person will steal your heart and change your entire life.
Cat Marshall Jul 2021
I just hate this, I don’t hate you
until we kiss I’ll escape you
oh where’s the twist, I’m enraged, who’s
the god of fate to complain to

do you love me like I love you?
but I always know when a love’s true
see fire, into it I tune
chemistry shatters the whole room

sent me an angel too early
you are too pretty and pearly
and you could heal me or hurt me
I’m bad and broken, you’re holy

too much unspoken, you don’t see
below the surface I’m hurting
I dream of barriers burning
you pull me back as I’m turning

run with me, keep this a secret
make up for a life filled with regret
exiled societal rejects
star crossed love lost, now we reflect

I severed ties, sent a letter
the final feeling, forget her
bore the burden, barely better
she’d lose her life, they won’t let her

the fantasy failed to survive
it was as though she had just died
our dangerous dance was denied
fell into smoking, drugs and wine

so hollow without the saviour
forced to get stronger and braver
seek solitude that I favour
give myself the love I gave her

can’t give the choice to the chosen
goodbye, our meaningful moments
in november were the omens
in winter forever frozen
alexis Jul 2021
I picture your arms around me
Caressing my hair behind my ear
Oh what I would for you to really be here

I’d cross the seven seas just to see you smile
Just to feel your warm embrace I’d walk a hundred miles
Just to see you for a while those are the things I’d do
Because nothing, truly nothing, compares to seeing you
alexis Jul 2021
I think about you a little to much
I’d love to know if you think about me
Or is this just my young naivety?
beautiful towers
crescent moon
under the bridge we hid from few
outlookers who saw us hand in hand
oh sue, nevermind next to you, I'll always stand

you said, "emily look out"
they can't catch us when we're on the periphery of your town
flower braids and hazy smiles
playing hide and seek up till a peculiar height

sue you do a lot of things
you say things so lovely
the only name ever
dancing on your tongue should be "emily"

harnessing a lot of love
my tongue's still tied, your face is unsure
tracing a pattern and making it travel through your moles

sue please dont give in
my heart's still beating
they can't know about us
and if they do
come with me
to the land of cottagecore

and if you say no then these all will be my questions,
"why would you touch me in a way your touch will linger?"
"why would you leave your best friends for a wine and some mingle?"
"why would you risk your life when i know your feelings dont fickle?"
"why would you gift me that pendant made of gold and covered in nickel?"
"why would you choose your abundant hours to teach me how to whistle?"
oh Sue, i know
you will never say no
just know, if you ever say yes
its you forever and ever and ever more.
get lost betwixt the forbidden love of the great Emily and her beloved Sue.
Henriette Mar 2021
This life does not taste alive
Like a body without an owner
Pain dances over my bitter life
Does life feel like death?

You, the only gift in my life
We met at the wrong time
However, it didn't matter
Time is transitory
We are both immortal

The Universe seems to be challenging us
Are you sure we can change destiny in the end?

I want to sleep in your eyes
Hope the sun doesn't show itself.
At least, until I close my eyes.
inspired by "The Hymn of Death"
dylan Feb 2021
at first i just liked you
but you were with her
then my like grew like a ****
and you're still with her
and now...
i love you
like a fool
but you're with her
you love her.
not me.
Derrick Cox Nov 2020
Trust me.
You don’t want to be with me.
You say behind my mask
I’m a human who wants to love
And be loved.
It’s not who I am underneath,
But what I do that defines me.

You want me to be Superman.
Your Superman.
But I am no super-man.
I don’t wear glasses and a suit
like I’m doing 9 to 5.
Then change into my gear
to save the world from the bad guy,
get the girl
and live happily ever after.

That’s fiction, baby.

I’ve seen death
take everything and everyone close to me.
I’ve been disappointed
by two-faced people who flip the coin
on the trust I gave them.
I’ve been broken
by many who I opened up my heart to.

I promised
I would never let it happen again.
I built my cave
to live in alone
where it’s safe
and no one to bother me.

The only time I go out to have fun
is in the darkness.
I get into fights
with any joker who ****** me off.
I party till the break of dawn
I drink til my eyes are bloodshot red
I smoke my lungs out
And **** a bunch of girls
who can help me forget everything.

But you though
You do things to me
like kryptonite
that make me feel weak.
And it scares me shitless.
That’s why I need you to stop.

You’re beautiful.
You’re brave.
You’re good.

But I can’t be with you.
I’ll hurt you
maybe you’ll hurt me.
Either way things will be ****** up.

I can’t be your white knight.
But I can be your dark knight.
If anyone ***** with you,
I’ll be your vengeance.
And if you’re looking for a good time,
I’ll give you the best night of your life.
Just flash the signal on my cell.
Batman is my favorite superhero. Him over Superman any day. He’s human. He relies on his own skills and he’s relatable on how we are with ourselves. Although dark, he’s a hero. With me, I wanted to describe my curse with love. Something I knew I could never have because I know myself. So it’s better to be single, shut your emotions off, and not care.
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