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A dance with death
It is a elegant thing
A dance with a slowing pace

A dance with death
Is all I need
To make this decision

A dance with death
For this decision
Between two people

A dance with death
To decide between you
or him

So let me have this dance
So I can decide between them

Lets waltz
with a trail of blood following us

Lets foxtrot
with a beat to sufficate to

Lets tango
to the beat of my heart slowing

Thanks for the dance
To decide between the two people

The righteous quote their bibles
  the sinners quote their poetry
  the desperate quote them both
  The suicides quote van Gogh  
  stars he set afire and French Blue
  skies full of birds cawing invitations.
Tabitha Lee Oct 5
Love is a privlage
A privlage most deserve
  A privlage that makes people happy
    But i do not deserve love
     I am a dying corpse
      I push people away because of fear
       I cannot say that I am a slave to fear
        But I am at times anyways
         I do not deserve self-love
          **** and Fat
            I lie to the people I love about my feeling
             So I cut to punish  
              And thats why I dont deserve love and I give it to others
I am clean from cutting so do not worry
Tabitha Lee Oct 5
A Profane word
Crude it is, too

Is what it causes
From lower self-esteem to suicide

Our inaccurate fact calculator
****** numbers that don't mean anything

The new F-word
Let it not be used
Maybe you can be a good friend too
Tabitha Lee Sep 16
All I see around me is a happy family but I am not.

All those scars and bruises make me want to mask,
they make me want to run and hide.

All those thoughts in my head saying
"I am worth nothing, nothing at all."
I resist all the things that come afterwards,
The wounds, the scars, and the pills.

Everyone tells me that I must have a reason to be this way
A reason to bleed
A reason to want to die
By pills, pills and more pills.

These reasons to live
These reasons to die
I have to choose my way to go
to fight or to die.
Hey i dont actually feel like this right now but i did a this point and time. Risks and benifits seem to be equal for living or not. so yeah thanks for reading!!!
  Sep 16 Tabitha Lee
It is too late to ask me why,
It is too late to say I lied,
It is too late for me to run,
It is too late to blame my mum.

It is too early to say goodbye,
It is too early for me to die,
It is too early in the day,
It is too early for me to say.

It is too hard to explain,
It is too hard to take the blame,
It is too hard for me to cry,
It is too hard for me to try.

It is too easy to run away,
It is too easy for you to stay,
It is too easy to point at me,
It is too easy for me to see.

It is too late,
It is too early,
It is too hard,
It is too easy.

Two toos are two not four,
Four toos are four not eight,
You see, it’s not easy,
It’s just too late.
  Sep 10 Tabitha Lee
when i was younger,
i wanted to be beautiful.
i wanted to be in pageants,
and win all the awards.

but now that im older,
all i want is to be smart,
to stun people with my intelligence,
and to steal hearts with my words.

i want to be noticed,
i want my voice to be heard,
and i want to change the world.

i want to travel,
i want to help the kids who really need it.
i want to have people stop and listen when i speak,
i want to make a difference.

i want to prove im not just a pretty face.
i want people to know,
im more than just my looks.
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