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  Jan 4 Tabitha Lee
i may not be useful
but i think my existence is more than enough
  Dec 2020 Tabitha Lee
  Dec 2020 Tabitha Lee
It's like a hole. Where my feelings are supposed to be.
It's not like I don't feel, I do feel certain things.
But it's a brief passing of an emotion.
When I'm happy, it's only for a moment.
Yet when I'm sad, it hits hard and heavy
It's like a hole.
But I feel that hole
All the time
here's me talking about it
  Nov 2020 Tabitha Lee
you never asked to read my poetry
maybe that was the sign.
i told you i wrote for fun,
you shrugged and moved on.
red flags went up everywhere, but i didn’t bother looking
  Nov 2020 Tabitha Lee
charles bateman
We're like dog's in a corner itching to bite , when push come's to shove we are in for a fight . This is the way I feel it need's to be , we have to throw punches if we want to be free . When the fighting is over , it's time for peace , it's the way I prefer to say the least . It's been said love thy neighbor as we want to be loved , my friend's we can do this with help from above . Please know as you read this it's a good way to live , dont be a taker and learn how to give . In all of my years I've come to believe , it's better to give than it is to receive . I'll leave this impression and you can be the judge , how much should we give ? what we have is enough .
Tabitha Lee Nov 2020
Most of you probably don't know me that well but I usually say what is on my mind but abuse for a family, mind you a foster family, I just don't speak up well about those things. For those who have read my poems,and especally my most resent My Life, I Guess how much it hurts, they can see I have opinions on how this family treats me but they never get to see those poem or hear it. It was a call to action more. To encourge myself to do it, speak out I mean. I talke dto y social worker about what has been happening for the last year and a half-ish. I could have not done that without my loving and absoultly smart boyfriend. I am so glad once more for this platform. A place to speak out poetically. So thanks, i guess.
Tabitha Lee Nov 2020
Why does speaking out
Speaking louder than I have before
From deeper than within than before
Make such a disaster
Make my hell I am stuck in worse?

Well, you can't sleep that off
No amount of time asleep makes that ok
No amount of time asleep makes that just disappear
I tried
Well, been trying still

"They," say I am running away
From what you ask,
My problems, I guess

I spoke out, for once!
I made a decision
That one decision I hate to make

Hate is a weak word for it
More despise works for it
Despise the fact that I have to make it
The fact that this predicts that my world is going to be turned upside down
Viciously turned upside down once more
The fact that this is alway how my life is

Of course I am afriad
Afiad of the fact that this is how my world is
That my luck is absolutly ****** sometimes
That I tend to lose everything I care for
But of course, I have to wait and see
Because it is not the end of the story

But why should I play a part?
A part that shows a grieving girl?
Why should I play a part of a girl who is sad to lose someone so toxic?
I could just curl up in a ball and give in to all the "sorrow"
But why should I?

So I will sing no requiem for you
Not tonight
Not tomorrow
Not ever, ok?

And don't force one out of me
Don't tell me you are not the monster that I know
I have so many do nots for you
I could just scream them out into your face
But I stay calm
Not for your sake
No why would I do that?
You deserve me to scream and yell
I am just merciful for your ears
Be grateful for that
" No one cries when the villains fall down, no one so I will not cry for them."
-Me Now I Guess
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