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  Jun 12 Tabitha Lee
Dear death,

I have met life,
He wants me to fight,
But I'm so weak-
So can we meet?
Tabitha Lee Jun 12
Maple syrup, two pancakes and grossly made hashbrowns...
you forever have a place in this life as a friend,
and a place in my heart.
for without you,
I wouldnt be as strong as I am nor be as wise.
I wouldnt be spending 50 bucks a month for confidence nor going out for our dates? coffee breaks from the world

Chai milk tea, boba of some sort, and you...
you changed me for the better, y/n
this might have been made on the fly and im tired as hell
i wanted you to understand that,
this big ol heart of mine,
cares more than you can dream
and loves you more than you can imagine...
Ill never name drop someone yet ill give them tags. SCL, yes, this one is for you and for once I sent you something written for you. I am glad I did yet im scared for you to wake up and read it in our messages... always going to be sleep deprived, in a love crisis of somesort and above all, a poet
  Jun 7 Tabitha Lee
There are different reasons why you write.
You write because...'re happy?
you're sad?
you're delighted?
you're mourning?
keeping a secret?
But whichever reason you have,
you still write what's inside.
What other people can't see,
can't decipher beneath the words you speak,
can't understand the emotions flowing
through the sentences you can't speak out loud.
You write, pouring the feelings you can't let out,
you write. using the words you once thought can't explain what you feel.
You write, thinking that someone out there can finally discern what you're hiding inside.
I'm writing this because I don't have any topic to write. I just feel like I need to write something tonight. I'm missing someone though, and I'm overthinking again. Big sigh
  May 26 Tabitha Lee
We are more than from the dirt which we were made
we are more than just skin and bone
We have a spirit and we have a soul we are more than
the heart that we own
Who is the man that I show to the world the look that
I wear on my face
We are all of us thinkers emotional bringers but some
times that just isn't the case
For when I look at you I dont see your failures I dont
see the feelings you feel
But I see your spirit and I pray when you hear it you'll
know what I'm finding is real
God seeks out the heart that is contrite and broken
humble in every way
He see's what we're feeling and he knows we need
healing is the face that I'm wearing today
Tabitha Lee May 26
It's fun to have crushes
I had one
2 years ago
We both liked each other
The day we said is now approaching
I am scared
He could have forgotten
I could have changed more than I let on
He's not star crossed
He was heaven on earth

Its been 2 years
We haven't really hung out
But we keep in contact really well
He could have changed, yes
And I could have too
but shouldn't I try once more?
Rekindle an old flame
One that burned brighter than SCL's
That one moved on
Why not go for the dream guy?
SCL and he wasn't that different
Guys who were everything I wanted and more

2 years...
Is that too much?
Is this a hopeless cause
Did I wait too long?
I hope not...
And my partner would understand too
So I invited them.
SCL, my partner, and him
What a disaster.
What a mess.

2 years.
Almost got engaged
Heartache and Joy
Maybe this flame can be rekindled
And if it's not, that is ok.
I will survive...
Tabitha Lee May 20
He fell asleep to me reading ballads
Ballads of love and joy
Ballads that were happy

He fell asleep and awoke
A bad dream, he says
Oh, 10 more so he may have sweet dreams

10 more, 10 more
Maybe this time I read mine.
Class rants and ballads for his sweet dreams

Maybe abusing sleepy meds, he says
So I worry that there would be no more dreams ever
so i write his family

A text yet still a note
On what there child is doing
And how it is concerning...

So i can decide 10 more,
To ease his mind
To put him asleep as David did with his songs

So he can say, 10 more
So he can understand me
on a different level than most
yes....this is stil SCL getting a wrapsheet of poetry
Tabitha Lee May 15
Truth be told
There is more
More than pesky feelings
And a pretty boy

Truth be told
There is a illiad of things
Ranging from my childhood to breaking a pattern
So much more than a pretty boy...

Much much more than a boy
Torn because i thought he was my soulmate
Yet, he thought another was his romantically
It is his life and i cannot control but platonics
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