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  Jan 2019 Heather McCorkle
One smile from her
and the world fell in love.
Her beauty was breathtaking,
but it wasn't traditional.
she was beautiful because
she was wholly herself.
No masks.
No pretenses.
She was rare.
She was FREE!!
Boldly claiming to the world,
"This is me. Here I am!"
And the world?
They were afraid.
But that didn't matter.
They couldn't tear her down.
She was untouchable!
And just as the season changes; so does she.
As the sun goes down mid day, so do her thoughts.
Her emotions are raw and brisk, just as the wind in the night.
She applies layers to herself, as if she were going into a blizzard.
But this isn’t a bundling up that you can see.
She builds thick walls to protect herself from more than the cold.
Darkness seeps in and covers her.
She is consumed by her despair and she remains frozen.

Heather McCorkle Dec 2018
You forgot about me
Like you forget so many things

Your youthful dreams
The cold coffee still found in your cup
The golden sunlight
When it's cold outside

The lipstick residue on your chapped lips  
The strangers who smile at you each day
The people you could get to know if you only forgot about yourself

But that's one thing you'll always remember
Heather McCorkle Nov 2018
Your hands look soft, like the formation of a memory
Slowly molding it
Wet clay that will crystallize to look fondly upon

"And with remorse," she atoned "With bitterness"

"Yes," I reckoned
But your eyes could never manufacture such a memory

"How do you know?"
She looked at her hands, small on her lap

"Because they are beautiful."

She smiled

She was already knitting a keepsake memory
  Oct 2018 Heather McCorkle
When all around you is falling down
When the grass and trees and cricket sounds
Are no more there alive than dead
When your world is crashing inside out
To sky be bound
Look up instead

When the rolling clouds are sounding out
And the river ink is pouring down
And the flood is in your basement found
Stand proudly upon on your here and now
Don't sink your brow
Look up instead

When the voices jeer you all about
And the rumors populate the town
When commotive chaos finds your head
Don't let the horizon slip you now
Though falsehood fed
Look up instead

And when the never becomes the now
And the time like nightfall pulls you down
When the sunshine strays its fading stead
May the storms internal you allay
In peace be found
Look up instead
In short. When the turmoil grips you and the storm berates. When your hope is in shambles and your life is at end. Look up and see his goodness again. Because even the storm displays his power. Even the end portrays his goodness. You just have to look at it properly.

Easier said, right?
They ask me a question every day,
They ask me 'Oh darling! How much do you weigh?'
And I answer this question every day,
I wish to tell them,
'I am not made up of flesh and bones,
I do not weigh on scales and stones.
I weigh the love letters never sent,
I weigh my heart I gave on rent,
I weigh all my insecurities,
I weigh Ganga's purities.
I weigh the prayers of my mother.
I weigh the hard work of my father.
I weigh the thirty-two-inch smile I carry and flaunt every day,
I weigh the fears which haunt me every day,
I weigh all the love I have for him,
And I am certain that weighs more than the stories I dream,
I weigh the fairytales I've read,
And I weigh the kindness I've fed.
I weigh my hope,
And I weigh my dreams.
I weigh my faith,
And I weigh my screams.
So I weigh the lightest I could ever be,
And the heaviest you could ever imagine being.'
But then in the end,
I murmur the words '47 kilograms',
A lean and skinny girl is what I am.
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