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Dec 2018 · 439
Happy Anniversary!
Raphael Uzor Dec 2018
From that first moment
Tired of repeatedly failing
As I looked up instinctively
And beheld a cute petit figure
Gliding gracefully, oblivious of me!

Captivated by her laughter
Charmed by her brown eyes
Enchanted by her sheer beauty
Mesmerized by her angelic aura
I heard my heart whisper, “she’s the one”!

With divine reassurance
I embarked on the ultimate task
With a red account and a blue heart
It seemed an obvious Mission Impossible
But our love story had been authored in heaven!

In the last 365 days
We’ve argued, we’ve fought
We’ve kissed and we’ve made up
In one year, many things have changed
But one thing is constant - we’re still in love!
To my lovely wife - Ifunanya’m.
Sep 2015 · 1.0k
Sadly Ever After...
Raphael Uzor Sep 2015
From sweet talking for hours
Their friendship slowly turned sour
And with each passing night
Their talks gave way to fights

Her voice was once music to him
And when she spoke, he heard la, la, la
But arguments defiled her hymn
Now all he hears is bla, bla, bla...

She had nothing but good intentions
And dreamed of a life of bliss
But he dwelled on her imperfections
All because he'd lost his peace

Spontaneous, wild and free
She was everything he was not
He stood firm, rigid as a tree
And all she dreamed came to naught!

© Raphael Uzor
Aug 2015 · 1.1k
Three Nights in a Row
Raphael Uzor Aug 2015
Her barefoot feels it again
For the third night in a row…
Something cold and fluid
On an even colder floor
As she raced to the kitchen
Prepping for the day ahead
She almost slips, she’s furious
But it’s not in her to curse.

Her mind is wrapped in issues
As she stares up at the ceiling
No signs of rain, no leakage
But how does the floor get wet?
She sips and smells her coffee
And steps into her slippers
She grabs a mop and bucket
And points ******* in blame.

“Did Tom, my love, spill water?”
Not a chance, he’s too careful
Fastidious and disciplined,
He’d mop it before it spilled!
She’d lay the blame on Tracy
And presume that Tracy peed
But cats are not that messy
As Tracy’s three years had proved.

She starts to get too worried
But decides its not worth it
Once again, she lets it slide
For the third night in a row…

But less than an hour ago
He wakes up from a nightmare
Same nightmare that has plagued him
For the third night in a row…
He slides out of bed slowly
He watches her for a while
She sleeps in peace like a baby
Why can’t he sleep like her?

He sneaks out of their bedroom
To his newfound grieving spot
Three steps to the kitchen door
He falls apart in gloom
He’s in pain, pain unbearable!
Unlike anything he’s seen
After many years in the army
He’s been through thick and thin.

He relives the angst of confession
As he said those dreaded words
“Honey, I cheated on you.”
And shut his eyes for the BANG!
He’d hoped for fire and brimstone
And expected nothing less
But her reply was calm and casual
“I’ve known, and I forgive you.”

Shocked at her eerie response
He died a million times!
He watched for signs of withdrawal
And a possible divorce suit
But after years of waiting
He unforgives himself, and
For the third night in a row…
He cries himself to death!

© Raphael Uzor
Apr 2015 · 1.0k
Raphael Uzor Apr 2015
Tossed in the shores of time
His teary eyes founder
He finds himself in part
Only to be lost in full...*

© Raphael Uzor
Nov 2014 · 656
Walkie Bunny
Raphael Uzor Nov 2014
Oft I'm asked, "Why love to walk,
To and fro' your daily work?"
First of all, it saves me money,
Calms my nerves and thins my body!*

© Raphael Uzor
Walk more, its good for your health!
Oct 2014 · 2.9k
In Control!
Raphael Uzor Oct 2014
Like pieces on a chessboard
I took a leap of faith
Taking my destiny in my hands
Challenging uncertainties of fate...*

© Raphael Uzor
Oct 2014 · 1.3k
Raphael Uzor Oct 2014
When the big ball upstairs
Has burnt his day's share
And his little sister
Has awoken to shine

When mechanical birds and horses
Have flown to their nests
And the chaos of daylight
Has given way to peace

When the world's voluntary madness
Dissipates into necessary sanity
And the hot unfriendly winds
Sheath their unseen swords

When earth and sky seem to agree
In the stillness of transient dark
Reviving fast-dying hopes
And healing old wounds

When all hell ceases to break loose
Awaiting the rooster's call...
I merry in dreamland
As my tired body sleeps...

© Raphael Uzor
Sep 2014 · 1.7k
Raphael Uzor Sep 2014
In their blind bid
To become westernized,
They lost touch with reality
Created shadows of themselves
Despised their own intrinsic values
Embraced a twisted dress sense
Of fallen pants and revealed underpants
Idolized everything they're not
The good, the bad, the ugly
They birthed dual personalities
Picked up foreign accents
On ****** home-based passports
The American Dream, they call it,
As they wear winter jackets
In scorching African sun
All in the name of fashion
Trading our simple hues
For complex shades unknown
Bleaching skin and hair
Trading natural black for artificial white
Unaware the very gods they adore
Are tanning theirs to look darker
Insecurity drives them mad
Inferiority complex overtakes them
As they ban mother tongues in offsprings
Placing exotic tongues on pedestals
At the expense of our cultural future.

This is not an attempt at poetry
This is wake up call to Africa
Be bold, be proud, be black!
You are AFRICAN!!!*

© Raphael Uzor
Sep 2014 · 384
My Thoughts #1
Raphael Uzor Sep 2014
Between good and right
I have fought many a fight!
Sep 2014 · 3.5k
Bad Choices
Raphael Uzor Sep 2014
When I did a good thing
They said it wasn't right
And when I did the right thing
They said it wasn't good.

Sometimes I'm stuck between deciding
What's good and what's right
'Cos sometimes good can be wrong
And right can be not-so-good.

© Raphael Uzor
Sometimes it's hard to decide between what's good and what's right.
Aug 2014 · 1.4k
A Woman's Tears
Raphael Uzor Aug 2014
She shed a tear
But no one knows why
Whether for joy, sorrow or fear
One wonders what makes her cry

To no one does she tell
The reason her eyes swell
I'm guessing fumes from an onion
Or tears have become her *****!

© Raphael Uzor
Aug 2014 · 6.5k
Raphael Uzor Aug 2014
In a world of the blind
He wondered why his one eye
could not see some hope
Jul 2014 · 1.6k
Raphael Uzor Jul 2014
Like a traveller without direction
A seeker with no sense of purpose
Walking through life aimlessly
Existing but not living
In an infinite maze of time and space
Shrouded in a mist of uncertainties
Darkness has become his light
Pain has become his plight
As he drifts endlessly into nothingness...*

© Raphael Uzor
Jul 2014 · 917
Raphael Uzor Jul 2014
Drowning in a tunnel of lies
Darkness floods my soul
Reaching up for my last breath
A glimpse of hope flickers
As the light of truth seeps through
Birthing a seed of life within death!*

© Raphael Uzor
Jul 2014 · 1.0k
Savior (Haiku)
Raphael Uzor Jul 2014
You have saved my life
'Cos amid countless heartbreaks
You're my pacemaker...*

© Raphael Uzor
Jul 2014 · 1.1k
Prayer is...
Raphael Uzor Jul 2014
Telling God about my problems
Telling problems about my God*

© Raphael Uzor
Jul 2014 · 2.2k
Raphael Uzor Jul 2014
Sometime today...

I look up at the sky
It is cloudy and dark
Flickers of lightning
And growling of thunder
Threatening the day's work
With uninvited wet showers
Bad for business, these rains
Keeping our customers indoors
Filling our potholes to the brim
Drenching our zeal to work
I look, as the drops fall down
In their multitudes
Clattering against my window
Bearing down on my roof
Intent on washing away my hopes
I miss the sunshine and its rays
I miss the warmth of sunrise
I miss the comfort of sunset
And with all my heart
I loathe the rain
Yearning for the sun
Soon a remembrance is awaken.

Somewhere in the past...

I looked up at the sky
It was sunny and dry
Debris of dusty winds
And a hot tempered sun
Worsening the day's labor
With unfriendly heat waves
Bad for farming, this heat!
Keeping our seedlings underground
Drying our boreholes to the bottom
Smoking our will to work
I sweated, as the rays blazed
In their fury
Burning through my window
Melting down my roof
Determined to roast my vision
I missed the rain and its showers
I missed the chills of the storms
I missed the drizzles of dew
And with all my might
I despised the sun
Praying for the rains
As if that would quench my thirst!

Yet I wish it away as soon as it comes...*

© Raphael Uzor
Insatiability of man's desires...
I couldn't decide on a title for this one, so I titled it undecided.
Jun 2014 · 1.4k
EnigMa (Haiku)
Raphael Uzor Jun 2014
Like a dreaded book
Covered in dust on my shelf
I'm yet to read you.*

© Raphael Uzor
Jun 2014 · 553
Raphael Uzor Jun 2014
Like black and white keys of a piano
Her heartbeat matched my solo chords
Together, our sync created music
Without lyrics, verses or chorus
But rich in unvoiced harmony
Singing our emotions to sleep
Amidst crescendos of fights
And playful passions...*

© Raphael Uzor
Jun 2014 · 1.8k
Cold knife (Haiku)
Raphael Uzor Jun 2014
With a smiling face
To mask her real intentions
I felt it behind!*

© Raphael Uzor
Jun 2014 · 1.9k
Prayer #2
Raphael Uzor Jun 2014
Every night...
Our prayers float towards heaven
Like a million bubbles in a wine glass
Ascending gradually through space
Culminating in the white cloud above
Eventually dissipating into thin air
Giving hopes of answered prayers
Amidst bubbles of faith and doubt
Against pulls of gravity and fears...*

© Raphael Uzor
Jun 2014 · 2.4k
Self Realization
Raphael Uzor Jun 2014
My life began
When I realized it
"I am nothing!"*

© Raphael Uzor
Raphael Uzor Jun 2014
There was a time when
all times looked the same
passing through seamless
dawn of ageless drain
We sought, fought and
bought our freedom for an ageless price
At a pace that dares not to take away our
endangered race
But what have brought
this craze of dismembering
the maze we felt less safe in.

The incorruptible men who
once calmed the storm
are now cohorts of a demeaning plot.
Their role in a war of stakes
is a gusty grab for the frontline
as they tussle for the ratio of cake
a game they so delight in.
Exhausted in a place which
was once a timeless haven
as their dignity is torn in shreds.
All sorts of glory are lost
still no one feels this is a shared shame.

If only we knew the journey would abort halfway
but the signs were like flare from the start
as sides became drawn in clear spat.
Two hundred and more of our “prized cowries”
got snatched from our land and our leaders
cannot guard our streets because they say
the times are bad and the enemies are back.
Everything get soured and some of us are left behind
as limbs are severed high into the firmament of red horror
We go hash with our tag
twitting and chanting that they restore our girls
bring back our girls-we pray
bring back our girls- we chant
Bemused, the soldiers assure to search our lands
While Boko bomb us out from our very own sands
Tangled, mangled, limbs and bodies get buried in our time.

© Chijioke Izundu P
This is not my work.
Jun 2014 · 744
Questions #1
Raphael Uzor Jun 2014
I can't love two women at once,
Does that mean I don't have a large heart?*

© Raphael Uzor
Jun 2014 · 697
A Metallic Heart!
Raphael Uzor Jun 2014
Was all I needed
To wield
The power of love*

© Raphael Uzor
Jun 2014 · 706
Raphael Uzor Jun 2014
After a lifetime

Of heartaches and headaches

Emotional numbness threatens...

She told me her feelings

But I told her my intentions...*

© Raphael Uzor
Keeping it real. No fantasies!
May 2014 · 1.8k
Bingo! (Haiku)
Raphael Uzor May 2014
"Dogs are man's best friends"
So he ignored the "woof! woof!!"
... now, gunshots sound... "WOOF!!!"
May 2014 · 955
Poetic Jesus!
Raphael Uzor May 2014
If Jesus spoke in parables
Then Jesus was a poet
For who speaks in parables
But one so named "Poet"?*

© Raphael Uzor
Just my thoughts...
May 2014 · 715
I love You?
Raphael Uzor May 2014
Through my continued journey in life
I’ve heard these words over and over
Reeling out of unwashed mouths (mine inclusive)
Ringing like unanswered noisy telephones
Spoken with little consideration
Voiced with no conviction whatsoever!

How could such passions be love?
When they so easily become hate
At the slightest provocation

How could such evil be love?
When you seek to harm me
Just because I sought another’s attention

How could such illusions be love?
When it quickly evaporates
At the mere sight of one more attractive

How can such madness be love?
When you turn violent
At the barest confrontation

How can such wickedness be love?
When you would rather see me dead
Than in the hands of another

How can such hypocrisy be love?
When you can cheat on me at will
And crave my faithfulness and loyalty

How can such lust be love?
When all you want is ***
Or some other material gain

How can such deceit be love?
When I am only a means to an end
Some tool to be used and discarded

How can such intolerance be love?
When you cannot forgive me
For erring, as expected of human nature

How can such selfishness be love?
When the only reason you care
Is for your perceived desired benefits

How can such scam be love?
When it only depends on good looks,
Fame, power or influence…

The purity of this precious idea
Has been grossly adulterated
By our wickedness and evil schemes

Its divinely intended beauty
Has been stained to triviality
By our spur-of-the-moment,
Superficial quest for gratification
Of unholy desires…

From my naïveté and observation,
There is no love among mortals
What we have is at best,
Mutual understanding and respect

For only the bond of a mother,
To her offspring- born and unborn
Comes close to a faint idea of love…

Not to mention,
The unconditional love of God!

© Raphael Uzor
Inspired by 1 Cor13
Brings to mind one of my favorite songs- Hezekiah Walker's God Favored Me...
May 2014 · 4.0k
Generation Skipped
Raphael Uzor May 2014
“You are the leaders of tomorrow”
They told us over and over
Right from the tender age of three
Through childhood and adolescence.
We have outgrown our youth
We are now mature men
We have come of age to lead
Just as promised decades ago.

At a recent gathering
Our *leaders of yesterday

Stricken with age and power
And long overdue for retirement
Addressed us, saying,
“Bla bla bla, bla bla, bla bla bla…”
“You are the leaders of tomorrow”*
That last statement jolted me awake
From his uninspiring, boring speech.

Then it dawned on me
We are a sleeping generation
We have long been waiting- sleeping!
When we should be leading
Our greedy, power-drunk leaders,
Will die in active service!
They will NOT hand over to us!
Not if we sit and wait for them.

I had a *revelation
that the “tomorrow”,
We were promised “yesterday”
Is fast becoming yesterday, today!
And while the Nigerian youth sleeps
His chance is being usurped by his fathers
Yesterday we heard this promise
Today we hear the same promise
But come tomorrow, we will be too old to lead
And our children’s turn, it will be.

We have been scammed of our future
By the very ones we entrusted them with
And like turns in a game of scrabble,
We have missed ours- forever!
Our leaders are old men
Who have no faith in youths
And come tomorrow, our children,
Will have graves to look up to

Because we would have no experience
From which to advise them…
And like an unwanted track on a CD
Our generation would have been skipped
By the geriatric push of a ⇒ button!

© Raphael Uzor
A practical instance of "tomorrow never dies"
Raphael Uzor May 2014
Like crystal sand pebbles
Washed away from seashore
Like shooting stars in space
Propelled out of the night sky

Our beautiful black pearls
Young and innocent and ambitious
Full of life, full of tomorrow
Were stolen away in daylight
Away from unnatural habitats
Away from unsafe clusters
Away from our sleepy watchful eyes
Loosing their buoyancy
To the same fearsome monsters
That have plagued the land much
Bursting balloons at parties
Bringing mayhem as they visit
Making our warriors look childish
Forcing help from the world over.

The sun has gone to sleep
The moon has loomed too long
But to hope, we will cling
Till we find our lost pebbles…

© Raphael Uzor
May 2014 · 1.2k
Table For Two
Raphael Uzor May 2014
Round tables      and cocktails
Cuisines and   Champagne
Candles and moonlight
Whispers and laughter
Tuxedos and dresses
Flowers and kisses
Jazz and piano
You and I*

© Raphael Uzor
May 2014 · 1.6k
Raphael Uzor May 2014
I read the book of Samuel
I read the story of the Israelites
Of how they rejected God
“We want a king!” they demanded
“We want to be like other nations”
Rejecting God’s kingship.

The same God who brought them up
Out of the ******* of Pharaoh
Out of slavery in Egypt
The same God who gave them victories
Over many nations and wars
The same God who had fed them
For forty years in the wilderness
Same God who had proved
Beyond reasonable doubt
That He is the King of kings
A Lord above all lords
They chose to downgrade!

I was swept away in a mind journey
As I thought of how it must have felt
To be rejected by your own children
Repudiated by your beloved
Disowned by the very people you love.

My heart bled!
The heartbreak was unimaginable
The pain was excruciating
As my mind pointed fingers of accusation
I couldn’t find befitting words
“Foolish Israelites!”
“Unrepentant idiots!”
“Stubborn generation!”

And as my mind went awry
Heaping insults on God’s people
Raining accusations on them
Judging an imperfect people as myself…

His still small voice whispered
“You are all the same”
“You have done worse”

Then it struck me
Like a lightening of a million volts
I am the Israelites
I am the very people of God
I am the same ones I condemn
I have betrayed God repeatedly
I have chosen sin above my maker
My iniquities know no bounds
I have trivialized His blood
I have made a mess of the cross.

I am the “foolish Israelites!”
I am the “unrepentant idiots!”
I am the “stubborn generation!”

My heart melted into tears
Shame covered me like a cloud
My head was bowed in ignominy.

Unable to speak or move
I lay there, weeping at my wickedness
No words were spoken
But I felt His arms embrace me
In acknowledgement of my repentance
I never deserved it
But He loved me nonetheless.
I pointed one finger at them
But three pointed back at me!

© Raphael Uzor
May 2014 · 6.5k
Misunderstanding! (10w)
Raphael Uzor May 2014
What I said...
What you heard...
Were light-years apart!
May 2014 · 1.3k
Raphael Uzor May 2014
She said she was Ibo
And spoke with a fake accent
Wanna’s and gonna’s
Littered her speech
Not a trace of Igbo, in her exotic accent.

She smirked boldly
As I answered my phone
Greeting my friend natively
In a lavish of deep expressions
So deep, only Ndi Igbo can share.

With a ****** passport
She spoke better than most Britons
She was born in her village
Yet all she knows is “bia”
She thinks she’s cool, I think she’s lost!

The whole point of wooing her
An “mgbe-eke” from the east
Was so we could regularly, take a break
From all formalities and English
And bask in mother tongues…

I might as well be yoked
With a foreign damsel
For the whole purpose of looking within
Is defeated if your tongue is white
And we can only commune in “oyibo”

Call me tribalistic
Call me uncivilized
Call me superficial if you will
But what you call vernacular
The same is my root. I am proudly Igbo!

© Raphael Uzor
Its Igbo NOT Ibo.
Bia means come (in Igbo)
Ndi Igbo means Igbo people
Mgbe-eke means village girl (literally)
Oyibo means English (can also mean white, as in white person)
May 2014 · 8.4k
Raphael Uzor May 2014
The intermittent, distant rumbling in the skies was suggestive of chronic flatulence. The sun struggled in futility to shine – like a crying child who had been forced to smile. Lightning flashed in quick successions, momentarily throwing brilliant streaks of white light across the room. The angry growl of thunder that followed was enough to send a troop of Howler monkeys scampering for safety.

The lights flickered as though unable to make up their minds to stay or not to. But apparently, the wind had zero tolerance for such petty indecisiveness. And like an enraged, stimulated, demented animal, it gusted through the windows and doors, hauling loose papers, light bulbs in every direction, shattering the bulbs to smithereens, as if to punish them for being so fickle. The lights died.

Thick black blankets eerily stretched across the skies with gusto, menacingly extinguishing whatever was left of the sun’s brilliance. More rumbles and flashes followed in royal herald of the impending storm. And in no time, slick sheets of rain torrentially came pouring down, cascading the roofs to form puddles almost as soon as they hit the ground.

​I looked in horror, fervently praying that whoever God had appointed to build the ark in our time had not diverted the funds. I was trapped in the office, and I knew exactly what this meant…flood, scarcity of buses, hiked transport fares, heavy taffic and very likely, at least one month of blackout.
It would be another three hours of steady downpour before the rain eventually stopped, as gracefully as it had been ushered in.
I picked up my bag, rolled up my trousers in earnest anticipation of the inevitable flood, and made my way home.

​To my utter bewilderment, there were no floods! The lights from the street lamps cast a soft golden glow on the slick roads, seemingly creating mirages of pools of water from afar off. But they were mere illusions. The gurgling sound coming from the underground drainage was proof of where all the water had gone. It was a strange sight. Like some alien cyborg from space had been fiddling with a time machine that had accidentally propelled us twenty years into the future.

My new world was a three-fold utopian dream. So surreal!
I could see beautiful, high-rise, state of the art edifices with mind-blowing architectural designs that blatantly seemed to defy the laws of gravity. I could see world-class hospitals that admitted ailing dignitaries from around the world and top-notch schools that offered scholarships to deserving indigenous and international students.
Sure enough, this was Nigeria! The Nigeria we all dreamed of.

And there was light…electricity! - In myriad of colours that seemed to have been dispersed from several colossal disco ***** via *“wireless fidelity”
technology. I strained to hear the noise from generators, but I was disappointed. I couldn’t even hear the all too familiar cacophony of horns blaring, conductors shouting, loud discordant music, rattling vehicle engines etc. It was like everyone and everything had taken a crash course on orderliness.

I saw a vibrant transportation system that included high speed railway lines, paved road networks that looked like a child’s doodles, first-class air strips and efficient sea transportation.
I saw a working government - one that had provided the critical infrastructure for her people.

I saw a nation with a large industrialized economy, where the dividends of democracy had been delivered to the people by their government. One consciously founded on equity and honesty of purpose, and courageously sustained by unfaltering faithfulness and unwavering patriotism.      
A nation whose economic boost did not come solely from crude oil exploration and production, but also from crude oil refining, agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure, food, services, tourism, automobiles, transportation, education etc.
A nation that thronged with international investors from all walks of life, who were not in the least afraid to invest in her.

And then, I saw her people. A people proud of their citizenship.
A people proud to be called NIGERIANS.
A people who were not given to religious, political, or tribal bigotry.
A people who individually and collectively, gallantly bore the torch of the vision of their heroes past.
A people who earnestly and persistently worked to see only goods “Made in Nigeria” sold in their markets.

Where there was once despair, I saw hope. Where there was once fear, i saw security. Where there was once disgruntlement, I saw satisfaction. Where there was once poverty, I saw wealth opportunities and where there was unemployment, I saw jobs. Death had given way to life and life to hope.

I started, as I felt something cold and wet trickle down my forehead. It was droplets of rain from a leak in the roof just above my head. I was still in my office, I never left. The rain had lulled me to sleep. Even more sadly, I realized it had all been a dream.
Slowly and regretfully, I packed my things and left for home. It was pitch black outside as I carefully waded through the polluted waters, jauntily holding my bag, more because I was afraid to lose it in the flood than in a hopeless bid to dignify the situation.

Two hours later, I crawled into bed. I did not have to turn the lights off…the electric poles had gone for a swim. A very long one.

This is NOT my work, but I found it amazingly share worthy.
Apr 2014 · 1.5k
Initiation (Haiku)
Raphael Uzor Apr 2014
The rite of passage
From my boyhood to manhood
Killed my innocence.

© Raphael Uzor
Apr 2014 · 2.3k
Love Asylum
Raphael Uzor Apr 2014
With a blistered heart
From unnumbered breaks,
A cloud of unshed tears
From untold betrayals,
I reenter the world
After an eternity or more
Of self imposed asylum
From a world of superficial bliss.

A world unchanged!
A cruel untended garden
Of deceptive beauty
And unkind thorny roses.
Lovelorn shadows,
Masquerading venomous claws
With beauteous flamboyance
And undesirable attraction.

Lethargic feelings,
Dousing my desires
With drowsing memoirs
Of countless emotional abuse,
Causing momentary spasms
In cerebral regions
Parading nocuous images
In the plenitude of projected beauty.

Scarred beyond immediate cure,
I recede from said world-
Too adverse for tender hearts
Back to hibernating moods
To nurse evergreen cuts
Cuts so deep, so lethal
Only the indolent strides of time
Can attempt to stitch!

Awaiting prophetic moments
Moments with mirage qualities
When in-love I can fall again
When a damsel I can trust again
When my heart can beat again
For one with pure intentions
Not putrefied by Hollywood mentors
But virtuous in biblical ways...

© Raphael Uzor
Apr 2014 · 3.7k
Graphic Romance
Raphael Uzor Apr 2014
When ink kisses paper
Leaving his marks on her
Staining her Immaculate white
Corrupting her innocent purity
With unspoken words and lines,
Punctuated with figurative styles,
Embedded with phonetic rhymes
Of divine charismatic beauty;
Sweet poetic lyrics are born...*

© Raphael Uzor
Apr 2014 · 2.1k
Moonlight Love
Raphael Uzor Apr 2014
As Moon comes
To Earth every night
To court her affection
In the presence
Of a million Stars
Yet oblivious of their stare
Only focused on his love
Scaling her in circles
Never tiring, ever following
In orbital woos...

So will I circle you my love,
Till you say yes...*

© Raphael Uzor
Apr 2014 · 477
Lonely (Tanka)
Raphael Uzor Apr 2014
Right in the midst of
A thousand and one persons
Forcing a fake smile
To cover his frustrations
All the while, dying in silence...*

© Raphael Uzor
Apr 2014 · 1.5k
Loving Pain!
Raphael Uzor Apr 2014
For you, I'll shed a tear
To you, I'll say, "my dear"
But ONLY if you'll dare
To show me that you care!

In words, for you I'll die
In deeds, to you I'll lie
'Cos much as I may try
My love will make you cry!

But there is One so pure
Your tears, His love will cure
He'll hang upon a cross,
To gain your love and trust!

He'll bare unspoken pains
To free you from your chains
With a kiss, He was betrayed
But still, for us He prayed!

© Raphael Uzor
Don't take the cross for granted.
Apr 2014 · 2.3k
Mona Lisa (Haiku)
Raphael Uzor Apr 2014
After all this while,
Mona Lisa of poetry
Is still a mirage...*

© Raphael Uzor
Still searching for that almighty piece. Have you found it? Anyone?
Apr 2014 · 698
Kiss of Death
Raphael Uzor Apr 2014
Went swimming today...

Tried hard to recall
Body movements and all
Front stroke, backstroke
Butterfly and stuff.

Bared bodies and bikinis
Adorned the sparkling fluid
Everywhere I looked,
There was beauty to behold
With each dive I took,
I tried to mind my business
But try as I may,
Trouble seemed to find me
Distracting my every move.

This one in particular
She swam like a shark
Causing ungodly waves
With bold flirty gestures
Causing explosions within
For seasons have rolled by
Since my last contact
With such forbidden fruits.

Under water currents,
Acting in her favor
Every stare a bullet,
Every touch- electric!
Killing my morals
Tearing down my walls
Awakening buried desires
Desires- sinful and ******
I became her mark
She, my kryptonite!
Blurring biblical views
Igniting unholy fires.

She trapped me in a corner
Possessing me to herself
She seemed so young to me
Yet she conquered my will.
Everything I stood for,
She crushed, and made me swim
In ripples from her alone.
And as my conscience rattled,
To *swim
or not to swim,
She stared me in the eyes
And kissed me on the cheek!

And for a second or less
In those shallow cold waters
I felt a sweat breakthrough
On my already wet forehead.

And after this dark journey,
When time came to leave
I didn't get her number
And she didn't ask for mine.
I went home thinking
What was all that about!?!
Now I'm indoors alone
Thoughts of her haunt me
As my conscience bleeds
Reminding me of my sins!

Will I see her again?
I hope not! Maybe
I can't even remember her name
Thankfully so! Maybe
And though she seemed so harmless,
My faith must I amend!
What can I say? **** happens!
Apr 2014 · 3.0k
Death (Haiku)
Raphael Uzor Apr 2014
We die every night
Fortunately, we wake up,
Yawn, and say, "morning!"*

© Raphael Uzor
Apr 2014 · 1.1k
Envy... (5w)
Raphael Uzor Apr 2014
My friends
To fiends!*

© Raphael Uzor
Apr 2014 · 1.3k
Trojan Horse
Raphael Uzor Apr 2014
By day she was,
A bouquet of red roses
Sultry with honey
Smelling of divine ambrosia
Giving more than I dreamed...

By night she was,
A bouquet of dead roses
Covered in cobweb
Smelling of poison and death
Taking more than she gave...*

© Raphael Uzor
Beware of such "gifts"
Apr 2014 · 1.5k
Raphael Uzor Apr 2014
His Sun of righteousness
Beams into my ***** secrets
Revealing rotten intentions
Orchestrated by self will and hatred

Leaving me ashamed of my filth,
Aware of my guilt,
Conscious of my void,
Convicted of my sin!*

© Raphael Uzor
Apr 2014 · 1.1k
Raphael Uzor Apr 2014
With blistered hearts
We seek solace
In hands of strangers
By the heat of our own lusts
Emotions, wild and bizarre
Making our eyes sweat!

Sentimental decisions
Backed with illogical logic
Mesmerized by the unknown
Anything to **** the pain
Drugs, alcohol, women,
Daredevil adventures
Especially on a cold night.

One minute in love
The next second in hate
The vicissitudes of emotions
Uncontrolled and sporadic
With eccentric rhythms and rhymes
Crushing whatever's left
Of already broken hearts!*

© Raphael Uzor
Apr 2014 · 2.6k
Raphael Uzor Apr 2014
Burning my will
In His fire of obedience
Drowning my woe
In cold drops of His blood!

Hanging gleefully
On acquiescent cross
Pleasures, pride and passions
Lost in eternal holocaust...*

© Raphael Uzor
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