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Reindeer Apr 22
Fortuitously I heard a deliberation for a while
Paying attention it seemed, the visitors were discussing my smile
"Magnificent" one exclaimed, "sfumato" the other said,
And bound to hear all this, I started to see red

They stared at me as if, my 'smile' was a quiz
one of them came close giving me one of his
they came up with varied words, adjectives I guess
a moment settled with one, and the next turned to reassess

Passionless to their turmoil, I diverted my attention
to fix it upon 'that' day in an act of retrospection
Beautiful day it was, with flowers all around
when Da Vinci came up to me and said "my muse, I found"

He asked me to sit still, in any place I chose
and until he finishes his painting, never change my pose
still it irks me to think, how much he disapproved
when due to an annoying insect my fingers I slightly moved

The crowd discussed about him, some said he was amazing
But my concerns grew, for my veggies were kept for braising
It started in the noon, and the dusk was here
thinking about the time, just grew my fear

"Just smile" he said, and I was forced to agree
but there were fears in me to an adequate degree
So the smile I gave, developed out of mixed expression
"Ambiguous" is how to others it gave an impression

Yet in this museum, the deliberations didn't seem to settle
I decided to be quiet, owing to their confused fettle
At last they said "what a great painting 'he' drew"
"And Oh! just see how imaginative expressions 'he' threw"
If Monalisa was real and could speak, how she would explain the painting?....just an imagination...
Mark Toney Mar 1
saw the Mona Lisa once - couldn't stop smiling

© 2020 by Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
2-20-2020 - Poetry form: Monoku - © 2020 by Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
TIMAH Feb 10
The shape of the reason why I am not getting any response from you,

                it's ʀʜᴏᴍʙɪᴄᴏsiᴅᴏᴅᴇᴄᴀʜᴇᴅʀᴏɴ

20 regular triangular faces,
30 square faces,
12 regular pentagonal faces,
60 vertices and 120 edges,
Yet you told me our hearts are asymmetrical?

Paint me as the woman you once loved,
Blend my past and future into one another

                 in sfᴜᴍᴀᴛᴏ

Without lines or borders,
With myriads of minuscule brushstrokes,
Till the smoke hoaxes their visual for few seconds,
Albeit they know what they saw some time after,

The melody of your heartbeat,
Just like my poems,

                   it's ᴜɴʀʜʏᴛʜᴍɪᴄ

"Lub-dub lub-dub lub-dub lub lub lub-dub",
Every single night failed to lullaby,
So all this time I've been an insomniac,
Wide awake studying the pattern of your pulse as you call it a night.
Richard Frank Jan 18
She, like Mona Lisa
Mysterious yet lovely
A smile full of simplicity and joy

Crafted by the hand of God, perfection shows itself
When you look at me, I thought I had you
A face that encapsulates  beauty and popularity

Perhaps that's why I never had you?
You were stolen by someone else
I'm going to Paris in a few days,
Definetly going to Quartier Latin and then of course steal the mona Lisa and start a revolution
Let's get the barricade boys
Don't trust the baguette
A "poem" every day.
Jade Jan 2019
No matter how
you sugarcoat it,
there is never
a nice way
of calling someone


“You would have been beautiful
in the Renaissance era
[because in the Renaissance era
they painted portraits
of chubby girls like you—
back then,
fat was artistry.]

I still don’t know what
I was more upset about:
The backhanded compliment--
"would have"
being synonymous for
"no longer"--
or the fact that
I was conditioned
to believe the
Mona Lisa
was anything short of  
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John Shahul Oct 2018
Whenever  I am not seeing you
Lethal void is my heart
Like the monolithic art
Of a sculptor;
Like the figures of Mona Lisa,
I tried to engrave you
Again and again in my heart
And rehearsed you many times
In my memories.

To reconstitute
Your beautiful image
Inside of my mind
I behold you thousand times,
Yet all loving and languishing
Nothing could be captured
To match your perfection
As you were seen in person
Nor could be remembered
To your many dimensional figure
Of youth unclaimed.

You are just beautiful but demure,
Seductive but unrevealing
A love that slips down
Near your lips were forbidden?
And be never told?

Like two balsam flowers unfold
Opening from their buds,
Your eyelids are open wide.
Like two bees ******* honey
My eyes were seeking yours
To ferret out the secret
Of your true love and desires;
Neither did they come out
Nor did they flutter
And never reached out
My beehive safely.

Seeking out for your true love
In your eyes, in your lips,
Cheeks and chin far and near,
Everywhere  all over you,
Looking at you all the time.
You are open to interpretation
Of your true intention
Of your love and desires
Like the secret smiles
Of Mona Lisa.

Until you make confession
Of your true love,
I will behold you thousand times,
You are just beautiful but demure
Looking for you all the time.
You make me dream about you
While in my sleep or I am awake.

My discrete memories
Are overshadowed by time,
I cannot fight with my feelings
Whenever  I am not seeing you,
Lethal void is my heart,
Come and meet me in person!
syncopation Oct 2018
Keeping you as my secret
As though the world unknowing
Is infinitely empowering
Like the Mona Lisa smiling
Her gaze perpetrating
Knowing thoughts discerning
Never disclosing yet ever imparting
Secrets untelling
Keeping you guessing and searching
For an inevitable unveiling
Yearning unabating
Pyrrha Aug 2018
We always talks about putting our broken pieces back together
Or we speak of mending another with tape and glue
Like stitches that won't undo
But putting the pieces back together wont make them new
Why don't we ever think about picking up each others broken parts
And placing them where ours once were
Instead of fixing a puzzle with missing pieces
Why don't we become art
And fill each other with beautiful parts?

All that you find broken about yourself
All that I find rotten within my hollow shell
Are colorful pieces to complete a work of art
If you take some of me and make it beautiful
Then perhaps one day I too could see the beauty I betray
I'll do the same for you as I collect these magnificent additions
To the masterpiece that I make of myself
One day we will become Mona Lisa and The Starry Night
Not only will we be the art we will become the artists
As grand as DaVinci, as unique as Van Gogh
We will fill this world with our broken art
And make others learn that there is beauty in every splintered part
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