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Oct 2016 · 798
The Falling Leaves.
Jessica Kolb Oct 2016
Every year, leaves grow attached to the love of their life. They hold on, never letting go. They stay despite the hardest of days. Overwhelming wind, rain fall, and the loudest of thunderstorms. But as the seasons begin to alter, and the air starts to crisp, the leaves burst to flame. Fiery reds, vibrant oranges, and soft yellows paint the trees. Eventually, they learn to let go. One by one, day by day, they gracefully move on and reveal the skeleton that has kept them close. Yes, they may have fallen, but that only means there is a new beginning. A fresh start.
It's okay to let go.
Jun 2015 · 1.5k
Love in Central Park
Jessica Kolb Jun 2015
It was a romantic evening
in the extravagant city of New York.
I'll Be Seeing You drifted throughout Central Park.
As the leaves danced in the Autumn wind,
the sun began to set beyond the towering skyscrapers.
People awed at a young woman in red
wandering a long path.
Down the road, there was a man.
He spotted her and her shimmering brilliance.
In her own little universe,
she began to twirl in her rosy dress.
Her wavy, golden hair flowed in the wind
as she laughed and smiled.
As she slowed down, she caught a glimpse of the man
and her eyes began
to shine as bright as the glistening sea.
He grinned as she spun around.
As they got closer, he opened his arms wide
and she ran in her louboutin's,
and jumped in his arms.
In that moment, everything fell into place.
She was with him and he was with her.
May 2015 · 1.9k
Someday Down the Road
Jessica Kolb May 2015
The world is a mysterious place.
There's people all over going at their own steady pace.
Like I am here, and you are there.
We have our own paths to follow,
but maybe some where down the road,
we'll collide and sparks will fly.
Our finger tips will touch
and the world around us will freeze.
Within an instant,
our souls will intertwine and become one.
We'll shine brighter than the sun.
"I'll be seeing you."
Feb 2015 · 4.0k
Jessica Kolb Feb 2015
When I look up into the night sky,
I feel a sense of longing.
When I gaze up into the heavens,
I feel something deep, down within my soul.
I feel as if I've once soared through the universe.
I feel as if I've seen the distant explosions of color
and sprinkled stardust beyond our horizon.
I feel as if I've seen the far-off galaxies
and mysterious worlds.
It all seems so familiar
and maybe it's the ancient wisdom
tucked down in our DNA that knows its point of origin.
Our very atoms were once a part of something
much larger than we can imagine.
Our souls are made of glittery stardust
and maybe that's why we always
find ourselves looking up into
the great unknown.
We are bright stars. We are more important than we realize.
Feb 2015 · 2.6k
My Sunshine
Jessica Kolb Feb 2015
I can never forget that first moment I saw you
after the six years of being away from you.
The moment I saw your silhouette
in the window,
I knew my life was forever changed.
The way the sun shined upon you
was like magic.
It was like seeing an angel.

There may be distance between us now,
but I just want you to know that I miss you very much.
You are the person I think of
when I go on morning walks.
You are the person I think of
when I see the sun peeking through the blinds.
You are the person I think of
when I hear a mocking bird outside my window.

It is you. It was always you.
Sep 2014 · 547
A Fascinating Life
Jessica Kolb Sep 2014
As the day goes on,
I waste in sighs,
waiting for something to happen.
Suddenly I realized,
this is it.
This is my life,
and I am not living in the moment
like I should.
From that moment on,
I stood up
and lived the life I was meant to.
A life full of
cherished love and enchantment.
A life well desired,
by a young girl who believes
in the beauty of her dreams.
From now on,
I live for
midnight adventures,
taking risks,
and falling in love.
Life isn't meant for waiting. It's about chasing after what you truly desire.
Sep 2014 · 332
Change isn't so bad.
Jessica Kolb Sep 2014
You never really get over it. You just simply learn to live with what has happened and how it has changed you. Now that I think about it, I don't mind the way I've changed. I don't want to go back to they way I was. I was weak. But now, I'm stronger than I've ever been. I see life in a new light. I see more beauty and I've learned so much in the past couple months. I've learned about myself and who I'm meant to be. I've learned to deal with life and the unknown things it throws at me. I admit, I may have some weak moments, but it's a part of life. At times, I may forget who I am, I may feel lost in a sea of people. But, I always find my way back to happiness and that's what's important. Just know that things will be okay.
**This too shall pass.**
Aug 2014 · 680
Autumn Days
Jessica Kolb Aug 2014
The mood is changing,
the temperature is slowly cooling,
yet the fiery leaves bring warmth.
Strange how the dying leaves
bring beauty to our surroundings.
Early in the morning,
the air is crisp and comforting.
The smell of hot apple cider
drifts throughout the house.
Looking out the big window,
the wind is dancing
with the delicate tree branches.
The leaves are slowly letting go
of what they once called home.
The foggy air
looked calming,
while drops of rain
fell from the sky.
**Autumn. A time of year that makes you realize that change isn't so bad after all.**
Aug 2014 · 405
New Sense of Hope
Jessica Kolb Aug 2014
A new sense of hope was in the air.
The air was crisp,
the sun was rising;
it was the perfect morning for new beginnings.
As the sun slowly rose,
the rays of light moved across the forest trees.
It was constantly changing,
yet it was so beautiful.
Maybe change isn't so bad after all.
Aug 2014 · 452
This is it.
Jessica Kolb Aug 2014
This is it.
She is done letting the days
pass by slowly.
She is tired of being tired.
She is tired of missing someone that broke her.
This is the time
to finally begin a new and happier life.
It is time to fall in love with herself.
She is worthy,
worthy of her own love.
And one day,
someone will come along.
Someone who truly
deserves her love.
Someone who cherishes it.
But for now,
she will let go of the past,
live in the present
and hope for a beautiful future.

*When the time is right, that someone special will come into your life and you won't be expecting it.
Aug 2014 · 1.3k
Jessica Kolb Aug 2014
On a warm night like this,
I wish I was in Paris,
underneath the night sky
resting on a balcony,
listening to La Vie En Rose dance through the air.
In the distance,
the delightful Eiffel Tower is standing before me.
The smell of bitter coffee
drifting through the air.
Down below,
couples take a lovely, evening stroll.
There is light breeze blowing
through my wavy, blonde hair.
The lace, burgundy curtains
dance in the wind.
Oh Paris, my darling. It won't be long before I finally meet you. Just wait.
Aug 2014 · 1.6k
Falling in Love?
Jessica Kolb Aug 2014
Falling in love,
it's like wandering around in an endless rose garden maze.
When you fall hard and fast,
you begin to feel lost.
Entering the maze is a risk,
you could possibly lose yourself.
That's why you must be careful
in deciding where you go.
At times,
you'll come across thorns.
You'll feel pain.
Other times,
you'll wander around,
seeing only the beauty around you.
You forget about all the bad things in life,
and see only the color of love.
Aug 2014 · 1.2k
My mind.
Jessica Kolb Aug 2014
Over the years,
I've built up my walls.
My mind is a rose garden maze,
and all this haze
will soon disappear.
My mind will finally be clear.
Let me just tell you that my mind
is a beautiful place.
My thoughts deep within,
will change the way you see this world.
You'll finally realize
this world isn't so bad after all.
you must open up
to see things more clearly.
Aug 2014 · 1.2k
Sleeping is Escaping
Jessica Kolb Aug 2014
Sleep is sometimes, just a way of escaping.
You don’t have to be constantly reminded of the things that went wrong.
You don’t have to think of all the memories
and the things you left unsaid.
Just for a little while,
you are unaware of all the things that make you sad.
You are in a state of calmness,
a place where you don’t worry about anything.
But, the second you wake up
everything is brought back to the sad reality.
You suddenly remember where you are
and all the things that have happened.

— The End —