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Sally A Bayan May 2018
Nothing...had enchanted me more,
than that big yellow rose...
bright, stunning at the tip of its tall stem,
soft petals.....yet to fully unfurl,
its inner part...a soothing light shaded swirl...
i sniffed a bit of its fragrance,
and felt its softness...but,
i got pricked by a hidden thorn,
just a tiny puncture...yet,
my finger bled so much...
i walked on through the garden,
...with my pricked finger inside my mouth,
i was amazed by other flowers, more colorful ones,
but, the yellow, pink, red roses outshone them all...
with care this time, i touched a  big pink,
slowly.........and, again, i didn't see,
another thorn was in the way
it was more painful
it bled even more...
i stood thinking, while bleeding...
its beauty, its silky feel...its
fragrance that lingers in the mind
would all be difficult to resist,
the pain from the thorns...harder to forget,
but, i'd still want to walk through this vast this life...and seek those roses
feel inspired...over and over
never mind the spikes!
never mind the pain!
love is beautiful like a rose
a rose is beautiful like genuine love,
there are thorns...hindrances and
hurdles, that come with its beauty....yet,
that wonderful feeling of loving,
and being loved, in return,
the wanting, the longing for it,
never dies...the fear of bleeding,
is ignored,
for, what is life without love?
and what is love without pain?
isn't love lovelier...more hopeful
the next time around?
a rose could never be a rose
without its many thorns...


©Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
April 11, 2018
EtherealOmega Feb 2016
Today is better than last night for now the delicate cords held within my throat do not refuse air its  passage through them for anything more than the oxygen it carries even though all I was wanting to do was scream.

Today is better than last night for now my sight is clear - free of the tears which could not fall due to the dam I built too high and too well who's retribution was to refract my guiding lights into nonsensical shapes which could offer no comfort.
Today is better than last night for now the sharp daggers of keratin are not biting at my skin frantically trying to purify me of this rotting flesh which coats my bones,  and my mind is past   not being able to wrap its tendrils about the idea of people possibly loving this wretched creature I have become... Or perhaps it did wrap around that fragile concept but instead of absorbing it those vines of the rose garden of my mind stayed true to form and grew thorns to pierce and tear at the idea like my nails once did to this alabaster canvas while holding as tightly as doubt sometimes holds my lungs keeping me from breathing,  but this concept is more breakable then my lungs... And so it was crushed into stardust.  The same stardust that comprises or bodies because every element of our bodies is created within our guiding lights we wish upon. And I see that sparkle of stardust every day in each of your eyes. I see it in everyone's eyes.. except my own... And  it makes me wonder if maybe dad was right and some people are just made of a different type of dust.  A dust comprised from the ashes of hell itself which will forever smolder but never more catch aflame... The ashes filed with the agonies of those souls which lost themselves in the madness and feel into the eternal night.
Meant to be more of a spoken word poem versus a written poem, but I thought I'd put it on here anyways. I'd appreciate any input y'all might have some I'm not really sure if it's finished yet or not.
Jessica Kolb Aug 2014
Falling in love,
it's like wandering around in an endless rose garden maze.
When you fall hard and fast,
you begin to feel lost.
Entering the maze is a risk,
you could possibly lose yourself.
That's why you must be careful
in deciding where you go.
At times,
you'll come across thorns.
You'll feel pain.
Other times,
you'll wander around,
seeing only the beauty around you.
You forget about all the bad things in life,
and see only the color of love.

— The End —