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CGW Jan 2018
There is a place between life and death
A place where you can bathe in nebulas and saturate your skin in the dust of the stars.
Where colors consume you.
And angels play medicinal harps.
Rainbow flares and flashs kiss your  eyes.
Sound is felt within every part of your consciousness.
So open your eyes as wide as you can so you can see the universe as it was ment to be.
CGW Oct 2018
It feels as though life is just a modgepodge of thoughts drifting like autumn winds in a China shop.
These endless thoughts that carry the weight of fallen birds.
I was really tired, like exhausted and I started writing without thinking and this is what I wrote.
CGW Nov 2018
I got all the time in the world to think about time.
I'll fold time over like making origami and I'll stuff it deep into my pockets to be forgotten forever.
When the ball drops and time stops, it wouldn't matter because I'll be locked in my depersonalized mind for eternity.
Looking out through two blurry lenses like my eyes are scratched from the inside out.
I can not see.
I can not see.
I think I remember a feeling or two but I can't wrap my mind around anything because ever time I try to the ball drops and time stops.
CGW May 2015
Sand in between my teeth. The sky is blue and so is the ocean. The hypnotizing sound of the waves over lapping against the shore calms my mind. My body rests in the white hot sand. stranded alone. No one save me. Just laying here waiting. Waiting.Waiting.Waiting. Just being in the silence. Listening to the electrifying silence. No one is here. No one to hurt me but no one to save me. I'm on a island alone. It's time I take some time to stop what I'm doing and listen to what my thoughts say. The thoughts that I never answered because I was to scared. The moments in life that haunted me. The dark memories of life. Just let the thoughts of the pass surround me. Conquer my fears. Destroy darkness.  Fear is the enemy of every person on this earth. But now I am free. No fear haunts me.
CGW Jun 2015
I am the light that stitches the dark ****** cuts upon your lost heart. I am the happiness that burns a smile upon your face. I am love.
I am stitches. When darkness finds you, come search for me. I am always there. Always.
CGW Aug 2018
Till I escape, I am unkown.
Perceived in shattered reflections.
I am the absence of what I think I am.
Falsified reality shows me a series of random fates.
Lucid imagery clouding up my mind.
Stray from empty streets.
The lone wolf in me howling.
Till I break these iron shackles I remain tethered to an artificial world.
CGW Oct 2017
In his lungs
Lurks the shadows that haunt him.
His breath is of dispair.

Cold stale fumes guzzle out of his mouth like a bottle of gasoline spilled on a driveway in the wet morning.





He breathes.

His lungs are a mess,

one that can not be fixed.

He lights a cigarette to num

the pain.

Hot orange and red glowing glassy ashs fall into the fumes.

Incased his body and his mind in fire

That glows and withers like a flickering flame of a candle that grows higher and higher.
Note: i don't smoke nor have i ever.

This poem is about people who don't handle there problems and then they try to cover up their problems with a dissolvent. The dissolvent is like a blind fold.
CGW Apr 2018
The reverse piano roll startles my memories I store inside me.
I whip-crack back to the begining.
A purple haze glazzing the infinite horizon.
Everything I've lost comes back.
As I go back the rapid flash of a thousand lightning strikes silently illuminates the intake of my breath.
We are just here under the light
While the remainders live in the darkness of tomorrow.
CGW Sep 2018
A buzzing sound against my ears.
I think I'm dying.
I think I'm crying.
All the things you felt and every breath you took I can feel in my blush.
All that we are
Is a blink in time.
Star bombs blowing up inside of me.
Frame tick tick tock by frame.
These pre-chosen paths reside in me.
I'm thinking about you.
I'm trippin' backwards.
Falling forwards.
Back to you.
CGW Dec 2017
Binary code runs through my vains like wet mercury. A tidal wave of electronic conseptualization seers my brain.
All systems turned full blast.
All the colors in my eyes pool together to form a prismic rainbow that inadvertently turns my vision inside out. Empathy to technology rots my heart out. While our world fades I'll be comfortably unaware behind gorilla glass.
Don't hide in the oblivion that your phone yeilds.
CGW Apr 2018
The weight of your warm breathing body consents my heart to open up.
Your precious purrs reverberating through my pulse.
Sarrow has come to me once again.
The places you used to be
Feel so cold and empty.
I keep thinking when you dissappeared that it's just a magic trick and that I'll look behind my back one day and you'll be there waiting for me.
Rest in Peace Beng.
Beng is my cat who died 1 week ago.
I wrote this poem for him.
CGW Dec 2017
Synthetic creativity
Pathetic sensarity
Washed brain
Unknown pain
Telephone lips
Celephane brain
Flowers dies
He crys
Friends betray
Cleanse weapon
Got killed
Blood spilled
CGW Jul 2015
I wish I was you
so I could see
through your eyes.
  So I could see the beauty that you see.
My eyes are worn and mirky .
I need a new pair of eyes.
Fresh and new.
Able to see color.
Able to see light.
I wish I was you
so I could see
through your eyes.
So I could see the beauty that you see.
CGW May 2015
I saw you gazing at the stars with your abstract eyes and I saw the stars beam back at you with their fiery gaze. The colors you saw so beautifully abstract reflected on to me giving me a burst electrifying energy. What once was is now no longer of existence. The sky is no longer filled with beaming dots, you no longer throw abstract colors to me. Your sweet shallow smile is now no more that calcium and gums. Now we grow old together you and me wishing we had saved the abstract colors. The love. The smiles we had. The flowing bliss of every kiss. Neighborhood kids screaming in a delightful bliss. Now the wind is cold as ice and we sit here together rocking our rocking chairs remembering our memory's. Just sitting here waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for something to happen.
CGW Oct 2015
It is bliss that brings us together. Love is the hand that takes off the blindfold of hate.
Dreams that are filled with bliss.
There's no need to miss hate when you have your fate is set on bliss.
CGW Oct 2017
Child of my soul.
One that rest upon my heart strings.
Touch me.
Tell me you love me.
CGW May 2017
The burning rage inside of me stirs like fireflies.
(I don't want to have the responsibility to choose.)
They flutter and butter the walls of my coughs like butter on toast.
(Only fools who dance in the wind would sit still forever.)
I stutter and choke on my words.
(Every choice is the wrong choice.)
And I stand in the rainforest of thoughts.  
(Every choice is the right choice.)
Struggling to hold on to entangled memories.
(What if I don't choose.)
As the lightning illuminates my world I can see so much more.
( Then you don't live.)
We are carved from light not dust.
(Do I die?)
(You live when you make the choices and the choices don't make you.)
With words.
(Am I already dead?)
As the conversation fades I wake up to an ice cold river embracing and caressing me.
(Only if you choose to be.)
I float onward to a split in the river.
(How do I wake up?)
You have to make a choice.
This poem is is designed to be read like two poems at once. If you wanted to though you could read the writing that is outside of the text first and then read the writing that is in the inside of the parentheses second. The poem that is the one inside of the parentheses is designed to be read like a A,B pattern.
CGW May 2018
There's something about the color of your skin.
How you smile and how you move your lips.
I know the creases and the wrinkles of your body like I know the rhythm of my breath.
All my indecisiveness and insecurity trapped in my knife.
Counting back from ten to one.
Ten, I'm sweaty as a pig.
Nine, time is slowing down.
Eight, completely self conscious of my thoughts.
Six, have my hand on the leather handle of my knife.
Five, I study your face one last time.
Four, let you fall into my drawn weapon.
Three, destroy.
Two, extort.
One, death.
I'm physcologicaly perceived unwell.
I like to hide in the flickering shadows of dull city lights.
CGW Oct 2017
Rolling fast.
Perpetual motion.
Air resistance.
On edge.
Coated in grey rain.
Increase impact force to full blast.
Sonic boom.
Zero gravity.
Engines colide.
Metal mashs.
Water raining upside down.
Head falling foward as if going through honey.
The steering wheel cracks like a lightning bolt.
Air explodes into the air bag.
Head snaps back.
Blood splatters on the back seat.
CGW Apr 2015
What is life with out color? Blank and none absorbent. Dark and Gloomy, chilly and cold. No color, no emotion. Emotions no more. With color there is life. With out color there is no positive, negative or neutral emotions.
CGW Oct 2018
Do you wish to come inside tonight?
To see a million hues of star light.
All that we are is binary strands.
Stranded on an island, sifting through the sands.
Yo, this simulation, creation, indicative definition of a societal life.
I got a firm grasp on reality blessed be the angels on their strife.
Send down white light, hundred blades of crystalline lightning.
I've seen things, so many things, uncountable, untouchable, but never anything so frightening.
Society goes boom boom boom, spitting out factory processed humanoids.
People swipe left, swipe right, double click, triple click, one click, two click, ignorant that they are being ****** into a inescapable void.
Unaware of each and every fully capable potential that has to be offered to not just me or not just you but rather the whole of the world.
Delusional minds and ones that are not mine covering the illusions and causing the synthetic fabrics of society to become more swirled.
keep calm carry on, don't look left, don' look right, blink once, not twice, and never even once thrice.
keep in line, inseparable from that tingling feeling of liquid ice, and all they ever say is: "be nice.".
Do you wish to come inside tonight?
To see a million hues of star light.
CGW Jul 2015
Sorry I'm in a jar.
I live my life in this opaque jar.
I'm with my friends, we seem to like it.
Nobody knew what was outside of the jar.
Nobody cared.
Nobody had ever cared.
Then I wondered to myself what it would be like out of the jar.
I took a tap on the glass with a large metal nail.
It shattered into a million pieces.
The people in the jar were scared when the shower of glass was done they did not suspect to see such things. They saw jars filled to brim as far as the eye could see they tried to break them all.
To say hello to the world but people built their glass walls to hard only a few broke to join the community.
CGW Nov 2017
I trek these stars for miles and miles like a explorer exploring a dark jungle. Searching for a desolate beauty that lights the wick of my existence like a candle.

The every breath I take is a gentle reminder of the aging universe that plays around me like children.
Every color, every shimmer from a deep summer, every light from a cold Christmas winter, all explodes like a million flashing bombs in my vision.

Christmas lights in the dead of night brings the solemn through my heart.
Golden rays of orange and yellow dust flood my endless horizon as I fall into another world.
I was inspired by Bon Iver and sleeping at last
CGW Mar 2018
Lonesome faces clutter the darkness like the silence after a ******.
Forever we watch the clock ticking.
Deathly depression ******* on us.
We walk.
We talk.
Throwing up all demons from hell.
We are going in circles.
Round and round the Merry Go Round goes.
We go crazy like killer clowns.
We are crazy.
CGW Jun 2017
The sky is raining precious drops of water.
I’m breathing in desperate screams and silent terrors.
Rata. Tata. Tata.
And the smell of dirt perfumes our skin.
There is blue lightning sent from heaven crashing into the dust that make up our earth.
Like plastic toy soldiers in a child's toy chest we march with our heads up, our tin can bombs strapped to our leather    
belts and mini cannons to our backs.
They roared past the city like dragons their mouths open breathing fire upon the innocent.
The blood of the innocent run through the city's leftover white and rusty gutters.
Their ****** bodies splattered against the rubble like sprinkles on a cupcake.
Only silence can be heard for miles out.
Fallen ash from the city buries their bodies so that a thousand more cupcakes can be decorated.
CGW Feb 2018
Sunlight cups the water wind.
Wisper the cold valley into my head.
Moutain edges cut the horizon for miles and miles.
Wet stone like charcoal
Dipped in Irish green moss
Caught in the ocean mist.
Standing in the icy creek with waterfall water washing at my skin. Light blissfully rests on my closed eye lids.
Feel the ground.
Empathy for the folds in the valley light that crawls along magnificent for infinity.
I can feel the dandelion spores.
They swing on strings and bring the clouds down.
They pick apart all the clouds until it snows.
Snow silently crystallizes leafless birch trees.
Winter flows in every direction until the creek unfreezes.
CGW Oct 2018
Breathlessly inhaling the silence of muffled memories.
Their weight, precision, cutting edge accuracy that formulates every decision that I make.
Darkness pours out of my eyes like tear drops from a storm.
All the darkness in me escaped and left for the woods.
I am left with raw liquid light that pulsates through my veins opening me to a whole new dimension.
Engrave my name into the clouds so that when you lay down and die you'll look up and see that I'm there.
CGW Sep 2016
A lot of people hide from Death.
A lot of people embrace Death.
And a lot of people don't care about Death.
Eventually you will die and will be forced to choose one of these methods of how to die.
CGW Oct 2017
Midnight strikes the clock.
The clicking of boots echos through out a cold Polish town.
Upon worn out streets and wet roads there walks **** Germany.
Fear the sky.
Fear the ground.
Fear the deep below.
The deathly silence smells of stale air and **** flags.
Break the air with an iron hammer.
Down the come;
One by one they land like seagulls by a cold ocean.
Smash the houses.
Smash the roads.
Smash everything.
The city melted to a puddle like chocolate in a microwave.
Fragments of rusty metal and broken concrete scatter the piles of rubble like icing on cake.
Above in the dark sky a German fighter pilot rests comfortably in his plane.
His solid black glasses reflects upon the cold sun.
His black rubber oxygen mask is apart of his body.
Plane propellers slice through the thick air like a knife cutting through cold butter.
Dawn is coming and the indigo sky crys.
I was inspired by Pink  Floyd
CGW Nov 2018
Breathlessly collapsing into oneself.
These endless possibilities inspiring a reaction of enlightenment within oneself.

A series of worping light into that which yields the ability to shift time lines like shifting gears on a bike.

Turn right on Death lane.

So Death looked into the soul and set two doves into the eyes.
They circled each other: one white, one black.

Yin and yang.

Then Death drew his sythe and bled the doves into the eyes.
The blood soaked the eyes and the first mortal human arrived at the gates of this mortal Earth ready for a new chapter in the never ending prophecy.

The prophecy of the universe.
CGW Oct 2017
Deep breathing.
Breathing air.
Like H2O.
Let it flow so that my face glows.
Deep breathing.
Feel the energy on the tips of my fingers.
Embrace the deep rooted grace.
In my bones I feel shocking electricity.
Smashing thrones and phones.
Blood and guts groan.
Deep breathing.
Breathing air.
Like H2O.  
Let it flow so my face glows.
Crying swings
And punching things.
Swallowed by anger.
I'm a danger.
A free flowing ranger.
Deep breathing.
Breathing air.
Let it flow.
Encase my body in the blood of the innocent.
CGW Oct 2018
Somewhere out there is something through all the dangling darkness.
There is a pitter patter of reverse rain.
A string quartet of meaningless existentialism.
We are caught between two worlds.
There is no turning back.
Each person here to play their own part.
Every thought endlessly echoing for future generations.
For future generations.
I don't know why I am here, why I am enhanced and injected, with fear.
Perhaps that while death was sweeping the sea of people he forgot me.
The choreography of shooting stars passing by us.
Here we all are together in this world.
Love is like deja vu seemlesly causing the whole of the universe to function.
Woke up today in my dreams and I walked to a blurry window and looked outside and I could not tell what was real and what was just dreams.
I feel we have been told by society that dreams and things that we think are fake and only the tangible world is real.
But dreams and thoughts that we think are more real than anything.
For a half remembered dream was created by you and will stay with you.
Random thoughts repeating.
We are the children of tomorrow birthed from our ******* up insecurities that laugh at us.
Ha ha.
Based on the movie Synecdoche, New York
CGW Apr 2017
Depression is growing in my soul like weeds.
Feeding off of every living hope.
Better call the pope.
He tells me to wash my soul like washing hands with soap.
Drumming of my heart.
There's no escape.
This heavy cape blinds me.
So I can not see.
Thought of heaven and hell below my feet.
A smell of joy just out of fingers reach.
These speeches are stuck to my face ******* at me ever so vigorously like leaches.
Depression is like a mosquito ******* on my soul.
Hush my self.
Hide my pain on a shelf.
I'm a selfish beast.
And while we feast I think to myself how much I've decreased.
CGW Mar 2018
Dreams sought to find sound;
to be real
Faces washed over me.
I'm pushing through a deaf crowd.
Its black and white like old film flickers.
An orchestra plays for me.
They go deeper and deeper the more the music speeds up.
Finally I snap like a twig.
I'm slammed back to where I was before.
Put out my mind like a wild fire.
Don't need my dreams today.
Only my time.
I look out the window as cars and faces
and busy bumbling people scrub
the surface of my window.
Time flies.
But after a while I start hearing a noise coming from the back of the room.
Kinda scratchy.
Kinda old.
Then louder and louder and LOUDER.
It was the sound of the music from my dream.
CGW Aug 2015
I am the dream man.
I am the traveler.
I am the man in your dreams.
I am the god of your mind.
CGW Apr 2015
dreaming,dreaming, and dreaming
CGW Feb 2016
In all of the dust that blinds our eyes we must be wise and realize that there is no dust. You can always see . You must realize that you can see. Sometimes we forget that we have this ability and we let our minds rot and souls go to waste like their nothing important. Once you have understood the idea that there is no dust. Then nothing will stand in your way. You are free from the shackles of dust. You are unblinded by the hands of freedom. And all that try's to blind you will fade into the faint winds of the silent somber night.
CGW Jun 2017
I can taste the salt in your tears.
I can feel.
The choices we have.
I can touch you between your eyes.
So that you can not see my fingers.
So much to live for.
I can see your dying eyes.
You are spewing out the last of your lungs before the gongs of heaven welcome you.
CGW Aug 2015
I sit here alone in clouds of death.
Cold wind pressed against my face.
Demons rot inside my flesh.
That feeling. The feeling that you can't cry but you want to.
Now my emotions are staggering inside me along with all my hate and the demons that rot inside my soul.

I am the empty man.
I am the hollow man.
I am the dead man.
CGW Aug 2018
Every moment.
Any moment.
Could be that moment.
That last life breath would escape.
And you would fall
And die.
So in this moment of reckoning we stand still.
In the light of a new era
We breathe golden light.
Light pulled down from the heavens above.
We are rooted to the earth.
To the rivers.
To the rocks.
To mountains high.
Golden sacred light flows deep through the energy veins.
It flows through everyone of us causing a great surge of Enlightenment.
An infinite moment of peace for all life and all who dwell on this Blue and green planet.
Long has the fight between light and dark dwindled on the strings of the human race but now
We are free.
Now we stand together.
United we are everything.
The light will break every darkness and will echo through out time and the universe.
CGW Sep 2017
All around me.
They speak to me.
I'm watching static.
I see trees burn.
My eyes are open, unable to close.
Tripping on my thoughts, I'm trying to get to the door.
I count to four.
As I move closer the door moves back.
Traped in my mind, I can not escape the noise.
Constant commotion ******* my emotion through my soul.
Falling backwards into the stars, I'm in constant motion.
CGW Oct 2018
When I am alone the dark thoughts return.
You don't know me.
Like parasites they rot me from the inside out.
Making me scream inside.
Death is my master.
Sitting on a storm playing puppets with my emotions.
Controlled calculated movements.
A darkness in my eyes.
I'm trying to grasp reality but only capable of
gasping anxiety.
I'm trying mother but the waves are too high.
Goodbye world.
I've seen enough.
"computer turn off."
This is made up.
Not based upon me or anyone else.
Inspired by Radioheads, Fitter Happier.
CGW Jul 2018
Life is something we can not even define yet it is the very reason that we wake up in the morning.
So many people in this earth and so many caught up this fools chase of money.
They never realize how special every single one of them is because all they've ever known is how to survive and EXIST in a world where nobody will ever warn them of their insanity because they are too busy paying attention how many likes or how many views their last post got.
In every moment you are granted a choice: live or exist.
Maybe wake up from this slumber and start loving the world around you.
Because if life is so important to us the that we fear losing it, then why do we spend our days trapping ourselves in a  game where all we do is exist.
CGW Sep 2017
Humans are strange.
What did I do to deserve this?
We are helplessly wandering.
Expectations of what will happen is pumping through civilization like snake venom.
Deep inside we ask: do we fallow these
expectations or are we going to rise to a new humanity.
Every generation is built off of the back bone of the previous generation.
We sit back letting the insanity seep into us, slowly but surely driving us mad.
CGW Oct 2017
My ears ring like a church choir.
I can not hear my own thoughts.
Every step that I take is like walking through water.
My heart thumps against my chest like a steel hammer.
People all around me;
Their faces hung up on the walls for all of society to look at them.
Their grim faces chasing my eyes like dogs chasing cars.
When I collapse
I will stand back up.
I will not submit to the world.
CGW Sep 2017
Twigs falling.
Static tv.
Golden amber leaves soaked in old raindrops.
Grey skys.
Wind is whistling.
Trees are breaking.
There is a storm coming.
Coming for all of us.
Booming thunder.
And then the sky falls and the light shines through.
CGW Nov 2018
Taylored pockets fit for the poor.
Fit for helpless men wandering lonely and lost.
To shove away nostalgia.
Incompetent loose bodys trailing willfully into two worlds.
One remembered.
One forgotten.
Spitting dust at winter.
This is Deaths sunset.
But in the end even Death him self will perish.
Buried in bones.
Buried in blood as far as an eye can see.
Swimming in an ocean of ice
That liquidates into darkness.
To create a fallout ocean.
CGW Dec 2017
A winter dusk is falling over the blank sky like blury rain drops smearing a car window
The final execution of Fall before the suns decresendo calls to the spirit of the moon
The snow will come like an ocean iced with fire and will spread drowning everything in its beauty.
CGW Oct 2017
There once was a cat who was fat
And all he did was eat and chat.
Who dove for table scraps
And ate them in his naps.
Till one day he went all low-fat
My first limerick.
CGW Oct 2017
We crawl through deep fall.
Upon stone walls and wet orange leaves.
Laughing hysterically at fear.
Dancing in the golden sun we count the rhythm of the beat.
The druming stings but it brings us together.
Like falling feathers we glide.
We clock, we watch, the hours fade.
The ravans cry withers in our bodies.
Hallow are we.
Emptied by the monsters inside us.
We all float.
Like feathers in the wind.
Up and down till we all go down.
Heaven bellow is a feather mound.
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