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Jo Barber Jun 27
If you must sing me a song,
make it soft and gentle enough
for a baby's skin.
If you must shut the lights off,
give me a colorful nightlight
to reflect bouncing shades
about the perimeters of my walls.
If I must sleep,
allow me a sweet, sinking feeling
in the center of my everything
as I drop from reality into dreams.
as night falls once again,
as it has fallen for millennia,
on us, the biggest us, species,
it falls silvery, it falls velvety, it
gives of it its silences, voices of the
most immeasurable quiet, and the most
synchronized and immense breathing;
the world breathes with one breath
in the night, dripping down from
all the stars with the sweetest
oblivion yet discovered, that
of sleep, pouring itself on
rivers of dreams that flow
through each and every
sleeping breast, and as
it does we are all related
in our slumber. i am related
to you this very minute as you
read, as if old relatives long-parted,
we become one body, this world, woven
from starlight, and the aeons of time and the
eternities of space, through the veils that separate
during the day, everyone that sleeps leaking into the
substance of myself, and i into the same of all who slumber.
that is my wish and dream and fantasy as i start to fade and fade.
the cure - lullaby
Riley June Mar 2
When I lay in bed at night I can hear you visit all my friends but leave me barren,
Some days you visit me and steal away my time,
How cruel is your torture that you find pleasure in my pain?
   Please MR. SANDMAN I beg of you to take me to your land,
The coveted home of dreams where everyone wishes to stay,
Yet you have banished me to nightmares if I get any sleep at all.
   When did you decide to play such tricks on me?
Do you entertain yourself with my tear-stained face,
the only thing enlightened by the moon at this hour.
   Every morning the sun offers me a mask to cover the remains of your torture and every day I accept.
But this day I say no to the mask and let the world look upon the work of their precious SANDMAN.
   When I look around I see others take off their mask and show the scars each person bears.
MR. SANDMAN we don't need your dreams anymore,
Because when I look at all these strong people sharing their scars I wish to never wake.
sunprincess Feb 22
Close your eyes tight and don’t peep
Keep them closed
Because the sandman is delivering
Dreams tonight
Hopefully some sweet, sweet dreams
Kate longshaw Feb 14
While we were sleeping, the sandman was creeping, whilst we were weeping he waited while peeping.... Dreams were then seeping into bags he was keeping... Ones  we were lapping up laughter, whilst skipping and leaping with joy, that was sweeping through love we were reaping, so much it was heaping up to sizes so great, then oh no, there's that bleeping we hate! Oh that wee thing we berate, that won't even wait whilst are dreams recreate, such a magical state we wishfully want as our fate.... Now the buzzer has buzzed, we're awake, it's too late! X
Armand-DeamoJC Dec 2018
Hey, did you hear?
Sandman called yesterday
He asked me why my dreams are dead
He asked me about my nightmares
and how he couldn't change them into dreams

Hey, did you hear?
Sandman called yesterday
He asked me if I wanted depression
He's selling it on special
By the cost of a broken heart
I wonder where my dreams went,  I wonder why they left
Andrew Sep 2017
The ground connects us through our feet
We connect the Earth through our minds
And connect our hearts through our hands
Until the ground beneath our feet
Begins to crumble
We dig up hatred and then repeat
As we stumble
Attacking the planet to cut our connection
And severing our stability
When the ground is filled with holes
And the ground is filled with those
We chose to dispose
For what they know
Or what they show
We told them no
And dimmed their glow
We feel dirt between our toes
As the quicksand embraces our ankles
We let a malicious mudslide flank us

The Sandman continues to introduce us
To our own eternal rest
On his endless conquest
For minerals in his midst
Sentiment unable to penetrate his sediment
The dirtiness in his heart becomes evident
When he drowns us in dust
And colors us rust
He feels he must
But he made a fatal mistake
Not realizing we are attached by soil
As the soil becomes a lake
We find relation deeper than oil

The Sandman seeks our species' slumber
But the power of our tears
Are strong when shared
And shower us with love
That runs through our blood
Moistening man
Soaking the sand
Once we see life grand
NA Jul 2018
You need not visit right now.
For I wish to stay wide awake
In the arms of my loved one.
And if you were to exhaust me,
I would have to retreat to my own bed.
So please, let me enjoy this.
I couldn’t stay at my significant other’s house tonight, my exhaustion forced me to leave
Kewayne Wadley Jul 2018
And if such a time comes.
I ask for courage anew, happier eyes.
To delve into sweet slumber without sigh.
Time neither passes or retracts.

And in addition I find the least bit bearable.
Unable to drown in total sleep.
The sights seen precious.
I forget where I place my head.

And I hold no grievance against thee.
Heavily affectioned to many a sight.
My eyes swallowed whole,
At happiness's interpretation.

Whilst I not forget, Sandman,
I dream with open eyes
Star BG Jan 2018
Another night at 3Am comes
where sleep eludes
and sandman plays hid and seek.

I sit lonely,
no one to call,
too tired to be productive,
but awake enough to keep upright.

With big yarn
I whisper boldly
“Olly olly oxen free”
Mr. Sandman, please come back
and help me sleep.

With no answer my thoughts go elsewhere.
Maybe, I should call the Sand-woman
She’s more responsible
and known for not playing silly games.
My sleep pattern is very irregular
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