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Derrick Jones Nov 2020
Duality is not reality
Illusory fractality
All is one in actuality
Merely flow, factually

We spew distinctions and categories
Reinforced with teachings and allegories
Form begets function and hides the true junctions
Structures simplify our senses so we do not swiftly die

To live as one, connected to all
Is oddly not compatible with life
When peace is necessary for strife
The rise just a part of the fall
There’s no reason to avoid the knife

For survival we must throttle this expanse of information
Categorize and segment
Love, despise, and fragment
Place labels of good and bad
To navigate the moral landscape
To function as one in the part of the whole
But in doing so, we split our soul
These labels surely take their toll
They hide the unity of you and me
Strangle the beauty to simply be
They keep us from being free

There is no light without  dark
No flame without spark
There is no cold without heat
No slow without fleet
No better without worse
No life without the hearse

Death and life two sides of the same coin
You and I seem separate but are in fact joined
These invisible lines divide and try to hide
That we are all beautifully, inevitably, intertwined

To see past these illusions
We must accept flowing fusions
Every cause has an effect
We are spiraling specks
Coalescing and creating
Forming and making
Finally breaking
The cycle continues
Eternally, infernally
Or ceaselessly, peacefully
For me
This connection is a gift
A resurrection from the rift

The void is void when we don’t avoid it
If you are me and I am you
There is truly nothing left to do
I float and live and love and die
I find little interest in finding out why
Instead I just seek to live in truth

Realizing control takes a toll
Surrendering control is the goal
We are all just a part of the whole
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Tizzop Nov 2019
do me a favor aight
when you go switch off the lights

close the door behind

pay attention to the lock it
makes a sound pay attention

do me this favor
you gotta do it cause

shadows everywhere
voices everywhere
enemies everywhere

ain't no fun though as
gang colors in the nineties

tag watts
tag berlin
tag harlem

shadows everywhere
voices everywhere
enemies everywhere

for twentyseven years
do me a favor aight?

i've been looking for a brother
i've  been looking for a mother

nobody knows about it
they don't know and they
don't have to

when they interrogate you
about last night
when they ask tell em:

i was asleep at night
as civilians do

no talk about turf
no talk about extortion
no talk about capital crimes

private matters
wat matter is you
lock the door baby
YouTube: "the wire omar comin!"
Colm Jun 2019
Cloud and water
Is a way of thinking
Of presumptive of being

Which calms the minds
Of those who see shadows
In every corner

And demons in every shadow alike
Cloud and water
And perfectly shapen sky
Alan Watts was clever indeed
Colm May 2019
A dither of doubt
Doesn't do justice to this

To the self inflicted wound of how

Carved out like wood
And collapsed like stone

The engraving is known
And read often aloud
To a mind bent on listening
To such wavering doubts
"And if we lack self confidence..."
A M Ryder Dec 2018
So if you really go the whole way and
See how you feel about the prospect of vanishing forever
If all your efforts and all your achievements and
All your attainments, turning into dust
Into nothingness..
What is the feeling?
What happens to you?
It's a curious thing
The most real state is the state of nothingness
That's what it's all going to come to
AvengingPoet Mar 2018
I don’t wanna be another ****** guy
You’re the only one who accepts me for who I am
Erratic sometimes insane unsure of where the **** I am
We can be ****** up together

The only one giving me the time of a day
In a lonely lonely world
That takes far more than it gives
Quit your job
Be broke be happy
Stop doing things that make you miserable

Alan Watts in this *****
**** at least you’re breathing
If you want to be you
Be you
Let anyone take that **** away

She doesn’t take that away from me...
Why does everyone wanna take it
Why does everyone wanna take it
She doesn’t take that away from me...

The air finally feels clean
I can breathe once more
**** I hope it lasts
sliding under
sliding under

can you feel me
here in this

my love
my love
you not
feel me here
from the other side

here i am
here i am
in this
mud slides

rocks rocks rocks
stone me

this giant
never less than shone

light light light
darkest flight

scream scream scream
minus me from water less streams

flow flow flow
teach my love



row row row
ima front
built complete

submarines submerged
sliding under

what what
Luuk Dec 2017
There is one big illusion
We have a spacious room, where you are living on your own
Filled with perception
The concept of identity that you know
The limited illusion of the self

It only creates confusion
Because now we’re separated from eachother
Though we think it’s not
We only have to learn to
Let the e-go
chris Jan 2017
you can feel yourself – not as a stranger in the world, not as something here unprobational, not as something that has arrived here by fluke - but you can begin to feel your own existence as absolutely fundamental.
-alan watts
Matt Jan 2015
The world is a system of interrelated components
None of which can survive without each other
Just as in the case with bees and flowers

They arise mutually
Mutual arising
Things go together in a connected net

The whole conception of nature
Is a self regulating mechanism
It has a totality
It all goes together
This totality is the Tao

The more you allow things in your surroundings to take place
The more order you will have
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