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Sandman Nov 2021
Eternal silence
Before the breaking light

The trees outside
With all their color
With all my color
Tumbling down
Into black and white

A sinking feeling
Origin unknown
Fleeting dreams
(Some mine, some not)
Absurdity moves through us

Random thoughts collecting
In the gutters of my mind

Concealed within a single teardrop
Falling from a roof top
The final step
The last breath
Colm Jun 2019
Cloud and water
Is a way of thinking
Of presumptive of being

Which calms the minds
Of those who see shadows
In every corner

And demons in every shadow alike
Cloud and water
And perfectly shapen sky
Alan Watts was clever indeed
Colm May 2019
A dither of doubt
Doesn't do justice to this

To the self inflicted wound of how

Carved out like wood
And collapsed like stone

The engraving is known
And read often aloud
To a mind bent on listening
To such wavering doubts
"And if we lack self confidence..."
A M Ryder Dec 2018
So if you really go the whole way and
See how you feel about the prospect of vanishing forever
If all your efforts and all your achievements and
All your attainments, turning into dust
Into nothingness..
What is the feeling?
What happens to you?
It's a curious thing
The most real state is the state of nothingness
That's what it's all going to come to
GM Nov 2018
Your skin was flawless, I'm so pale
My life is a mess, yours was a fairy tale
Your voice was perfect
While mine sounds incorrect
You used to shine so bright
I run from the light
I'd still could make you like me, I bet
It's such a waste that we have never met
But you went to a better place in two thousand sixteen
And I keep living here, where people are so mean
Yet, sir, wherever you are
You'll always be my favorite star
ClawedBeauty101 Aug 2018
...I couldn't help but to stare blankly at your white, emotionless face...

The last time I saw you... You had a light full of joy and grace...

But to see that light now gone from you body left a taste of melancholy

A hood of sorrows is what hid my bitter sweet tears from them and you, what folly...

Before my aching heart could leave your presence, your eyes opened...

Your heart startled by a hug, your eyes gazed around at all of us, an opportunity, I was hope'n

You stared straight into my black stained waterfall and spooked me

When your pale, cold hand, with quickness, grabbed my hand.. and begged me not to leave..

It shook... I could feel and count every bone you used... with the little muscle strength you had...

My body trembled at your white, thin, Skeleton hand... Stabbed by the reality of loss...the insecurity was bad..

I felt so troubled and helpless... Since there was nothing from me you could gain...

"Alan...Linard...." was the last thing I heard, the last thing she said... it was her husband's name...

6 days later... 9:15pm, July 2nd, 2018...for the first time... I watched Some breath their last... and finally die...

Puzzled by how quick and peaceful a painful image thing can be.... It felt so deceitfully wrong... but I knew it was..right..

Donna... You wouldn't come back... even if you could.. you wouldn't

You in a place of paradise... pure perfection... I wont lie... I miss you.. but I know you could never return... you couldn't..
..I hate writing stuff like this.

Lord.. Thank you for finally taking her home..

Donna, you always said to me "Age Doesn't Matter" for a variety  of things I told you about... I want to always thank you for constantly telling me that...and for praying for me, and for teaching me what it means to be a prayer warrior...
Luuk Dec 2017
There is one big illusion
We have a spacious room, where you are living on your own
Filled with perception
The concept of identity that you know
The limited illusion of the self

It only creates confusion
Because now we’re separated from eachother
Though we think it’s not
We only have to learn to
Let the e-go
Storygiver Jun 2017
They said they wanted to take the molars of
Those fleeing danger that they had escaped
By the skin of
Then leave the reward of sanctuary beneath their pillow whilst they slept
As if they weren't having trouble enough already
With where to rest their weary heads

They said the rewards were many
And wanted to make completely certain
They weren’t being too generous
Because giving gifts gives rise to greed
So they decided to take the teeth
And ensure those safety seekers
Knew exactly what being bitten means

And those who sought for something more?
Those bitten by these charitable actions as much by war
Their wounds didn't heal
And they found sores on weary feet
To find they had grown hungry mouths there too
The shoes that ate the distance beneath their step
Yielding bite marks as footprints and yet

They stored safety as a promise
In between records and held up blue plaques aloft
That said "I was not born here on this date
But I belong here" and I've history and a home to make
But for all the shiny pennies that they saved up in a jar
The princess dentists could still feel each
Generous donation, milky beneath their mattress

And each asylum seeker kept them up
And we clean teethed few, who always knew to brush
For three minutes before bed
Lucky by grace of birth, seas and a few miles more
Looked at these dentists questioning
but they shook their head
Warned us of the toothache of their seeming sweetness
So tell us about dental hygiene
how to floss lies from our gums
or else wait for all our teeth to fall out
Have them taken from beneath our pillows
Where  we had gracefully saved them like we were told to
Constructed into fortresses
Utilized the tooth extraction cotton buds
as comforting ear plugs and pulled  the wool over our eyes

Let’s wait until our retirement
Till we realise the Toothfairy wants our bones
Not just our molars
and we pushed away those who only needed
The chance of rest and the chance of somewhere
new and safe to show us how to smile
So brush your teeth tonight
And be thankful
you will never know that those who turn away from you
Will do so, because your breath
Still stinks of all the **** you so readily eat.
This is in response to the immigration crisis and the image of Alan Kurdi, the young Syrian boy who was washed up on the shore in Turkey in 2015 as well as the image of the Conservative party of Britain as these scheming, ****** up terrifying fey creature that we all kind of expect a helping hand from.
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