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CGW Nov 2018
Since the existence of time the universe has strived to purify into light.

Long has the dark existed but in spectrum of time the dark is only a blink in the eye of light.
Beyond this world is a world of holy conscieness.

The great ohm of the universe floods through space and time persevering the very idea of existence itself.

Though time is restrained to the conformations of the third dimension, with the constant existence of infinite dimensions time becomes an illusion.

Our bodys conformed of star dust rest peacefully waiting for something.
We wait for something to come a long to save us from our imperfections.
We are all just one star waiting to become a supar nova.

In another dimension we've already reached the edge of the universe.
Nov 2018 · 201
Deaths Doves
CGW Nov 2018
Breathlessly collapsing into oneself.
These endless possibilities inspiring a reaction of enlightenment within oneself.

A series of worping light into that which yields the ability to shift time lines like shifting gears on a bike.

Turn right on Death lane.

So Death looked into the soul and set two doves into the eyes.
They circled each other: one white, one black.

Yin and yang.

Then Death drew his sythe and bled the doves into the eyes.
The blood soaked the eyes and the first mortal human arrived at the gates of this mortal Earth ready for a new chapter in the never ending prophecy.

The prophecy of the universe.
Nov 2018 · 220
We are Death
CGW Nov 2018
Death came down from the clouds.
So quietly.
So very softly.
He landed like a dragonfly on a flower.

Death is all of us.
Is in all of us.

I cried by your side as your breath blew away.
So now I'll wait for what feels like an eternity to be back with you.

The more I push away Death the harder he pushes back.
In the end we all die.

We all fall victim to the unavoidable.
Death is already here just look in the mirror.

We are Death.
We are the thing we fear.
We are what we strive not to be.
We are death.

RIP Smudge. My sweet kitten Smudge passed today from FIP.
Nov 2018 · 646
Fallout Ocean
CGW Nov 2018
Taylored pockets fit for the poor.
Fit for helpless men wandering lonely and lost.
To shove away nostalgia.
Incompetent loose bodys trailing willfully into two worlds.
One remembered.
One forgotten.
Spitting dust at winter.
This is Deaths sunset.
But in the end even Death him self will perish.
Buried in bones.
Buried in blood as far as an eye can see.
Swimming in an ocean of ice
That liquidates into darkness.
To create a fallout ocean.
Nov 2018 · 340
All the Time in the World
CGW Nov 2018
I got all the time in the world to think about time.
I'll fold time over like making origami and I'll stuff it deep into my pockets to be forgotten forever.
When the ball drops and time stops, it wouldn't matter because I'll be locked in my depersonalized mind for eternity.
Looking out through two blurry lenses like my eyes are scratched from the inside out.
I can not see.
I can not see.
I think I remember a feeling or two but I can't wrap my mind around anything because ever time I try to the ball drops and time stops.
Oct 2018 · 1.4k
Unborn Silence
CGW Oct 2018
Through all this unborn silence is a legion of angels humming.
When I my fairy fantasy self arrive back home the strings that are bathed in golden light and that connects us will be revealed.
I'll think back to when I was a child and made of pieces.
How I would look up at sky blue like nothing really mattered.
Those drifting clouds muttering hallow English words at each other.
This galaxy in my grasp, vibrating with such mass that purple dust pours from the cracks of my clenched fists.
These dust particles are the size of planets.
Like sad dandelions spores they drift lethargic and unbalanced into higher dimensions.
Oct 2018 · 2.2k
Deja Vu
CGW Oct 2018
Somewhere out there is something through all the dangling darkness.
There is a pitter patter of reverse rain.
A string quartet of meaningless existentialism.
We are caught between two worlds.
There is no turning back.
Each person here to play their own part.
Every thought endlessly echoing for future generations.
For future generations.
I don't know why I am here, why I am enhanced and injected, with fear.
Perhaps that while death was sweeping the sea of people he forgot me.
The choreography of shooting stars passing by us.
Here we all are together in this world.
Love is like deja vu seemlesly causing the whole of the universe to function.
Woke up today in my dreams and I walked to a blurry window and looked outside and I could not tell what was real and what was just dreams.
I feel we have been told by society that dreams and things that we think are fake and only the tangible world is real.
But dreams and thoughts that we think are more real than anything.
For a half remembered dream was created by you and will stay with you.
Random thoughts repeating.
We are the children of tomorrow birthed from our ******* up insecurities that laugh at us.
Ha ha.
Based on the movie Synecdoche, New York
Oct 2018 · 168
New York Taxi
CGW Oct 2018
Life is passing by a lot faster than I thought.
All my memories seem so far away.
It seemed just yesterday that I was on the train to New York City.
With the phantom lights dimmed down and my guitar in my hand.
Strumming away the days like grey rain raining down cafe jazz.
But now in my cup of coffee is a blurred reflection staring back at me.
All the things that I seen and all things that I have done stored in my memories.
I'm riding in the backseat of a taxi with my face pressed against the window looking out at familiar faces.
Life is passing by a lot faster than I thought.
This is from my imagination
Oct 2018 · 9.3k
CGW Oct 2018
When I am alone the dark thoughts return.
You don't know me.
Like parasites they rot me from the inside out.
Making me scream inside.
Death is my master.
Sitting on a storm playing puppets with my emotions.
Controlled calculated movements.
A darkness in my eyes.
I'm trying to grasp reality but only capable of
gasping anxiety.
I'm trying mother but the waves are too high.
Goodbye world.
I've seen enough.
"computer turn off."
This is made up.
Not based upon me or anyone else.
Inspired by Radioheads, Fitter Happier.
Oct 2018 · 1.5k
Wandering Souls
CGW Oct 2018
Up above.
Church bells that vibrate with resonance.
Down below.
The solid earth that grapples with the fear of an apocalypse.
Grass that grips and pulls.
Luminous moonlight from my distant dreams pooling from my pores.
This over growth is my home.
Down by the creek,
you'll find me if I am what you seek.
Turning water into wine.
When I close my eyes I know that there is no difference between this land and me.
Break the darkness.
Break the veil.
The green ones with their seeking limbs, filling up the air, filling up the forest deep.
The leaves and twigs that collect in the drifting yellow suns.
As the deer stood high on the cliff a delicate rain of golden tears shed light on solemn hidden faces.
Seeking light on this path of mine.
Dangling dark vines that swing like pendulums collecting lost souls.
Those that do not make it through left to perish,
left to die.
In tomorrow they restart.
High fidelity voices that press insecurity into them like fists in dough.
The voices in their heads.
They're slippin',
Shaking their heads trying settle down the storm of razor blades within.
There is no return from this far off tear filled island.
All that we see.
All that we are
is wandering souls lost in time.
First draft of spoken word poem
Oct 2018 · 331
Glass and Blood
CGW Oct 2018
Tires gripping in the wet.
I am slipping.
Somewhere not here I am waiting for myself.
Tear drops the size of entire oceans rain down.
Can not see past my glass windshield.
Break down infrastructure of existence.
The premonition of my future.
The orchestra in me.
There is a dust in the air.
I am slipping.
What ever happened to me.
Immediate **** forward.
Off the cliff into the sea a thousand feet below.
I am weightlessly suspended in my golden light memories.
Way up here in the silence, the people down below carrying the weight of their problems.
All my life I have gripped the earth,
felt the power of the tree of life.
Is powerful and it breathes.
A flood of blood pours out of me.
Glass and blood tucks me in forever.
Oct 2018 · 317
In Yellow Waves
CGW Oct 2018
She dreams in yellow waves.
In summer time she wishes that she were asleep than awake.
Eyes shut.
Weightless but not for long.
A shot of blood against the windshield.
She regrows her roots into consciousness at the speed of darkness.
She thinks.
Over contemplating the smell of burnt rubber and musky metal.
She watches her dislocated broken body wash from the ocean cliff into the abyss.
Oct 2018 · 99
CGW Oct 2018
Breathlessly inhaling the silence of muffled memories.
Their weight, precision, cutting edge accuracy that formulates every decision that I make.
Darkness pours out of my eyes like tear drops from a storm.
All the darkness in me escaped and left for the woods.
I am left with raw liquid light that pulsates through my veins opening me to a whole new dimension.
Engrave my name into the clouds so that when you lay down and die you'll look up and see that I'm there.
Oct 2018 · 205
Come Inside
CGW Oct 2018
Do you wish to come inside tonight?
To see a million hues of star light.
All that we are is binary strands.
Stranded on an island, sifting through the sands.
Yo, this simulation, creation, indicative definition of a societal life.
I got a firm grasp on reality blessed be the angels on their strife.
Send down white light, hundred blades of crystalline lightning.
I've seen things, so many things, uncountable, untouchable, but never anything so frightening.
Society goes boom boom boom, spitting out factory processed humanoids.
People swipe left, swipe right, double click, triple click, one click, two click, ignorant that they are being ****** into a inescapable void.
Unaware of each and every fully capable potential that has to be offered to not just me or not just you but rather the whole of the world.
Delusional minds and ones that are not mine covering the illusions and causing the synthetic fabrics of society to become more swirled.
keep calm carry on, don't look left, don' look right, blink once, not twice, and never even once thrice.
keep in line, inseparable from that tingling feeling of liquid ice, and all they ever say is: "be nice.".
Do you wish to come inside tonight?
To see a million hues of star light.
Oct 2018 · 184
A Random Thought
CGW Oct 2018
It feels as though life is just a modgepodge of thoughts drifting like autumn winds in a China shop.
These endless thoughts that carry the weight of fallen birds.
I was really tired, like exhausted and I started writing without thinking and this is what I wrote.
Sep 2018 · 147
The Final Exhale
CGW Sep 2018
Every now and then
A thought
Inside of us.
Lingering orchestral emotions stranded on the deaf note of darkness.
All this in the final exhale.
Sep 2018 · 489
Tree of Life
CGW Sep 2018
Down inside of me something untouchable preludes my grace.
Leaves falling down like Chopin's Nocturne op.9 No. 2.
Through the looking glass a sail boat touches your watery eyes.
Standing by you.
Life is in the vine.
Hues of darkness against the light.
A thousand lifetimes in the flash of your smile.
Swan flight in the open field.
Breathe in and breathe out.
The softness your smile against the cold ice of death.
How does beauty and grace carry on even after death.
Up above in the clouds,
floating down down a creek
till the tree of knowledge is reached.
The tree of all life.
That which yields the ability to choose.
Sep 2018 · 582
Back to You
CGW Sep 2018
A buzzing sound against my ears.
I think I'm dying.
I think I'm crying.
All the things you felt and every breath you took I can feel in my blush.
All that we are
Is a blink in time.
Star bombs blowing up inside of me.
Frame tick tick tock by frame.
These pre-chosen paths reside in me.
I'm thinking about you.
I'm trippin' backwards.
Falling forwards.
Back to you.
Sep 2018 · 209
Wolf King
CGW Sep 2018
Winter winds carried on the backs of wolves.
A rumble of darkness among the silence.
Flight of blue fire.
Blood of the kingdom before me coats my wolven teeth.
The wolf king rises.
Through swollen snow and ice we trot among the fallen wolves.
Aug 2018 · 238
Future World
CGW Aug 2018
My synthetic sleep catching up with me.
In the darkest hour
all my past and future selves collect into one.
Falling apart.
Piece by piece.
This artificial world, what ever happened to you?
This insomniac world that never goes to sleep.
How did we get here?
Disconnected people polluting the hallow veins of earth.
We think we are free but we are caged in by our highly technologicaly advanced smart phones.
Through out the existence of mankind we have sought to create tools which would further our abilitys to live easier lives but now we have surrendered to our own creation.
Have we become subjected to empty shells or is there still hope?
Somewhere out there is a future world surging with infinite peace.
Aug 2018 · 172
CGW Aug 2018
Insanity creeping up behind me.
On the soft note
I become the victim.
The colors of the rainbow are changing.
The colors are changing.
Aug 2018 · 590
Era of Peace
CGW Aug 2018
Every moment.
Any moment.
Could be that moment.
That last life breath would escape.
And you would fall
And die.
So in this moment of reckoning we stand still.
In the light of a new era
We breathe golden light.
Light pulled down from the heavens above.
We are rooted to the earth.
To the rivers.
To the rocks.
To mountains high.
Golden sacred light flows deep through the energy veins.
It flows through everyone of us causing a great surge of Enlightenment.
An infinite moment of peace for all life and all who dwell on this Blue and green planet.
Long has the fight between light and dark dwindled on the strings of the human race but now
We are free.
Now we stand together.
United we are everything.
The light will break every darkness and will echo through out time and the universe.
Aug 2018 · 921
Happy Life
CGW Aug 2018
When we were young and beautiful,
We would so gallantly bathe in glorious sunlight.
So that when dawn would break, the black ravans would flutter and float into the dying of the dark like swollen embers from a marmalade campfire.
I can not recall such bliss and happiness.
Seconds go by.
Minutes taken away.
A gratitude for life.
Hours gone by.
Its time to go in.
Days go by.
The moment of bliss slips through our fingers like dusty sand.
Weeks whizzing by.
Taxman coming down on us.
Years torn up like wasted paper.
You are dangling by your neck.
Decades crumbling down like collapsing buildings.
I my elderly self rests in my shallow presense enjoying the antique memories of what a happy life looks like.
Poem about a guy who recalls when he was young the small but yet blissful moments he had that were slowly etched away by not taking control of life.
Aug 2018 · 462
Artificial World
CGW Aug 2018
Till I escape, I am unkown.
Perceived in shattered reflections.
I am the absence of what I think I am.
Falsified reality shows me a series of random fates.
Lucid imagery clouding up my mind.
Stray from empty streets.
The lone wolf in me howling.
Till I break these iron shackles I remain tethered to an artificial world.
Jul 2018 · 695
CGW Jul 2018
Walking out on open water.
Where I am going I ask my self.
These shattered dreams
sewn through my soul like needle and thread.
A figment of the unknown.
Aware in all directions.
Life is in a rain drop falling from the tips of a sacred tree.
And you and me, we would dance in the rain.
Years flowing by and time after time we would get older and older.
into the stars.
Open up your heart and see the universe within.
So many colors in the sky.
Somewhere vivid cuts the light.
Beauty leaks from shattered points.
I do not know where I am going but in this place I know I am safe.
Jul 2018 · 257
CGW Jul 2018
Close your eyes.
Let your body relax.
Let every tissue, muscle and fiber dilate into the clouds.
Collapse into dust, into the other world, break out from this planet.
Reach out.
Way out there in the middle of nowhere, where nothing even exists, where you will soak in a cosmic bath of star waves.
Where you can drift on cosmic waves of energy then slowly dilate into a more vivid world.
Jul 2018 · 1.4k
CGW Jul 2018
Life is something we can not even define yet it is the very reason that we wake up in the morning.
So many people in this earth and so many caught up this fools chase of money.
They never realize how special every single one of them is because all they've ever known is how to survive and EXIST in a world where nobody will ever warn them of their insanity because they are too busy paying attention how many likes or how many views their last post got.
In every moment you are granted a choice: live or exist.
Maybe wake up from this slumber and start loving the world around you.
Because if life is so important to us the that we fear losing it, then why do we spend our days trapping ourselves in a  game where all we do is exist.
Jul 2018 · 210
CGW Jul 2018
Ashes all around.
The bombs were blasting on the ground.
These city lights dying.
The airplanes in the sky.
Time stood still for a moment.
So you thought you could escape.
So you thought would run
And try to hide.
In the darkness of the night when the moon was bright and the light of dawn was breaking through, did the city collapse.
In the end the only one left was death.
All the faces we passed and all the smiles we shared are blowing around stupidly in the wind.
Heaven only knows
What golden light would peirce the clouds.
Reaching out to the sun
To the above.
We are all just fragmented space colliding amongst each other.
Jul 2018 · 319
The Endless Sunrise
CGW Jul 2018
Feathery wind blows my hair.
Golden dust collecting at my feet.
Sunlight breaking through at the brink of dawn.
An awesome collusion of colors in the sky.
Ashes free falling all over me.                  
Explosive hearing damage.
I hold my breath and close my eyes.
Fading out into the stars.
Warm water filling up my lungs.
I'm waking up on a beach with you.
There is no time.
Our mortal bodys rest trapped in a car buried in the ocean.
We are infinity.
We are bound to nobody or nothing.
Day after day.
The endless sunrise.
Jun 2018 · 197
Twenty four seven
CGW Jun 2018
Twenty four seven.
Clock stops.
Phone rings.
I got space cadets dropping like bombs.
Certain smells bring back memories.
Bling bling bling.
Ca-ching ca-ching ca-ching.
Dollar bills bleeding out of me.
I got a criminal mind.
I never see behind.
I only look ahead.
And I can't remember what I even said.
It seems to me that I'm just heading forward into the future.
Everybody around me stops the clocks as their mind rock on the fine line between fantasy time and reality.
Time goes back.
And the phone rings.
The world goes black.
And I go back to the start.
Twenty four seven.
This is a poem about a guy who is into crime but can not remember anything at all. He thinks that he is moving forward but he is not. The week resets itself so that he is in a never ending loop of crime but unaware.
Jun 2018 · 188
CGW Jun 2018
A humming sound inside my cotton ears.
Vibrating at the speed of sound.
I can't hear your voice.
Between flaky birch trees there is a hidden mysterious wind.
We can not go back.
Ominous clouds craddle me in blessed light.
In this golden dust we sleep.
I shut my eyelids and let the weight of the universe hold me down.
It's everywhere.
In the shadows of my life.
Through out my wholesome slumber it is quiet.
When I wake the sound will return
The sound will return.
The sound will return.
Inspired by Hearing Damage by Thom Yorke
Jun 2018 · 483
White Nothing
CGW Jun 2018
When you come up too fast and your breath leaves you.
Your mind spins round.
Sirens flooding out white noise.
Nothing really matters as you trip over yourself.
Majestic space collecting itself.
Back to the never ending repeat beat.
Eight track dusty film reeled up in my head.
Electric jolt, slap my face.
Reality cracks and the clocks going back.
Little bites at a time.
Free fallin'
Never stopin'.
All the way,
full throttle into the great white nothing.
Into the era of no escape.
Jun 2018 · 163
The Invasion
CGW Jun 2018
Field of vision blocked.
Spaceship halo rays for us.
Slip into the sky.
May 2018 · 263
CGW May 2018
We are all imortal gods of Earth.
Brewn from the great conscieness.
Woven through matter.
Wholesome laughter echoes among hidden forests.
Concealed within us is a vibrating boisterous light that defines the proximity of the universe.
Collapse into a million pieces and the children of tomorrow would look up into the night and wish upon scattered remnants.
Love is the universal language of consciousness.
May 2018 · 231
CGW May 2018
There's something about the color of your skin.
How you smile and how you move your lips.
I know the creases and the wrinkles of your body like I know the rhythm of my breath.
All my indecisiveness and insecurity trapped in my knife.
Counting back from ten to one.
Ten, I'm sweaty as a pig.
Nine, time is slowing down.
Eight, completely self conscious of my thoughts.
Six, have my hand on the leather handle of my knife.
Five, I study your face one last time.
Four, let you fall into my drawn weapon.
Three, destroy.
Two, extort.
One, death.
I'm physcologicaly perceived unwell.
I like to hide in the flickering shadows of dull city lights.
May 2018 · 361
Heavens Light
CGW May 2018
I'm trapped in my mind at the edge of my bed.
Unconscious as the dead.
I'm ******* the phone.
I think I'm all alone.
Sunlight is crawling through my dusty window sills.
The glint in your eyes gives me the chills.
My mind is a ticking bomb.
Shut up and keep calm.
Go take these prescribed pills.
Hide your washed out soul behind fake plastic and score your kills.
Disconnect from reality.
Facebook is my bible, my dark normality.
Heavens light is held with my hand.
When I die I think I'll finally understand.
heavens light being a smartphone
Apr 2018 · 200
Polluted with Darkness
CGW Apr 2018
This world we breathe in is polluted with darkness.
Chaotic empathy for all the suffering.
Darkness burns by my feet, the ashes are disposed of improperly.
Think twice before you act.
How do I speak when I am solidified in your tears.
I will escape the grips of you.
I will walk along these burning roads.
What is real and what is fake?
Have I become the darkness you so intently fear.
I do not exist anymore.
Inspired by Porcupine Tree
Apr 2018 · 155
Beng the Cat
CGW Apr 2018
The weight of your warm breathing body consents my heart to open up.
Your precious purrs reverberating through my pulse.
Sarrow has come to me once again.
The places you used to be
Feel so cold and empty.
I keep thinking when you dissappeared that it's just a magic trick and that I'll look behind my back one day and you'll be there waiting for me.
Rest in Peace Beng.
Beng is my cat who died 1 week ago.
I wrote this poem for him.
Apr 2018 · 169
Back to the Begining
CGW Apr 2018
The reverse piano roll startles my memories I store inside me.
I whip-crack back to the begining.
A purple haze glazzing the infinite horizon.
Everything I've lost comes back.
As I go back the rapid flash of a thousand lightning strikes silently illuminates the intake of my breath.
We are just here under the light
While the remainders live in the darkness of tomorrow.
Mar 2018 · 215
For the Pleasure of my Mind
CGW Mar 2018
I found myself against your shirt.
Buryed deep in your grace.
Don't you let go of me.
Your tears smell of sadness.

You pulled away and now I'm sad.
I'm growing up old and mad.
Synthetic smiles
Seen for miles.
I wish I could feel you one last time.
To tell you it would all be fine.

Life is beautiful like the warmth I used to feel between us.
Your a sudden drop from my heart.
I'll try and think of all the happy things we used to do.
Pay attention to the detail.
Certain smell
Texture taste.
The more I remember the more I destort because certain things we did can not be recreated for the pleasure of my mind.
Mar 2018 · 249
CGW Mar 2018
Black soot coats the earth as falling bombs in an airstrike wipe us out.
Fallen bodies cluttering broken streets, 1944, the soldiers march through a ****** fog. A city once full of life lay dead and covered in blood. Like graceful synchronized swimmers the soldiers compress the soot with the heels of their boots. The weight of the rifles grows heavier as the march goes on.


Solidifying into solid lead. The blue sky whistles bombs like children whistling to lullaby's. One by one they melt into puddles. One by one the black  bombs shred us apart.
I was inspired by Pink Floyd,s The Wall
Mar 2018 · 172
Wax Sculpture
CGW Mar 2018
Plastic water dripping all over me.
You scream at me and all I do is scream inside.
I collect everything.
Sculpt it.
Shape it.
Make it.
Solidifying while I'm crying.
Sticky gooey insanity contracts me into a wax sculpture.
You just watch me.
Collect my thoughts.
Watch me melt as I burn down like a forest on fire.
Mar 2018 · 208
CGW Mar 2018
Lonesome faces clutter the darkness like the silence after a ******.
Forever we watch the clock ticking.
Deathly depression ******* on us.
We walk.
We talk.
Throwing up all demons from hell.
We are going in circles.
Round and round the Merry Go Round goes.
We go crazy like killer clowns.
We are crazy.
Mar 2018 · 138
CGW Mar 2018
Dreams sought to find sound;
to be real
Faces washed over me.
I'm pushing through a deaf crowd.
Its black and white like old film flickers.
An orchestra plays for me.
They go deeper and deeper the more the music speeds up.
Finally I snap like a twig.
I'm slammed back to where I was before.
Put out my mind like a wild fire.
Don't need my dreams today.
Only my time.
I look out the window as cars and faces
and busy bumbling people scrub
the surface of my window.
Time flies.
But after a while I start hearing a noise coming from the back of the room.
Kinda scratchy.
Kinda old.
Then louder and louder and LOUDER.
It was the sound of the music from my dream.
Feb 2018 · 246
CGW Feb 2018
We are the stars.
The dust of the cosmos.
Our thoughts are the immortal children of a never ending time.
While we burn out like strands of christmas lights our light travels on for infinity reaching (but never touching) the outskirts of the universe.
Feb 2018 · 503
Dandelion Snow
CGW Feb 2018
Sunlight cups the water wind.
Wisper the cold valley into my head.
Moutain edges cut the horizon for miles and miles.
Wet stone like charcoal
Dipped in Irish green moss
Caught in the ocean mist.
Standing in the icy creek with waterfall water washing at my skin. Light blissfully rests on my closed eye lids.
Feel the ground.
Empathy for the folds in the valley light that crawls along magnificent for infinity.
I can feel the dandelion spores.
They swing on strings and bring the clouds down.
They pick apart all the clouds until it snows.
Snow silently crystallizes leafless birch trees.
Winter flows in every direction until the creek unfreezes.
Feb 2018 · 260
Stampeding thunder
CGW Feb 2018
My porcelain body crashes.
Light explodes for infinity.
Silently expanding on the dust of the revolving universe.
Vibrating against time.
Golden light specks charge the black void, powering stars and planets.
A blue flame blooms across the universe.
I am
falling off my feet
into another world
one that goes beyond
In the silence of the night the wolves of the cosmos howl like stampeding thunder.
Jan 2018 · 218
The Plane
CGW Jan 2018
The plane quivers restlessly on the swollen air.
Used and abused people drunk on their ignorance surround me.
I'm packed in with them like sardines in a can. Thousands of miles from solid earth.
The plane dies like a stumbling horse in a thunder filled war zone.
It was if space had reached down and grabed the falling plane and had pulled it up towards the heart of the heavens.
All the drunken humans floating like planets.
Planets in a falling plane.
That is
Until the ocean ripped through the sky like a hand made of knives and grabbed the plane and drowned it.
This is just from my imagination
CGW Jan 2018
There is a place between life and death
A place where you can bathe in nebulas and saturate your skin in the dust of the stars.
Where colors consume you.
And angels play medicinal harps.
Rainbow flares and flashs kiss your  eyes.
Sound is felt within every part of your consciousness.
So open your eyes as wide as you can so you can see the universe as it was ment to be.
Jan 2018 · 224
Fragments of you
CGW Jan 2018
I am driving along the coastline of my mind.
Sunshine swingin over my head.
Blue light pooring out of my heart.
Waves dance putting me into a trance.

I've been dreaming of you in another world.
I am traveling down the valley in the middle of my mind.
I look out the window while your silhouette remains silent.
Memories splatered all over the road.
Fragments of you glitter in the oblivion of my mind.
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