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Oct 2019 · 409
Ballads and Balconies
Jack Oct 2019
I watch
High above
Everyone is so small
I see cars and buildings
All so magnificent and tall

Nothing compares
Not to You
And that night on the Balcony
I was trapped in ACT prep so here ya go
Sep 2019 · 115
A fight
Jack Sep 2019
Sometimes it may seem
Life's not worth the fight
Nothing about it seems right
Why try if in the end we just


Although some of that may be true
It doesn't free me from you
My family or my life
It just means it will all be harder
More of a pain

Then something magical happens
In the depths of your heart
In the inner machinations of your brain
A force


It drives away the pain
Happiness will guide you
From then on in
You'll find yourself in another
That's where it can truly begin
The healing of a broken soul
And a fight that you can win
I took about a year off to focus on life but I'm happy to be back and I hope you all are doing ok. DM me if you aren't and I would love to talk to you about it.
Jan 2019 · 250
Jack Jan 2019
Lights dance across my vision
People sing and celebrate
Times moving for everyone
Except me
Ever since the day you left
Nothing has made sense
I try to smile it off
To have a good time
But deep down I know
You'll always be on my mind
Your flowing hair
Your smiling lips
Everything I could ask for
Nothing less
All I have now is a memory
Breaking in me
My heart aches
My eyes cry
Just like they did
The day we said
Anyone who has had to say goodbye I hope you can learn to move on and enjoy life as it was meant to be and I hope you know it will heal.
Nov 2018 · 343
Jack Nov 2018
The sun sets on a beautiful day
The lights shown dimmer
The day draws nearer

It’s a dark night
Something to behold
The star don’t shine
The lights are gone
My heart as empty as the sky
The only thought

Kitchens are weird
We cook and clean
All so we can do what
Learn to live
Why would you do that

I love this sound
The scrapping of metal
Drawing out an edge

My room
Almost as dark as my soul
The sharper the knife
The darker the blood

I’ve wasted away
Far to long
I hold it close
Right to my chest

It hurts at first
Then it feels good
I realize my life has no meaning
So a swift stab
Then I keep repeating
It doesn’t hurt it just feels damp
The floor
My clothes

My soul

All are red

Sorry for all those that have depression if you want to talk to someone message me
Nov 2018 · 183
Jack Nov 2018
I just want to be done
Being here
It's just no fun
I'd rather be with you
On a tropical beach
The sun shining on you and me
Your hair flowing in the breeze
As we bask under the happy trees
To relieve stress
There's nothing less
I'd want to do except to be with you
Watching the sun set
I made myself a bet
One day soon
You'd be here too
Listening to the waves crashing up on the shore
My heart singing forever more
All to relieve stress
Hope you all have a wonderful day with lots of sunshine and no rain
Nov 2018 · 166
Jack Nov 2018
I see a void
An empty blue
The pale color
A strange hue
I wonder how I got here
The strange light
The dark night
The end of it all for me
Then I felt something

A pulse

I opened my eyes and there
In this sea of blue
A red and orange pulse
It shined through
It was a strange color to see
The light burning within me
I moved towards it
It pulsed quicker the closer I got

Then a snap

The pulse got bright
It moved to me
I stopped
In wonder and awe
An angel walked towards me
Winged and all her feathers
They shined brightly against it all
She took me by the hand and said
Let me take you away from this place
So she grab my arm and flew away
We broke through my dome of pale blue
There I saw colors
All different shades and hues
The light burned bright in me
All because of you

Then she brought me down to earth

Scaled me to my size
Helped to see the world through new eyes
I spent time with her everyday
I made sure that she was ok
I finally worked up the courage to ask
So we could be together at last

Now I can see
Before her I was stuck
I was alive
I wasn't living
I was only feeling
This is dedicated to the girl I love and I hope that everyone that is feeling blue gets help from their own angel, be it a family member a friend or just someone you talk to
Oct 2018 · 188
Jack Oct 2018
I stand at the black mound
The sun glinting off it's rain crested top
I run my hand along the wall
It seems ok

At first

I feel it rising
The pain in my leg
The loss bright flash of light
My friends body contorting
The scream that rang out
I stop myself before I get to his name

Every time I come here
I relive that day
It's seared into my brain
His scream
My shrapnel filled leg
I remember it all like it was yesterday
That's all it was though
The past
It wasn't me
It was Vietnam
Oct 2018 · 278
Jack Oct 2018
People often cry for help
Never expecting to get any
They look at what’s happened
They say nothing
They think no one will listen
Just as they did to others
But little did she know
The trust and foundation she laid
Would help her through
Her darkest days

He held her in one last embrace
The time had finally come
The healing process began
She couldn’t help but feel numb
This boy had been helpful
To the point of no return
He had lost himself in it all
His price for her
He loved with all his heart
The day she left he promised
I’ll wait for your return
The black ink
The sadness grew within
His heart slowly turned black
Finally when all seemed for not
His light and charm broke through
She came back
She felt better then she had
The sadness had left her
It had left him too
They had no words left to say
They embraced
Hugging and holding until the end
This is how
To be helpful
I recently convinced the girl I love to get help for her depression so she went to the councillor with me and later today she was sent home to get help. I’ll never forget the last embrace I gave her before she left and I hope she recovers ok.
Oct 2018 · 257
Dearly Beloved
Jack Oct 2018
Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today
That's what the man will say
All will be okay
He will say kiss the bride
From that day on
I will always be by your side
My best will pat me on the back

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today
To unite man and bride
We will love each other to the end
With all our heart and soul
And through it all
God willing
We will be just in love as we were the day we met
This is the poem I will read on my wedding day God willing I marry the girl I want now
Sep 2018 · 800
Jack Sep 2018
I love geometry
It just makes sense to me
I wonder why I can see
When I close my eye
The shapes and colors all around

The blood the tears we throw around
The joy in my heart when I see you

I love you

I can trace the lines of your face
The shape of your smile imprinted in my mind
I look for the circumference of your head
I can see the width of your heart

The one thing I can measure is my love for you
Thank you Geometry
I love you
Kinda weird how love works ain't it.
Sep 2018 · 447
Jack Sep 2018
We talked and talked all afternoon
We talked about everything from us to the moon
I wasn't until everyone had left
That I finally asked

Why do you cut

She looked stunned and suprised
She had a glossy look in her eyes
She pulled up her sleeve and there on her wrist


Lines and lines
Never ceasing
Some fading

She told me why she cut
To feel she said
To quell the voice in her head
To fill the void in her heart
To color her soul red instead of black like tar

All these things inside her heart
Having no end
Having no start

So now she continues to cut
She continues to bleed
She didn't stop and now shes gone

All because
She cuts
This is written for a friend of mine who cuts. Please leave any and all advice for what to do.
Sep 2018 · 24.1k
Jack Sep 2018
I'm jealous of the rain
It gets close to you
Closer than I ever will
It touches your skin
It combs your hair
It comes when you're sad
It stays when you're happy
I love you but you don't love me
So I say
I'm jealous of the rain
Sorry I haven't written anything as of late. I have been really busy with school. I really hope you enjoy.
Edit: thanks for the comments the original song is Jealous by Labirinth
Sep 2018 · 127
Jack Sep 2018
A light in the distance
Smile in your eyes
You say your ugly
That everyone lies
The truth is you're gorgeous
No one can take it away
The beauty in your smile
The one when you laugh
The beauty of your personality
The one thing they cannot take
Your beauty
Inside and out
So love yourself
Just as I do
Sep 2018 · 93
A Hero
Jack Sep 2018
I believe that everyone has a hero inside them
Whether that hero is big or small
He lives within you
To help you stand tall
You may not always know
Why did I bit that bullet
Why did I say say what I believe
I always think there's my hero
Come to save the day
What would you think if you were someones hero
The idea that you move other's mountains
All with a single push
What an idea it may seem that you can be a hero
That you can save someone's life
So be the hero you look up to
And please be kind because
You never know when you can be
A hero
Sep 2018 · 160
Time to go
Jack Sep 2018
Everyone has a time to go
When it is no on one know
One things for sure
We always chase for more
Never do we look
Try to grasp what we run for
We just keep on chasing
We keep on looking
For money and time is all we want
We really should be spending what we've got
With the ones we love
Because everyone has a time to go
So cherish it
Before you must go
Sep 2018 · 328
I'm in love with you but
Jack Sep 2018
I'm in love with you but
The universe doesn't want me to
It moves and grinds it's gears
It tries to make me give up
It make you unapproachable
It makes my tongue tie
It makes my heart skip a beat

I'm in love with you but
I don't know how to tell you
I write to express
So this is how I will
This is my I love you
I don't think this is all that good but I think it makes sense to anyone who has loved but can't get it out to the person they feel that love for.
Sep 2018 · 368
Jack Sep 2018
When you find a friend
You hold and help them
You lift them up when they are down
You hold them up when they feel good
You help them find who they are
They help you find you
They love you and you love them
You are family
Family isn't who you're born to
It's the people you love and who love you
So find your friends
Because they just might be your family
Sep 2018 · 190
Love is a dream
Jack Sep 2018
What if love was just a dream
No one really cared
No one asked how ya doin
No one loved you

What if love was just a dream
Something to hold onto
Something to comfort you
Something to make you feel good when you don't

What if love was just a dream
All of it is just tears

Love is a dream
One we all have
Something we use to cope
Something to keep us moving
Love is an idea
Love is a story
Love is the hope we all share in our hearts
Love is the reason you live
Love will tear you apart

Love will always be a dream
Unless you can change
Show to your neighbor
They will go out and do the same
Love will be a dream but only if you want it to
So go show love and make it true
What if Love was real
This is for people that think love is only in fairy tales, meant for someone but not for them. I'm here to tell you that love can be for you if you make it and show it to others.
Aug 2018 · 202
A light
Jack Aug 2018
I see my life
All playing before my eyes
The colors the sounds
They are all there
Something is a miss
There is always a man with me
The smile on his
The anger in his eyes
The blood boiling in his viens
All leading to this one moment
Then dark
No light exist
Only my black soul remains
The knife pierces my flesh
For a brief moment I can see the light
It shines so bright in the endless dark
The joy and life I feel
The release of death
I now know my mistake
I ask for one more chance to see the light
I ask to hold it one more time
In the end the light returns
The dark goes away
I feel the joy of a child
Happiness of being on a cloud
I will hold the light and never let go
Thank you
The Light
Aug 2018 · 113
This World of Mine
Jack Aug 2018
This world of mine
What a dazzling place
A wonder of beauty
A wonder of awe
A magical space

This world of mine
Its home to many
A place of joy
A place of creation

But what of the world outside my own
No happiness there
No place to roam
No joy inside
No beauty
No awe
It's home to many
But dead to all

So I say welcome to my world
To joy
To creation
No death here
Just an open invitation
I'm glad you could join me in this beautiful space
I hope you stay
If you don't that's fine
I know the world is dead outside
But some prefer it that way
Just remeber
You are always welcome in
This World of Mine
This poem should help you to help others in your own way. It doesn't have to be amazing or special but if you just say hi you could save someone's life. So help others into your world and maybe someone will help you out of yours.
Aug 2018 · 109
Today is a present
Jack Aug 2018
Today is a present
No matter how bad it may seem
The good the bad
They are but only moments
They are small
Today is big
Today is present
You are alive
To this I say thank you
To my family and friends
Without them I may not have today
Without them I may not say
The words inside my head
Shed the tears I shed
Love who I love

So to them
I say thanks
They gave me a gift
A gift I could never return
A gift I can only reciprocate
So again I say
Life is a gift
So thank you for today
Today is a present

— The End —