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Kayla mayla Oct 2018
hate being alone
and you make me feel at home
tryna find my happiness in this sadness
and thats what just you are.
my happiness ,
and if you were to leave
my world would fold
cave in
Grace Ann May 2018
My favorite bruise belongs to you
A galaxy on my neck
The colors change like northern lights
And while I act differently I do not want
them to fade
I would tattoo my colors
Colors show the world I am taken
Colors show I am willing to give a part of
myself to something bigger
Colors make the world brighter
Northern lights turn even the darkest night
My galaxy will fade
The small colonies created from broken
blood vessels will surely die out like a
Black they called the last
How ironic the darkest color is always the
first to go

   --An ode to hickeys
Olivia Daniels May 2018
I am tortured by you.
you and your lack of words
               your lack of emotion
With each step you take I fall further behind, and not just because
your stride is bigger than mine
but because you won't talk to me.

The frosted glass window cracks
because you built up the pressure inside
and it builds
and it builds
and maybe you don't even realize the explosion your actions would have
on me.
or lack thereof
because maybe to you, there is no such pressure rising
There is no shrapnel aimed at you

For all I know it's in my head
where cocoons break and butterflies emerge
And the glass keeps cracking
My disjointed mind.
that makes something out of nothing
day in and day out
with every small thing that you do
or don't.

when that frosted glass window to your mind shatters
and the truth comes out
and the pieces embed in my skin
never to come out
Then I'll know it's over.
Dig your frosted claws into me
Rip open my skin
Tear out my heart
It loves too much too easily anyway.

I yet again wasted my butterflies on someone who was
unwilling to give back.
a fate I'm doomed to repeat
Because the butterflies are never satisfied
no matter who they land on
and for all I know it's my fault for breeding those bugs
in the first place.
Vale Luna Sep 2017
I should be saying
That I'm thankful
For every breath I take
But truthfully
I'm not.

Every time I inhale
It's a long draw
Of a cigarette bud
That isn't mine
Forcing me to wheeze
And cough up the venom
That scorches my lungs

I am cursed
With the longing
To breathe fresh air
And rid myself
Of what I've become so attached to
Just because it's not my nicotine
Doesn't mean I'm not addicted to it
Addicted to dying
Addicted to the thrill of wondering
If this will be
My last cough

Quitting isn't my choice
I'm not the one
Who lights up
With shaking fingers
Shielding a flame from the wind
I'm just the one
Who enjoys
The ashtray full of burnt consequences

I don't have the option
To become unattracted
To the white clouds
Floating around your lips
I was already convinced
That following you
Was as good as resting in the sky
Even if my rest
Was on pillows
Made of poison

I can't say I'm thankful
For the intoxicatingly
Toxic air
That you spoon fed me

But I sure am blissful

I'm not stupid enough to think
Thankfulness and blissfulness
Are the same thing
I am smart enough to know
That honestly
I'm no better than you
Even if I wanted to be

You never offered me
My own cigarette to smoke
But standing next to you
I'm as good as dead.
Toxic relationships.
Maria Imran Mar 2017
but when you go there, you say so boldly,
"I am not afraid, it can't hurt me no more!"
and when you return, you are always trembling
and you never can see me in the eye. why?
why do you go there - that eerie house of yesteryear
where hopes broke, where dreams shattered,
where love was walked upon?
why do you go there - where evil laughter still roars
empty rooms scream silence, windows rattle like teeth chattering on the rainy night he left you.
why do you give yourself that pain, always and again?
Was it love?
Rylee Galloway Jul 2015
I enjoy going to places you have been
I like to think that I'm walking where you did and our feet are touching with every step
People say that I'm like you in many ways
That I don't want to conform to the world
But rather live beside it
That I adventure
Not for the view
But for the message
That I don't know were I'm going
But it looks like I know how to get there
And it only make me wish I knew you
So maybe I could know me
My Scarlet Amora Jun 2015
I can't breathe
Let me breathe
There isn't air anymore
I can't breathe
No one hears me
I have such soft screams
But I'm still screaming
I'm still a person
I think I should stop
That's my problem
I never know when to stop
Why can't I make decisions
Sure I'll do that since you suggested it
Who am I?
I am the walrus
Yup I'm gone
And it's so late
remember when we use to stay up all night
I think about that all the time
I can't get back on my schedule
I need to just let it go
But I can't
How many sunrises did we watch together
How many cigarettes did we smoke
How much closer were we
to each other
to death
And now I've run out of air
Maybe that's why we didn't sleep
Because we knew our time was numbered
You say you saw this coming
I really didn't to everyone's dismay
I thought I was making a choice
And then I couldn't do it
But I couldn't do it now either
I can't keep jumping person to person
You both should have left
I wanted that
But I'm afraid to be alone
I'm afraid of myself
And I'm afraid of the dark
silence is my biggest fear
And my farthest goal
I miss my clocks
I miss cat
And I miss you
I can't believe I don't remember what you smell like anymore
That's ****** up
Can I smell you
or is that a no
I'm suppose to be learning how to read social cues from people now
I can't only have one emotion they said
More like all of them combined
I think I've lost it
Dude you broke me
But its okay
I like this
Broken means I don't have to worry about breaking
Maybe you were right
It wouldn't be the first time
Madison May 2015
You told me you loved me,
but it was just a lie.
My hands? They shake.
My eyes? They cry.

My heart? It hurts.
I feel empty inside.
My legs? They won't work anymore,
the pain inside is to abide.

My voice is so rusty, I won't speak anymore.
I can't believe you said you won't speak to me,
my heart, it tore.

i miss you.
i miss you.
did i mention?
i miss you.

I miss you..
i miss you
i still miss you.

I miss your hugs.
I miss your kiss,
I miss the way you'd look at me,
everything there is to miss.

I need to stop,
I need it now.
You are just a lier,
now take a bow.

for making me hurt,
for making me cry.
God, I hate you.
Get out, goodbye.
This was just in my head, still in a happy relationship :)
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