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Baylee Kaye Jun 23
you sing the language of my heart, o, songs so sweet, too lavish to name. it is true that pure and just souls are the only ones with ears to hear the melody sung by you. no other tainted, conceited heart is equipped to understand the tongue you speak. an ode of love so powerful that those that are wicked in nature condemn the song they choose by action not to hear. O, sweet and utter fools! my tender spirit breaks for the judgment they bestow on you,  for what do they know since they cannot hear the melody? their preconceived notion‘s are their faults and blindness, they are deaf to your song of love. and again I say what do they know? since they chose not to acquire the language of true and everlasting love. and it is to be said, those who do not hear are ignorant in love, and not by bliss, but by stupidity.
Baylee Kaye May 18
in a crowded room,
why won’t you say you love me?
are you too ashamed?
Baylee Kaye Mar 20
all I wanted was a kiss
a kiss I had craved since the last
I hadn’t even asked for much
just a moment with you
and no one else
nothing even outrageous
just an innocent second of love
with no prying, teasing eyes
a time where I could take you in
feel you and all your affection

I buried my head in your shoulder in vexation
closing my eyes and instead relishing your warmth
and yearning for a day with no interruptions
where I can focus on you, and only you
because all I want is your love wrapped in a kiss

**** please give us space
Baylee Kaye Mar 17
can we dream about the future,
without living in the now?
can we please just fantasize,
about what we want to be,
instead of where we are,
will you dream with me?
"If it has nothing to do with me
Then why should I even be here?"
That sounded far more narcissistic
Coming out of my mouth. But
I meant exactly what I said, and
I knew exactly what I meant.
I knew exactly what I meant.

By Aleksander Mielnikow
Lookup AlekthePoet on the Googles to find me through other mediums, if you wish. Of course, HelloPoetry is awesome though so who cares lol.nar
Victor Esekwe Feb 15
You want a cocktail?
I'll brew you a classic.
Crushed seeds of indignation- fermented.
Fresh fruits of strife, discord and distrust- juices squeezed.
A sprinkle of tasty gossip.
Don't forget the right amount of hate.
All mixed in the chalice of anger.
Serve with toppings of harsh words,
On a tray of insensitive action.
But if you so desire the revenge special,
That is best serv'd cold.
As humans we often have troubles, but most are a result of our actions.
Matterhorn Feb 8
Walking into the building:
Cold parking lot,
****** music blaring from that lifted truck,
People honking;

Glass doors,
Short, insufficient eye contact,
"Good morning!" from the lady who guards the door
With a laptop and a forced smile;

Quick strides,
A pinball-like dance,
Yelling, screaming, arguing, sometimes fighting,
Fake greetings and meaningful silences;

A tiny bubble of social-media-manufactured society,
Without the trials and tribulations
That make one human
Or the experience that makes one sensible;

I can't ******* wait to graduate.
© Ethan M. Pfahning 2019
Baylee Kaye Jan 20
sometimes I find it hard to talk to you
so I make lists in my sleep,
of something I could say.
but still I come up empty.
what is it about you?
I can’t live with you or without you.
every single day, I sit in my anxiety.
trying to find a way to say anything.
won’t you remember that I’m your baby?
and if you give a ****, won’t you not leave me?
you’re the one I’ll always choose,
please be mine and don’t waste my time.
love me for who I’m meant to be,
so won’t you please give me something?
because sometimes it’s hard for me to talk to you.
heavily inspired by rent
ren Dec 2018
i have no confidence whatsoever
and i’m lacking in motivation
so how do i continue
when i have so little?
You have too many questions
For me to handle,
I appreciate your enthusiasm
And confidence.
But I am not as strong as you are,
And never as studious;
My limitations are many;
They restrict my understanding;
I can only find some answers,
Not all.
Be selective,
Kindly give me time and space;
Do not test me;
Do not annoy me.
You ask too many questions,
My friend,
Do let me stay with you.
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