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it will never make sense
that the mechanics
of the human body
allows for a person
to bite their own
tongue or cheek
yet with such force;
and debilitating
a momentary paralysis
of fist-clenched frustration
and wordless fury
the blood that flows
cannot be stemmed
must be left untended
and simply spat out
     or swallowed
before that metallic taste
taints every mouthful
Cody Haag Dec 2022
you say that I'm wrong,
but you've never known right.
how pretentious of you,
to stay in my sight.

you're entitled to your opinion.
but truth is, no one gives a ****.
if we were all like you,
we'd all be full of it.
That moment when someone crosses a boundary to share their flawed opinion with you.
Jack Feb 2021
They asked
Can you Hate
That which others hold so dear
That which is the product
Of your blood sweat and tears

How can you Hate
That which you create

The answer I give
Always the same
It was piece
I made it out of vain
It exist
Just because of pain
It's worth
Justified by those who say

What a beautiful piece of art

Unfortunately burned into my brain
The praise of the piece
The one I hate
I really hate the poem I wrote called rain and this is honestly how I feel about it. I haven't taken it down as a lot of people seem to enjoy it but I feel the emotion is just what people want to hear. It doesn't really mean anything so much as it was just how I felt at a time.
Man Jan 2021
you're "laughing out loud" at me
that's good
i hope its hearty
thank god i'm humorous
to bring elation to a life as dull as yours
and i'm not upset
cause i'm laughing too!
jǫrð Jan 2021
You finally said
You wanted me to leave though
I'd already tried to
The History: Nag - To find fault incessantly. In this context, I tried to step away from you, after you called me back, you indicated I'd over stayed my welcome. Are you trying to make me uncomfortable?
Man Nov 2020
slovenly soluble loves
from hearts that ache
that can't imagine being
on their own
being by themselves
could you blame them?
You think you deserve something but life slaps you upon the head and throws you down reminding you that after all you've doneyou don't deserve ****
I had a strokeabout a week ago and there as a possibility of me getting to go home today instead of tomorrow but my blood level dropped to an undesirable rate this causing me to have to stay longer missing my oldest sisters funeral. I thought I would get to go buy that's was just life toying with my emotions again. I have a constant thought on"You don't deserve to be happy Ben!You don't deserve happiness. You can't pretend to be a good guy every now and then. it's such a disappoint to know I could've made my love better but now with all these life threatening hospitalizations and not knowinghow long I have left to live it just leaves me with such disappointment. I've always wished I could restart my life over andbe a better man but I know that's impossible just another disappointment that I get to live with I use to lash out in anger but that isn't going to change anything and it's a waste of time
I experienced astrokelast week and b it had brought so much annoyance and disappointment to my mind yet again because I was taken off a medication to soon because of an oversight of some clinic nurses and now I have a mind to sue them because of their **** up I could've died this time
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2020
What can I serve you?

"Your brain"
"For a time being"

Nothing more
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Irritation
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