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Elijah Aaron Apr 2020
Hey darling

Look at me

It's all okay

Don't be afraid

I've got this

I can do this

You can do this

Together we can do this

I've got you

You've got me

God has us both

Let's keep going

Don't give up

Hey, come on
It's all gonna be okay.
Jack Oct 2018
People often cry for help
Never expecting to get any
They look at what’s happened
They say nothing
They think no one will listen
Just as they did to others
But little did she know
The trust and foundation she laid
Would help her through
Her darkest days

He held her in one last embrace
The time had finally come
The healing process began
She couldn’t help but feel numb
This boy had been helpful
To the point of no return
He had lost himself in it all
His price for her
He loved with all his heart
The day she left he promised
I’ll wait for your return
The black ink
The sadness grew within
His heart slowly turned black
Finally when all seemed for not
His light and charm broke through
She came back
She felt better then she had
The sadness had left her
It had left him too
They had no words left to say
They embraced
Hugging and holding until the end
This is how
To be helpful
I recently convinced the girl I love to get help for her depression so she went to the councillor with me and later today she was sent home to get help. I’ll never forget the last embrace I gave her before she left and I hope she recovers ok.
Poetic T Jul 2018
Empathy sheathed within
           every declaration that
eclipsed upon my eyes.
As I watched every word in form.

For your voice wasn't just
           affirmation of intent.
It was a visual  guidance
          a purpose of no harm.

Genial whispers waved over me,
          never sinking but guided
to shores of empathy.
         you were my voice of calm.
Cat Lynn System Apr 2018
Where was it I left off? Oh yes, the rebellion of a slave to its master

I Believed my deceitful heart knew the way, but the way to disaster

As the days visited me and went, the colder I grew, and the more beauty fled

I scratched, I punched, I kicked, I hit the doors to try to break them open... and continuously I bled...

My eyes grew white and blind... so I could not see the destruction I was causing to myself and around me...

I was so certain that this hall was the hall where my life would unfold, where I'd find everything I could ever need...

Skin chipped away, muscles scrapped slowly down to the bitter bone...  I refused to have anything heal

I made a blood pool mess of pride at the entrance... along with a few puddles of a broken deal...

My God did not leave me though... He was there... but within spirit... but I denied it...I didn't care about my loss of purity

"Do you not have trust?" A young blonde servant whispered, kneeling to my level of insecurity...

"Why continue to make your self suffer when you can rise again?"

"And what reason would I have to rise? My desired fellowship will never amend..."

I intended to be rude to show her kindness and words were not welcome here

"You sound as if our Master is unfair... You doubt him.. you doubt his decisions, His choices, it's that clear..."

"You must be in His favor... To be so hopeful and life filled... Do you even have the slightest taste of suffering?"

Her knees laid in my pool of blood, her blue jeweled eyes stared into mine, my mind constantly puzzling

Closing those sapphires, and reopening them brought forth a vision of her past or tormenting love and tears

" Foolish girl... You're selfish to believe you are alone in this feeling... I was ONCE lock in your cell... Trapped by fear"

"And there are more down another hall who would know that pain all too well... Please... arise and come with me..."

"Why?.... What's the point when I have already fallen and failed and there is no possible better beauty..."

"They can answer your doubts and questions since they have had the same shoes..."

".... but I'm too blinded to even see my self... all I see is strangely you.." I tried to look down... but pain wouldn't allow me to move

"Then I guess you have no choice but to trust me... Do you think you can treat your wounds if you can't even see your own body?"

Anger irrupted inside of me... Only because I know this Blonde was right. So with her guiding hand, I rose to my feet

My soul screaming and shouting... Begging to rebell... but how could I? My body was dying and in defeat...

One warm white skinned arm wrapped around my brittle waist to guide me to the other side of the castle

A trail of blood footprints followed behind me... As I felt the connection between my flesh and the beaten door hassled

Trying to carefully slip away... I could feel the strength in her arm... there was no escape

So off me and this Blonde went... Leaving behind the hall that I want and also, or so I thought, the Hall God had planned and shaped...
.....sorry it took a while... Part 3 should be out soon if you guys still want it.... again sorry about that...
Maggie evans Aug 2017
leave the light on for me,
to guide my way back home.
I may have been a little lost,
lonely so alone.

leave the light on for me,
to help me find my way.
back into your arms,
helps chase darkness away.

leave the light on for me,
this darkness is quite cold.
want to feel its warmth,
to comfort my very soul.

leave the light on for me,
please don't flick that switch.
being off is like the ending,
of a depression I just can't itch.

leave the light on for me,
or just a candle in the window.
a melting wax lit wick,
to brighten up my shadow.

but when I've returned,
from the darkness deep so far.
it was your light that guided me,
from the warmth within your soul.
we all feel a little lost sometimes and need a guiding light to ground us back to our roots.
Maggie evans Jul 2017
You stand so proud so tall,
a beacon for all to see.
You shine your light so brightly,
when the sun fails to light the way.
You stand guard, upon a craggy cliff top,
offer a guiding path to those lost.
A helping vantage point to prevent tragic depair.
upon stormy seas small boats are tossed and thrown,
upon frothy tides far below.
Prevent lives being ripped apart,
on rocks, the unknown fear by saliors most.
You are a beacon but fail to boast.
You know nothing else but to guide others.
Without ego, repression of self worth,
you no not of heartache, but are the heart.
You are not lonely, yet you are so alone.

Unselfish yet kept by the lighthouse keeper,
maintained by one that knows the importance of your light.
A pleasurable sight for many a sailor,
 when suns set upon distant watery horizons.
Offering a nurturing warmth,
a glow welcomed across blinding darkness to those that need it close.

You are the lighthouse in the storm,
the guiding hope across the sea.
You are the one to reunite sailors with family who are loved by most.
You are a beacon but fail to boast.
Erin Jun 2015
Once upon a life too short, I stumbled upon an interesting sort...      
These fragile people, too broken to cope, that sought council and guidence and a thing known as hope
While some found religion which gave out great strength, others found partners who they've loved ever since
But some, they're still searching and I guess so am I, for one thing that will guide me till the day that I die
So I say this to those who are still searching too, I hope you find something that brings hope to you

— The End —