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Nov 2018
I see a void
An empty blue
The pale color
A strange hue
I wonder how I got here
The strange light
The dark night
The end of it all for me
Then I felt something

A pulse

I opened my eyes and there
In this sea of blue
A red and orange pulse
It shined through
It was a strange color to see
The light burning within me
I moved towards it
It pulsed quicker the closer I got

Then a snap

The pulse got bright
It moved to me
I stopped
In wonder and awe
An angel walked towards me
Winged and all her feathers
They shined brightly against it all
She took me by the hand and said
Let me take you away from this place
So she grab my arm and flew away
We broke through my dome of pale blue
There I saw colors
All different shades and hues
The light burned bright in me
All because of you

Then she brought me down to earth

Scaled me to my size
Helped to see the world through new eyes
I spent time with her everyday
I made sure that she was ok
I finally worked up the courage to ask
So we could be together at last

Now I can see
Before her I was stuck
I was alive
I wasn't living
I was only feeling
This is dedicated to the girl I love and I hope that everyone that is feeling blue gets help from their own angel, be it a family member a friend or just someone you talk to
Written by
Jack  M
     White Widow and L B
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