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I'm grey in a world of gray~ ♥
Madeleine Wolf
25/F    I am a compassionate and passionate person. I feel emotions deeply and love others the same way. Writing poetry is my best hobby, and it ...
Esther Cee
21/F/Butuan City    Undeserving yet Loved --- _lostnowfoundPRINCESS_
Deb Jones
F/California    I love writing. My writings are confessional poetry. I write them in one go and they do ramble. I rarely go back and edit one. ...
16/F/Cali    Writing is my guilty pleasure, and I’m way more emotional than I’d like, so this is now my outlet for bottled up feelings :)
Only a Reader. ♡
M/PLACELESS DESKTOP    Hello friend, my name is Mikey. Maybe some words here reach you. The poems of mine are copywritten. Just message me if you want to ...
30/M/South Africa    I have been putting together words for awhile. I try to implement different styles of writing. Looking forward to see the reaction to them. Giving ...
15/FTM/Somewhere in Wisconsin    Check out my Wattpad account @ Instagram is erianskies SnapChat: erianxrose
Slightly Lovely
16/F/in my head    Hi, I guess I’m creative, I write poetry, love music, and draw. I love my friends, and fandoms, and yeah, I’m kinda boring.
57/Temporally on earth.    Man from Michigan T.W.M Send your spoken poetry video's to: [email protected]
F/UK    feel free to message me if you want to talk :D
Aurora Camet
F/Canada    I'm Aurora. I like writing, drawing and reading. I'm not too good at writing... I just do it to express thoughts, emotions and for fun! ...
Johnny walker
66/M/Grantham    I have dyslexia which means I'm always checking for mistakes
sheila sharpe
72/F/Kegworth    I have now written one thousand poems, but intend to write still more. I focus on feelings, memories, conservation, and a sense of desperation as ...
F/Haven, ME    It's been a year now.
patty m
ether    my bi-line is: In a world of reflection poetry mimics life. I've been writing seriously for 10 years and have been published in innumerable publications ...
24/F/RI    Losing myself in words one letter at a time. Escaping reality and expressing myself without any Expectations. Original poems ✏
23/F    Take my hand, come walk with me. Down this weather-worn pathway. "I believed I wanted to be a poet, but deep down I just wanted ...
F/the space between stars    [dropping lines and trying not to run out of time]
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