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Jack Apr 2021
Empty Hollow Pain
It drives my brain insane

I don't know how to explain the words
The feelings
Blocking my way

You were a friend first
A lover second

You were someone I loved
Someone I cherished

I'm sorry it had to end
Goodbye sweetie

Forever yours
My love
First friends, then lovers, only to be ripped apart and torn asunder
Jack Feb 2021
They asked
Can you Hate
That which others hold so dear
That which is the product
Of your blood sweat and tears

How can you Hate
That which you create

The answer I give
Always the same
It was piece
I made it out of vain
It exist
Just because of pain
It's worth
Justified by those who say

What a beautiful piece of art

Unfortunately burned into my brain
The praise of the piece
The one I hate
I really hate the poem I wrote called rain and this is honestly how I feel about it. I haven't taken it down as a lot of people seem to enjoy it but I feel the emotion is just what people want to hear. It doesn't really mean anything so much as it was just how I felt at a time.
Jack Jan 2021
I love you
I mean it when I say it
I mean it more than you know
I love you so much it hurts me to know you're sad or low

I just want

No I NEED you to be happy
Because you make me happy
You bring a light to my heart
You give me a pulse, something to spark a flame
Burning your smile into my brain
All because
I love you
**** dude I love her smile and I always want her to be happy and content in life.
Jack Dec 2020
Show me a smile
One from your heart
The same heart that breaks when we were apart

Show me a smile
Give me one of the best
Make me see that you love me, more than the rest

I know it's not easy but we can make it work
Just as long as you
Smile for me
Me and my girlfriend can't see each other right now because we are still locked down but I hope she knows how I feel when I see her smile.
Jack Sep 2020
People always say
Let love go and it will come back
This notion held me like a tether
Like a thin rope of leather
Lifting me up light as a feather
All so you could help put me back together
Find a friend or lover that can put you back together after the worst of it.
Jack Sep 2020
People always say
You realize what you had when its gone
But what if love wasn't gone
What if you were apart
What if all it was
Was a piece of your heart
Just something just wanted
But never thought to start

It's this recorder playing in my head
Saying what has happened to your family
You get it too
You'll be torn apart
Jack Aug 2020
Every day
Every night
All of it
For you

Every action
Every Reaction
All of it
For you

Everything I do
Everything I feel
It's all for you

So please say yes
And I swear.
I'll do my best

For you
Here's hoping
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