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2.1k · Jan 2018
If .........
Chrissy Jan 2018
If the ache in the core of my being stops
If my eyes stop flooding dry land
If my mind stops gasping for air
If my sleep becomes tranquil
If I stop thinking your going to walk into my room
speaking the word I longed to hear
"I never left Chris, I'd never leave you"
does that mean its getting better
or does that mean I'm going crazy.
1.8k · Feb 2019
Just tell me when
Chrissy Feb 2019
Would you please tell me when your heart is trembling , ready to erupt in a volcano of emotions
so instead of fleeing for my life
I can stay and try to mend the damage ?
All I want you to do is talk to me
1.6k · Jul 2017
Paper soulmates
Chrissy Jul 2017
Paper soulmates
Drawn together by fate
Glued into each other's lives persistently
As we are paper soulmates we are prone wear and tear
Torn paper is truly unfixable
You can only try to sellotape together what has been torn apart
Scrunched paper can't truly be smoothed out again,
there is still going to be evidence of past experience
Our story Inked onto the pages of our body
Stained by water, the ink smudges off of us
Our stories ??
1.5k · Feb 2018
That kind of pain
Chrissy Feb 2018
You know that type of hurting that radiates through your whole body
sending pulses of needle sharp pain through you
making your fingers and toes throb
yes that's the kind of pain
I felt when I
saw you
1.5k · Mar 2019
Chrissy Mar 2019
Every step I take forward in the abyssal sand
I lose myself farther in your desert
I saw only dry bones and uninhabited land
but in this desolate wasteland you were my hallucination of an oasis
so I wasn't afraid to get lost in you
1.2k · Jul 2017
Unanswered questions?
Chrissy Jul 2017
Why do I keep checking my phone for a message I know I haven't received
why do I keep waiting for something that is non existent ?
Why do I keep hoping for a miracle ?
Why do I keep loving you ?
Why is it when I want to move on your always there with an outstretched hand drawing me back to you ?
Why is it that whenever you call I keep running back ?
Why is it that whenever I'm around you my face that usually says nothing is like an open book ?
Easily read
Why is it that you can see through my soul?
Why ?
Why do u do this to me ?
Why do u make me hurt ?
Why do u make me think ?
Why do u make me cry ?
Why do u make me angry ?
Why do u make me jealous ?
Why do u make me feel ?
Emotions I'm not used to cause I've been emotionless for years and haven't realised
Why are there so many unanswered questions when it comes to you ?
1.1k · Jan 2019
Chrissy Jan 2019
I had the craziest dream
where in it you said to me
"let's just run away with each other"
it's so crazy because you don't even know I exist
I am nothing but invisible.
your dreams can take you anywhere , mine usually take me to places impossibly impossible to go to, like his heart
1.1k · Jan 2018
Chrissy Jan 2018
I hide behind the synthetic smile I stitched and embroidered  to my face
I smile because I don’t know what’s wrong with me
I don’t know why I’m different
I don’t know why the palms of my hands look the way they do
I don’t know why the skin on my face feels the way it does
I don’t know why my feet wander they way they do
I feel like my body isn’t mine
That like I’m foreign to this world
Like I’m alien
Alien because I don’t fit in
Alien because I stand out
Alien because my own body rejects my life essence
I smile because I don’t want them to ask questions
I don’t want them to **** and pock at me like I’m some science experiment
Or I’m broken and need fixing
I’m broken and need fixing ?
Am I broken and need fixing?
1.0k · Sep 2017
Chrissy Sep 2017
The tears slowly run down my face
Leaving a wet trail path leading away from my eyes
Dragging away my pain
Pulling the abhorrent images which I have seen
Washing them down my cheeks
Until they drip on the cold ground
Almost in slow motion
As I hear the silent splat of my fears on the pavement.
1.0k · Jan 2019
Chrissy Jan 2019
you have in every way
obscured my vision
blocked my path
and diverted my attention
to you
999 · Mar 2018
It still hurts
Chrissy Mar 2018
You know I smile because it’s better than crying
It’s better than showing everyone I’m in pain when I’m trying to be strong
But sometimes I can’t help it
Sometimes I still cry because your not here anymore
Because every single thing reminds me of our story
Of what you’ve been through
and what I've lost
And I wish I could have taken away some of the pain every single time
I wish I could have absorbed all the bad energy so it couldn’t hurt you anymore
But I felt helpless
And all I could do was watch you slowly leave me.
966 · Mar 2019
Chrissy Mar 2019
You blew dust in eyes so I couldn't see what I was doing
the mistakes I was making
you were pulling the strings and my movements correlated
I was following the choreography you scripted
I didn't realise the life I wasn't living
until you let go of those strings and I collapsed
I was the puppet you were puppeteering
961 · Nov 2018
like a lunar eclipse
Chrissy Nov 2018
I wanted to seize all the falling stars to
create a sun for you to warm up your cold heart
while brightening up your dark sky
to make your flowers photosynthesize and bloom
but like a lunar eclipse you blinded me
slowly casting me into the bleak blackness of your love
888 · Feb 2019
unspoken goodbye
Chrissy Feb 2019
goodbyes are easier when they are unspoken
but those are the ones that suffocate you the most
831 · Jan 2019
Chrissy Jan 2019
You said I love you in a language I couldn’t understand
759 · Jan 2019
No balance
Chrissy Jan 2019
How can two people have it so good
yet so so bad at the same time ?
just a thought in my head
725 · Nov 2018
Chrissy Nov 2018
If I pour out my emotions that I've been keeping under wraps for years
it will be as a tsunami engulfing, drowning the depths of your being
as a hurricane does eating up your happiness and spitting it right back at you but in pieces that can't be moulded back together
as a volcano erupting gorging itself on the kingdom with tall walls and soldiers that you built
it will be as an uprooted tree with nowhere to go but to fall to the ground and lay disruptively there
my suppressed, condensed and packaged emotions are just as a natural disaster
you can't predict how much damage it will cause.
I can't cry so I write
720 · Nov 2018
Chrissy Nov 2018
your eyes are wild
not everyone could see the crazy in them
the hunger in them
the readiness in them to devour my soul
and the readiness in me to just let you
because you consume my thoughts
you are my only thought

you could run me over with the car which is your words and I would still forgive you
you could leave me, without a trace , come back and cry those fraudulent tears to me and I would still forgive you
one thing I won't forgive is if you peel off the layers of my skin and plunge your claws into my heart and make it bleed
by loving someone else

I can't accept you leaving me
without a heart to fend for myself
leaving me in the wildness that isn't yours
716 · May 2019
Chrissy May 2019
I know it's hard to be comfortable in your own skin when the world tells you it's not pretty enough
Don't let them take away your omniety
your freedom to roam this world as you please is your born right
don't let their adjectives subject you to living a life of suppression
in fear of feeding the label of being "angry"
let those words be as brief as a fleeting breeze
let it only brush past you and get caught in the trees  
Do not give them the power to restrict your oxygen
So when they throw blows to your chest you can quickly recover

I have learned that these types of encounters come frequently as a person of colour
659 · Feb 2019
I'm just like her
Chrissy Feb 2019
I have scar patterns that cover me like a duvet
I laugh about them with the moon in the night
the night is when we are both awake
at night my scar patterns are more illuminated
framing every inch of me
so bright that I can't sleep
the moon says they are pretty
she says that I look just like her
she said she has many *** holes too but she still never stops illuminating the dark sky every night
her *** holes are what make her the moon
624 · Feb 2019
a dance called love
Chrissy Feb 2019
she couldn't dance like the rest
she didn't want to let herself go enough to fall and be caught in his open embrace
her pace was unchoreographed and timid
scared of being replaced in the dance which she called
by a newer, more beautiful dancer that isn't afraid of prewetting into the arms of her lover  

but all and all her dance was bewitchingly unique
and he loved that
love can be compared to a dance either you and your partners paces match or they don't
581 · Mar 2019
Chrissy Mar 2019
sorry for waiting for you to leave
before I told you to stay
579 · Jun 2019
Chrissy Jun 2019
I have seen you pluck your feathers and give to those that wouldn’t do the same
why must you give and give until you have nothing left
why must you let them stop you from flying beyond restrictions
Can you not see how they are stealing your air and replacing it with carbon monoxide
they are jealous that you flew so much higher than them
they were jealous that the stars would shine so much brighter when you approached
my love have you not bruised your knees enough falling on behalf of others
you do not have to ******* yourself for beings that will not give you water when you are dehydrated
sometimes you have to be selfish because people take advantage of you niceness
569 · Aug 2017
I can do it
Chrissy Aug 2017
It's hard to live in a world with so much emotional violence
It's frightening
One minute you can be alive and the next you could be a ticking time bomb
Ready to throw yourself off of a bridge  cause of the words being thrown at you bruising your fragile skin
Or even better yet dead already
Then what?
years , months, even days pass and your nothing but a distant memory in everyone minds
Only remembered when something reminds them of you
Then you realise they never really cared          

I don't want to be like one of the 20 billion that have died without their voices heard
While the people that killed get to walk around free
Is it fun to take dreams , hopes , a life away from someone
How can you live with yourself knowing you killed ?
Or nevertheless contributed to digging someone grave

It's doesn't take physically piercing a knife through someone's heart for them to die
You could just so easily pierce a hole through someones mind
Stabbing their hopes and dreams until they bleed out
Or rip out fleshy the lungs they need to breathe and survive
Taking away the foundation they needed to build an empire
Leaving them have nothing
That's not the kind of person you want to be
The one that kills using words
"Your ugly "
"Worthless "
"Your not going to succeed "
"You can't do it "
"Who do you think you are ?"
"Well , I think I am the daughter of a King and Queen"
"I think I'm beautiful "
"I think I have so much worth it doesn’t have a numerical value"
"I know I'm going to succeed "
"I know I can do it"
529 · Dec 2018
Metaphorically naked
Chrissy Dec 2018
If I mingle myself with nature and become as a tree
Settled but not silent while the wind blows
will you take up the role of the wind that brushes past me and
rattles my branches ?
Would you carefully or forcefully strip me of my leaves until I am bare in front of you?
527 · Dec 2020
Who is she
Chrissy Dec 2020
I can't even remember how to be who I was before the pandemic
I miss that girl that was confident-ish
that was hopeful
that looked positively upon the world
that loved adventure and sunshine

I miss her laugh
her smile
I miss her eyes that used to sparkle not with tears but with joy
she was just starting to leave her chrysalis
she was just learning to use her wings
her wings along with her freedom were claimed
all she loved stolen by what felt like a deadly gust of wind

Now I've just built up the strength to regather those scattered pieces of myself
but I don't think I'll ever be that me again
Does anyone else not feel like themselves anymore ?
465 · Nov 2018
Chrissy Nov 2018
the frost made a pretty frosting glaze over the stiff grass
the wind nipped at my warm face and gathered at where my nose met the breeze
my nostrils inhaled the icy air particles
its winter now
it was 1 degrees Celsius in Madrid this morning
461 · Aug 2019
Fine wine
Chrissy Aug 2019
I rather age like fine wine without you
Than be poisoned everyday by words that do not allow growth
454 · Feb 2019
No encore
Chrissy Feb 2019
I'm shutting the blinds
because it's the end of this theatrical
I'm drawing the curtains because this is your final act
and I shall not applaud for an encore
I'm not going back
441 · Feb 2018
Not so lovely love
Chrissy Feb 2018
"I'm catching feelings for you"
catching feeling ??
your catching feeling for me ???
feelings I never threw in the first place
but you seem to have caught
deep down I knew
but chose to ignore
I wish I could wipe away all your memories of me
because its like I'm immune to loving you
am I the bad guy for not feeling the same?
for hurting someone so perfect
your just too good to be true
I'm going war with my mind and my heart
my mind is winning
it shot a bullet straight through me reminding me
I'm too selfish to love
that I'm not fit to be loved
I'm so disoriented
even the wind blows towards me and gets lost in my hair
I'm so aesthetically awkward
water doesn't like me and tries to escape from my eyes
I'm going to hurt you
I'm the poison that can melt you internally and not regret it
I will dissolve your heart with the molten lava I call my words
I'm not so lovely love
because someone said they loved me
434 · Mar 2019
Letters to you #7
Chrissy Mar 2019
I needed you then but I don't need you now

Love from …..
411 · Jul 2017
Would you run ?
Chrissy Jul 2017
I show you what you want to see
I show you what you want to hear
My face , my personality , my smile changes when you a near
It's only to make you like me
Would you run if I showed you the real me
Not that perfect image of me I created to impress you
Would you run if I showed you all my scars that have build up over years
Would you run if I confess to you all the sins I committed ?
Would you run if I tore down the wall that was hiding all my everything ? brick by brick if I reveal myself
Would you run ?
If I removed the mask and stopped the facade and showed you my real feathers in their rough tattered state  
Run ?
403 · Jan 2019
Lonely sounds
Chrissy Jan 2019
She sighs in heartache
398 · Feb 2019
I see art
Chrissy Feb 2019
to those looking on the outside they see a crooked painting
obscured harsh lines , unsymmetrical components , blotched colours that form her skin
  to those this paints an ugly picture of her
but looking from the inside I see art in her diagonal lines and upside down features
ugly to some art to others , never underestimate yourself
389 · May 2019
Chrissy May 2019
While looking for the meaning of the stars in your eyes , I saw only her reflection in them
I knew I she had already become your moon
To you I was only a passing cloud
387 · Mar 2019
Chrissy Mar 2019
There were millions of words you could have used
but you chose the ones that acted as a dagger and penetrated my back
386 · Mar 2019
Blood rivers
Chrissy Mar 2019
It was a defence mechanism
pretending I wasn't hurting
so you wouldn't see how much you broke me
but my eyes let me down
it was only a whisper but you heard it play in my eyes
the way they welled up and became stained by the little blood rivers we call vessels

your lips barely lifted to fake a smile
when you said "those blood rivers will dry up eventually"
context: by blood rivers I mean the blood vessels you can see in your eyes when your eyes go red from crying and or welling up.
379 · Feb 2019
Former self
Chrissy Feb 2019
I still stare outside the window like a puppy waiting for its owner
for my former self to come home
363 · Jan 2019
Because I met you
Chrissy Jan 2019
every new person I've tried to fall for
every love letter I've tried to write
every mistake in love I've ever made was because I met you.
you were my biggest mistake, because  I can't forget you after you stole my love virginity and stepped on it. Now I look for you in everyone.
360 · Mar 2018
Mutual pain
Chrissy Mar 2018
You hurt me
And I hurt you
It was mutual
353 · Aug 2018
Non- refundable
Chrissy Aug 2018
Maybe If I write my feelings down and threw them away
they will go away too ? Or maybe be recycled ?
Maybe if I scream how I’m feeling into the atmosphere it will somehow get carried to you
Or evaporate and dance with the water particles

Or maybe I shouldn’t let lingering longing consume me anymore
Maybe I shouldn’t let you play on my mind like a broken record because
time isn't refundable but I guess my heart was
345 · May 2019
Wild heart
Chrissy May 2019
Following your heart is one of the most dangerous adventures you could ever decide to pursue

My heart runs so freely
While my mind runs frantically after trying to pick up the scattered pieces of my everything left on the dirt path
340 · Feb 2019
Chrissy Feb 2019
I've given myself more bruises
than any fall could have
331 · Jan 2019
Guilty pleasure
Chrissy Jan 2019
Lose me in the depth of your recklessness
Indulge me in the intensity you disseminate
323 · Feb 2019
out of spite
Chrissy Feb 2019
I will watch your whites turn pink, because I put my red sock in your laundry
out of spite
what better revenge
322 · Mar 2019
Our last encounter
Chrissy Mar 2019
In that moment he realised I was looking at everything but him
and that's how he knew
313 · Apr 2019
Imperfect love
Chrissy Apr 2019
What is a love story if it isn't written in tears and hard-times  
what is love if not the days you can't stand each other but can't stand to be apart at the same time
so you lay watching the ceiling on separate sides of the bed while hands are still intertwined firmly
what is love if not the ear wrenching screaming and the bruised knees from the tumbles and turns
what is love if not the heart swelling affection you have for each other
that heals everything else
and the eyes that smile admirably at each other  
while the world seems to freeze and observe such as sight
el mundo es mejor contigo
311 · Nov 2018
Chrissy Nov 2018
the stars path the way through space to your galaxy where the sun is never overtaken by the moon
I know I talk about stars a lot but I like them
307 · Oct 2017
no peace
Chrissy Oct 2017
I will catch your falling tears and make them beautiful
I will cup your face in my hands and make you look me straight in the eyes
I will make you forget about your worries
I will kiss your cheeks and give them colour again
I will make your stone cold heart warm again
I will give you hopes and dreams
That's what you said
But what I heard was
I will give you false hopes and dreams
I will give you things only to rip them out of your hands again
I will drain you of all energy you have and make you weak for me
So you will never leave me even though I don't treat you properly
I will catch your falling tears and make you cry some more
All you do is make me worry
Don't you realise with you there is no peace
298 · Mar 2019
Letters to you #5
Chrissy Mar 2019
All I wanted was for you to hold my hand and make me stay but you didn't . You not stopping me from leaving hurts more than leaving you

Love from ..........
letter by memoona kazmi
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