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Zephyr Limns May 2020
Will you listen me,
if I speak to you in silence about silence ?

Will you talk to me in silence
when words no longer wake in my mind ?

Will you hear the silence of your heart
which speaks about me to you
or the silence of my heart which sings
the rapsody of our togetherness ?

Will you be the silence I seek in my silence ?
Or Will you be the silence, which silence me silently ?

I chose to sing about me in silence,
for in silence I dont feel any barrier.
But when I chose to read you in silence,
the silence you did offer was not heart warming.

I sit with unquiet mountains
to realize my fondness towards it.
I run with rivers to sense my spirit running before me.
I play with wind to hear the lyrics of my heart.
I lean on trees to listen its stories.

The pleasure I seek in silence
and the agony, you sprayed to
embrace the silence aren't the same.

I then pray with the moon to silent those silences
that wakes in my mind to silence me.

Beloved will you believe me,
if I say, not all silences are same ?

Some silence could break silence
Some silence could heal silence.
And some silence can build silence.

will you buy my words if I say,
not all silence can heal and
not all silence can hurt ?

Also, will you let me to listen
your silence, this time
to handle your heart ?

Will you, my love ?
Chrissy Mar 2019
All I wanted was for you to hold my hand and make me stay but you didn't . You not stopping me from leaving hurts more than leaving you

Love from ..........
letter by memoona kazmi
Chrissy Mar 2019
Hey , just so you know I will never forgive you for figuring me out like a rubik's cube

Love from …….
Chrissy Mar 2019
Your opinion never mattered to me

Love from …………….
Cassidy Shoop May 2015
If I would have known you would **** me up this badly, I would have chosen a different locker on the first day of high school. I would have pulled away the moment you put your arm around me and asked me to hold your project from a ceramics class as you attempted to impress me, and succeeded. I would have never become friends with your twin sister. I would have never said yes when you asked me to prom, and I would have sat on my hands when you tried to hold them in the car on the ride there. I would have looked the other way when you kissed me afterwards. I would have said no when you asked me to be yours, and I would have told you I was busy before you came home with me the same day. I would have never said I love you, or agreed to meet you at that park at 4am in the first place. I would have never been seen with you by my neighbor, kissing on park benches in the rain, pretending we were the only ones left in the universe. I would have never let you get mad at me that way, when we screamed at each other outside the only house I’ve ever called home, when I couldn’t even make it inside before tears started falling from my face. I would have never had that water fight with you at the park that used to remind me of my childhood (now it only reminds me of you.) I would have never broken up with you, and gotten back together, and broken up with you, and gotten back together, and broken up with you, and still been in love with you but hidden it under someone else’s bed sheets. I would have never gotten high with you and forgotten all about him for those two short hours. I would have never talked to you on the phone like we used to, until I realized it was six o’clock in the morning and I had class at eight. I would have never listened to that song on repeat for weeks, even though I can’t stand reggae.
I would have never answered the phone when you called and told me you never wanted to speak to me again. I wouldn’t be sitting here, writing to your ghost, as if I would ever have the nerve to say this to your face.

— The End —