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Ren 7d
A long time ago, a friend said to me,
"Hey, Ren, you need to know something.

You're an awesome person, but you're letting other people control your life.
I'm not only saying it's her, but there are others, including myself, that you're letting take the driver's seat.

I mean, I see people trying to adjust what you think. She's trying to make you kick us out, but I'm not just sitting there either.

I mean, I guess here I was trying to make you stop talking to her because she's a bad influence. But, I also made you watch our shows and other things.

In fact, I made you become friends with all these people. I'm just saying it's time to kick people, not out of your car, but out of the driver's seat.

I'm not saying don't be friends with me and her, you can keep us in the passenger seat if you want. But, you also can kick us out. Otherwise, the road others will send you down will not be marshmallows and unicorns,
I can tell you that.

Of course, we aren't the only ones, but we are the main people doing this to you.

And I believe, you should be able to speak for yourself."
The person who told me this has been my best friend for my entire life, she's awesome. She's always there for me.
Jack Red Jan 10
The wretched wreak wicked intent
The sufferer is but a shadow of their song
The crooked captious are committed I must say
The dastardly devious demand devotion
The strayed sufferer shall sing sweet suffering screams
The ignorant incubi influence is interesting one might say
The conspicuous captivation cannot continue.
The sufferer shall soon stop suffering since
The creatures crave commitment
To nothing but a rope.
Toxichumanbeing Oct 2018
when we were kids we used to play that the floor is lava
but with you it's not lava
it's eggshells
and i'm tired of walking on them.

and sometimes just to amp things up
you like to bury mines for me to step on
and then set them off under my feet
and then come and kick me when i'm down.

your words are backwards
they seem nice but they mean hate
you say we're good but i know better
and i know about the webs you create
for human flies to fall into.

you like having me on a string like a puppet
but i don't dance unless i like the music
and yours *****.
Micah Jun 2018
can i ever willfully forget
the way you kissed your
hatred onto my lips,
like i was a sanctuary

and can i ever willfully regret
having you draped
on top of me,
two worlds colliding in darkness

can i ever say your name
without hearing all the times
i held promise and love in it
and hoped for return

can i ever willfully reverse
the broken butterflies
in my stomach that pound
a symphony when you say my name

can i ever willfully leave
that feeling behind when you ask me
if i'm alright in the same voice
you whispered my name when you loved me

can i ever willfully believe
that it was all just a rouse
to finally create a **** notch
in your bedpost

can i willfully unlove
the beautiful person i believed you were
if i can't willfully seek
the actual ice underneath,

will i ever believe
those nights you kept me happy
were all just a scene
in your play for me

you're a phenomenal actor
a better poet than i could ever be
you string lies together so effortlessly
and here i see the masterpiece

a tragedy built for me.
it's a bad day
Fear hurts.
No matter how happy I am, there is always fear.

When it’s dark at night, there is fear.
Fear crawls underneath the blanket with your beating heart.

When you eat an ice cream cone, there is fear.
Fear slides onto your tongue, along with the sweet, frozen cream, and makes its way down your throat.

When you squeeze a pillow, fear will be there,
refusing to exit your mind.

Fear, why won’t you exit my mind?
It never leaves me..

But fear is what keeps you going everyday.

When you climb a great pine tree,
you feel glad, happy, strong, though never fearless
for fear’s there lurking in the needles right there with you.

When the sweetest pitbull licks your face with it’s oh so soft tongue,
you fear that it will leave you.
When your phone rings,
you fear of who it is.

Fear makes me fearless

When you play, you still fear.
You don’t even know what you fear but
fear is everywhere.
It doesn’t make sense.
Fear doesn’t make sense.

Fear is fear.

When fear comes along
Fear is your best friend
Fear makes me dance.

When you love something,
you fear that it will go away.

You fear of yourself.
You fear of the world.

Fear comes to make life harder,
to make you sad,
to make you scared,
but your heart is full of joy so you just sit at the kitchen table,
eating donuts with a side of fear.

You may love fear, you drink it like it’s coffee,
but you hate fear even more.
I wrote this in a poetry class in 6th grade (hence why its so bad) before I realized I had loads of anxiety
autumn-rachelle May 2018
We never had enough when we were young.
We never needed much, but the exact amount was unknown.
We never got enough; toys food or clothes.
We didn't need that much, so "barely" was the most.

We never got enough of your time.
We didn't understand, the eldest not yet nine.
We didn't get enough, affection or warmth.
We never took for granted, but your time spent was short.

We didn't want more than enough, somehow understanding all you had.
We never asked for much: to play or share or cuddle.
We never got that, you liked to stay in your bubble.
We didn't ask for this, to be born, or brought into your life.

We didn't choose the love, or the lack thereof.
We didn't need the money, you hid away from us.
We had enough for us four, your greed was just because.
We had enough, We had enough, We had enough.

We had enough time, to learn proper affection.
We had enough vocabulary for simple conversation.
We had enough feelings, to know you didn't care.
We were not selfish, so why didn't you share?

Was it that we weren't enough, you needed a new man?
Was it that we weren't calm enough, it got out of hand?
Was it that you didn't have enough, of the finer things in life?
Was it that you didn't think enough, before becoming an underage wife?

Now we live out our lives, believing we aren't enough.
Now we live out our lives, always trying to be more, never being enough.
Now we live out our lives, working hard at enough.
Now we live out our lives, still not understanding the problem wasn't us.
the song of my existence.

any suggestions or corrections are always welcome!
Jey Blu Mar 2018
I need to break free from these binding thoughts holding me down and tearing me up mind and heart racing in sync wondering if I'll fly or I'll sink I'll probably fall attempting to jump this wall of insincerity living or dying its all just the same dates in some notebook no hall of fame live your life but not my way just yours I have no choice but to come when you call down at your feet is where I will fall drawing me in with false love and hope  controlling my life like I'm some sort of dope I am not finished don't interrupt me until I say what I say I'm using my voice I'm calling your name now listen to me or get out of the way
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