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A scribbled note passed
from one insider to the next.

The day she runs out of people
she'll conference with birds,
fall asleep a child
and wake up a woman,
broadcasting from home
on the night in question.

A hundred years from today,
she'll hold on to dead flowers
from the fairground encounter.

She will avoid the bridge,
circle instead around
the walls of Jericho.

She'll write upon the wall
like it was her heart.

JLB Jun 2023
A novel is writ
from the brush of a knee.
Stranger in the window seat.
What's wrong with me?
maybe I saw her
at the laundromat
and just missed her,
I was looking for a change,
while she walked
Now my life remains the same.

A cruel penny for my thoughts indeed.
Pat Villaceran Jul 2020
She who dives
down the thorny road
in search for apothecary
to cure the woes

She who didn't
know what she would
find. Is apparently


Then one day  
a Galahad would
come bump her toes


Inevitable, at least.

This blasts a loud boom of happenstance

Helpless ****** in the face of
the egoist

Both come to terms
and apparently
It has to be

It simply has to

Skyler May 2020
We started on the bed,
With hushed tones.
Hesitant on how to tread.
Still, an urge within our bones.

At first it was soft gazes,
Even softer gasps.
Like a fire that blazes,
Embraced in a heated clasp.

The heat of soft lips,
Pressing down, leaving trails
Along soft ******* and hips.
I took in all the details.

Then night after night,
I would see the marks,
The bruises, the bites
Within dips and arcs.

It couldn't stop there,
I never wanted it to.
Though I doubted to care,
For the things you could do.

Now I lay sated,
Awaiting the next encounter.
The next fire to be created
With flames that devour.
Rare that I write about intimacy but there you go. I may write some more that are similar in not so distant future.
Nyakisa Beth May 2020
Her smile was the rare alphabet that composed the words.
Words that made sentences
Sentences that begot paragraphs
Paragraphs that turned into pages
Pages that turned into chapters
Chapters that turned into books
Books that told my story.
My story that unleashed her into my heart and unveiled my century long love mines

My reaction to her smile was the punctuation that changed the meaning of every letter,word, sentence,paragraph, page, chapter, book and ultimately my story.
That was far from over ,she changed my world.

It was not just a smile but the mark of the finest exploration expedition ever known to my circles.
Her smile was the build behind the words, sentences, paragraphs, pages, chapters, the book and ultimately the story that sent me flying.

Far from over,it was not just a flight but a first class flight of passion, affection, belonging, attachment and confidence that saw me smile with a smile that moved the mountains and shook the valleys of my understanding.
She was the element 115 that changed the alchemy, geography, radiology physics .she changed my approach to the theory of everything.

The beautiful soul behind the rare smile that changed everything lays hidden behind the alphabetic curtain of five letters

Behold AMIGO
Not just a word but a monument
Love changes and teaches
Frank DeRose Jan 2020
The friends I make on my daily commute
Are not friends, really.
I don't know them.

But I could, couldn't I?
The mom with a nose ring and cool sunglasses,
Who absentmindedly scratches her cheek,
Flashing her wedding ring,
Blinding with the sun's glare
Rings familiar.

She could be my neighbor
Or my coworker
Or my sister's best friend's older sister.
I wouldn't know.

The man in the van
That reads AJ & Sons
Who also checks his phone at a red light--
He could be my plumber,
Or my next random drinking partner at a bar.

I don't know them.
But I could.
We cross hundreds of paths every day,
Thousands, tens of thousands in a year.

We are not alone.
We are strangers and not-strangers
Hurtling through space and time all the time.

Racing for money, notoriety, happiness,
Racing simultaneously towards and away from death.

We are one and the same
We are none and neither.

Are we?
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