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Chrissy Sep 3
if there was a way self love could be bought
I would have invested everything I had into it
Chrissy Aug 2
You will find me where the water holds tightly onto the horizon
You will find me in the way the clouds cry oh so slightly
but just enough to water my dry roots
You will find me where the breeze hits the sunflower fields
You will find me in the way the sunflowers sway at their elongated stem
You will find me in the way the petals fall as you say
She loves me not
Chrissy Aug 2
I rather age like fine wine without you
Than be poisoned everyday by words that do not allow growth
Chrissy Aug 2
I have already mentally prepared myself
because you have already drifted
So I know where this is heading
but physically i'm not ready to go through that kind of pain
It’s soul ******* .
Chrissy Jul 8
Unravel yourself you said
you said I have been bound up soo tightly
it is hard to even begin unknotting
it is hard to for anyone to decode the arithmetic's in my mind
you said I never let myself feel what I have never felt instead
you said I lay dormant awaiting a match

But I know of these foreign blazes that come and consume like a flame
sometimes I want to be immersed in their heat
it is what I crave
but I feel like the more I run towards burning fire
the more the smoke begins to suffocate
you said I should let go
Chrissy Jun 13
Don't think about it too much
just drop all the weight that has been causing you to sink
then maybe for once you will be able to float
Chrissy Jun 13
Trying to push a mountain that can not be moved is crazy
not every mountain can be moved out of your way
sometimes you just have to take the long way around it
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