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Chrissy Sep 10
will you tell me what you're feeling
what you're thinking
why don't you speak to me when you're angry
what is going on in your head
why am I met with silence when I try to unlock your voice
it is what picks at my flesh the most
it is what speaks idiocy in my ear
telling me it's all going to disintegrate like it never existed
telling me just like everything else in my life
this will turn into nothing
Chrissy Jul 6
You are such a sweetheart
I'm a cold-hearted *****
I think we are perfect
A love that just works
Chrissy Jul 6
Now I have too much silence
too much peace
not enough pace
I think it is foolish to want a little trouble
but right now I'm floating on motionless water
with no storm cloud in sight
and I hate the stillness of it all
Chrissy May 29
I envy how the rain can just wash away what it pleases
Chrissy Jan 3
All I ever wanted was stability
somewhere I could be safe
not afraid
but the universe has chewed up every bit of familiarity I held like a heartbeat
and made it flatline
Chrissy Dec 2019
Sometimes we regret that we let people flicker in and out of our lives
like a broken light bulb
we think that its our fault because we didn't hold onto them with our whole souls
and now empty rooms seem to echo even louder now that they are gone

but now the light bulb has finally died
and we sit quietly in the dark
we've realised that light bulb wasn't worth replacing ever
because they chose to leave you in the dark
Chrissy Nov 2019
It’s a little colder now
A little harder to breathe
Harder to get the words out
I’m a little choked up
so please don't ask me if I'm ok
I just might breakdown
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