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Chrissy Mar 1
Even the feeling of a void is amiss
I have gotten to the point beyond nothingness
How did it get this bad
Chrissy Dec 2020
I can't even remember how to be who I was before the pandemic
I miss that girl that was confident-ish
that was hopeful
that looked positively upon the world
that loved adventure and sunshine

I miss her laugh
her smile
I miss her eyes that used to sparkle not with tears but with joy
she was just starting to leave her chrysalis
she was just learning to use her wings
her wings along with her freedom were claimed
all she loved stolen by what felt like a deadly gust of wind

Now I've just built up the strength to regather those scattered pieces of myself
but I don't think I'll ever be that me again
Does anyone else not feel like themselves anymore ?
Chrissy Dec 2020
Unworthy of being hired

Not worthy of being remembered

A little too quiet
Not worthy of being heard
How I feel right now
Chrissy Sep 2020
will you tell me what you're feeling
what you're thinking
why don't you speak to me when you're angry
what is going on in your head
why am I met with silence when I try to unlock your voice
it is what picks at my flesh the most
it is what speaks idiocy in my ear
telling me it's all going to disintegrate like it never existed
telling me just like everything else in my life
this will turn into nothing
Chrissy Jul 2020
You are such a sweetheart
I'm a cold-hearted *****
I think we are perfect
A love that just works
Chrissy Jul 2020
Now I have too much silence
too much peace
not enough pace
I think it is foolish to want a little trouble
but right now I'm floating on motionless water
with no storm cloud in sight
and I hate the stillness of it all
Chrissy May 2020
I envy how the rain can just wash away what it pleases
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