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SimpleWritings Dec 2018
crying silent tears of misery
biting your mouth to ignore the pain
praying for someone to hear the screams in your head
to come in the room and stop the abrupt hurricane

is it r-a-p-e if you don't kick and scream?
is it r-a-p-e if you just lay there?

they were meant to protect you
they were meant to uncover the sun amidst the clouds
but instead, they took what was not theirs to take
cursed you with evilness that'll make you unable to fit in crowds

I am worried,now, Are thou?
not of the death although.
but of the gathering held there,
To count the sins spread here.

He has summoned those who lived next,
I cannot even escape by putting this text.
Being, colors, peace-He gave,
evilness, fadeness,noise-I have.

What quality do you have? a few or none,
he would see all of us there,one by one.
What has to be carried?
I am really worried.
God has many eyes and several on us...he does see us...
Call me bella Aug 23
It is
Where you’ll see eyes clear as glass,
Reflecting a vibrant sunset.

It’s at the heart of a child,
Who knows no evilness.
At the pen of a poet in paper,
When words fluid fearlessly.

It is every time you see her smile,
Or the sound of his voice.
When honesty is being at its finest,
And loyalty never forgotten.

As the words ‘I love you’
Are said at the hearts weakest point.
It’s pureness what makes us
Feel the profoundness of life.
Johannah Jeanty Jan 2018
I dreamed a dream
When I was alive
My hope was high
And my life worth living

I dreamed that
Evilness would have died
I dreamed that
People would be more loving

Right now I am young and unafraid
My dreams are made and used and wasted
There was no ransom to be paid
No song unsung, no wine untasted

But the demons come at night
With their love as soft a barb wire
They want to tear your hopes and heart
They want to turn my dreams to shame

I always dreamed my life would be
So different from this world I'm living in
So different from what it seams
I had a dream.
Dreaming! My favourite inspiration!
eidorian Feb 13
I am sinner in this world
full of evilness
not worthy to be one of your children
but you love me with tenderness

you knocked into my heart
i didn't let you in
i shove you away
but you stay right there

i was fully covered with darkness
i never meant to be save by you
i locked my doors
but you tried to get in

my heart was closed
but you made a key
you drove away the darkness
and to the blinding light you sent me

my sins were cleaned
my anger was gone
took away my fears
you replaced it with peace

i know you did too much
how can i repay you
but with this question i have
you told me to stay

the faith, peace and love
is a gift of bringing me back
to the blinding light of heaven
and to the darkness to never comeback
King Tutankhamun Oct 2018
Once the tears shed a thought is
From the nerves that beg
For attention I'm still
Got **** why must I feel the
Of a forced commotion let me
Be now
Used to love but now I'm a criminal
I shatter muthakuckas til
They weapin' eternally
How long will they mourn me for the ******
Laid on me drenched in my own
Mama crying but I ain't lying see the time multiplying
Each day a closer step to judgement day
At the end of the day it don't
What they say as the evilness
On weakest I'm still feelin' bliss as the sun kiss
My body even though I'm dead and gone
And all y'all remain strong til the
Of the song and light up a
Yeah it seems
But its nothing but deja vu for teardrops and closed

Now that sun done rose up I bake
See the Hennessy in my cup a demons corrupt
Let the spirits meditate and
So I can create a perfect flow

My tactics made from a blind man with a pistol
In hand can't see wheres he's aimmin'?
But he sees the sighing spirit world crying
Out let the demons out begins a
Enter the realms of the
dark so I can
Hide that pain that consumes sweep up
Like a broom looking at the tombs
Of my past peers
I let the tears kiss the grave can't be saved
I'm stuck.on this Earth as a slave until I pave
A way to my destiny my heart I'm off the charts
Made a heartless ******* until the pain sours
Tears drops and closed caskets
babygirl45 Jan 30
She stood on the bridge
In silence and fear
For the demons of darkness
Had driven her here

They cut her heart
Right out of her chest
Making her believe
That the demons knew best

They were always there
Sometimes just out of sight
Waiting in the background
Till the time was right

These demons were destructive
Knocking down the life she knew
Hating everything about her
She hated herself too

These demons can't be seen
But they're far from fairy tales
They live inside your mind
Their evilness prevails

So on the bridge she stood
About to end the fight
Then she stopped and thought
I'll fight them one more night

— The End —