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Syd Oct 1
Load the gun and shoot
At the moonlight blindly
For shining soo brightly
When it's dark around

Speed and ram your vehicle
Against the elderly pedestrian
For being too old and slow
When you are on the road
Syd Sep 24
Priest, l see you will **** me anyways
I have brought some **** with me
Be careful, I might trip you when l Bend over
You might get sodomized, your *** won't heal
Syd Sep 24
Chad takes the ***** and the cake
Inkel rot in their mommy's basement
You can't **** or keep slaves no more
The game was fixed from the start
Come, **** , beat your meat all day
Feel your sticky fingers and the cumrag
Syd Sep 23
Time remains to change everything
From hope to despair, to nothing at all
We end up rocking our wooden chair
In a noisy quiet strange neighborhood
Let alone others, I don't see my reflection
Wasn't death enough of a good end
Now , we have to deal with an eternal life
Wish l were a rock , lifeless without guilt
Or an ant squished under some boot
I don't need the devil to misguide myself
The angels don't understand my nature
But worse of all, I am afraid of myself
Syd Sep 23
It befits l leave empty handed
But with my deeds to the grave
The sunset is here with its warmth
Leave my gravestone, let me sleep
Perhaps, indeed, l will wake up one day
Not for you but to meet God finally
Syd Sep 17
We don't even own nothing
Borrowed time, illusory existence
Endless deceit of the world
Hope , which will never transpire
My slumber will overtake me
You can go on reading, thinking
Syd Sep 12
There isn't a place under the clear sky
To look for your presence from your absence
So my inward gaze turned towards itself
The sight and the seer became one finally
l talk with myself in hopes of reaching you
Come as a flood and l will flow besides you
You created me ex nihilo to show yourself
And yet I'm still waiting to see you oneday
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