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Syd Aug 23
Every root is cut, separated from the tree.
A sightless future and desecrated history.
Every sacred value is being torn apart.
Despair lives and dwells in every heart.
Reason is biased and a subject too.
It cannot tell what's false or true.
What does creation of art and value mean ?
Is value simply what's new and unseen ?
If you take away every standard bearer.
Nothing will prosper or be clearer.
Syd Aug 17
Dance in ecstasy and delight.
Forget what's right, be a little crazy.
Free your senses and free the mind.
Never be confined nor fear consequences.
It's your own way , so have your say.
Pray or dance the night away .

Ta da .
Syd Aug 16
Nobody wins and nobody loses.
As everyone dies in the end.
Life is a form of non existence.
As before birth and after death.
People hold on to life with hope.
In the mosques and churches.
In the temples and synagogues.
Some take drugs, others drink to death.
Some have careers, others are carefree.
Some ignore it, others philosophize.
How eagerly we avoid despair.
Yet life is nothing short of a tradegy.
It's all okay in a way.
Syd Aug 15
Feel the Indian ghosts, see Mr Mojo rising.
A drunken poet , a shaman is dancing.
A Priest of Dionysian temple falls.
The crowd is awe struck and in epiphany.
His poetry reminds you of Rimbaud.
He was destined for self destruction.
To be buried in a graveyard of artists.
Syd Aug 15
Look in the fridge for coke and ice.
A plate of fish slice should suffice.
And two bowls of brown cooked rice.
Eat unhealthy and ignore all advice.
Silly stuff
Syd Aug 14
He revels in festivity.
He loves evil and creativity.

The pleasure of eternal damnation.
To live life with condemnation.

The acceptance of one's own nature .
To take life for a misadventure.
Syd Aug 13
Why am I so lost ?
In an endless fog of doubt.
Reach and hear me out.
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