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Nathan Horkstrom Jun 2019
"Fairy tales do not tell
Children that Dragons Exist.
"Children already know
Dragons Exist.
-G.K. Chesterton Wrote,
Nathan Horkstrom May 2016
Alone in my head,
I'm feeling so low,
You wont understand,
No one can know.

My eyes are so tired,
I can't sleep at night,
Your face haunts my dreams,
When I turn out the light.

It happened so suddenly,
It happened so fast,
I knew all at once,
That none of this would last.

Was I just a game?
Was this all just for fun?
Did my feelings matter,
To anyone?

"This didn't mean anything",
That's what you said,
As I was so shamefully,
Getting up from your bed.

I held my head high,
As I walked by your side,
Tears welling up,
I was dying inside.

Weeks have passed,
Keeping secrets, telling lies,
I don't have the strength,
To look either of them in the eyes.

My heart has been broken,
Not once, but twice,
Once by my best friend,
Once by the love of my life.

Deep down inside,
I know it's my fault,
So I'm just going to lock it,
Away in my vault.

Sometimes I still think of you,
When I'm lying in bed,
Still all alone,
Inside of my head.
Thank you to Earl Rynn Wagner for helping me open a piece of my heart and giving me help to write about it.
Nathan Horkstrom May 2016
Here I am, stumbling down the street
The rain's pouring down
I'm staring at my feet

But splashing on my feet it is
my tears and not the rain
They're are salty and bloodstained
From my agonizing pain

Nobody could be more
mad at me than me
Why was I so stupid?
Never again will she trust me

She's asking me too many questions
Ones I want so much to ignore
But I've brought this on myself
What else could I have been asking for?

When I think about the way things are
The tears roll down my face
If only I could turn back time
I would've never ended up in this place.
A relationship that I felt i could fix only hurt me and her in ways we would of never thought. Im sorry....
Nathan Horkstrom May 2016
She stood on the bridge
In silence and fear
For the demons of darkness
Had driven her here

They cut her heart
Right out of her chest
Making her believe
That the demons knew best

They were always there
Sometimes just out of sight
Waiting in the background
Till the time was right

These demons were destructive
Knocking down the life she knew
Hating everything about her
She hated herself too

These demons can't be seen
But they're far from fairy tales
They live inside your mind
Their evilness prevails

So on the bridge she stood
About to end the fight
Then she stopped and thought
I'll fight them one more night
Nathan Horkstrom May 2016
The sadness drowns me.
The emptiness consumes my life.
We used to be so happy.
You were going to be my wife.

Everything went great,
Everything seemed perfect,
Till you went out late,
And my entire life got wrecked.

I got lost in your eyes.
I was dazed by your smile.
Now yet again I have to compromise.
I was suicidal for a while.

If there is one thing I learned
From all of this darkness in my life,
It's that every angel out of heaven needs to be returned,
And I know I will see you in the afterlife.

You brought me smiles, you brought me tears.
I gave you happiness, I gave you scars,
But together we overcame all our fears
And stayed up all night staring at the stars.

You gave me wisdom in the lowest of places.
You gave me faith in the darkest of days.
You gave me peace no matter the race.
You gave me love in more than one way.

So for now I will stay true.
You are my one and only,
For I can't find anyone like you,
And finally I don't feel lonely...
I can only apologize for my actions, please don't hate me.
Nathan Horkstrom May 2016
I wish that I could talk to you,
and beg you not to go.
I wish I asked what you were going through,
but now I'll never know.

I wish that I had some warning
of what you'd do that night,
and that you'd given me a chance to save you,
to help you make things right.

I wish that you could've soldiered on,
and worked through the pain.
If you had, I promise you,
you would've been happy one day.

I wish that the last time I saw you
I didn't rush away.
I wish that I had hugged you harder,
and told you I loved you that day.

I wish that I could bring you back
to see you one last time,
to hug you close, to hear your voice,
and then the world would be fine.

But all these things can't ever happen,
the nightmares are all about you.
There's not one thing I can change,
because these wishes will never come true.
This is for a very important person that was in my life, then she left her own...
Nathan Horkstrom Apr 2016
Just a girl with know one by her side,
People care and urge to help she just wont open her eyes.
The only help she feels she needs is another cigarette,
Knowing it'll help for only a short while not sure how far shell get.
She just wanted a shoulder to cry on and someone that wouldn't leave her.
She's to blind to see that he has been here waiting as she asked of him,
Scared of his choices he has made she refuses to let him in.
She opens her eyes and know one in sight just how she had imagined,
Just as her eyes close she hears his voice and wonders how this has happened.
He stuck through to the end hoping she could hear his desperate cries,
"Your not the only one who's been locking people out there whole lives."
She feels a sense of love but she could never be sure,
She hates to hear that awful foreign word.

She leaves him a note,
My Dearest I will forever be with you in your heart,
But here is where I must depart.
She closes her eyes and hope for the worst,
But she didn't realize he's the one who jumped first.........
How i've been feeling lately I guess.
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