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neth jones Mar 23
i govern an idling heart                                                            ­    
doomingly glazey
won't lift a care                    but won't swat no fly either
maintains functional        with the safety hitched on
observes the public goings and fro-ings            
                           without discrimination
but offers no service                          
             no aid            
and no addition

docile         and folded         and dormant of view
in a world-scape kniving to be brighter                                                   
                                           more memorable and avidly self dominant
                             i am a skiving witness

the older i get the more this approach                  
                                           is not an easy one
i observe a neighbour bully about his kids                 
using jest rewards between shouting them to heel
and cuffing them violent
i observe a lady place her friend                                  
                                      with a simple remark
('i like your choker.. it's like something i wore as a child
it's nice to remember that')
i observe war retread on the screen                                      
i observe a couple secretly kiss and brush fingers.          

human spoil seen now ;         
        it draws pity, pain and longing
i am not devoid                        
                                  ­     despite much practice          
  some involvement on my part
                                             may be due
ashw Aug 2021
Every morning, a parade goes by
And I peek out from behind the curtain,
It’s my own personal procession,
If nothing else, of this I’m certain.

Each float that passes by
Showcases an emotion long-expelled,
Mixed-in with painful memories,
It’s a marching preview of hell.

I watch it at first get nearer
Then farther and farther away,
But for a moment I start to panic
Afraid that it might stay.

Today there’s a new addition,
What would have been by downfall,
I had no choice but to cast it aside,
It’s the most gut-wrenching of all.

Even from a distance
It causes an ache to spread throughout,
Maybe I should have kept that one,
It’s the first to make me doubt.

Is it better to feel nothing?
To live life completely devoid?
I thought if I got rid of them
I would have no feelings to avoid.

But even though it’s fleeting;
A brief reminder of yesterday,
I can never fully banish them,
The parade still comes my way.
seawreck Nov 2020
How devoid was I of human interaction
that a small gesture of love on TV screen made me sob.........
watching k drama and crying
Ruheen Apr 2019
It hurts.
I know it does.
But I'm devoid of emotion,
So I can't feel it.
I think that's a good thing.
Isn't it?
I'd rather be dead, but still, I wish I was numb.
Bryce Jun 2018
Howling wind
Flying dust
grating sands
none too much

Soldier boy
This I trust
A soul so pure
yet given up

Let your flag
remember you
let it wave
a fair adieu

From every fifty spangled stars
No honored tread of boot too far
May spirits lie in great recline
Dream, and rest, nor roused to fight

May peace partake in later fate
On burdened shoulders
And trembling legs

Hold the world you dreamed up high
With eyes beset that endless night

Beyond that veil you see so true
Those glistening stars call home to you.
Jay Dayz May 2018
I feel empty,

My chest feels like breaking:
My eyes cry a river.
My skin pleades for release
from the storm deep inside me

As I lay down in bed
And let the dark sureound me;
I look up above to the empty space,
I see the reflection of my empty maze

Clear or red,
I don't want more rivers.
Black or white,
I just want the truth.
Please release me,
From my endless sorrow.
I cant breath
With my chest so hollow
The eptiness claws my insides. It's hungry for something, but I don't know what...
Sean Achilleos Apr 2018
Though this world is full of people
There is no one for you
You are entirely alone
You observe a film and catch a bird's eye view of a giant size city
You see the enormous buildings
Uncountable windows
In every window there is a light
Where there is a light, there is life
So many people you think
How is it possible that I am alone, you say
Every time you reach out to be loved
It crashes on barren ground
Most don't understand you
And those who do
Only understand a small part of you
Forever giving of yourself
Yet never receiving
A soul in anguish
Yet you know that out of darkness and despair creativity comes
You long for those short lived moments
Like a flower that blossoms in season
Only to wither away when the moment is over
Trampled underfoot by the clowns of this world
The ones who know so much, yet actually know so little
The ones who base their cleverness and worth on their fattened bank accounts
They say we are all equal and deserve happiness
Really now???
Or has our life path been carved out before the beginning of time
Some to thrive and others to suffer
Like Judas was chosen to betray Jesus
I'm sure he just fulfilled his role in life, somebody had to do it
Yet it's human nature to question why you are devoid of Love
Have I done something wrong in a previous life, you ask
Afraid to smile in case it gets wiped off by the reception of bad news
For the vulture is forever watching while sitting on the perch
Waiting quietly like a scarecrow in a field
For when you fall he will be ready to devour
Written by Sean Achilleos
30 April 2018©
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adriana Apr 2018
the blood in my veins
is pumped by a heart that's in chains.
i'm bound by your love,
in a world that's devoid of
every color except for you.
and i wish that i could redo
the first day that we met.
i would've stayed in until the sun set.
to stay away from you and your
Sarah Markbride Mar 2018
Show me all the parts of you, that you choose to hide away.
I will love you regardless, whatever you have to say.
You can't hide in the shadows, never letting all of you see the light of day.
That's the lesson we have to learn, that the right one will love you anyway.
Until you feel you can tell me, you can be the night and I will be your day.
We are all full of both light and dark, just dont let it devoid you of your spark.
Lunar Oct 2017
"When you're lonely,
what do you do?"

"I take pictures
of my favorite places."

"But why do you
keep taking
pictures of the same spots?"

"Because sometimes,
I wish
you'd appear
in one of them."

i take many pictures of my favorite places almost expecting you'd be what i captured, wjh.
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