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Matthew James Apr 2016
Poem 6 edited
I know and understand the cynicism of most on this topic, but I can assure you that I have not invented any of this, so treat my poem with the seriousness it deserves.

It is a tale of forgotten events.

Things I'd pushed away from my mind as a child.

Things I did not believe we're real.

The dark.

The uncanny.

The Unknown.

I'll begin...

The Evil Tree.

To get to the gravestone we had to pass an old tree
One with a terrible history
A tale that ended, evilly

We walked through the dark woods toward the evil tree.
The mist hung the way it does normally,
but in an evil way.

The trees around the evil tree leaned away fearfully
Or some of them leaned towards the tree,
but less toward than they'd normally be
If it weren't an evil tree

The evilness of the evil tree
was so great that it hid it cleverly
By looking just like every other tree
But evil

Its roots were evil roots
Taking evil nutrients
That looked like other nutrients,
But evil

The evil nutrients fed the evil trunk
Like an evil woody chunk
Filled with standard sappy gunk
But evil

The evil gunk was in the branches too
The branches were evil through and through
They were deepest, darkest evil brown
With evil moss up and down
Swaying in an evil way
Like other branches day to day,
But evil

The branches followed on to the evil twigs
Twigs thinly evil; branches evilly big
Growing out ShArP AnD POINTY!
Like skinny arms, evilly jointy!!
But at the ends of these twigs...

Unlike ordinary twigs...

Were leaves,

Evil leaves!
EvIL lEaVEs!!!
Everywhere were evil leaves!
Some of them high in the trees!
Some of them were on the floor
And on the graves I saw yet more!
Evil green
And brown and red!
Many of them just lay down DEAD!

And if that were not enough...

I walked toward this evil tree
Unaware how evil a tree could be
As I bravely gained upon this pillar
I saw a hungry caterpillar
It was crawling in the normal way
Like caterpillars do every day

Slowly, it crawled
Twisted and contorting its body
Edging ever closer
Toward me

I innocently reached down to pick him up

And that's when I noticed

The bite marks

In the leaf

An evil leaf!!

Time seemed to slow right down
I noticed too late, the evil brown!
I saw its evil greeny hue
And it's evil hairy back
Looking like other caterpillar do,
that don't give you a heart attack
Tick and tock
The time passed by
I saw the evil monsters eye
Raised upon an evil stalk
Wondering if he could scream or talk
What would he say?!

He'd say...

I'm an evil caterpillar
I will maim and devour these leaves
Not just the evil, the innocent too
Their life will be a tasty filler
And as their branchy mother greaves
She can watch me as I chew, chew, chew
Just like other caterpillars do
But evil!

And then I'll grow an evil cuccoon
One with plenty of evil room
And hang high in the evil branches
Where nobody would take their chances

Outside, it's still and eerie calm
Inside I start to dis embalm
I flay my skin
And then begin
To change

And after many evil days
You think you've lost my evil ways
Until I break
I'm born anew
My evil body grew and grew
The most hideously evil things
A pair of pretty butterfly wings!

And as I had this evil thought
I realised that I was caught!!
The caterpillar crawled on to my hand
But ...
strange enough I felt just grand!
There was not heat nor evil sting
Just this tiny little thing
I realised he wasn't evil
Less evil than a common weevil
I lifted high, held him aloft
When suddenly he fell back off!

I looked down on him, like a God
Lifted my foot and then I trod!

I now know what happened you see
He passed his evil on to meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!
Allen Wilbert Mar 2014
Evil Lurking

Evil lurking in the streets,
evil lurking in the sheets.
Evil lurking in the car,
evil lurking in the bar.
Evil lurking in the church,
evil lurking where you search.
Evil lurking in the brain,
evil lurking in *******.
Evil lurking everywhere,
evil lurking, this I swear.
Too afraid to go out,
evil lurking, I have no doubt.
Paranoid to the max,
refuse to pay any tax.
Evil lurking in the jail,
evil lurking in the mail.
Evil lurking in the schools,
evil lurking in the fools.
Evil lurking in the movie theater,
evil lurking in every creature.
Evil lurking at the malls,
evil lurking in the walls.
In my head, I keep searching,
but all I find is evil lurking.
wayne mockler Apr 2020
The torture on the golden ship of evil horrors
after arriving at the big golden pirate ship of torture we are made to walk along the black plank to board the grisly ship.  The horses look around the deck while the evil pirates watch with nasty and wicked eyes of hate towards our bodies.

All of a sudden hundreds of ghostly pirates appear from their  city of spikes and watch  us on the devils deck of terror.  The patch eyed monster with one leg then shouts towards a dark room on the ships deck while the other creatures jump and scream with a mist pint of froth in  their red hands.

The golden  goddess screams in terror when a dark figure wearing a purple hat walks out on the red deck of horrors.  We all look in horror when the rest of the pirates  chain our army towards  the ships  rails of torture.

i comfort luitent megs with my outreached arm while the dark pirate figure without a nose  and mouth pulls out it jagged  red swords  of horror at our trembling bodies.  The golden goddess stares inside its deep purple eyes while it pulls two  warriors out  from the carnage.

The horses plead for mercy while the  creature drags then towards a small dark corner of the ship.  One of the warriors is then tied down on a long plank of wood while the other pirates begin to move forward towards her shaken bodies.

An angry golden goddess try's to break free from the chains of torture while the other brave warrior try's to save the poor old woman warriors body.  We weep with anger when the pirates begin to rip her golden uniform off revealing her  lacy white old underwear of modesty.

The pirate monsters then quickly surround the shaken mature  woman  and ripping  her underwear off with ease. We listen the the pirate creatures howl with pleasure  whilst exploring her naked body.

Two of the pirates hold her head down while  the ******* pirate  pulls out its small flashing blade and cuts off  her nose  while she scream in terror.  The other pirates then keep her head very still while the creature begins to cut her mouth and lips off while blood fires up across the ships cold dark deck.

A sick golden goddess then begins to throw up when the black pirate holds the woman's golden lips  in the air for all the other pirates to see  and enjoy. We all sink into a dark huddle when the  other warrior is pinned down and sliced open by the black  pirates  sword of horror.

The horses tremble and shake when the other  warrior is pinned by down by fifteen pirate creatures for the black demon pirate pleasure. We all look with open eyes when the demon black pirate carefully removes hes golden genitals and ***** for the screaming warrior.

We are all then taken below deck towards a long  black freezing jail while the pirates party  and drink on spike city of evil horrors.  The horses sit and wonder how to escape  the evil city while the rest of us lay down in the dark  cells of torture.

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

The torture on the golden ship of evil horrors part 2

After a long few hours in the cold dark cells of horror the  evil pirates bring us up on deck while all the other creatures watch  from pirate land of evil. The golden goddess and her army are led out first onto the golden ships deck with  me and luiteant  megs, white tiger and horses behind us.

We shiver and shake when we notice the plank of torture  hanging over the cold red water of evil.  One of the dark pirates comes towards our cold tired bodies and looks at us with  its green eyes of evil while its flowing  hair of snakes shines at our clouded minds of terror.

The golden goddess speaks out towards a smiling one eyed captain before being ******* with rope on a ships pole.  We be the captain for mercy but he's monster pull out two golden warriors and makes them stand near the long plank of wood.

One of the golden warriors is forced to walk the long dark plank while others look on in terror and suspense. The horses try and break free from their handcuffs but get beat down by  the evil pirate creatures of horror

A scared and  terrified warrior stands in the middle of the plank until a giant black figure emerges from the deep red river. The figure a shark with five heads and axe tail jumps at the golden warrior leaving a big deep cut on his forehead with golden blood flowing out everywhere.

I hold a terrified luitent megs tight while his head ***** open in the cold dark night of spike city.  The horses hold onto a shaking white tiger while the creature dives back in the deep red water.

The shark  monster  then jumps again but this time cutting the warriors head off while making the golden blood pour over the dark plank of wood.  The golden goddess begs for mercy until the pirates surround the fighting body of torture with eyes transfixed on her large ******* with glee.

We tell the pirates to keep of her  until  a black pirate with one arm begins to unbutton  her golden  blouse with ease.  The other creatures get closer towards her blushing red cheeks while the dark pirate begins to release the red buttons and exposing her large  ******* to cheers from the ***** pirates  creatures.

After getting  touched and explored by all the evil pirates a crying golden goddess is carried towards spike city drinking saloon along with the other golden warriors. We are  made  to follow behind a guard of pirates while the horses and white tiger  are chained up in the cages of hell.

Once in the drinking den of horror we are made to sit on big long stool while the pirates  strip a red faced golden goddess naked  while the captain watches with a barrel of ***.  we are then taken back towards the dark cage in spike city and locked up with the horses and white tiger.

We look over at the  other big cage from hell and see the army of golden warriors laid down  from the fight on hell.  The horses tend to to a distraught golden goddess with their warm fur of hope and look for a way to escape this hell hole.

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

The torture on the golden ship of evil horrors part 3

After a long night of drinking and laughing the dark pirates settle down under a mist of red sky of horrors.  We sit alone in our  cold dark cage until the  purple light of sunlight shines though the next morning.

The pirate creature wake and walk around the dark spike city of horror until another ship sails in under a tunnel of torture towards the dark city's lights.  A scared golden goddess looks out and sees another pirate ship with orange sails come into spike  harbour.

We cringe with horror when the dark pirates cheer the ship while an orange pirate with six arms stands on its deck.  The  big green and blue ship then settles in harbour while the six armed orange creatures jump out and walk around the scared golden warriors cage.

A sadistic dark pirate captain  then unlocks the cage and drags out tow more golden warriors screaming and kicking for survival. The disgusting black captain then throws one of our heroes to the  orange horrors of lust.

The horses bang and shout at the dark pirate captain  until the orange creatures carry  the golden warrior woman towards a cold dark table of hate.  we listen to her screams while the pirates begin to cut open her golden uniform from to to bottom.

An angry golden goddess screams with anger when the creatures mange to prize open her golden bra  and ripping it off with loud screams of joy  from the other drunken pirates.  She blushes  red with horror when the  creatures  slip down her golden thong causing the  pirates to go wild with excitement.

We sit and watch with anger when the pirates begin  to touch her naked body all over while he screams in anger and hatred. The  creatures then carry her naked body towards the  creatures drinking saloon  of evil.

I hold and comfort luitent megs while the cheer's get higher and higher  followed by a dull silence. All of a sudden two evil  orange pirates  bring out her golden head before sticking in on a long pole near the river.

The golden goddess screams and kicks with anger at the glowing guards while  the other golden warrior is dragged inside the saloon of horror.  We then suddenly hear high pitched screams coming from the warrior inside until a pirate shouts yes in a loud clear voice.

Another  four pirates of evil walk out holding various  parts of the mans body in their glowing  hands of golden blood. The horses bury their heads in the  cage corner whilst the  creatures throw s his head and legs inside a big dark plastic bag of evil.

We all sit alone in the dark  cage of evil  while the orange and black  creatures toast and dance in the  cold evil  saloon of hatred.  The golden goddess and horses look around the dark cage wondering how to escape from the torture of the creatures hands.

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler
adult horror
Antipodean Mar 2014
People believe evil is the great adversary of man
That evil is the actions conducted after sin's temptation
Or horrifying deeds done in the name of something unholy

What is evil?
Evil is a marshmallow that falls from your stick into the fire's ashes
Evil is finding a hole in your favorite sock
Evil is getting a paper cut on your tongue from licking an envelope
Evil is getting splashed by a passing car in winter
Wet, cold and soaked to the bone

Evil is having your dolly broken from childhood antics
Evil is getting beans in your burrito when you ordered without
Evil is watching time speed up as you get older
Evil is watching the clock slow down when you want to leave at 4:00
Time is a *****

Evil is a child's balloon popping
Evil is ice cream and they are all out of sprinkles
Evil is turning on the light switch and the bulb doesn't work
Evil is a red light
Satan lives at intersections

Evil is getting homework that cuts into  your playtime
Evil is watching your dad make himself a PB&J; sandwich, eat it in front of you and doesn't offer to make you one
Evil is being told you have to go to bed early
Evil is when you run out of ideas

*(I wrote this poem with the help of my daughter Casey)
Harriet  turned back off the intercom and stood in the office for a few seconds.  What have we done?  I can't believe I let my ten year old son be the vessel to that thing.  I can't believe we were stupid enough to summon that thing thought Harriet.  Harriet walked out of the office and back to the worship area where Evil was waiting.  
"Why do you have a look of concern on your face Harriet?   What did you think I would be like?"  asked Evil.  "I didn't know what to expect" said Harriet.   As Harriet and Evil stood eyeing each other the members of Sinister walked in the worship area.
"I'm glad you all could make it.  Now sit down" said Evil.  A stocky middle aged man walked up to Evil looked down at him and said "I don't take orders from children."  with a smile on his face Evil broke the man's leg in half by giving him a front kick to his knee cap.  The stocky man hit the floor and screamed in agony.  The members of Sinister watched in horror as Evil wrapped his arms around the man's head and broke his neck.  He then proceeded to rip the man's head off and throw it out the door of the worship area.
"Now if everyone would please listen to me very carefully.  The person you see is not Levi.  I am Evil.  Your priest summoned me and I answered his call.  The vessel you see is Levi but I am Evil.  All of you may address me as Levi" said Evil.  The members of Sinister looked at each other but didn't say a word.  "Sit down.  You all thought the Book of Evil was something to play with and that I wasn't real.  You put the cult Sinister together to pass time and have fun.  I am very real" said Evil as the members of Sinister sat down.  "Your High Priest use to run the show but from now on I'll be running the show.  You may now return to your rooms until I call for you again" said Evil.
All of the members of Sinister stood to their feet and returned to their rooms.  When all of the members of Sinister were gone Evil looked at Harriet and said "I need for you to update me on world events.  I need to know what's going on around the world."   "You need to watch the Visual View Screen.  The Visual View Screen is a device that show us World News, entertainment shows, movies, and music.  What you need to watch is world news.  Follow behind me" said Harriet.
Harriet led Evil out of the worship area and to a room where there was a Visual View Screen.  She turned on the Visual View Screen, turned the channel to the world news, and the two sat down and watched the world news.
"That's it right there.  It's amazing how Scientist and Bio Engeiners come up with things" said Evil.  "What's it?" asked Harriet.  "Don't you just love war?  Your species create genius ways to **** each other.  They created a virus and a cure to for the virus.  The building where the virus is kept is under quarantine.  We are going to release the virus and live in the underground city designed to keep the Scientist and Bio Engeiners safe if the virus ever got loose.  Once the virus **** everyone on planet the members of Sinister will reemerge from the underground city and I will create a new world" said Evil.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum
Julian Mar 2020
Famigerate- to bring news from abroad
2. Opheliminy- the ability to provide ****** pleasure
3. Noogenesis-evolution of the mind
4. Nosocomial- pertaining to a hospital
5. Nullifidian- faithless
6. Neomort-braindead individual
7. Nummamorous- someone who is avaricious for money
8. Nemesism-self-directed frustration
9. Onanism- *******
10. Oculate- having eyes
11. Omniana- about all sorts of things
12. Narrowback- one who doesn’t engage in manual labor
13. Negaholic- persistently pessimistic
14. Faineant- puppet-king, useless ruler
15.Gerendum-something that is to be done
16.GIlderoy- a proud person
17.gobemouche- a gullible person
18. gradatim- step-by-step
19. gramercy-an expression of gratitude or surprise
20. grandeval-of venerable age but antiquated
21. gudgeon- a person easily cheated
22.fagin-someone who induces a crime
23. neovitalism-the theory that total material explanation is impossible
24. gamin- street urchin, imp
25. macarism- taking joy in anothers joys (antonym schadenfreude)
26. Kundlesroman- coming of age story about an artist
27.  macrobian- long-lived as in animated life
28. maidan-open space near a town
29.maeiutic-bringing out latent thoughts
30.mappemond-map of the world
31. mansuetude-meekness, milquetoast tamed
32.melomania-craze for music
33. meropia- partial blindness
34. mesothermic- only effective in temperate climates
35.metagnostic- incomprehensible, beyond understanding
36. metanoia- fundamental change in character (repentance)
37. metemperical- beyond the scope of knowledge
38. mewling- crying feebly
39.mirabiliary-miracle worker
40. misfeasance- doing a lawful act in an incorrect manner
41 motatory- consistently moving
42 mouchard- a police spy
43.muliebrity- womanhood
44. mulligrubs- a despondent or ill-tempered mood
45. myriarchy- government of 10,000 persons
46. mythoclast- destroyer of myths
47. mythopoeic-giving rise to myths
48. kamerad- to surrender
49. katzenjammer- hangover, uproar, clamorous environment
50. kenspeckel-easily recognizable or conspicuous
51.kerygma- teaching of the Christian gospel
52. kindergraph-picture of a child
53. kismet- fate or destiny
54. knubble- to beat with the fists
55. katabasis- military retreat in dire straits
56.facture-worksmanship the making of a product
57. familism- the tendency of a family to cohere as a group
58. farrago- confused mass of objects or people a disordered mixture
59. fastuous- haughty and ostentatious
60. ferial-pertaining to holidays
61. flapdoodle- gross flattery/nonsense
62. floruit- the dates of a persons birth and death
63. fluminous- having many rivers or streams
64. flummery- insipid lifeless gaucherie  of a compliment
65. fogram- antiquated
66. foothot-hastily immediately or on the spot imperative action
67. forswink- to exhaust by labor
68.fustian-garish magniloquence
69. futurition- future existence time to come
70.negotiosity- the preoccupation with business as a workaday trifle
71. nemorivagant-wandering through the woods
72. neoblastic- pertaining to new growth
73. nepotation- riotous behavior/ profligacy
74. nesiote-living on an island
75. nevus- birthmark
76. noctiflorous-flowering at night
77. noddypeak- fool imbecile
78. noetics- rules of logic
79. nomistic- based on a law of sacred books
80. nulliverse-purposeless universe
81. yenta-gossip or busybody
82. yobbery-hooliganism
83. yordim- emigrants who leave Israel
84.veduta- panoramic view of a town
85. velivolant- flying with sails
86.ventose- puffed up with conceit/windy/ flatulent
87.verecund-modest or shy
89. vespiary- wasps nest
90. vesuviate- to burst with heat/ erupt
91. vetanda- forbidden things
92. vetust-very ancient
93.viaggiatory- traveling frequently
94. viaticum-money for travel
95. vibronic- caused by an electronic vibration
96. Victoria- cry of triumph
97. videndum- thing to be seen
98. videtur- it seems
99. viduity- widowhood
101. virago- a manlike or heroic woman or a termagant
102. virason- sea breeze
103. virtu-love or taste for fine art
104. visagist- an expert in ****** makeup
105 visibilia- things that are seen
106 visiogenic-suitable for tv broadcast
108volupty-****** pleasure
109 voraginous-like a whirlpool
110. vulgus- the common people
111. vulnerary- healing wounds
112.verberate- to beat
113. ommateum- the composite eye
114. omnism- belief in all religions

116. oxygeusia- extremely keen sense of taste
117. oread- mountain nymph
118. obganiate-to fluster someone by constantly repeating yourself
119. obelize-to treat something with contempt, scorn or regard as spurious
120. oppositive- garnering local support or disdain
121. odalisque- a female slave in a harem
122. orogenesis- mountain-building
123. orography- descriptions of mountains
124. omnify-to make known or universal everywhere
125. onolatry- the worship of donkeys, ***** or liberals
126. oikonisus-desire to start a family
127. obolary-very poor
128. obrogate-to alter the law by passing a new law
129. occamy-alloy imitating gold or silver oroide
130. olasin-of a long epoch or era
131. odontoloxia-crooked or abnormal teeth
132. oecist- the founder of a colony
133.oecodomic-pertaining to architecture
134.oeillade-an ogle, glance or wink
135.officialism-excessive devotion to station or position
136.oikonisus-desire to start a family
138.oligochrome-art using few colors
139.oligogenics-birth control
140.oleiferous-producing oil
141. ombrophilous-tolerating a large amount of rainfall
142. ommateum-compound eye
143.omnifarious-of all kinds
144.omnify-to make large or universal
145. omphalism- centralization in government
146.onomasticon- a dictionary of proper names
147. ontocyclic-to revert to an infantile state in older age
148.ontography-description of someones essence, form or being
149.ophidiodiarium-a house of snakes
150. ophidian-like a snake
151.opinable- capable of being thought
152.oppignorate-to pawn
153.optative-expressing a desire or wish
155.orarian-coastal, coast-dweller
156. organicism-conception of life or society as an organism
157. orthobiosis-correct or moral living
158.outrecuidance-overwhelming arrogance or self-esteem
159. oxyblepsia-extremely keen sight.
160. apolaustic- dedicated to the pursuit of enjoyment
161. azimuth-mark of the horizon
162.avizandum-private consideration of a case by a judge
163.aval-pertaining to a grandparent
164. auxesis-an aggrandizement permitted by hypertrophy with hyperbole an augmentation of meaning
165.autotelic- being an end in itself
166. autosoterism- belief one can obtain salvation through their own deeds and works and words
167. autology- a scientific study of oneself
168. aurigraphy-writing or engraving in gold; aureate magisterial wit
169. Atticism- elegance in expression that is also concise
170.atocia- female sterility
171. athetesis- rejection of a document as spurious and obelization
172. athanasy- deathlessness
173.assizer- someone in charge of demarcating weights and measures
174. aspergillum- a vessel for transporting and using holy water
175.aseity- self-origination
176. ascian- one inhabiting and equatorial zone/ someone without a shadow
177. arpenteur- a land surveyor
178.armipotent- having strong weapons in a war
179. armigerous-enabled to bear arms
180. aretaics- the science of virtue
181. arenoid/arenaceous- like sand
182.arctician- someone skilled with navigating the polar regions
183.archaeolatry- the worship of outmoded customs and ancient things
184. apistia-faithlessness in marriage
185. aphnology- the science of wealth
186. aphemia- loss of ability to produce articulate speech
187. apercu- a brief outline /glimpse/intuitive insight
188. apanage- privilege of office bequeathed to younger patrons at an early age
189. apagoge- proof by showing the falsehood of the opposite
190.antithalian- opposed to mirth and fun
191. antiscian- a dweller on the exact opposite side of the world
192. antipudic-concealing private body parts
193.antiloquy- speaking against some idea with hortatory force
194.antilapsarian- denial of the fall of humanity in both the future and in terms of original sin
195.anthroposophy- knowledge of the nature of humanity, human wisdom
196.antephialatic- preventing nightmares
197. anglice-in plain English
198.anemocracy- government by caprice or whimsy or by the wind
199.aneabil-single unmarried
200. anaudia- loss of voice
201. anatocism- compound interest
202. anapeiratic- caused by excessive usage
203. anagogy- mystical interpretation
204.anacusic- completely deaf
205. anacampserote- something that can bring back a past love
206. anabiosis- a return to life after apparent death
207.amyloid- starchy
208.amplivagant-stretching far having a great scope
209. amoretto- a cherub or a spirit of love
210.  amoret- love song
211.  ament- a person who fails to develop mentally
212. ambsace- bad luck or a low score
213.ambeer- juice from chewing tobacco
214. amaxophobia- fear of riding in a car
215. amasthenic- focusing light rays to a single point
216. amain-to a full degree, completely at full speed
217. alveromancy- divination using sounds
218. alpestrine- of or like alpine regions or mountains
219. arboricide- the killing of trees
220. alopecia- baldness hair loss
221. alogism- illogical statement
222. alluvion- impact of water on the littoral regions during a storm surge
223. allodic- not subject to a superior
224. algedonics- study of pleasure and pain
225. alamort- half-dead or rejected
226. aiger- tidal wave occurring in rivers
227.agrize- to horrify or disfigure
228. agravic- having no gravity condition of zero gravity
229. agrapha- things Jesus said that weren’t recorded in the gospels
230. aggiornamento- modernizing the teachings of the Catholic Church
231. ageotropic- turning away from the earth
232. agenocratia- opposing birth control
233. agathism- the triumph of evil over good using banausic nefariousness to achieve the ends
234. agapism- the ethics of love
235.agapeistic- Christian love
236. agamist- one who opposes marriage
237. agacerie- coquetry
238. affrayer- disturber of the peace
239. aegis- protection or support
240. advenient- due to outside causes
241.adoxy- ideas that are not heterodox or orthodox
242. adharma- unrighteousness
243.achroous- colorless
244.acersecmic- one whos hair has never been cut
245. acatalepsy- the unknowable nature of all things to precision
246. academicism- the theory that nothing can be known
247 abyssopelagic- depths of the ocean
248. abattoir- a public slaughterhouse
249. abactor- cattle-thief.
250. *******-speech-making intended for the mass-media
251. bumptious- offensively conceited or self-assertive
252.bummel-stroll leisurely journey
253. bullyrag- to assault with abusive language to badger
254.bullock- an ox or a castrated bull
255. bulimy- extreme hunger
256. bulbul- a gregarious songbird
257. bugaboo-loud or empty nonsense
258. bruit-something rumored widely
259. bromopnea- bad breath
260. babeldom- a confused sound of voices all at once
261.bagnio- a bathing house
262. bahadur- self-important official
263. baiseman- kiss on the hand
264. balatron- a joker or a clown especially if self-important
265.bambosh- deceptive nonsense
266. bantling- a brat or a ******* child
267. barbate-bearded
268. baragnosis- loss of ability to distinguish weight
269. barnard- a member of a gang of thieves that acts as a decoy
270.baryphonic- having difficulty speaking
271.battology- pleonasm, futile repetition in writing circumlocution
272. battue- indiscriminate slaughter an Aceldama without cause
273beldam- old woman, hag, ancestress
274. bellipotent-militarily powerful
275 belliferous- bringing war
276. benedict- a newly married man that has long been a bachelor
277. benet- exorcist
278 bethel- a place of worship for ******, a conventicle that teaches heterodox ideas
279 bewray- to betray, reveal or disclose a prized secret
280. bibacious- overly fond of drinking
281. biblioclasm- destruction of the bible
282. bibliognost- well-read individual person with wide knowledge of books
283.biblioklept- a stealer of books
284 bibulous- addicted to alcohol
285. biocentric- having life as the main principle
286.biognosy- general study or theory of life
287. bilious- ill-tempered or very unpleasant
288. billingsgate- coarsely abusive language
289. bilocation- ability to be in two places at once
290. binnacle- case where ships compass is kept
291. biogeny- vital essence or force
292. bionomics- study of organisms interacting in their environment
293.bismer- shame, disgrace, scorn
294. bisociation- association with one principle with multiple ideas sometimes two sometimes scores
295.blackguard- to vituperate and decry as a scoundrel
296. blandish- to flatter, coax, cajole
297.blarney- skillful flattery, nonsense
298.blench- to shrink or flinch
299.blehterskate- a garrulous talker of nonsense
300.blettonism- alleged ability to find an underground watter supply or an argosy of something hidden by clairvoyance
301. blissom- subject to or having strong ****** desires
302.bluestocking- an early feminist educated or literary woman
303. boanerges- a skilled speaker with a powerful stentorian voice
304.bodewash- cow dung
305 bodge- a piece of clumsy worksmanship or facture
306 bogan- quiet tributary or backwater
307 boggart- specter, bugbear, goblin
308 bolide- a large meteor that bursts a fireball
309 boman- a well-dressed criminal
310 bonification- paying a bonus or a reward
311. bonism- the doctrine the world is good but not perfect in the Panglossian sense
312. boodle- counterfeit money, means obtained by corruption
313.  borasco- a violent wind squall
314.borborology- a filthy talk that is burlesque
315. boscage- thick foliage or woodland extremely elegant prose or aureate poetry
316. boschveldt- bush country, wilderness of the intellectual imagination with acatalepsy challenged
317. bourasque- a tempest or stormy situation
318. boursocrat- a stock exchange official
319. bowery- a seedy or run-down district of a city
320. boyg- a problem difficult to come to grips with because it strain the imagination or writers block
321.brabble- to squabble or quarrel
322. brasero- a place where criminals, scoundrels traitors are burned alive
323. brassage- the difference in value in minting a coin and its value
324.breedbate- someone looking for an argument anywhere they can fetch it
325.brevet- commission to enable an officer to take a higher rank mobility
325.bridgewater- anything undesirable or worthless as of people or places
326.brio- enthusiastic vigor
327. Brocard- an elementary law or axiom that predicates a field for more complex synthesis and analysis
328.broch- luminous ring around the moon
329.bromidrosis- strong-smelling sweat or a rankling languor from work that effects other people with odium
330.broma- food or ailment
331. caboose- kitchen on the deck of a ship
332. cabotage- sailing or  flying to a destination that is domestic or in the same country
333.cachaemic- having poisoned or dysgenic blood to be eliminated from gene pool
334. cack- *******, worthless nonsense
335. cachet- mark of prestige, seal of approval from higher regnant authority
336. cacodoxy- bad opinion or wrong doctrine
337. cacogenics- study of racial degeneration from miscegenated lowlifes and guttersnipes
338. cacotopia- a place where everything is as bad as it can be
339. cadastre- record of ownership and value of property proof of IQ
340. cadge- to beg or sponge from another
341. caducity- being of a fugacious or temporary existence
342. caesarapopism- secular rule of a religious state
343.caitiff- base, cowardly and despicable
343 calando- slowing with gradually lowering volume as a fit of tears or mewling
343. calenture- tropical fever due to sweltering conditions anxiety around a hot woman
344. calescence- an increase in heat
345.callisteia- awards given for beauty
346. callithump- boisterous and noisy parade
347. calodemon- a good or propitious spirit
348. calvary- an experience of dreadful mental anguish
349.cambristy- science of international exchange
350. Camelot- a newspaper vendor
351. cameralism- mercantilism used a stranglehold for the leviathan to become an irrefragable mainstay inexorcisable
352. camisade- night attack
353. camorra- group united for treacherous, treasonous malfeasance or horrid ends
354. canter- someone who makes pretentious or affected statements that are hypocritical
355. cantonment- a small military town
356.cantative- of or pertaining to singing
357. captious- peevish ready to find faults breedbated
358. carking- imposing great hardship or pain like labor and such
359 carminative- relieiving flatulence making a brainfart
360. carnaptious- bad-tempered ill sullen mood
361.castophrenia- the feeling that thoughts are being stolen
362. casualism- the belief that chance is the governor of all things in an imperious way aleatory fatalism
363. catabasis- decline of a disease in a natural population
364. catadromous- migrating from fresh to salt water to spawn entering the dating world by engaging in brackish incalescence and philandering
365. catamite- boy kept for homosexual purposes among Greek pederasts
366. catasta- pedestal or stage for brutalizing slaves in public
367. catchpole- constable, sheriffs office
368 catechectics- teaching by question and answer
369. catena- series like a chain or sequence
370. cathexis- investment in emotional thought or idea or imago
371. cauponate- to engage in questionable or illegal activity in trade for material gain
372.centuple- hundred-fold increase
373. chaffer- to bargain or haggle.
374. chandelle- sharp upward turn in aviation or the stock market or ones personal fortunes
375.chantage- blackmail to prevent importunate calumny from percolating too widely especially if veracious
376. characterology- study of the development of a character in bildungsroman
377. charnel-room where corpses are placed
378. chicanery- clever but misleading talk, casuistry deception
379. chiliarchy- government by 1000 people vs. a myriarchy government by 10k
380. chiminage- toll paid for going through a forest (toll on explorers of deep intellectual ideas through gatekeepers)
381. chionablepsia- snow-blindnenss
382.  chirorocracy- government by physical force a brutal regime
383. chouse- to cheat or swindle
384.chrestomathic- pertaining to useful knowledge that can be applied in a discursive way for elaborative gains in comprehension rather than retreads of circumlocution
385.chyme-partially digested food or knowledge
386. cicerone- tour-guide
387.ciconine- of or pertaining to stocks
388. Cienega- a marsh or swamp
389. ciplinarian- one who teaches disorder like the Joker
390. circumduct- to cause to revolve around an imaginary axis as in conceptual gravity
391. circumforaneous- wandering around from market to market for best price
392. circumjacent- bordering on every side
393. clarigate- to declare war formally
394. clastic- able to be disconstituted into component objects
395. claustral- cloistered, secluded narrow-minded
396. claver- gossip
397. clavigerous- keeping keys around to extort people
398. cleronomy- inheritance
399. climacteric- a critical point in someones life
400. clinamen- inclination, bias, jaundice partiality
401. cliometrics- analysis of economic history using mathematics
402. clysmian- of or caused by a flood a pluvial torrent
403. coalize- to bring into a coalition
404.cockamamie- ridiculous incredible
405.cockshy- object of criticism or ridicule
406. codling- unripe apple or a city that is not formed right and needs some maturation
407. coeval- having the same duration in time
408. cogitabund- engaged in deep thought
409. collegialism- a theory that the church is separate from the state
410. compeer- someone of equal rank or stature
411.complicant- overlapping conceptually in latticework elegance
412. conceptualism- theory the universe exists solely in concepts
413. Comstockery- the suppression of lewd vices and ******* bowdlerization
414. conation- mental effort exerted in the pursuit of a goal or agenda
415. concetto- ingenious expression witticism
416. concinnity- harmony, elegance, congruity
417. conclamation- the shouting of many voices simultaneously
418. concubitant- marriageable age
419. Confiteor- prayer of confession of sin
420. congee- permission to depart
421. congener- something of the same type of nature
422. consciuncle- hair-splitting pedantic conscientiousness
423. consentient- unanimous
424. consecution-logical sequence or progression of an argument
425 constative- capable of being true or false
426. consuetude- custom or familiarity
427.contemper- to blend together for adaptation as in metaphor (to moderate by mixing)
428. contranatant- swimming upstream an uphill battle
429. contraplex- having messages passing both ways simultaneously
430. corrigendum-something that requires correction
431. cortinate- like a cobweb intricate and gossamer and interwoven by pesky urchins with byzantine aleatory design
432.coryphaeus- leader of a chorus the spokesman
433. cosmocrat- ruler of the world
434. cosher- to live on dependents
435.cosmotellurian- characteristic of both heaven and earth
436. cotquean- man who does womans work
437 counterblast- a defiant pronunciation or denunciation against the recriminations of evil
438. counterphobic- seeking out situation that is feared
439. cowcat- a person who exists to occupy space a goalie
440. crackjaw- hard to pronounce
441. crapehanger- a pessimist
442.credenda- things to be believed out of obligation
443. crimogenic- causing crime
444.cryptadia- things to be hidden from the public
445. cryptodynamic- having secret or hidden power
446. cryptogenic- of unknown origin
447. curiosa- pornographic books
448. cyanotype- blueprint
449.cyprian- lewd woman a *******
450. dacnomania- obsession with killing
451. dacoitage-robbing by a gang or a mob
452 daedal-formed with art, displaying inventive skill
453. dapatical-lavish:sumptuous, costly
454 darbies- handcuffs
455 darraign-to vindicate to justify or prove
456 dashpot-shock absorber
457. deadstock-farm equipment
458. deasil-sunwise motion
459. debel-to conquer in war
460. debellated-to conquer or overcome in a battle
461.debouch- to flow from a confined place
462.decarnate-denied or deprived of physical ****** form
463. decrassify- to make less crass or boorish
464. crass- without refinement in taste or sophistication, obtuse
464.dedition- surrender or capitulation
465. deek- to look at or see
466.defeasible- that may be annulled
467. defiliaton- depriving a parent of a child
468.definiens-word or words used in a dictionary definition
469.deflexure- deviation
470. deflocculate-to break down into small pieces
471. degringolade-rapid decline or decay: downfall
472. deipotent- having god like power
473 delaminate- to split into layers
474. delate- to pass on to charge with a crime
475 delenda- things to be destroyed or deleted
476 delignate-to remove wood from; deprive of wood
477delirifacient- to create delirium
478. delope- fire ones gun in the air in a duel
479. demarche- decisive measure taken in diplomacy
480. demegoric- pertaining to harangues by demagogues
481. dementi- official denial or refusal
482. demephitise-to purify air
483. demigration- change of abode
484.demisang- half-breed or hybrid
485. demiurge- creative spirit or entity
486. demology- study of human behavior
487. deodate- a gift to or from God
488. deosculate- to kiss affectionately
489. depayse- out of ones element or natural environment
490. deray- to go wild or derange
491. dexiotropic- moving to the right
492. diacope- a deep wound or incision
493. diestrus- a period of ****** inactivity
494. diffinity- lack of affinity
496. diphyletic-coming from two different ethnic groups
497.dippydo- someone who changes their mind often
498. dipsomania- cacoethes for alcohol
499. dirigisme- government controlin economic and social sphere
500. disembrangle- to free from dispute
501. disimmure- to free from walled captivity
502. disinure- to render something unfamiliar
503 disorbed- to be deprived on autarky or or authority or clarity of convictions
504. dittology- double-reading or interpretation
505. diutiurnal-lasting for a very longer time
506 docimasy-scrutiny through administering tests
507. dodoism- a stupid remark
508. dolee- someone who receives a government stipend
509. dompteuse- a female animal trainer
510. donnybrook- an uproarious brawl
511. donnism- self-importance
512 drollery- comic show, jest
513.  dreamery- a place habitable for dreamers (not illegals)
514. drygulch- to ****** by throwing off of a cliff
515. dramaturgy- perfoming dramatic stage productions esp. for broadway
516. dragoon- to compel by military bullying of chirorocratic force
517 dragoman- interpreter
518. dragonnade-perseuction by military means
519. drapetomania- urge to run away from home
520. doxographer- someone who adduces opinions and adds them to an onomasticon of sorts especially with respect to philosophy
521.  ducdame- a meaningless refrain
522. duende- the power to attract using personal charm
523. dulia- veneration of saints instead of God
524. durative- still inchoate having undergoing transformation
525. dumose- bushy
526.dwale- stupefying drink
527.  dysania- having a hard time waking up in the morning
528. dystocia- during childbirth
529. abderian- excessive cackling cachinnation or idiotic laughter
530 abecederian- a novice learning the alphabet
531. accidia- inability to think because excessive sadness
532. acrasia- acting against ones own best judgment
533 acronycal- occurring at sunset
534 aeolist- pompus windbag bombast who pretends elegance but is boring
535 aflunters- in a messy disordered state
536 agathocacological- containing both good and evil forces
537 agroof- flat on your face
538 alphamegamania- old man marrying younger bride
539. alychiphobia- a fear of failure
540. alytarch- a referee who enforces game rules
541. amrita- drink the endows immortality in Hinduism
542. anteric- vindictive spite against a former lawyer
543 apikoros- a jewish person that doesn’t follow jewish law
544, apocatastasis- a belief that all will be saved by God
545 aprosexia- inability to concentrate
546. aristophren- someone of ennobled intellectual ability
547 avetrol- an out-of-wedlock child or an illegitimate child.
548. apricate- to beaze under the sun
549. earwig-to pester with demands or eavesdrop (extortion)
550 ebriection- mental breakdown because of bibulous crapulence
551. ecbolic- serving as a midwife to birth or abortion
552. ecclesiastry- affairs of the church
554. echinate- like a hedgehog, prickly
555. eclat- to make notorious
556.eclat (accent on first letter) publicity, dazzling effect foudroyance
557.ecmnesia- loss of memory for endemic period or epoch
558. ecophobia- fear of home
559. ecphonesis- theoretical exclamation
560. ecphrasis- low-level plain interpretation
561.egestuous- desperately poor
562. egoism- pursuit of self-interest is highest ideal
563. eigne- first born child
564 eirenism- peaceful state of mind
565 eisegesis- faulty interpretation of a text
566 elapid-pertaining to cobras
567.eluetherian- freedom giving
568 eleutheropomania- ardent about freedom
569 enantoniodroma- being replaced by somethings opposite
570. enceinte- pregnant
571 encraty- self-control
572. endlong-lengthwise
573. energumen- someone possessed by an evil spirit
574. engastrimyth- a ventriloquist
575 engouement- excessive infatuation
576 engrenage- series of decisions leading to an unspoken goal
577.enosimania- chronic obsession that one is sinner
578 entryism-joining a group to hijack the agenda and change policies
579 entelechy-perfect realization of ultimate goal or reason for existence
580. epeolatry- worship of words
581. epicene- having characteristics of both sexes
582.epicrisis-critical appreciation for literature
583. epimyth- leitmotif of a story especially a moral lesson
584. epulary- of or pertaining to banquets
585. equiparate-to treat or regard as equal as in ***, definition or philosophical ******
586.  equipollent- having equal power or force
587. eremite- hermit or religious recluse
588. erethism- abnormal irritability
589. ergasia- love of work
590 ergatocracy- populist government
591.eschaton- end of the world end-times
592 esemplastic-unifying diverse ideas into one a syncretism
593.esemplasy-the unifying power of the imagination
594. estaminet- small bar or café
595. estoppage- preventing litigation by censoring the internet
596. ethmoid- of or like a slave
597. estrapade- horse or bulls attempt to throw off a writer
598. eucrasy-statement of fitness or health physically
599. eudaemonism-ethical belief that happiness equates to morality
600. eumoireity-happiness due to chastity and moral virtue
601.eupathy- state of contentment
602.eupraxia- orthodox or correct course of action
603. euthenics- science about improving living conditions
604. eutrapely- wit and ease in conversation
605. badot- an idler who is silly
606.balbutiate- to stutter or stammer
607. ballicatter- ice that forms around docks or airplanes or rigid elements of cabotage
608.bawcock- a nice gentlemen
609. belgard- a sweet loving look for females at men
610. bibliopolist- a person that deals In rare books
611. blatteroon- a person with logorrhea cant stop talking
612. bonnyclabber- spoiled milk that has congealed
613. breem- female pig that wants to mater
614.  cacoepy- incorrect pronunciation of a word
615 cagophilist- a collector of keys
616 callet- a drab untidy woman
617calligyniaphobia- fear of attractive woman or askance around them
618 capernoited- slightly intoxicated on bibulous terms
619. celation- the act of hiding a pregnancy
620. chamade- a signal inviting negotiations
621. charette- intensive effort to complete something before the deadline
622 charientism- an artfully veiled insult
623. choregus- a financial banker in ancient Greece
624. chrisom- a child dying before baptism
625. chronomancy- deciding on the best time for something
626.chryselephantine- decorated with gold and ivory
627 cicisbeo-man with which a woman is having an affair
628. clapperclaw- to berate or scold with blackguarded billingsgate or obelization
629 clappedudgeon- a beggar from a family line of beggars
630. clepsammia- an hourglass that measures sand
631. cloffin- to sit idly by a fire
632. collieshangie- an uproar or frenzy a donnybrook but more muted, a quarrel
633. colporteur- someone who delivers books or bibles to people
634.colposinquanonia- measuring beauty based on breast size
635 comprachio- person who buys disfigured children to use as salesman
636 comestion- devoured by fire
637 comprivigni- relation of a child to its step-siblings
638 concionnative- pertaining to public speaking
639 consuetudinary- a guide to local customs for business purposes
640. cosmopoietic- world creating
641.costermonger- seller of fruits and vegetables
642. crambazzle- a worn-out old man
643. cretaceous- chalky or grayish white
644. crose- to whine empathetically with someone in pain in a zoological sense
645. cryptaesthesia- ESP
646 culch- *******, flotsam, trash garbage
647 cullion- a rude mean-spirited person
648.cyesolagnia- attracted to pregnant women
649 davering- walking or maneuvering in a dazed manner
650. deesis- supplication to a divine being
651. dejerate- to take a solemn oath
652 delitescent- to be hidden or concealed
653. demitoilet- a style of formal elaborate dress that is informal
654. dephologisticate- to make fireproof
655. deturpated -to defile or disfigure
656. dignotion- distinguishing mbark or feature a nevus
657 dikephobia- fear of justice
658 diophysitic- having two personalities
659. dippoldism- beating school children with cruel methods that are archaic
660. ditokous- producing twins
661. diurnation- to sleep during the day
662. dommerer- a beggar who pretends to be deaf or mute to garner support (a politician deigning)
663. doyenne- the eldest member in a group
664. doytin- to walk around stupidly and aimlessly looking mentally challenged
665. drawcansir- a person that kills both friend and foe or destroys his own cause while fighting his opponents
666.drazel- an immoral woman
667. dratchell- a slovenly, lazy woman
668. dringle- someone who likes to waste time
669. drizzen- bemoaning working hard a bleat of negotiosity sometimes of boursocrats
670 drogulus- something that can’t be identified or described because it is ineffable  without physical form or effects
671. druxy- meretricious appearance rotten inside
672. dudman- a scarecrow made of old clothes
673 dwizzen- to shrivel up like a fruit wizened with age
674. dysania- trouble waking up in the mourning
675.dysepulotic- not healing quickly enough
676. dyslogistic- expressing disapproval
677. dysteleologist- believes nature has no meaning and purpose
678 dyvors- bankers in disrepair after good names ruined by agiotage
679 eccaleobion- something which gives life like anabiosis or brings alive
680 echopraxia- immature parroting or aping of things they heard or people they witness
681 efter- a patron that robs people during a show
682 eisoptrophobia- fear of mirrors because of ugliness
683. emacity- urge to spend money
684 enchorial- belonging to a certain country
685 entheate- divinely possessed by a demiurge or god
686. ephorize- to having a controlling influence over militancy
687 epincion- victory song
688. Epirot- someone who lives far away from the coast unlike an orarian
689. esquivalience- unwillingness to perform a job asked of you
690. estrapade- horses attempt to remove the rider (or a bulls attempt)
691 eustress- stress related to a happy event
692. faffle- work that takes too long and produces substandard results
693. fangast- eligible for marriage among women concubinial nubile
694. fashimite- slave to fashion industry
695. feaque- a *****, lazy man
696 ferriation- taking time off of work to travel on holiday
697. fettler- a person skilled at repairing tools or machinery
698 fewterer- a kennel owner who keeps dogs around
699. finifugal- shunning the end of something’
700. flamfoo- girl in gaudy clothes thinking she is fashionable when its not
701. flaneur- an idle man that never works
702.flaneusse- woman who refuses to work
703. flosculous- pertaining to flowers
704 flothery- being drab, uncouth untidy while pretending parvenu fashions of the classy and proper
705 flyndrig- an impudent or deceiving woman
706. foison- a very bountiful harvest
707. franion- pleasure-seeker or hedonist
708. frigoric- mythical substances though to transmit cold
709 frustraneous- unprofitable and completely useless
710 fucoid- resembling sea-****
711 fustilug- a fat clumsy indolent slob
712fysigunkus- a person who lacks curiosity
713 facinorous- atrociously wicked
714 gaberlunzie- wandering hobo or beggar harmless
715 gallywow- a man who can’t have children
716 gamin(e)- homeless child male or female
717 gammerstang- tall awkward woman
718 gaum- to stare vacantly or handle clumsily
719 geck- an expression of scorn or discontent
720 genizah- a repository of banned books
721 gezellig- comfortable feeling around kin or friends
722. gigantomachize-to be at war with ones superiors
723 gigmania- smug obsession with obtaining middle-class stature
724 girouettism- changing ones opinion to match the vogue stance
725 glaikery- silly or foolish behavior
726 gnap- to criticize in an acerbic or biting way or tone
727 griffonage- sloppy handwriting
728 groak-to stare at someone hoping to get food
729 gubbertushed-to have bucked teeth or odontoloxia
730. guerdon- reward or payment
731. fallibilism- empiricial knowledge cannot be proven’
732. femicide- destroying anothers reputation
733. fandangle- pretentious tomfoolery
734. fanfaron- an empty boaster
735 fardel- anything cumbersome or irksome
736. farrow- to give birth to piglets
737 featous- shapely, well-made, handsome
738 favonian- pertaining to zephyrs or west winds
739 ferity- state of barbarism or savagery
740 ferule- cane or rod used in punishment
741 fescennine- marked by the use of vulgarity or obscene language
742. fideicide- the killer of a faith
743. finical- excessively precise in trivial matters
744. finitism- belief in finitude of universe or god
745 flagitious- grossly wicked, guilty of heinous crimes
746. flambeau- flaming torch
747 flamen- pagan priest
748 flammule- little flame
749 flannel- ostentatious nonsense
750 flaught- snowflake
751 fleer- to mock or jeer to make faces in contempt
752 footle- to waste time to act foolishly
753 foraminated- perforated with small holes
754 foreright- directly in front of
755 forfend- to ward off or avert
756forsifamiliate- to free from parental *******
757 formant- anything that demarcates or determines or limits or defines
758 fortuitism-evolution by random chance
759. fossarian- clerical person moonlighting as a gravedigger
760 fossor- gravedigger
761 fouter- to mess with aimlessly
762 fragor- a crash
763 frantling- mating call of a peacock
764 fremitus- vibration or rumbling
765 frescade- a cool walk a cool or shady place
766 frigolabile- susceptible to colds easily hacked
767. frogmarch- to carry an uncooperative drunkard or prisoner
768 frottage-rubbing for ****** gratification
769 froward- turned away, self-willed, unreasonable, perverse adverse uncooperative
770 fumatorium- place for smoking
771 fumet- the scent of game when high
772 fumiduct- smokestack
773 fundus- the bottom of anything
774 funest- deadly lamentable
775 furfur- dandruff or scurf
776. fustilarian- term of abuse
777. futtock- the rib of a ship
778. gabble- to talk inarticulately as in a baby
779. gabelle- a salt tax
780.gad- to wander about idly in search of pleasure
781 gadarene- headlong, precipitate
782 gadzookerie- the use of archaisms in literature
783. galanty- shadow play
784 gallionic- uncaring indifferent
785 gallomania- obsession with France
786. gammadion- a *******
787.gammon- to feign an action to produce a hoax
788. gangue- worthless rock where valuable metals occur
789. gangway- either side of the upper deck of a ship
790.gardyloo- warning cry
791. gaud- trick or practical joke
792. gauleiter- overbearing wielder of petty authority
793. gaumless- stupid, witless, vacant
794.gawdelpus- a helpless person
795 geist- spirit or intellectual inclination
796 gelogenic- producing laughter
797 genarch- head of family or clan
798. genesiology- study of heredity and genetics
799. gentilitian- belonging to a race or a clan
800. geofact- natural rock that looks like an artifact
801. geotaxis- response of an organism to gravity
802 geotechnics- study of increasing habitability of earth
803 gerdoying-imitation of a sound of a crash
804. gerent- one that rules or manages
805 giaour- one who doesn’t follow islam
806gilliver- wallflower
807 gimcrack- a trivial mechanism or trick
808 ginnel- narrow alley between high building
809. glebe-church land granted to clergyman
810. gleek- a trick or joke
811. gleet- disgusting STD mucous
812 gnomic- ignifying general truth
813 gnomonics- study of time using sundials
814 goetic- pertaining to black magic
815 goliardy- riotous or lustful behavior
816 gorsoon- boy-servant
817 gradgrind- one who regulates things based on stats
818 gramary- magic, enchantment
819 grapnel- small anchor used for dragging or grappling
820. grauncher- incompetent clumsy mechanic
821. graupel- frozen rain or snowflakes
822. gravamen- grounds for legal complaint, grievance
823. gregatim- in flocks
824. gricer- trainspotter or railway enthusiast
825.grimoire- magicians book for summoning spirits
826 grinagog- constantly grinning person
827grithbreach- breach of the peace
828.grobianism- slovenly boorishness
829. groundling- a person with inferior taste, commoner
830. gynics- knowledge of women
831 gyrovague- a monk who travels from place to place
832 habromania- insanity producing beatific delusions
833.hadeharia- constant use of word hell
834 haecceity- aspect of existence on which individuality depends
835 halation- blurring in photograph due to light reflection
836 hallux- big toe
837 hamartia- character flaw leading to downfall
838 handfast- a firm grip, a contract
839 hamshackle-to fetter or restrain
840. hardihood-boldness or audacity
841. harridan- sharp-tongued scolding woman
842. harry-to plunder, ravage destroy
843. hawkshaw- a detective
844.heapstead- buildings around a mineshaft
845.hebdomadally- every week
846. hebenon- anything with poisonous juices
847. hebephrenia- dementia in puberty
848 hecatomb- large sacrifice or slaughter of 100
849 hederaceous-pertaining to ivy
850. hednon- wedding present
851. heeler- worker for a local politican or political party
852. hegumene- head of a nunnery
853. heliofugal- moving away from the sun
854. heliosis- sunburn
855. helobious- living in marshes or moors
856. helotry- class of slaves
857hemitery- congenital deformity
858. henotheism- tribal belief in a god but not the oml one
859.heresiarch- leader of a heretical movement
860. heroon- temple of a hero
861. hetaera- paramour, *******, meretrix, concubine
862. heterochrony- divergence from normal time sequence
863. heterodyne- interference due to different wave frequencies
864. hexaemeron- six days of creation
865. hierodule- temple slave
866.hierology- the science of sacred matters
867. hieropathic-strong love of the clergy
868. hipped- offended, melancholy peevish
869. hobohemia- community of hoboes
870. holm- island in a river
871holocryptic- inscrutable undecipherable
872. holt- woody hill or grove
873. homolegomena- books of the bible used in early Christianity
874.hornbook- rudimentary treatise
875. hornwork-cuckoldry
876.houghmagandy- fornication
877. houndstooth- fabric with an irregular checked pattern
878.humgruffin- a terrible person
879. hyaline- glassy or transparent
880. hylarchic-ruling over matter
881hylicism- materialism
882. hyle-matter
883. hylogenesis- the origin of matter
884.hylozoism- the belief that everything is endowed with life
885.hymeneal- relating to marriage
886. hypaethral- roofless open to the sky
887.hyperarchy- excessive government
888. hyperborean- living in extreme north
889.hyerbulia- excessive zeal for activity or action
890.hyperemesis- excessive vomiting
891. hypobulic- weak-willed
892.hypogeiody- surveying underground
893. hypogeum- underground chamber
894. iatramelia- medical negligence
895 ibidem- in the same place
896.ichneumous- parasitical
897 ichnogram- footprint
898. iconoduly- worship of icons or images
899. iconophilism- obsession of pictures as a hobbie
900. ideogenous- of mental origin
901. ideopraxist- someone who is impelled to carry out an idea
902. ideoprone- spoken but not written
903 idolect-distinct form of speech
904 ideogeny-study of the origin of ideas
905. idiocrasis-intrinsic peculiarity or unique feature
906 idioglossia- private language developed between children
907. ignavia- laziness, laxity
908. ignosceny- forgiveness
909. illecebrous- enticing, attractive
910.illimitable- supreme infinitude
911. ignotism- mistake due to ignorance
912. illation- act of inferring from premises
913. immortelle- everlasting dried flower
914.immunifacient- causing immunity
915. imparlance- delay in pleading for amicable adjustment
916. impavid- fearless, undaunted
917. impennate- feathless, wingless
918. imperseverant- lacking the power to perceive
919.  impetrate- to obtain by entreaty, request or prayer
920. imponent- that which levies an obligation
921. impropriate- to appropriate for private use
922. incivism- neglect of duty as a citizen
923.imcompossible- incapable of coexisting
924.incondite- poorly constructed
925. incuse- impressed or stamped upon
926.  indifferentism- belief all religions are equally valid
927.  indiscerptible- unable to be separated
928. indite- to compose
929. induciae- peace treaty or armistice
930. induviae- persistent leaves on dead plants
931. infomania- obsessive devotion for obtaining facts
932.infumate- smoky blackened
933. ingeminate- to reiterate or redouble
934.ingerence- intrusion interference
935.ingle- a fire in a room fireplace
936indlenook- alcve by a large open fire
937. ingravescent- growing more severe
938. inlagation-pardoning an outlaw
939. innominate- having no name
940. inopinate- not thought of unexpected
941.inquinate- to corrupt or defile
942.inquierendo- authority to inquire into something
943. inscient- having little or no knowledge
944. insidiate- to conspire against or betray
945. insolate- to treat by exposure to suns rays
946. instanter- at once
947. intempestive- unseasonablem untimely inopportune
948.interamnian- between two rivers
949. interlunation-dark time between old moon and new
950. interrex- one who rules during an an interregnum
951. interrobang-!? Or ?!
952.intertesselation- a complex interrelationship
953. intorted- turned inward
954.inurbanity- lack of manners
955. invictive- insurmountable undefeated
956. ipseity- state of being oneself
957. iracund- inclined to become angry
958.iridal- pertaining to a rainbow
959. iridine- rainbowlike
960. iridize- to make iridescent
961.  irrecusable- that cannot be rejected
962. irredenta- clamoring for territory to be returned to natural fgroups
963. irreption-stealthy entrance subtle or creepy intro
964. isapostolic-equal or contemporary with the apostles
965. isagoge- academic intro to a subject
966. isochronous- having the same duration
967. isocracy- equal political power
968.ivresse- drunkenness
969. izzat-public esteem, honor
970. ivoride- iimitation ivory
971. isorropic- of equal value
972. isonomy- equal privileges under the law
973. joss- luck or fate
974. jongleur- wandering minstrel
975. jow- to ring a bell
976.jumboism- admiration for large things
977. jumentous- like a horse
978. kalon- beauty more than skin deep
979.kantikoy- to dance as a form of worship
980. kame-steep irregular ridge
981. karezza- prolonged *** avoiding ******
982. keck- to retch ro feel digusts
983.kedge- small anchor to keep a ship steady
984.keelhaul- to punish by dredging under the keel of a ship
985.keeve- large tub
986. kemb- to comb
987. kenodoxy- a love or study of vainglory
988. kermesse- cycle race held in an urban area
989. kickshaws- a worthless keepsake or article
990.killcow- a bully or a swaggerer
991.killcrop- a greedy insatiable baby, a changeling
992. kinematics- study of motion
993. kinetogenic- causing movement
994.knackish- cunning, crafty
995. knickpoint- discontinuity of a river because of an erosion curve
996. kriegspiel- a wargame to teach strategy
997.kritarchy -government by judges
998. kurgan- prehistoric burial mound
999.kyrie- religious petition for mercy
1000.kyriolexy- use of literal expressions
1001. agenhina- a guest at an inn
1002. labarum- moral standard; ecclesiastical banner bearing Christ’s monogram
1003. labefactation- a weaking decay: overthrow
1004.labiomancy- lip-reading
1005.labrose- thick-lipped
1006.labtebricole- living in holes
1007. lacertilian- pertaining to lizards
1008. lackaday- expression of regret or deprecation
1009.laconicum- sauna
1010. lacuna- a blank space or missing part
1011.ladronism- robbery and banditry
1012.laeotropic- turning to the left
1013.laetificate- to cheer one up
1014. lagan- wreckage or goods found at the fundus of the sea
1015.lagniappe- gratuity or a gift given
1016. laicism- opposition to the clergy or priests doctrine of protestants
1017. lairwite- fine given to married women for adultery
1018. lamister- fugitive
1019. lanai- private balcony in a hotel room
1020.lancination-sharp shooting pain
1021. lares- local roman gods
1022.largition- giving of largesse
1023.larithmics- study of population statistics
1024. larrup-to flog or thrash
1025. laterad- towards the side’
1026. laterigrade- moving sideways
1027.latipennate- having broad wings
1028. latitudinous- wide or broad interpretation
1029.latration-yelping or barking
1030. latria- highest degree of veneration assigned to God over saints
1031lavadero- place for washing gold ore
1032. laveer- to sail against the wind
1033.layette- babys complete set of clothing
1034. laxism- belief that an unlikely opinion might be safely followed
1035.lection-reading in church lesson
1036. legalism- belief that salvation requires adherence to the nomisitc law of seculars
1037. legicide- killer or destroyer of laws
1038. legist- person knowledgeable about the law
1039. leman- lover sweetheart or paramour
1040.lemures- spirts of the dead
1041. lemma- preliminary proposition, theme, argument or headword
1042.lendrumbilate- to gullibly believe in a words veracity
1043. lentiginose- minutely dotted, freckled
1044.lentor- sluggishness viscidity
1045. lepidine- composed of scales
1046.lepidity- facetious wit
1047 lethe- oblivion forgetfulness
1048.lethologica- inability to remember the right word
1049.lethonomia- tendency to forget names
1050.levant- to run away from a debt
1051. lexer- law student
1052. lias- fossil-bearin limestone
1053.liberticide- destruction of liberty
1054.libidinist- lewd person
1055.libken- place to sleep in
1056. libricide- killer of books
1057.libration- apparent oscillation of moons visible surface
1058.lickerish- lecherous, *****, greedy
1059. lido- open-air swimming pool or bathing beach
1060.lientery- discharge of chyme
1061.ligyrophobia- fear of loud noises
1062.limacine- pertaining to slugs
1063. limiculous- living in mud
1064.limitrophe- near the frontier or border
1065.limnetic- living in fresh water/pertaining to
1066.limosis- abnormally ravenous appetite
1067. lipsanographer- one who writes about relics
1068. literatim- letter for letter
1069. litotes- understatementby affirming negation of the contrary
1070. liturgician- one who studies church rituals
1071.liturgist- leader in public worship
1072. livedo- pathological blueness of skin word borrowed from another language
1074.locanda- lodging house an inn
1075.lobcock- bumpkin, boor or lout
1076. lochetic- waiting in ambush
1077. locutory- room for conversation
1078.lodesman- pilot
1079. logice- in a logical manner
1080.logodaedaly- verbal legerdemain
1081. logomania- pathological loquacity
1082. logos- divine rational principle
1083.loimic- pertaining to the plagues or like a plague
1084.lollop- to bound about wildly
1086.longueur-period of dulnnes or teidum’
1087.lordolatry- worship of nobility
1088. lorgnon- an eyeglass
1089.lotophagous- indolent, lazy, dreamy feeding on lotuses
1090. lour- to look sullen or threatening
1091.lucifugous- avoiding light
1092. lucriferous- yielding profit
1093.ludibund- playful
1094. lunarist- one who believes the moon affects the weather
1095.lunisolar- pertaining to both moon and sun
1096. lustrate- to purify by sacrifice
1097. lychgate-roofed gate of churchyard
1098.lypemania- pathological mournfulness
1099.lyterian- indicating the end of a disease
1100. lythcoop-auction of household goods.
1101.  macadamize- to cover a road with small broken stones
1102.machair- low-lying sandy beach
1103. macrology- much talk  with little to say
1104. macroscian-one with a large shadow
1105. madescent- growing damp
1106. maculose- spotted
1107. maffick- to celebrate exuberantly and boisterously
1108. magisterium- teaching function of the Catholic Church
1109. magomancy- divination by magic or sorcery
1110. magpiety- garrulousness
1111. mainsail- principal sail
1112.malapert- bold, forward, saucy
1113.malism- belief the world is evil
1114.malison- a curse
1115.mamelle- a rounded hill
1116. mallosesmic- suffering from frequent and severe earthquakes
1117. mammothrept- spoiled child
1118. mandarism- government with large bureaucracy
1119.mandriarch- former of a monastic order
1120. mantology- fortune telling
1121. maquette-small model of something made on a large scale
1122.  marasmus- wasting away of the  body from malnutrition
1123. marrano- jew converted to Christianity to avoid persecution
1124. margaric- pearl like
1125.martext- ignorant preacher
1126.maskirovka- use of deceptive camouflage as a military stratagem
1127. mathesis- mental discipline, wisdom
1128.matinal- of or pertaining to the morning
1129.matriotism- love for country or other institution when regarded as mother
1130. malchus- short-cutting sword
1131. malefic- doing mischief, producing evil
1132. malgrado- notwithstanding
1133. mainour- the stolen goods found on a thief
1134. mammer- to stammer waver or be undecided
1135. mamzer- illegitimate child
1136. manciple- steward of college or monastery
1137. manqué- having ha unfulfilled amibition/ failing to achieve expectation
1138. margaric -pearllike
1139.maricolous- living in the sea
1140. martext- ignorant preacher
1141.  matroclinic- more like the mother than the father
1142.  maunder- to grumble, to drivel to mutter
1143.  mazy- dizzy. Confused
1144. mediagenic- able to produce a good image in the media
1145. medicaster- quack or charlatan
1146. meedless- undeserving, unrewarded
1147. megalography- art memorializing history
1148.megascopic- visible to naked eye
1149. melano- abnormally dark person or animal
1150. melismatic- florid in melody
1151.  memoriter- from memory by heart
1152. mentatiferous- telepathic
1153.  mereology- study of part-whole relationships
1154. meristic- divided into parts or segments
1155. mesocracy- government by the middle-class
1156.  mesquin- mean ungracious
1157. metage- official weighing of goods
1158.metagnomy- divination
1159. micrander- dwarf male plant
1160. micropolis- small city
1161. millitaster- solider without skill or ability
1162.milt- fish spawn
1163.mimature- mimicry
1164. minauderie- display of affection
1165. minimifidian- having the smallest possible degree of faith
1166. minimism- reduction of the dogma to the least possible
1167.minutious- paying undue heed to minutiae
1168.mirador- watchtower or belvedere
1169. miscegene- person of mixed racial heritage
1170. mistetch- bad habit
1171.mnemonotechny- a tactic to increase memory capacity
1172. mobilism- belief nothing is fixed
1173. modalism- belief the trinity are three modes of the same entity
1174.  modish- fashionable stylish
1175.mofussil- provincial rural
1176.mogigraphia- writing with difficulty
1177. mogilalia- speaking with difficulty
1178. mollycoddle- an effeminate man
1179. momilogy- study of mummies
1180.mondain- worldy fashionable o such a person
1181. monergism- theory that the holy spirit alone can act
1182. mongery- marketing or trafficking in discreditable ways
1183. monoculus-one eyed person
1184. monoideism- fixation on single thought or idea
1185. monophysitism- belief that cchrist was primarily divine but in human form
1186. monosy- separation of parts normally fused
1187. Montero- huntsman
1188. Montgolfier- balloon using fire for propulsion
1189.monticolous- mountain dwelling
1190. morbiferous- disease- bringing
1191.morcellate -to divide into smaller portions
1192. mordant- biting, caustic, incisive, corrosive
1193. morganise- to secretly do away with
1194. morgue- haughtiness or arrogance
1195. morient- dying
1196.  morigeration- deferent behavior
1197.morioplasty- restoration of lost parts of the body’
1198. morosis- pathological feeble-mindedness
1199.morphaen- of or like pertaining to dreams
1200. morse- walrus.
1201. nabalitic- churlish
1202. naissance- new development
1203 nancifully- in an effeminate manner
1204. nanity- some deficiency in a certain respect
1205 naos- inner cell of a temple
1206. napoo- to destroy or ****
1207 narcocracy- government by drug cartels
1208 narcose- hallucinogenic stupor
1209.narquois- mocking malicious
1210. narrowcast- transmit a program for a narrow audience
1211. narthex- small entrance or porch to a church
1212. naskin- prison
1213 natable- able to float
1214.natalitial- like a birthday
1215. naticide- killing your own child
1216. naturism- communal nudism
1217. naucify- to despise to hold in low esteem
1218.naufrague- a shipwrecked person
1219. naumachy- mock sea battle
1220. naupegical- relating to ship building
1221. navarchy- rulership of the seas
1222. nave- largest part of the church where congregation sits
1223.nebbich- colorless, inconsequential person
1224.nebulist- artist with indistinct lines
1225. necessitudinarian- determinist
1226.necrogenic- deriving from dead animals
1227 nefandous- abominable despicable
1228.nefastous- wretched, miserable
1229.negaholic- habitually pessimistic.
1230. pagophagia- eating ice
1231. palliard- a vagabond or drifter who sleeps in the hay in peoples barns
1232 pancratic- accomplished in many sports or disciplines
1233.panjandrum-self-important person with vainglory that thinks they are powerful
1234. pantagamy- married to everybody
1235. pantomancer- one who sees omens in every event
1236. pantophobia- fear of everything
1237. papabile- a candidate for pope or another high office
1238 papyrocracy- rulership by paperwork or the press
1239. parabolanus- a monk who treats diseases
1240. paradiorthosis-a false correction or addition of misconceptions to correct data
1241. paralian- one who lives by the sea
1242. paralipophobia- fear of responsibility
1243.paratersiomania- obsession with being a ******
1244. paravent- to shelter from the wind
1245. parergon- a second job or additional source of income
1246. parisologist- a person who uses ambiguous language
1247. parnel- mistress of a priest
1248. parrhesiastic- ability to speak freely
1249.parousimamania- an obsession with the return of Christ
1250. pasilaly- a universal language
1251. passulation- the act of drying up and turning into a raisin
1252. pastorauling- walking through fields with significant other
1253. pataphysics- the science of imaginary solutions or nonsensical philosophies
1254. patavinity- use of local slang when writing
1255. pathenophilia- the love of virgins
1256.pathognomy- the study of emotions or the physical response thereto
1257. pavonine- resembling a peacocks tail, iridescent
1258. pauciloquent- using as few words as possible
1259.peccatiphobia- fear of sinning
1260.pecunious- having a lot of money
1261. pedipulate- to operate with ones feet
1262. pedotropy- raising children properly
1263.peenge- complain with a whining tone crose
1264. pelagic- relating to open oceans
1265. peniaphobia- fear of poverty
1266. penotherapy- control of prostitutes to prevent STDS
1267. peramene- very pleasant
1268. percontation- a question or inquiry
1269. perculsion- extreme shock or concern
1270. perendinate- to delay indefinitely
1271. perfuncturate- to do a task in a careless manner
1272.periblebsis- a wild look accompanying delirium
1273.periclitate- to endanger or risk of danger
1274. perissopedics- dealing with gifted children
1275. pernoctation- staying up all night working
1276. pervulgate-to publish something
1277. phagomania- insatiable hunger
1278 pharisee- a very self-righteous person
1279. phanerolagnist- a psychologist studying human lust
1280. phasmophobia- fear of ghosts
1281.phenakism- an act of treachery or cheating
1282.phengophobia- fear of sunlight or the sun
1283.philalethist- a lover of truth
1284. philocalist- a lover of beauty
1285.philocubist- lover of dice games
1286.philodespot- lover of tyranny
1287.philodox-lover of ones own opinions
1288.philogeant- lover of everything on earth
1289.philographer- collector of autographs
1290. philogynist- lover of women
1291.philoneist- lover of fads or trends
1292. philonoist- someone who is seeking knowledge
1293. philoprogeneit- the love of your own children
1294. philosophunculist- someone who pretends to know more than they really do know to impress
1295.philoxenist- someone who loves to entertain strangers
1296.phobanthropy- fear of humanity in general
1297.phonocamptics- science of echoes
1298. phronemophobia- fear of thinking
1299.phrontistery- a place for study or concentration or contemplation
1300.phudnik- irritating person with a PhD.
1301.physitism- worship of nature
1302.pickthank- a sycophant or yes man
1303.pilosism- excessive hair
1304.pilpul-debate among rabbis about the Talmud
1305. pismirism-saving of every bit of money such as hoarding
1306.placophobia- fear of tombstones
1307.planomania- urge to roam
1308.pleionosis- the habit of exaggerating ones own importance
1309.plenilune- time of the full moon
1310.plevisable- able to be bailed out of jail
1311. plongeur- one who washes dishes for a living
1312.plousiocracy- government by wealthy and elite
1313. pococurante- insouciant or indifferent
1314.podlec- bad person who inspires contempt and hatred
1315.poinephobia- fear of punishment
1316.pollarchy- rulership by the mob
1317. polydipsia- excessive thirst either literally or figuratively
1318. polyandry- marriage to several men
1319. polylogize- to talk excessively
1320. polyloquent- someone who can talk about a multitude of subjects with mastery’
1321. pomology- study of how fruit grows
1322.ponerologist- one who expounds on the evils of nature
1323. ponophobia- fear of overworking
1324. posology- area of medicine dealing with dosages
1325. precibal- before dinner
1326. preterition- theory that God has predecided who he will save and will neglect everyone else
1327.preternuptial-after the marriage
1328.preterpluperfect- more than perfect
1329. proficuous-advantageous and useful
1330.prosophobia- fear of progress
1331.psaphonic- preoccupied with planning your ascent to wealth
1332.psephology- study of political elections
1333.pseudoautochiria- a ****** made to look like a suicide
1334. psithurism-the sound of the wind around rustling leaves in the forest
1335.psychomancy- divination by talking to the dead
1336. psychopomp- one who leads the spirits of the dead and the living on a righteous course
1337.ptochocracy- a government by the poor
1338.puellaphilist- one who loves girls
1339.pule- to complain like a small child
1340.pullulate- to breed rapidly to overpopulate
1341.pyrrhonist- an extreme skeptic who accepts nothing at face value
1342.pysmatic- always questioning or inquiring
1343.pythogenic- coming from garbage
1344 ecocentrism- a philosophy or perspective that places intrinsic value on all living organisms and their natural environment, regardless of their perceived usefulness or importance to human beings.
1345. subitize- rain-. ain caliber skills at counting or assizing
1346 shivaree- m a mock serenade with kettles, pans, horns, and other noisemakers given for a newly married couple; charivari
1347. manqué- having failed, missed, or fallen short, especially because of circumstances or a defect of character; unsuccessful; unfulfilled or frustrated (usually used postpositively): a poet manqué who
1348. garbology- the study of the material discarded by a society to learn what it reveals about social or cultural patterns
1349. prorogue- to discontinue meetings of a group without dissolving it
1350 . prosopography-a description of individuals life character or physical form.
1351. paciferous- peace-bringign
1352. pais- a place where people are selected to be drawn
1353. palatine- having royal authority over a region
1354.paideutic- educational method or theory
1355. paludism- marsh-fever , malaria
1356.palzogony- foreplay
1357.pamphyticism- doctrine that material is the overriding force in reality
1358. panaesthesia- a totality of perception
1359. panarchy- universal rule or dominion
1360.panaestheticism- theory that matter might inhere with consciousness
1361 pancosmism- theory that only the material universe exists
1362.panegyry- religious festival or grand assembly
1363. panmixia- the cessation of natural selection
1364. pansophy- universal knowledge
1365. pentarchy- world government
1366. pantoglot- speaker of all languages
1367 raith- quarter of a year
1368 ratomorphism- belief that all human sapience translates to animals some if not all
1369.rectalgia- pain in the ***
1370.recumbentibus- a sockdolager a knockout blow
1371 rememble- a false memory
1372. repine- to express discontent or longing
1373.rhabdophobia- the fear of magic
1374. roil- to make muddy or disturb sediment
1375 roorback- a fake news story to discredit a political opponent
1376 sabaism- worship of stars
1377. salariat- class of society earning salaries
1378.salebrosity- uneven and roughness
1379. samizdat- illegal writing by political dissenters
1380. sandapile- coffin
1381. sapphism- the state of being lesbians
1382. saprogenic- causing rot or decay
1383. sarcinarious- able to carry a heavy burden
1384. sardanapalian- luxuriously effeminate
1385.sarmassophobia- fear of love play
1386. Sarvodaya- an idealized society with no class system
1387. satisdiction- saying everything needed to be said
1388.satrapess- a petty tyrant of an official
1389. saxify- to turn to stone or rock.
1390.scabilonian- a disliked garb that is tacky
1391.scacchic-pertaining to chess
1392.scaldabanco- a priest with a fiery sermon
1393.scelestious- evil or wickedness
1394. scholaptitude- natural ability to be a scholar
1395.scollardical- an insult for sophomaniacal intellectuals who brag
1396.scopolagnia- pleasure gained by a ******
1397.selachostomous- shark-mouthed
1398. semelparous- having only one child
1399. senectitude- old age
1400.sepicolous- living in bushes or hedges
1401.shanachie- person who enjoys regaling stories or legends
1402. shurocracy- a government based on consensus
1403.shunamitism- rejuvenation of an older man by a younger woman
1404. silentium- a place where silence is enforced
1405. sithcundman- oldest resident of an area
1406.skoptsy- self-castration
1407.skookum- first-rate or the best
1408.slubberdegullion- a churlish boor a slob
1409.smatchet- a small nasty person or child
1410. smellfungus- a person who finds fault with everything or one
1411. snirtle- suppressed laughter
1412. solivagant- wandering all alone
1413. sodality- an organization or group
1414.somnifuguous- something that prevents sleep
1415. sophrosyne- wise moderation and prudence and good sense
1416 spaneria- a place with few men
1417.spanogyny- a place with few or no women
1418. sparge- to moisten by sprinkling with water
1419.sphallolalia- flirtatious talk that leads nowhere
1420. spindrift- an ocean spray which is blown by the wind
1421. spuddle- to treat minor business as though it were important
1422.squirearchy- government by landed gentry
1423.stafador- a fake or an impostor
1424. stagiary- student of law
1425. stalko- poor man who pretends riches
1426.stenotopic- one can only live in a very limited environment
1427. stichomancy- random passages from bible divination
1428. stratocracy- government formed by the military
1429.stupration- the **** of a ******
1430. stygiophobia- a fear of hell
1431.succedaneum- an acceptable but inferior substitution
1432. symposiarch- master of ceremonies
1433.syndyasmia-  open marriage where both are free to philander
1434. syntality- the predictable behavior of a social group.
1435. tachophobia- fear of speed
1436. tachydidactic- being taught rapidly
1437 tanquam- person educated enough to attend college
1438. tantony- one who always follows others
1439. tantrels- people who refuse to get a job
1440. tarassis- male equivalent of hysteria
1441. tartarology- study of hell
1442.tatamae- something agreed on publically but not privately
1443.temulentia- advanced drunkenness verging on unconsciousness and blackout
1444.tentiginous- full of lust
1445.theanthropism- belief in union of divinity and carnality (divine and human)
1446.theocristic- anointed by God
1447.theocrasy- worship of different gods
1448. theogamy- marriage between gods
1449.theoktony- the death of God or god
1450.theologoumenon- individual opinion on God or divinity
1451. theomastix- divinely ordained disaster
1452.theomicrist- one who mocks god
1453.theoplasm- the stuff gods are made of
1454. theophany- divine manifestation
1455.timmynoggy- a device that saves time or labor
1456. timocracy- government of honorable people
1457.tirocinium- a soldiers first battle
1458. tomecide- murdering a book
1459.tregetour- a street magician or juggler
1460. tropoclastics- science of changing habits
1461. turpitude- a shamefully wicked act
1462.tycolosis- accident prevention
1463. tyrophilia- love of cheese
1464.tziganologist- one who studies gypsies or their culture.
1465. wagtail- an obsequious person or a harlot
1466. wallydrag- a feeble or worthless person or animal
1467. walm- to spout or boil up
1468.wanhope- despair
1469.wanion- ill-luck misfortune
1470. wankle- unstable or unsteady
1471. wanze- to decrease or waste away
1472.  wasm- an outdated policy doctrine or theory
1473.waygone- exhausted from long travels
1474.waywiser- instrument for measuring mileage traveled
1475.weirdward- bordering on supernatural
1476. welter- turmoil or chaos
1477.whangam- an imaginary animal
1478.whemmle- to overturn to throw into a state of disorder
1479. wieldless- unmanageable
1480.wilder- to cause to stray
1481.windlass- circuitous movement , indirect action
1482. winterkill- to **** by exposure to cold
1483.witeless- blameless
1484.witwanton- to engage in irreverent wit
1485.womanthrope-hater of women
1486. wondermonger- one who promises miracles
1487.wonderwork- prodigy, miracle, thaumaturgy
1488.wone- custom, dwelling place or habit
1489. woolage- untidy hair
1490.woopie- well-off older person
1491.workshy- hating or avoiding work
1493.worricrow- hobgoblin or scarecrow
1494.wrackful- destructive
1495.wretchock- the weakest of a breed
1496.wynd- narrow street or lane.
1497. Nuncle- to defraud
1498. Numquid- an inquisitive person
1499. Nubilate- to obscure
1500. Nowise- not at all
1501. Novercal- fear of one’s step mother
1502. Noxal- wrongful injury by animal or object of another
1503. Novantique- both old and new as a reparation of an ill-served problem
1504. Novalia- lands broughten under new cultivation
1505. Noometry- mind measurement
1506. nonpareil- of the utmost elegance or superlative stature
1507.noosphere- sum of human intellectual activity
1508. normalism- the state of being normal
1509. nosophobia- fear of disease
1510. nostrification- acceptance at a foreign university
1511. notalgia- back pain
1512. nothingarian- person who has no particular belief
1513 notarikon- making words from letters from someones sentence
1514. nomism- belief moral conduct comes from observance of laws
1515. nomocracy- a government based on the rule of law
1516 nocicepty- susceptibility to pain
1517. noema- stating something obscurely for others to figure out
1518. nexility- compactness of speech
1519. neritic- belonging to shallow waters near land
1520. neoteny- presence of puerile qualities among adults
1521. neorama- interior view of a building
1522. Neonomianism- the feeling that gospel abrogates existing laws
1523. obiter- in passing incidentally
1524. objectivism- the theory that all reality is objective
1525. objuration- the act of binding by an oath
1526. obmutescent- persistently silent
1527.obsecrate- to beseech or implore
1528. obtenebrate- to cast a shadow over
1529. obvolute- overlapped or twisted
1530. olid- rank smelling
1531.oligomania- an obsession with a few thoughts or ideas
1532. olivet- artificial pearl
1533. omniety- the state of being all (allness)
1534. omnigenous- of all kinds
1535. omniparity- general equality
1536 ontal- of like or pertaining to reality or existence
1537 operose- laborious or tedious
1538. ophelimity- ability to please sexually able to satisfy
1539. ophiuran- brittle star
1540. opiniaster- one who holds onto an opinion despite castigation
1541.optative- mood describing desire or wish
1542.orbific- creating the world
1543.orchesis- art of dancing and rhythmic movmenet
1544. orthodromics- sailing by most direct route
1545. orthian- high-pitched
1546. orthotropism-vertical growth
1547. ostiolate- having an opening
1548 otarine- pertaining to seals
1549 otosis- mishearing of speech
1550. outmantle- to exceed in dress or ornament
1551.outrance- the utmost extremity the bitter end
1552.outroop- auction
1553overflush- superfluity
1554.overhaile- to overtake or overpower
1555. owlery-place frequented by owls
1556. oxyacaesthesia- extreme sharpness of the senses
1557. parvanimity- smallness of mind
1558. parviscent- having little knowledge
1559. passiuncle- a lesser or minor passion
1560. pasigraphy- a system for universal writing
1561. patibulate- to execute by hanging
1562 patibulary- of or like the gallows
1563. peccable- liable to sin
1564. pedententous- proceeding slowly
1565. peirastic- experimental or tentative
1566. pejorism- severe pessimism
1567. peradventure- possibly
1568.percoct- well-cooked or overdone
1569. percurrent- running through the whole length
1570. percutient- having the power to strike or striking
1571. peregal- fully equal
1572.perenate- to survive from season to season on grumbling crumbs
1573.perruquier- a wigmaker
1574. perse- ark blue or bluish grey
1575. perseity- independent existence
1576.perpend-to weigh in the mind, to consider carefully
1577. personalism- the belief that all humans possess spiritual freedom
1578. personalia- personal details possessions or stories
1579. perstringe-to constraint, to censure
1580 pessimum- point of life least favorable to circumstances
1581. phanopoeia- visual imagery in poetry
1582. pharos- lighthouse or beacon
1583. phenogenesis- origination of racial groups
1584. philippic- a speech or writing full of bitter condemnation
1585. philistine- materialistic in outlook uncultured
1586. philocaly- lover of beauty
1587 philter- love potion or charm
1588. phonophorous- transmitting sound waves
1589. photaesthesia- sense of vision
1590.phototonus- sensitivity to light
1591.phrenesis- delirium or frenzy
1592. phylactic- defending against disease
1593. phylarchy- government by a certain class or tribe
1594. picine- resembling woodpeckers
1595.piend- a salient angle
1596 pigmentocracy- government by one skin color
1597.pigsconce- blockhead
1598. pigwash- ******* nonsense or poppycock
1599.pilgarlick- poor wretch; self-pitying person
1600. pisteology- science or study of faith pistiology
1601. placet- vote of assent in a governing body
1602. plafond- decorated ceiling
1603. planster- petty or poor planner
1604.plashy-full of pools or puddles marshy or boggy
1605. plebania- mother curch having authority over several other local churches
1606.plenum- space completely filled with matter
1607.pleonexia- greed or avarice
1608.pleroma- fullness and abundance
1609. plexus- network
1610. plexure-networ, web interweaving
1611.plutonomy- economics
1612poculation- drinking of alcoholic beverages
1613. poculent-fit for drinking
1614 pogonip- dense fog of suspended ice particles
1615.pogonophile- lover of beards
1616.pokerish- causing terror, uncanny
1617.poivrade- pepper sauce
1618.polemology- the study of war
1619. politicide- killing people based on political beleifs
1620. polyacoustic- amplifying sounds
1621.polyergic- having many functions  
1622. polydemic- native to several countries
1623. polyhistor- a person with exceptionally wide knowledge
1624.polyphiloprogenitive- very fertile very imaginative
1625. polypharmacy- the treatment with many medicines
1626. polyopia- multiple vision
1627. polypsychic- having several souls
1628.polysemant- a word with a variety of meanings
1629.pontist- bridge-builder
1630. popinjay- conceited person
1631. popple- to flow tumblingly to heave choppily
1632.porlocking- irritating intrusion or interruption
1633.porphyrogenitic- of royal birth
1634. portreeve- mayor
1635.postcenium- the part of the stage behind the scenery
1636. postulant- a candidate for a religious order
1637. potager- garden laid out to outmantle
1638.pother- choking smoke or dust, fuss, commotion
1639. potomania- alcoholism
1640. poudrin- small ice crystals
1641. pourboire- tip or gratuity
1642.pragmatica- royal edict that has nomothetic force
1643. pratal- grown in meadows
1644. preceptive- concerning rules of conduct law or precepts
1645. preciation- evaluation of value or price of thing
1646. preconcert- to settle beforehand
1647. pregustation- foretaste
1648.predestinarianism- the theory that time is fixed in design nothing can change
1649.predevote- foreordained
1650. prefulgent- extremely bright
1651. premotion- divine impulse determining the will
1652. premundane- period before earth existed
1653. prepone- to schedule earlier
1654. probabilism- belief that knowledge is probable but not certain
1655.procacity- petulance and insolence
1656procellous- stormy
1657. pro rata-proportionally
1658. probabiliorism- when in doubt one must choose most likely answer
1659. projectionism- some qualities are a mental projection
1660.proleptical- prehistoric
1661 profectitious- derived from a parent or ancestor
1662. prosodemic- contagious or infectious
1663. prosit- toast to good health
1664. protogenic- formed at the beginning
1666. gawdelpus- evil
1667protervity- peevishness wantonness
1668.protistology- study of protests
1669. proreption- creeping attack or secretive advance of troops
1670. protensive-extensive in time or length
1671. protopathy- first or direct experience
1672. protoplast- original ancestor
1673.proxysm- close or near relationship
1674.pruritus- itching of the skin
1675. pseudography- inadequate spelling
1676. pseudolalia- incoherence of speech
1677.psilanthropism- the denial of Christ’s divinity
1678.psilosophy- shallow philosophy limited knowledge
1679. psychagogue- conductor of souls to the underworld
1680. psychalgia- mental pain or distress
1681.psychiasis- healing of the soul
1682.psychism- belief in a universal soul
1683.psychogony- development of mind or soul
1684.psychosophy-doctrine or theory of a soul
1685.psychorrhagy- separation of soul from body
1686. psychotaxis- alteration of mental outlook to suit personality
1687. psychurgy-mental function operation or energy
1688.pauperization- product of beggars (ptochogony)
1689.pucelage- virginity
1690.puericulture- child-rearing
1691. purlieu- persons usual haunts a neighborhood
1692.purpresture- encroachment on public property
1693.pushful-energetically enterprising
1694. pusillanimous- cowardly having a weak character
1695.putanism- prostitution lewdness
1696.pyrosis- heartburn
1697.pyrrhotism- state of being red-haired
1698. adiaphoron- something someone is theologically indifferent to
1699.anchorite- one withdrawn from the world for religious reasons
1700 archimandrite- head of monastery or convent
1701. autocephality- ecclesiastical self-government
1702. autotheism-belief that one is god incarnate or Jesus Christ
1703. auto-da-fe burning of a heretic
1704. calotte- a roman catholic skullcap
1705. camerlengo- a papal treasurer
1706. canticle- short holy song or sung prayer
1707. cartulary- keeper of monastic records
1708 catabaptism-belief in wrongness of infant baptism
1709. churchism- devotion to church rules over religious precepts
1710. compaternity- spiritual relationship between childs parents and godparents
1711. credo- concise statement of doctrine
1712. deodate- gift from god
1713. dyotheletism- belief that Christ had two wills
1714.ecclesiastry- affairs of the church
1715. epiclesis- calling on the holy spirit to consecrate the Eucharist
1716. eschaton- end of the world end-time
1717. exequy- funeral rites
1718.florilegium- anthology of writing by church fathers
1719. hassock- kneeling cushion in a church
1720. hieratical- priestly bound by religious convention
1721. housel- the Eucharist
1722. hyperdulia- veneration of ****** Mary above saints and angels
1723. jubilate- third Sunday after easter
1724.kirking- the first attendees after getting married
1725. Magnificat- canticle in praise of ****** mary
1726.manciple- steward of a college or monastery; purveyor
1727 monophysitism- belief that Christ was primarily divine but in human form
1728.monotheletism- belief Christ only had one will
1729. mystagogical- relating to religious initiation
1730. orison-prayer
1731. Parousia- the second coming of Christ
1732.passalorynchite- religious person who takes a vow of silence
1733. pericope- a passage read in liturgical ceremony (excerpt)
1734. pietism- unquestioning dogmatic devotion
1735. pneumatophany- appearance of a spirit especially the holy ghost
1736pneumatomachy- denial of divinity of holy ghost
1737. prebend- stipend for clergymen
1738 pseudepiscopy-  existence or rule of a spurious bishop
1738. rasophore- low ranking monk for Greek Orthodox
1739. requiescat – prayer for the dead
1740 rogation- asking for supplication especially ecclesiastically
1741. rood- cross or crucifix at the entrance of a church
1742. sacramentarianism- belief that sacraments have unusual powers
1743.sacrarium- a place where sacred objects are kept
1744.sigillum- the seal of confession
1745. simony- buying or selling ecclesiastical offices
1746 shrive- to hear a confession and give absolution to
1747. synod- council or assembly of religious people
1748 terce- prayer held at 9am
1749. theodidact- one who is taught by God a student of God
1750. theody- hymn in praise of God
1751. tremendum- feeling of ovewrhelimg awe associated with religious experience
1752. tritheism- belief members of trinity are separate Gods
1753. tropology- figurative language, moral interpretation of the bible
1754.ubiquitarianism- a belief that Christ is everywhere
1755. ultramontane- south of the alps supporting the pope
1756.undercroft- a crypt or vault under a church
1757. verger- church usher and attendant
1758 vicegod- derogatory term for the pope
1759 frankalmoign- land tenure requiring religious obligations on part of tenant
1760 galilee- porch in front of church
1761. eremite-hermit, religious recluse
1762. euchology- prayer book
1763. quizzacious- satirical
1764. quoz-absurd person or thing
1765.quoniam- female genitals
1766. mollycoddle-evil
1767. quod- prison
1768. quisquilious- made of *******
1769quisquous-perplexing, difficult to deal with
1770. quilombo- foreign settlement where slaves hide or fugitives
1771.  quidlibet- minor trivial point in argument
1772. quidditative- quirky, eccentric
1773. quiddle- a fastidious person
1774. questmonger- guy with job to collect inquests
1775.querulist- one who complains
1776. quantulate -to calculate the magnitude of
1777.quantulum-small quantity
1778.quantuplicity-relative magnitude of a quantity
Neologisms Part 1
1779Nauclatic (fairgoers): The deeply spiritually intertwined with nature just being introduced to the comforts of civilization
1780Rengall: Reified by concrete effrontery in discovery (Indiana jones)
1781flagstall: to lose national unity because of corruption
1782Escraven: timid in the usage of secret terminology
1783Glaggle: impress with gobbledygook that is divorced from substance
1784 Flagstag: an undue importance of inconsequential elections
1785 Fritty: someone who wastes their time
1786Gollumny: covetousness for a talisman
1787Akabu: deserted time-travelers stranded in the future or the past
1788kloffen: A placid body of water
1789Hermallop: dumping an uglier woman for a hotter one
1790 Radiohoo: fake top secret rap and pop music
1791 Radioglare: Menacing threats by objectionable musical trends
1792 Aushehotaria: Having an O.B.E. relationship
1793Wickersnatcher: Stolen time travel pirate goods/pirates
1794Slalem: navigating the esoteric in common contemplation
1795scroogid: Spoilsport based on false expectations
1796 Xenucography: Cryogenic attempts at eternal life
1797 Qwersy: too popular to be ****** with
1798Minimasque: No ***** given about poor people
1799Oxyholotron: specious time travel paradox
1800 Errid: poor mismanagement that leads to drought
1801 wavesnatcher: chronic pirate of obscure music
1802Niminal: sea monster of pain
1803Retrude: introducing obsolescence that is unplanned
1804Qart: art apportionment among museums
1805Grimsuetude: Morose temperament impaired deeply
1806Qwestun: Cast System of Extras
2515Vilium: Missing obvious ****** opportunities
2516Veridium: Success with women
2517laskerade: Free-for-all euphoric party
seguage: Connections among times
Hortosynchrony: simultaneously played chants
Vangermyte: Sycophant NSA agents that cozy up to the stock market
Primitude: first in line
primiventure: first expedition
quilldoten: keep it on wax
jengadangle: arbitrage based on financial collapse or playing the VIX
Chrenodendron: Ancient Time Traveler
Chrenodamiange: Near future time traveler to the past
Chrenoid: seen a time machine before
Chrystrenic: The pacification and mollification of sentiment
Jakatta: wisdom of the disguiseans
ugmentum: bad trends continuing
Jocknee: To worship sports
Hackencrude: Stupid vituperative pornographic sentiments
Gullarge: a large unassailed lie fed by the media
glawson: To browbeat with nepotism in legal cases
virecreant: A male person that never flirts with women
hollertrap: Announcing non-neutrality in a world that is divided
qwink: *** between celebrities
qwasthink: an intricate pattern of visualized words
Trocket: Synergized tree-minds meeting in one body
Squirebell: A formal diplomat
Yessurp: Codeine addict
Matrhine: A smart German
poiliosis: a fake disease that is artificial
Dubois: A teed to the nines gangster that robs the corrupt blind
Flissoid: Gloss, beauty, eloquence but nasty personal hygiene among women
Reskig: Sparing animals from painful slaughter
Salug: a salute that hurts your reputation
rainshod: oppressive cold winters in pacific nw
tinjesk: Poker-Faced villain
qwiss: Orgiastic non-contact make-outs
repcrevel: Venality on Wall-Street and the Capitol Building
drass: Useful lingerie
pinhoke: Cause an idea or a campaign to sink
ribbacle: A shibboleth of pretended intellect
fuly: auras of lightning on LSD
renvard: auras of synesthesia
plackique: sports memorabilia
ponkoss: beach-dweller
klipfrag: ancient movie footage
skrimch: haunted cities
roerik: kingpin of secrets
wespian: breezy fall leaves
rintinole: covert voyeurism
qaest: a fake life to replace a real one
brumble: fight among drunk people
bilkey: knowledge about the stock market insider information
wreggle: blackwashing history
hoyjoipolloi: free drugs and bubble-gum for every Canadian
qwartion: wicked schemes that involve abortion and clones
flipcrave: switching  drug cravens (tim tebow)
teaboat: to be aboard a flailing vessel before it gets ransacked by reason and logic
sollow: hollow and sadness percolating over a victim
strollow: people evil enough to deserve being alone
chenkenwhich: prestidigitation in fake time travel
glickstorm: a hail of gay ******* rick-rolling
wrikpond: The betting pool aggregate form at any casino
histeriological:someone who understands historical trends
tribance: Prerogatives of esoteric knowledge handed down to native americans
hilswop: changing nearby universities
slore: lore for mentally handicapped people
rigamorhole: the information about where elite people hang out
qazz: gurgling soda down
pleckigger: An agricultural apportionment of land that is rational and logical
Ruby-Tuesday-blues: song meaning
halliformatic: person who goes to heaven
squalorformatic: a person who goes to agony
fitterformatic: borderline on both
syvil: nurturing old people
jeccha: democrat trap
oinslew: a large catholic family
erlap: a short confiment
tawy: chewy and sweet
pordeg: high degree mason that is poor
kallince: shrieking with terror at movie theater
groussaints: best house music
rindkline: best EDM
wrepolis:city owned by musicians
ilkengor: similar military strategies
qwarth: wars fought for vain reasons
bracking nudes: ugly women naked *******
swarp: time warp speed
swarpollock: nonsensical UFO lie
WHOLOGANS: spies that always attend international matches between rival countries that get the best information
Gilvaringe: habitual injector of methamphetamine
webbdoodle: decline of kinesiology because of technology
twatterclap: frustration with writing
grangull: witty yet naïve
dormitage: finding the best AirBnB and roommate
wayspaying: reckless neutering of men by feminism
wartle: a slow war by a pathetic guerilla enemy
tranception: communication of souls in eternity
rittle: a mind-teaser for dumb people
Minkumpf: a book on animal genocide
pregromanging: predictive programming about cool fashions in the future
Shilluminatus: a fake illuminati person
Ralphiesque: Someone on the wrong side of history
cognoscenti: real illumination
whasper: Ghostly contact with ghouls
frimple: folding your clothese every day
Treecheese: money to be made in preserving rainforests
tattermedalion: pretended poor person that lives in poverty to disguise his wealth
flocksturr: focuses on avionics of top secret craft
panejectifron: time-travelers exiting their cars
pancledes: time travlers that can be identified
covertthow: an attempt by spies to gain more power
martle: someone too slow to survive on mars
marstion: foothold on habitable planet
wibble-wabble: tergiversation in high pressure situations
flipsquire:99th percentile IQ
frankquibber: 98th percentile IQ
cloveryield: the earnings of luck on aleatory circumstance
actsequlade: quaint TV sitcoms
gimply: with a great gait
fourteenfive:genius level intelligence
qwence: the place for elite people to congregate
Bilderberg: the crownpiece of kapstone paper that selects comfort lazily based on nepotism that worships enough owls until the decided date and that foists roosters to meet with clement (exceptionally) and inclement fate
frohemian: black hipsters
Effrogallant: Bold non-linear flirtation
Sart: coffin for poor people
Ralsk: secret underground subway system
riniguss: landlocked prosperity
tryme: corruption in court for poor people
whyern: beginning of stardom
marzarratea: Ghoulish time-travelers who talk too often
Awgrudge: underwhelming emotional reaction
Virtualasis: long-distance non-physical romance
qwask: infiltrate the untouchables
rijuice: A preordained outcome of an important game
Lagonagria: The uncertainty of scores even with prophetic insight
wopper: someone who is permanently oppressed
axile: carefully being cut or carved
tannen: that sins sometimes
pruke: ***** that comes from nausea that is forced
pluke: excessive absorption of new knowledge
ghallitosis: Fear of the unknown in time-travel
jimpster: a contactee by liaison with time travelers
sessomotto: rocketship
whilded: anticipation of death (thanatopsis)
praken: Aeolian winds of mythical divinity
mustreacle: expectations that are unrealistic that ruins lives
klangquant: making enemies of the aristocracy
pyer: effigy of a dead person bearing no blood
crabwhisker: when two people have such different associations they have no emotional propinquity and therefore can't relate to each other
prull it: implode a building
wetringle: droplets of vaginal fluid
cravvel: people with VD that pretend celibacy
revdection: the art of inventing new words to gain an advantage
trekleador: knowledge of the time before humans reigned supreme in sentience
grendelize: to use bewitched impediments to occlude progress
flivverscrape: to create an accident to moorganize someone
findrompscar: the culminated furtive workings of cryptaesthesia
lendrumbline: to use A/V technology to make people less intelligent
frivver: an unwarranted paranoia caused by misinformation provided by mendaciloquence
umjunction: the meeting of embattled tribes in common agreement for ulterior motives
1900. tabacosis- tobacco poisoning
1901. tabanid-blood ******* insect gadfly
1902. tabescent- wasting or shriveling
1903. tablature- mental image or picture
1904. tacenda- things to not be mentioned
1905.tach- link
1906tachism- painting by smearing or splattering
1907. tachymetry-measure of speed
1908.tachyscope- early cinematograph
1909. taeniacide- killing of tapeworms
1910.taghairm- ancient divination Scottish highlands
1911. tagmeme- analysis of arrangement of spoken elements
1912. talionic- retributive: like for like
1913. talaric-relating to the ankles
1914tanistry- succession by previously elected representative
1915. tantivy- at full gallop, headlong
1916.taphephobia- fear of being buried alive
1917tapotement- use of light taps in massage
1918. tarradiddle- senseless talk, nonsense
1919. tardigrade- slow-paced
1920. tartarology-beliefs about the underworld
1921.tastevin- wine-taster
Religious Lexicon Expansion
    1. Acquinesk- religious people distracted from religion
    2. Trimfeet- steadfast attuned devotees to God
1922. rackrent- excessive rent
1923. Rabelaisian- coarsely hilarious
1924. rach- dog that hunts by scent
1925.racemiferous-bearing clusters or bunches
1926.raciology- study of racial differences
1927.racloir- scraper used by early hominids
1928.radicated-rooted, established
1929.radiciform- like a root’
1930. radicolous- living on roots
1931.raffish-disreputable, ******
1932. ragabash-idle worthless fellow
1933.ragmatical- wild, ill-behaved
1934.raisonneur- a person in a play or book or movie embodying authors viewpoint
1935.ramate- branched
1936.ramellose- having small branches
1937.rampallion- scoundrel or villain
1938.rampick- dead tree or tree decayed at top
1939.ranarian- froggy
1940. rand- border, edge or margin
1941.randan- uproar, din, riotous conduct
1942.rangiferine- pertaining to reindeer
1943. rannygazoo-foolish nonsense
1944.rantipole- wild or disorderly
1945.rantize- to sprinkle with water in baptism
1946.rarisssima- extremely rare books
1947.rasorial-scraping the ground for food
1948.rath- prehistoric hill fort
1949.rathe-quick; early; eager
1950.ratten-to practice sabotage advance
1951.ravelin- detached work with two embankments
1952. razzmatazz-meaningless talk; hype; nonsense
1953.reast- to become rancid
1954.rebec- medieval in terms of music
1955.reboant- marked by reverberation, resounding
1956.rebus- picture puzzle resembling a word
1957.recadency- relapsing into old habits
1958. recense- to revise critically
1959.recoct- to cook again
1960.rectiserial-in vertical ranks
1961.redargue-to refute or confute
1962.redhibition- return of a defective product or cancellation of a sale
1963.redintegrate- to make whole again or to restore (esp of mind)
1964.redivivus-resuscitated come to life again
1965. redshort- brittle at red heat
1966.reductionism- belief that the complex can be simplified in terms of phenoms
1967.reflation- increase in economic activity
1968.refocillate-to refresh or cherish
1969.refugium- an area that retained earlier geographical conditions
1970.regelation- freezing together again
1971.regalism- monarch head of church affairs
1972.regius- royal
1973.reguerdon- to reward
1974.regreet- to exchange greetings
1975.regula- rule of a religious order
1976.regulus- an impure metal (bad sounding metal band)
1977. reinfund- to flow in again
1978.rejoinder- sharp and clever answer
1979.relache-relaxation, rest, no performance
1980. relationism- doctrine that relationships between entities are entities themselves
1981reliabilism- justified belief is reached by reliable cognitive processes
1982. relume- to light up or light up again
1983.remontant- flowering more than once per season
1984.remora- delay or obstacle
1985.renverse- to reverse or upset
1986.reprehend- to rebuke
1987.reptant- creeping, crawling
1988. repunit- number consisting of two or more identical integers
1989.requiescat- prayer for the dead
1990. retiform- shaped like a net
1991.resistentialism- the humorous theory that inanimate objects display malice towards human (or compassion)
1992.resofincular- resembling a wire hangar
1993.restiform- shaped like a cord
1994.retrad- backward
1995.retrocede- to move backwards in time or in thought
1996.retrocognition- extrasensory knowledge of past events
1997.retrogress-moving backwards, degeneration
1998.retromorphosis- turning for the worse
1999.retrophilia- love of past things or things past
2000. revalorize- to restore the value of a currency
2001.revet- to face with masonry
2002.rhabdos-magic wand
2003.rhathymia- personality factor leading to optimism and cheerfulness
2004.rheme- speech element that expresses an idea
2005.rhinocerial- very heavy weight or burden
2006.rhipidate- fan-shaped
2007.rhizic- the root of an equation
2008.rhizogenic-producing or growing roots
2009.rhombos- bull-roarer
2010.rhonchial-pertaining to snoring
2011.rhypophagy- eating filth
2012.riant-laughing merry
2013.rictus- gaping mouth or orifice
2014.ridgeling- half castrated animal
2015.rillet- small brook or stream
2016. rimple- to wrinkle
2017.riometer- device for measuring absorbed cosmic radio waves
2018.risorgimento-revival: rebirth
2019.rivage- shore or bank
2020.roborant- strengthening drug or tonic
2021.roborate- strengthen or corroborate
2022.roche- rock or cliff; a rocky height
2023.rom- a gypsy man
2024.romage- tumult
2025.roodge- to push or lift with effort
2026. rookery- state of confusion
2027.rosarium- rose-garden
2028.rottack- ******* or nonsense
2029.roturier- plebeian
2030.roue-man devoted to life of pleasure a rake
2031.rubinetto- faucet
2032.rubricality- a ceremony
2033.rubster- lesbian
2034.ruffianize- to behave violently
2035.runagate-fugitive or vagabond
2036.rundle- rung of ladder
2037.runcinate- having irregular serrated saw-toothed divisions (pleonasm)
2038. ruptile- easily breakable
2039. Sabbatarian- one who keeps the sabbath strictly
2040. sabliere- sand pit
2041.sacerdotalism- belief that priests are necessary mediators between God and man
2042.sacrarium- place where sacred objects are kept
2043. salsipotent- ruling the salt seas
2044.saltant- leaping or dancing
2045.saltative- able to jump
2046.samaj- Hindu religious assembly
2047. sanctanimity- holiness of mind
2048.sanguisugent- blood-*******
2049.saprodontia- tooth-decay
2050.sarcoid- flesh-like
2051. sapwood-soft tissue beneath the bark of a tree
2052.sarcophilous- fond of flesh
2053.sative- cultivated
2054.satnav- satellite assisted navigation
2055.sauterelle- mason’s tool for making angles
2056.saxifragrous- breaking stones
2057.scambling- haphazard meal
2058.scandent- climbing
2059.scaramouch- ruffian; scoundrel
2060.scarp-to make steep
2061.scavage-refuse scavenged from the roads
2062. scepsis- philosophical doubt
2063.schizogenesis-reproduction by division
2064.schizotrichia-splitting of hair (hair-splitting pedantic)
2065.schoenabatic- rope-walking
2066.scholiast-writer of marginal notes
2067.sciaphobia- fear of shadows
2068.scientaster- petty scientist
2069.sciolism- superficial pretensions to knowledge
2070. sciomancy- divination using ghosts
2071.sciosophy-system of knowledge without basis in science
2072.scobiform- like sawdust
2073.scopophilia- ****** pleasure from seeing things
2074.scortation- fornication
2075.scribacious- given to writing
2076.scride- to crawl on all fours
2077.scrim- durable fabric that is plain
2078.scrimshank-to evade work or duty
2079. scriniary-keeper of archives
2080.scrivello- elephant’s tusk
2081.scrow- scroll of writings
2082.scullion-mean contemptible person
2083.scutage- tax on a knight’s fee
2084.sebastomania- religious insanity
2085.secodont- to having cutting teeth
2086.secretum-private seal
2087. secundine-afterbirth
2088.sederunt- sitting of a court; gathering long discussion
2089.segnity- sluggishness, slothfulness
2090.seismotic- causing earthquakes
2091.sejungible- able to be disjoined
2092.selenic- pertaining to the moon
2093.selenocentric- prizing the moon above the earth
2094.selenolatry- worship of the moon
2095.sematic- serving for recognition, attraction or warning
2096.semese- half-eaten
2097.seminative-producing growth
2098.seminule-small seed or spore
2099.sempervirent- evergreen, always fresh
2100. senectitude-old-age
2101. sennet- musical fanfare
2102.sensiferous- conveying sensation (of a machine)
2013.sententia- opinion or aphorism
2103. sept-division of a tribe (clan)
2104. sepulchral-funereal: dismal and gloomy
2105 septiferous- having barriers
2106 septemfluous-in seven streams
2017. seraglio- harem
2108.serific- silk-producing
2019.serology- study of sermons
2110. serotinous- flowering late
2111.servilism- system of slavery or serfdom
2112. shail- to shamble to stumble
2113.shambolic- chaotic
2114. Shearling- one year old sheep
2115. shend- to destroy or ruin, disgrace or corrupt
2116. sheol- hell a place where they dead live a shadowy existence
2117. shroff- to test money to check for impurities
2118.sibylline- prophetic, oracular
2119.sicarian- murderer assassin
2120. siderism- belief stars influence human affairs
2121. sigillum- seal of confession
2122. sillograph- one who writes satires
2123.silvics- study of a trees life
2124.silviculture- growing of trees
2125. simony- buying or selling ecclesiastical offices
2126. simultagnosia- inability to see the fragments of the whole
2127.sipe- to percolate or ooze through
2128. situla -a holy bucket
2129. skaw- low cape or headland
2130. skelder- to beg, swindle or cheat
2131. skellum- villain, rascal, scoundrel
2132. skerry- small rocky islands
2133.skeuomorph- retained but no longer functional stylistic feature
2134. skewbald- patches of white and some other color
2135. slade- little valley or dell
2136. slatternly- slovenly
2137. sleech- slimy mud
2138. slummock- to move slowly or awkwardly
2139. slurvian- slurred speech
2140. smalt- deep-blue
2141.smaragdine- emerald green
2142. snift- to blow out steam
2143. sociocracy- government of society as a whole
2144. sociogenesis- origin of human societies
2145. soilure- stain or pollution
2146. solatium- something given as compensation for a suffering or loss
2147. soldatesque- soldier-like
2148. solifidianism- faith alone saves the soul theory
2149. soligenous- produced by the sun
2150. sollevation- insurrection
2151.solonist- wise man
2152.somatasthenia- weakness of the body
2153. sonance- sound of instrument
2154. sondage- trial bore of excavation; sounding out an opinion
2155. soothfast- truthful or honest
2156.sopite- to dull, lull, put to sleep or end something
2157. soporose- sleepful
2158. soroche- mountain sickness
2159.sottisier- collection of jokes, quotes or ridiculous remarks
2160. souteneur- prostitutes **** or bully
2161.souterrain- underground house
2162.spadassin- swordsman or fighter
2163. spado- impotent person or animal (castrated)
2164. spancel- to hobble
2165. spansule- tr capsule
2166. spargosis- swelling
2167. speciesism- humans more important than others ans
2168.speciocide- killing species
2169.spelean- cave-dwelling
2170. speos- ancient Egyptian cave temple
2171.sphairistic- tennis-playing
2172.spheterize- to make ones own or appropriate, arrogate
2173. sphygmodic- pulsating
2175.spinosity- thorniness
2176. spinney- corpse or small clump of trees
Neologisms Part IV
Bruption: the end of a phone call because of an awkward or sensitive topic
Reninjasque: Complete mastery of emotional intelligence
Frikmag: The ability to distinguish fake and real news
Raltention: the strength of an idea to be communicated in all languages
Epinger: A buzzword with a double-meaning
Writhose: Escaping an embarrassing situation with tact that doesn’t offend
Grivvy: Attuned to the cosmos through psychedelics
Halldorn: A suppression of libido caused by qualms
Fregget: To promise quixotic gratuities to win votes
Ragtagger: Someone whose superstitions outweigh common sense
Hortoriginality: An idea independently conceived that mirrors another ideation by accident working independently
Synquest: Asking a coded question meant to elicit a secretive idiolect response
Fraverscribble: To invent a hobgoblin for mediagenic hyperboles to divide societies based on psephology or an otherwise foofaraw concept to transfix the news
Fravvel: Encrypted messages hidden in the newsworthy on mediagenic channels
Wertong: Rich people that are exclusive in their luxuriance that don’t care about the poor
Demasque: Evil corruption that is inescapable because of internet censorship
Fondink: Pellucid writing meant to appease simpletons and obey orthopraxy in language even when you are capable of much more ennobled speech
Histrinkage: The ability to surpass the average alien species in terms of communicative intelligence
Weatrean: Personal prosperity derived from behaving as your authentic self
Wretcheen: Personal prosperity derived from being a wagtail conformist who disguises their true inclinations
Trinkochre: An ugly scene that inspires people to compassion or pity
Treony: Someone who pretends to care about civil rights but only does so to pander to common decency
Whitelash: anger by white supremacists at minorities for no good reason
Estrockentch: The manipulation of men by attractive women who play mind games circumducted around personal conceit, a testy affair of tentative persiflage
Astroud: the strong voice of an opinionated leader that is simultaneously a hollertrap because it is so strongly tilted in one direction or another
Lazaretta: the cloyed fame of celebrity leading to subpar movies or music
Denoratum: The excessive charity of the rich to help charities that matter to the third-world rather than just first-world problems
Mendoratum: Someone who donates generously but only for first-world problems
Inkthorn: a misspoken vituperative overreach against someone who appears like an enemy when they are actually a friend
Frethorn:mind control that seeks to cadge you into lewdness beyond your normal inclination to subvert someone beneath the bailiwick of corporatism
Ashowel: a disaster foreseen that is avoided by both prescience and surveillance
Vowelinger: a glare of contempt from someone who pretends you don’t matter or exist
Retchination: highlighting someone’s flaws above their virtues
Propinkiquenege: Someone who pretends to be for womens rights or gay rights but actually only does it to seem ‘woke”
Pytherian: able to flirt on an intellectual level but dissociated from common rules of dating
Artrench: a lasting work of virtuosity widely emulated even in garbology
Swirk: to work rapidly and elegantly on a complicated problem
Asterongue: someone whose position of stature is a mediagenic creation rather than a reflection of true talent or someone who cheats their way into the elite by being a pickthank
Estander: a lonely incel who is attractive but shy
Zillium: a dramatic terrorist attack that forces exigency
Dranger: Indignation because of psychiatric injustice
Vinsky: Power derived from integrity and talent
Weedledge: contaminated marijuana designed by the DEA to get people off of drugs
Kinkativy: momentary lapse of chastity in the throes of lewdness
Sweedle: to borrow excessively from someone else and then take credit
Arentrum: The ability to console the sick and the disconsolate with honesty and petitions of prayer
Crudenzy: the end of a faddish but simplistic vogue by the introduction of succedaneum
Porster: a fake vaccine given to influential people or their families to induce autism or genetic mutations unfavorable
Risctender: to endanger someone’s safety for a monetary gain especially a petty gain
Dengonin: underground band or corporation that knows everything about the future
Gentincture: rewarding people with good genes the best business ideas and the highest positions in Hollywood
Gentink: marrying someone because they are a genetic match
Hallswallop: the spread of a secret beyond the intended reach at great peril to society
Fliction: myths created by movies about the future
Swandamo: someone who is popular only because they are photogenic
Effleck: temporary state of mind that doesn’t define a person
Sertivine: Genetically engineered athletes
Denostram: a period of temptation by evil forces that must be resisted
Gollendary: someone with perfect scores on standardized tests
Wernique: someone skilled at understanding but not creating anything new
Flinker: a deep bout of depression after a break-up
Tortivinity: a deep-seated ignorance derived from a jaundiced upbringing
Draksting: a racially motivated arrest or crime against minorities for racial reasons
Hindermangle: a relationship that is hard to get out of even when combative
Intonorous: preoccupied so much with something else they don’t understand what is being said to them both verbally and nonverbally
Timespun: the alteration of the past by the future as a theoretical possibility
Toonardical: the mass deception of resourceless older people or dullards by spoon-fed mediagenic hyperbole into taking a political position
Kisswonk: a lucky break in a dangerous situation to personal repute
Hibble: to obganiate a talking point until it becomes so hackneyed it gets replaced by another talking point
Yentrify: to make clothing more modest and people meeker by cultural impediments
Flapdoon: to obsess yourselves with eccentric fascinations leading to incongruity with your social group
Grimsuetude: encounters with death that make you more scared of dying
Manoore: the dirt on powerful people derived from spying on them using compact devices
Narquiddity: the feeling of empty painlessness at the expense of obligation
Traindeque: to inculcate a bricolage of civility in a less acculturated person by brainwashing them
Fliphaven: to migrate to a smaller town because of a relationship
Frinteran: someone who willingly gives another person cancer to spite them
Nyejay: a purposeless person bent on convincing the world it has no purpose
Bernacle: someone who abandons integrity to gain power
Wernaggle: an annoying querulousness about a topic that is boring
Yimpoke: to talk to a friend you haven’t heard from for a while
Junediggle: the giddy feeling of being on an extended holiday without obligations
Trayne: modifying an environment so it is more socially suitable to both humans and other species
Frackling: someone who suppresses free speech because of misguided utopianism
Cackloney: a toxic substitute medication passed off as a brand name pill by disguising its appearance that ruins the mind or the health of an individual
Dontolesque: knowing more about the past than how to handle the present
Gribbean: someone that alters their rhetoric and sacrifices integrity to please any crowd he visits
Sveldtang: hidden messages in music that are almost inaudible
Excorify: to expose hidden meanings in art
Fustilugianate: to use mind control to **** intelligence by vibronic waves
2179. systematology- study of systems
2180 syntonomy- brevity, conciseness
2181. syntagma- organized body or group.
2182. syrt- quicksand
2183.synoecy- association of one species to benefit one species only
2184. syngenesis- ****** reproduction
2185. synsematic- having no meaning outside of a specific context
2186. syngraph-contract signed by all parties
2187. synectics- study of process of invention
2188. syncrisis- comparison of diverse or contradictory things
2189.synclastic- curved in all direction towards a singular point
2190.synaxarion- the account of a saint’s life
2191.synanthy- growing together of two flowers
2192. synaesthesis-harmony of different impulses from a work of art
2193. synallagamtic- mutually or reciprocally obligatory; bilateral
2194. syndicalism- doctrine of direct worker control of capital
2195.synechodochial-broadened or narrowed in interpretation
2196.synechthry- cohabitation of hostile species
2197. splenitive-ill-tempered splenetic
2198.spondulicks- available money or funds
2199. sprauncy- smart, dapper
2200.springal- active man or youth
2201.spumid- frothy, foamy
2202.spuria- spurious works
2203.squaloid- pertaining to sharks
2204.squandermania- irrational propensity for profligate spending
2205. staddle-support for a haystack
2206. staffage- decorative accessories or addition to work of art
2207.stasiarch- ringleader in sedition
2208. stasiology- study of political parties
2209.statolatry- worship of the state
2210.steganography- writing in a secret, hidden, encoded manner
2211.stegmonth- period of recuperation after childbirth
2212.stegophilist- one who climbs buildings for sport
2213. stellify- to set amongst the stars
2214.stenoapaeic- with a narrow opening
2215. steven- outcry, loud call
2216.stigmatophilia- obsession with tattoos
2217.stirpiculture- selective breeding
2218.stiver- something of little or no value
2219. stoichiometry- measurement of proportions in chemical reactions
2220.stodge- to cram, stuff or gorge with food
2221.storge- natural or parental affection
2222.stotious- drunk
2223. stramineous- strawy, light, worthless; straw-colored
2224.stratarchy- rulership of an army
2225.stratous- in layers
2226.strepsis- twisting
2227.stridor- harsh shrill sound
2228.strigine- owl-like pertaining to owls
2229.struthious- pertaining to ostriches
2230.strobic- appearing to spin or like a spinning top
2231. structuralism- theory that emphasizes structure or order of ideas to produce meaning
2232. suaviloquence- pleasing or agreeable speech
2233.sub dio- outdoors in open air
2234. sub rosa- secrety in confidence
2235.subaerial-in open air
2236.subaltern- ranked quantitatively but not qualitiatively
2237.subhastation- sold in a public auction
2238.subfocal- of something which someone is only dimly aware
2239.subfusc- dusky, somber
2240. subjoin- to add at the end or afterwards
2241.subniveal- under snow
2242.subnubilar- under clouds
2243.subreption- misrepresentation or false deduction
2244.substitutionalism- theory that memory substitutes for independent reality of past experiences
2245.substratose- imperfectly stratified
2246.substruct- to build beneath to lay a foundation
2247.subsultus- convulsive movement
2248.subtrist- somewhat sad
2249.subturbary- under turf
2250.subvention- granting money in aid
2251.succenturiate- to supply what is lacking to supplement
2252.succiferous- producing sap
2253.succorrhoea- excessive secretion
2254.succus- juice extracted from plant
2255.sudation- sweating
2256 suede- light beige
2257.sufflaminate- to check, obstruct or block
2258.suffragan- assistant bishop
2259.suicidology- study of suicide
2260.suidian- of or pertaining to pigs
2261.sulcate- with grooves or furrows
2262.summa- comprehensive treatise
2263.sumpsimus- a correct expression that replaces a popular but wrong one
2264.sumptuary- pertaining to expense or extravagance
2265.supercalender- to give high polish to
2266.supercargo- ship official in charge of business affairs
2267. supercherie- deception, hoax, fraud
2268. superfetate- to conceive during pregnancy
2269. superfetation- superabundant production or accumulation
2270.superfuse- to pour over
2271.superjection- exaggeration or hyperbole
2272.supersensible- beyond physical perception, spiritual
2273.supersolid- magnitude of more than three dimensions
2274.suq- middle-eastern marketplace
2275. surbate- to bruise from walking
2276. surcuigerous- producing suckers
2277.surd- irrational number
2278.surdomute- deaf-mute
2279. surexcitation- excessive excitation
2280.surquedry- arrogance
2281.suscept- host of a parasite
2282. swage- groove, grooved shaping tool
2283 swale- marshy hollow depression or meadow
2284. sward-portion of land covered by grass
2285.swasivious- agreeably persuasive
2286.sweven- vision in  a dream
2287. swink- to toil or labor
2288.swive- to **** a chick
2289.swoopstake- in an indiscriminate manner
2290.sybil- female prophet, hag, witch
2291.sympatric- occupation of same regions but not breeding
2292.symphily- living together for mutual benefit
2293.symphoric-accident prone
2294. symposiast- participant at conference
2295. taupe- brownish-grey
2296.tauricide- killer of a bull
2297.taurine -of or pertaining to bulls
2298.tautochronous- lasting the same amount of time
2299. taxeme- a basic unit of systems of classification
2300. tecnology- teaching of children
2301.teen- injury or grief
2302.teg- sheep in its second year
2303.tegmen- covering or shell
2304.tegminal- covering or protecting
2305.tegular- like overlapping tiles or slates
2306.telaesthesia- perception of events taking place far away
2307.telegony- influence of prievous mate on offspring or current one
2308.telenergy- application of a spirit energy at a distance
2309.telesis- making use of natural or social pressures for a goal
2310.telestic-pertaining to or like mysteries
2311;.telmatology-study of swamps
2312.telodynamic- pertaining to transmission of power to a distance
2313.teloteropathy- telepathy between persons
2314.temenos- place dedicate to a god, a sacred precinct
2315.temerarious- rashly or presumptuously daring
2316.temperative- having a moderative influence
2317.tempestive- timely or seasonal
2318.temporicide- killing time
2319.tendentious- designed to advance a cause
2320.tentation- experiment by trial and error
2321.tentigo- priapism, morbid lasciviousness
2322.tenue- bearing, carriage, manner of dress
2323.terriginous- earth-born derived from the land
2324.terreplein-top of a rampart where guns are mounted
2325.testamur- certificate of passing an examination
2326.thalposis- sensation of warmth
2327.thanatism-belief soul dies with the body’
2328.thanatousia- funeral rites
2329.thanatophobia- fear of death
2330.thelemic- allowing people to do as they wish
2331.thelemite- libertine
2332. theodicy- defense of goodness in the face of evil
2333.theopneustic- divinely inspired
2334.theotherapy- faith healing
2335.theriac- antidote to venomous bites
2336.theriology- animal worship
2337.thermogenesis-production of heat
2338.thermolabile- easily decomposed by heat
2339.thermolysis- decomposition caused by heat
2340. thermaesthesia- sensitivity to temperature
2341.thesmothete- law-giver
2342. theurgy- miracles by good spirits or magic
2343.thooid- like a wolf
2344.thole- to endure and suffer
2345.thumomancy- divination by ones own soul
2346.thyestean- cannibalistic
2347.thymogenic- due to emotion
2348.thymopathy- mental disorder
2349.tigerism- swagger
2350.tigrine- pertaining to tigers
2351.tilth- agricultural work
2352.tingent- adding colour having the ability to tinge
2353.tisicky- wheezy, asthmatic
2354.titivate- to dress or spruce up
2355.tittup- to walk in an affected manner or prancing mincingly
2356.tocophobia- fear of pregnancy or childbirth
2357.togated- wearing a toga dignified
2358. toman- 10,000
2359.tonitruous- thundering
2360.toparch- ruler of a district
2361. tophaceous- gritty
2362. topophobia- stage-fright
2363.torpefy- to make numb or paralyze
2364.torpillage- ect
2365.torrefy- to roast with heat
2366.tortious- committing a wrongful deed
2369.traduce-­ defame or slander
2370.tralatition- metaphor
2371. trangam-showy or worthless article
2372.transmigrationism- belief soul passes into another body after death
2373.transvolation- flying higher than normal
2374.tremogram- irregularity in handwriting
2375.tribade- lesbian
2376.*******- lesbian ******* in *******
2377.trichoid- hairlike
2378.triduan- lasting three days
2379.trieteric- occurring in alternate years
2380.tristiloquy- mournful manner of speech
2381.troat- toe bellow like a roaring buck
2382. tropophilous- flourishing in seasonal extremes of the climate
2383.trouvaille- fortunate find
2384.trucage- faking works of art
2385.trucidation- slaughter
2386.trumpery- showy nonsense chicanery
2387. tuism- theories that humans have two selves
2388.tunicate- to cover with layers
2389.turncock- valve for regulating water flow
2390.turnverien- athletic club
2391.turriform- shaped like a tower
2392.tutiorism- doctrine that one should take the safer moral course
2393.twizzle- to swirl or spin
2394.typhlophile- one who is kind to the blind
2395.typhonic- tornadic or whirlwind like
2396.uberous- yielding abundant milk
2397.ubication- condition of being in a certain location
2398.ubique- everywhere
2399.ughten- morning twilight
2400.ullagone- cry of lamentation at a funeral
2401.uloid- like a scar
2402.ultimation-act of bringing to a conclusion
2403.ultimogeniture- inherited by last son
2404.ultrafidian- going beyond faith
2405.ultradian- of cycles longer than an hour but shorter than a day (natural biological)
2406.ultrageous-violently extreme
2407.ultroneous- spontaneous, voluntary
2408.unasinous- being equally stupid
2409.uberufen- exclamation to avert ill luck following boasting
2410.unconsentaneous- not in agreement
2411.uncial- pertaining to an inch or an ounce
2412.underbreath- subdued voice, rumor
2413.unicity- uniqueness oneness
2414.unicornic- resembling a unicorn
2415.unipotent- powerful in one direction only
2416.universalism- autocatastasis
2417. unligable- unable to be bound together
2418.upas-poisionous or harmful institution or influence
2419.uranophobia- fear of heaven
2420.urbacity- excessive pride in one’s city
2421.urbarial- founded on registered property
2422.urman- swampy pine forest
2423.ursicide- killing of a bear
2424.usance- habit or custom
2425.usitative- constituting a usual act
2426.usucaption- acquisition of property by long usage and enjoyment
2427. usufruct- the right to use and enjoy something
2428.utile- profitable and useful
2429.utinam-earnest wish or desire
2430. uberty- fruitfulness, abundant productiveness
2431.ubity- place or locality
Neologisms Part V
Findrouement: to realize the excesses of hedonism by personal experience to motivate your qualms
Egintoch: Puritanism enabled by Churchism of eisegesis of the bible that is overly restrained
Wamzel: Someone whose peccatiphobia outweighs their ability to adventure with moderate restraint
Artwrench: Someone whose art is diminished by conformity of the broader world of kitsch
Efflamen: A celebrity who is rarely heralded or held in high esteem because of social pressures
Drimple: a cute personal eccentricity only observed after a long-time dating
Flarmey: A hardly newsworthy event designed to enslave people to a narrative that are dull
Trimscreet: Someone obsessed by petty details of organization and neat habits
Troudasque: A pertinacious flirt who goes straight to the point for ****** encounters
Alienavesce: The act of self-distancing yourselves to people with bold intellects
Yundimber: Self-sabotage by being too conscientious of oneself
Potvagrant: someone who becomes a different person when drunk than sober
Gimdermang: an obsessive visagist of the English Language who is unsatisfied even with satisdiction
Tralleyripped: so obsessed with vanity as a girl that they never start conversations unless asked
Grindole: someone who rarely smiles even in beatific circumstance
Trinkadour: someone enslaved by an acquisitive mindset of proffered consumerism
Tytanium: the alchemy of ill-fated love that ends poorly because of excessive initial fascination
Cordslave: someone so tethered to technology they forget the intellectual world because of diversion
Indentilation: craving for desperate attention by signaling through social media or otherwise
Hambasket: a comfort-eater who gains weight because of depression
Gourdinance: a euphoric interlude in a rock music song that is plangent with euphoria
Slellum: a mediocre part of a good song that turns people away
Terresting: someone imprisoned by mundane considerations and myopia rather than providence
Flargentum: hidden meanings in songs widely missed because they are obscure or unexpected
Porlecked: a feeling you get when you realize someone is insincere or just plain stupid
Nimongue: rapid-fire insight expressed elegantly to impress people
Flargent: so domineered by aleatory lability that their lives become soap-operas of histrionics
Deskandent: the tedium of working menial jobs especially when overqualified
Ertiminasque: the inelegant narrative fiction of the commonplace used to usurp the sciamachies of reality
Whartonize: to turn independent minded people into smug elitists through indoctrination
Transekond: a song that is memorialized because of hedonistic sprees of youth remembered in nostalgia
Frappern: the alteration of musical appreciation caused by having an audience of discriminative listeners
Slivverdeck: crafty gambles based on nothing but intuitive instinct that prove rotten
Fatewrench: a slow corrosion of faith based on nothing more than bad happenstance
Rindstretch: a situation where there are no possible people to talk to that are single
Clorence: a devoted sincerity to every facet of love imaginable: complete devotion
Grimscravel: a delight in histrionics as a social engineering gambit because of rampant stupidity
Flagstench: the moral opprobrium of jingoistic circumstance that arouses countermanded hatred
Redstrall: the opposition and isolation of Republican white men by feminists and liberals
Bluepomp: the bumptious belief that progressive onolatry is a ‘woke’ witeless movement that should be obeyed with hortatory even violent force
crinkman: a prophet blessed by God to deliver new wisdom
Waterdrip: the tortuous progression of time leading to a certain preordained outcome
kendarme: when everyone knows who you are but pretend otherwise esp. for corruption
finkly: being powerless to change circumstances
ergotall: a big consequence to a minor action in a positive direction
ergotile: a small consequence to a big action in either a positive or negative direction
flarium: music that traveled to the past from the present or the future
thillore: subpar art that receives rave reviews because it is flippant and no other reason
stringoche: insular self-obsession
frizzlounge: a popular spot for status-obsessed patrons
hyjamb: a gridlock in Washington D.C. by design
hikkle: rejection of popular consensus on wall street (usu. To great personal gain)
arknick: a frenzy common to only one of several urban areas because of provincial paroxysm’
reginkeer: the threshold of trust needed to sustain an intimate relationship
trimpoline: buoyant because of good looks or constant luck
Esauline: someone who trades their birthright to corporate slavery
Jolk: the obsession with foofaraw on the internet
Jolker: someone who does dangerous or stupid things to get internet famous
wrathcheque: money made off of a disaster especially artificial
wragatek: evil technocracy seeking biometrics on everyone
wragapole: overpowering docile stupidity that makes humanity easier to tame
qwippa: someone powerful who is poor
zenkidu: antediluvian knowledge that survives
harprick: to use incisive reasoning to demoralize an opponent in an argument
harraitim: the people that believe I am a prophet
graklon: the people that are trying to enslave me
graklongeur: intellectual persecution instituted from the top-down
trillom: fake activism done for propinquenege
drawflark: an overstated estimate of sea water levels caused by climate change (both sun and man)
retchallop: to dehumanize someone by enlisting the giant tortoise with hackencrude
retchanvil: to be an outspoken critic of a topic considered tacenda but imponent on all affairs
wipple: a minor moral mistake overstated for expediency
dratrenk: a lucrative trend created by venality
yording: a former believer who has flagging faith
francketor: a complete genius at metacognition
whindmast: a very sharp conversationalist in all circumstances
gentreng: something vogue to honest intellectuals but few others
wesperm: unfavorable situation for men in general
chawme: catchy low-key deep house for quiet moments
trikongue: making dishonest promises in an election
tallespin: to gloat over victory in a videogame
troponder: challenging the limits of imagination that goes too far astray from reality
underminnow: misrepresentation by a brief soundbite
ryesolagnus: someone who uses LSD
frapplank: a profligate gambler who wastes his family fortune
intorgurent: someone who overstates the value of ritual (especially ritualized contrition)
hinkerg: an obstacle to obtaining power
inslambous: a predatory flirt with so-called ‘toxic masculinity’
jamble: to bet a small wager on a risky bet
fropollow: a sedentary **** smoker who prefers solitude
trimkoppa: a warped parent who teaches non-binary values
florew: a mathematical or logistic axiom that is believed to be correct but turns out to be incomplete or arranged in an insufficient way to pave the future
alloreck: the downsides to being famous (privacy especially)
flipcreek: change of TV or media habits
commerstargal: the incubation of TV commercials in your head affecting buying decisions
spikelund: betting on the stock market based on the names of the companies involved
flonky: 50s era nostalgic feel relating to a pop culture artifact
resselenque: the examination of high art  by modern standards
stigstall: a stalemate between nefarious forces and righteous ones that limits the extent of thaumaturgy
crosslinger: a prominent leader of religious devotion without a formal title
errundle: a desultory way of comportment that leaves you stranded
brocrawler: someone with very heightened expressive intelligence that isn’t a wernique
flindagger: someone whose preoccupation with *** damages their conduct
stretchgrave: people from the past who knew in detail about artifacts from the future
hamparthia: someone recovering from a personal defect in a heroic way
presstungular: a code of conduct that restrains mediagenic disclosure that everyone agrees on tacitly
rapknock: impediments and obstacles to fame based on circumstance and pedigree only
floundrewl: conditioned to believe that people that die in disasters or otherwise deserved death or otherwise wouldn’t be missed
yeltincture: the disadvantage of being vocal about provincial issues
flambaste: to discover personal secrets and use them as an overhang to compel obeisance
grambazzle: someone who ages quickly because they do too many drugs
grambounce: moderate indulgence in ******* on the weekends
wravel: to expound upon minutiae in an enlightened way
torpindage: intimidating people about the mafia by using  TV and Movies to make them seem more violent
Yulliver: a hypersensitive person who is easily intimidated by circumstance
hinderbaggle: the cumulative effect of plastic on pollution around the world
lavondeur: a volcanic tirade of recrimination against a baseless accusation
primposition: to try to use prison politics to endear violence or ****** aberration
stultimathy: the art of lampooning people with divergent ideas
rendavation: the diversification of entertainment on YouTube creating mismatches in syntalities
abaddon: the crestfallen feeling you get when hype is overstated
glamborge: a surfeit of pretentious glamour that treacles too quickly to have lasting value
tempcoverage: a preordained song lyric or movie reference referring to the future before it happens
whistlemonger: someone who touts their knowledge of secrets too openly
flyndresque: a restless nonconformity to hidebound standards flaunted for attention and regarded as vogue
whadronque: a concerted effort by the media to hide an inconvenient truth for boondoggles
kilmarge: an untidy mess that exacerbates the tongue of the puritans
subnublear-incontinent drivel of gribbean barnacles to the bernaggles of opportune subfusc blettonism that owes patronage to scrimshaws of duty by wetchrean designation
Winklean- to trust intimations of superstition that are subliminal above clarion declarations of widely heralded facts
ewnastinque- the proliferation of pornographic sentiments among the youth
bludgergrumble- To exert great power and finesse and demand the minutiae of life to align with annealed priorities that you incur from statemanship or stature
Retinoise- the fanfare of correspondence among the plucky people allied to your cause
Aswallone- A staggering feat of disguised xenophobia that is implicit rather than stated directly
DMC Words
wiggletemper- manipulating subtleties to micromanage threats to power dynamics
atomkent- a feeble attempt made in resignation to empower people that is dishonest
slimpondrique- the skeletonization of society made by ossified moralism that neglect prophecy
refracturism- the fundamental belief that all human knowledge is siphoned from selective filters that translates with deeply engraved entropy an inherent human distortion of the pristine reality
swallock- the divergence of human perspectives based on differences in receptive intelligence
trykle- the protrusion of uncomfortable truths of specious lies from the treasury of percolation
flakmention- the dredged arguments of revived past controversy becoming relevant again in a different context swaying generations in a different context
metatron- annihilation of the concept of existential chords of harmony to create the dissuasion of many to regard with nescience what should be upheld as an indelible memory of a sturdy reality negated by supervised neglect
flombrick- an overlooked part of the latticework of a phenomena that hides in obscurity because it is either such a nuance or so integral to the  reformulated design that it gets overlooked as either an axiom or a reputable spandrel
asperingum- a mistaken hope that tragedy can unite the human family into communal ******* for the shibboleths of a tribe to become universal
slimmerback- a reduction of complexity needed to explain the ineffable to a wider audience
flajourney- an enhancement of intellect predicated on music taste that primes intelligence
flajoust- a sarcastic song meant to demean the audience because of its glaring simplicity
feldtround- the holistic reprisal of a negligent professor or public official because he is slanted in the wrong direction or imposing too many opinions

2432. sphenoid-wedge-shaped
2433. sigmoid- S shaped
2435medusiform- shaped like a jelly fish
2436. vermillion- bright-red
2437viridian- chrome-green
2438 watchet- pale blue
2439. xanthic- yellow
2440. umber-brownish red
2441.puccoon- blood root; dark red color
2442. jacinthe- orange-color
2443. modena- crimson
2444. icterine-yellow
2445heliotrope-purplish hue/ ancient sundial
2446 eburnean-of or like ivory/ ivory-colored
2447corbeau-blackish green
2448. cyaneous- sky-blue
2449.filemot- of a dead leaf color or a dead leaf
2450. lsteritious- brick-red
2451.gridelin- violet-gray
2452 atrous- jet black
2453.celadon- pale green
2454 adevism- denial of gods or legends of pagans
2455 euhemerism-explanation of mythology as growing from history
2456 fideism- doctrine that knowledge depends on faith more than reason
2457 gymnobiblism-bible presented to the illiterate to their understanding sufficient
2458 tychism- accepts role as pure chance
2459 titanism- a spirit of revolt against regnant authority defiance against social convetions
2460. terminism- time-limit for repentance
2461. theopantism- belief God is the only reality
2462. privatism- not indulging outside interests at all
2463. positivism- theory that is not observable cannot be known
2464 panzoism- belief that humans and animals both share vital life energy
2465. perfectibilism- ideas of humanity perfecting itself to completion
2466. panspermatism- belief that life is extraterrestrial in origin
2467. organicism- belief that life is an organism from the granular to the profoundly panoramic
2468 numenism- belief in local deities or spirits
2469. monadism-theory that there exists ultimate units of being
2470. kenotism- theory that Christ shed his divinity to become human
2471. immoralism- rejection of morality
2472 illuminism- belief in an eternal internal  light
2473 ignorantism- belief ignorance is a good thing
2474. aspheterism- denial of private property
2475. aestheticism- beauty is integral to other qualities of reality
2476- bullionism- strong belief in gilded exchequer.
2477-Hypnogeny- the production of a hypnotic state
2478 Icterogenic- causing jaundice
2479. Nubigenous- cloud-born
2480. xylogenesis- growing on wood
2481. thymogenic- due to emotion
2482. thaumatogeny- doctrine of the miraculous origin of life
2483. spodogenous- caused by waste matter
2484 noegenesis- the production of knowledge
2485. morogenesis- the cause of segmentation
2486. marigenous- produced by the sea
2487. lithogenesis- rock-building
2488. ectogenesis-variation in response to outside conditions
2489. catogenic- formed from above
2490. anogenic-formed from beneath or below
Neologisms Part 6
Grangerine- a menacing sultry backlash against debased conformity to diminutive virtues of hamartias
Abordinance- A secretive stipend paid to silence people
Flaxounce- A counterfeit homeopathic remedy that is toxic
Creeze- to walk away from a confrontation before it begins either because you are meek or because of kisswonk
Ammenque- To loiter around waiting for deliverance with futility because of inclement circumstance or otherwise poor luck
Serratink- to rudely and abruptly end a conversation with anteric spite
Trillop- a meager insistence on the lowest possible price done obstinately regardless whether the other person budges ( a hefty understatement of capital)
Yernage- the peak-time of a person’s life in terms of felicity that is often restated in nostalgia
Implucture- the menagerie of talent that crowds the most elite spots in the city
Wallsong- An intrepid curt minatory rebuff of cordial standards because of boorish rudeness either provoked on unprovoked
Alkender- complete financial acumen that beats any market without insider knowledge
Kindoreal- the suitable mentality of hospitality based on conditions of success rather than just gratuity at the ire of the inferior
Sweenedge- the ability to master the panoramic matrix but extremely reserved in disclosing knowledge of dynamics for self-protection
Curdact- to weather inhospitable vicissitudes by forbearance and petition to divine authority
Sterkle- to leap at the first chance for monetary prosperity without considering divestiture or alternative options
Clex-the fantasia that enchants the droll simpletons but bores more astute observers
Gigantopariah- someone who is aloof from others because of stature or longiniquity of intellect
Walkong- the primitive directive to shut off a region from outside influences because of naive nativism at the peril of the economy
Zalk-to be the embodiment of a fictional character in a Movie
Zalkengur-when a movie you watch resembles your real-life conditions
weedratch-the oversaturation of drugs in society caused by the ostentation of celebrities using drugs in excess amounts
Tripsnitch- someone who is burrowed within a criminal caste who snitches for monetary gain that goes unnoticed
Hambourne- someone who is more prone to mysticism than religion and regards all religious traditions as contributions to the divine understanding without shroffing for apocrypha
Erzle- to be uncouth and rude around someone you are attracted to because of hapless happenstance
Pandemonstrance- the overstatement of hype to scare down the scale of a pandemic
Inkburch- someone who appreciates hypertrophy and is attentive to small detail but is a step short of full comprehension of intellectual reticulation
Trimlegger- someone who markets covert information or induction into secret societies for a price
Halkorn- to horde essential items months in advance of calamity only to gouge people when it arrives
Wintermingle- To borrow from the exigency of dearth the demands for select luxuries only experienced in times of dire straits and capitalize on squalor to beef up demand
Alvantage- a complete continuity of perception that is stereodimensional and therefore attentive to the scrutiny of missed details
Amporge- to galvanize a select community with a lot of power even when meeting the tacenda of disdain among common audiences that either don’t understand or don’t agree ideologically with the stance (elite pandering at common exchequers expense)
Wetragged- the hoist of ****** appeal founded on confrontations of lust that is effrogallant and leads to wide ****** currency
Rigmangle- to bet a lot of stake on mass confusion even when the profiteering is dishonest and unscrupulous
Tripsconce- to travel to a distant location to escape the tether of obligation often in a hurry if to escape the malingering malice of people that you want to   avoid
Wallbagger- someone who is sinister against immigration because of xenophobia that prizes anti-immigrant stances as the most important issue
timelounge- a place where future events are succinctly hinted at or discussed at a more elite institution than a frizzlounge
updame- to fetch affection from the most beautiful women in society
flavenicker- someone who appreciates all culinary dishes and makes a habit of trying new food (or someone with a ravenous intellectual curiosity)
roundhackle- the looming insecurity about appearance that motivates the sublimation of other talents that is inescapable
wednongue- someone who is eager to adopt vogue ideas just because they are vogue especially in the circle of fashimites that care only for popularity rather than sustainability even though they suspect a decline in the fad in short order
rellamp- to shine light on obscure issues in a convoluted ecphonesis that few will understand but in a way that shimmers the syncrisis of meaning
redominage- the sterling repute of some outmoded ideas fashioned with new monikers or disguised in redhibitions of federalese that appall liberal voters but create an adiaphorous reaction among Republicans
dissgowl- to riot in malcontent over untidy conditions of urbanization
inkbalk- the rejection of complex ideas because you don’t understand them in writing
waltroom- an avenue to secret conveyance of covert information (IOP)
flickerstorm- a spreading agent that enhances clarity if only temporary about spiritual realities by promulgating homilies that enchant perdurably
edumancipation- the liberation of the educational system from doctrinaire inculcation and the provocation of free thought found in autodidactianism
winkdrip- a secret ****** by the state on a foreign national beyond scrutiny
albenture- the ability to see complex patterns from a limited amount of information by intuitive conjecture in an almost clairvoyant way
poolswap- the emigration of wealth from one country to another because of unstable domestic or foreign conditions or other prospects of currency bonanza
plodge- to perform ******* very well
lipsmurch- an extraordinary *******
travestime- a bleak portrayal of a vibrant zeitgeist founded on petty objections that focus on the worst rather than best aspects of any heyday
alpenesture- the luxury of living near ski resorts
cartonimble- someone who prays often that often overstates the degree of their own sin because of a peccant fixation that is halldorn
trewde- to hail environmental causes that are inconvenient in a blaring way to the culprits behind the fossil fuel industry
trince- to be indecisive because of shifting mosaics of certainty of once irrefragable axioms that predicate your view of reality
sleeporge- to escape emotional pangs of depression or concern by popping a sleeping pill to escape turmoil
plammer- to brag about various pedigrees of stature in a modest way that still provokes envy even in modesty
mendlatch- to change your security settings out of hyped precaution
flomp- to spill your beer or liquor on someone because you maunder with intoxication
krift- an impasse on a contentious issue between two power brokers especially with respect to finance within a single entity or company
lingobagger- someone who reiterates the same concepts over and over again to a drooling audience of simpletons because they lack mutual understanding
keelnog- the alcoholism of sailors explained by cabin fever ( a general malaise caused by alcoholism that leads to diminished favor of reputation)
slogmarch- the steady growth of momentum in a financial movement caused by piggybacks of press and repcrevel concerns that form astroturf movements
limpedgy- simple writing that showcases flair but is still suboptimal for understanding deeper issues
covvenger- the stoop of science to a lower level to elevate dignitaries with fondink to a higher stature of conveyance despite a noticeable dimple of pretended normalcy among the highly gifted
willborne- a strong inclination that becomes an exalted ambition that serves a pecuinary cause as well as an altruism to society
Tortneyed- hackneyed ideas reiterated by tortivinity by ignorant people that converge on the same hikkles of obganiation
Hackumber- to disclose the most embarrassing personal secrets or corporate secrets of any given entity
Terrample (adj)- sufficient for the needs of Earth as a whole both in terms of its psychological effect and ultimate impact on ecosystems
Timberlask- the preservation of rugged idealism of picaresque roguery in a world that disenchants more than enthuses without denting pride or shibboleth
Flackey- a pedestrian answer to a simple question meant to dissemble a guise of presentation rather than bearing authenticity
Flackourge- a completely dishonest portrayal of oneself in a job interview or a date that is easy to detect
Grazzle- to astound a dismissive person with an unconventional answer which shatters paradigms about what a person or a group is capable of
Grazzly- Boldly intrepid in brave authenticity that showcases intellectual finery
Tralleyromp- a party for conceited photogenic people that are obsessed with ostentation that becomes a free-for-all saturnalia or a competitive bout of flairs of pulchritude
Halk-to insert a memorable catchphrase from a movie or song into spoken or written language
Halkend- an obsessive patron of the arts that quotes movies and music too much
Junctition- a moment of profound epiphany or euphoria memorialized in nostalgia especially when bound to a song, a place or a person on one particular date
Junctingent- a nostalgia that blurs many salient moments of excessive lavish celebration or personal acmes of achievement into one solitary remembrance that bedizens retrospection with a vague shimmer of sheen
Soundrack- the collection of songs that you are the most fond of
Soundracketeer- someone who has a very wide selection of music, especially universally agreed upon as tasteful music
Twatternabble- writing that is inelegant but is used solely to memorize words rather than convey meaning
Ligony- a period of overindulgence remembered fondly
Wassertail- the feeling of the degraded quality of music that you listen to too often and therefore maintains fewer feelings of euphoria
Wangermist- the gravity of new sonorous music to ****** ears that enchants rather than belies sentiments as the fresh engraving of a future treasure
Flukenhague- a bad policy by a mandarist government that seeks more ulterior control of the syndicalism of mismanaged graft in societies that have more hyperarchy than democracy
Flamestun- shower the world with genius that is unexpected and achieve acclaim thereby
Reninjuble- naturally good-natured giving off the appearance of emotional mastery that is calculated when it is in fact symptomatic of a general convivial nature that enlivens all who participate in it
Renkle- to upset someone emotionally by highlighting their flaws indirectly as through an awgrudge or a motion of flippant effrontery that balks at the haecceity of another person
Halvonk-To signal an amicable agreement on your own terms when you own the leverage of negotiation by making uncial concessions about minor points of contention but thrusting new items of hortatory clarity into your negotiosity
Cotopaxy- the peaceful armistice between warring covert tribes embedded within domestic think tanks between the tacenda but still maintaining hostile posture to interrogation
Autodimplage- A steep stark insecurity about a recurrent mannerism some might find eccentric that becomes flanged in misperception and recoils into sheepish resignation (especially applied to traits you cannot change that are related to both personality and appearance)
Plasmamium- the interrogation of physics at a deeply consequential level that requires a recursive itinerant imagination that can fathom the epiphenomena of the flux between states of matter and existence especially focused on Thermodynamics
2492. aeropleustic-related to aerial navigation
2493. adipic- relating to fatty substances
2494. ampelidious- relating to vines
2495.alveolate- like a honeycomb
2496. anatine- relating to ducks
2497. amphiscian- relating to torrid regions
2498. anguine- relating to snakes
2499. agrestic- relating to fields, rustic, unpolished
2500. acerate- resembling a needle
2501. areopagitic- relating to courts or tribunals
2502. auricular- spoken secretly
2503. campestral-relating to the country/level ground
2504.centrobaric- relating to the point of the center of gravity
2505. conative-relating to purposeful actions
2506. cothurnal- relating or pertaining to tragedy
2507. crenitic- pertaining to mineral springs
2508.delphinine- relating to dolphins
2509. denary- ten-fold
2510. diacoustic- relating to the refraction of sound
2511. edaphic- of like or pertaining to the soil
2512. emporeutic- relating to trade
2513. erotetic- engaged in rhetorical questioning’
2514. hesternal- pertaining to yesterday
2519.raad-electric catfish
2520rabbet-groove designed to catch an edge
Wernottle-to suckle a cadged infancy into deliberate fruition with lurched maturation
Askenge-to intuitively understand the power structures and streaks of permeable influence that percolates apace of advanced societies
Sledgingull-to browbeat with impropriety in castigation to reform the soul into acquinesk refinement of the trimscreet
Retty-producing intensely aboriginal ****** drives in a platonic ceremony of palatial lusts encaged by abreaction
Flawking-to illustrate the foibles in any structure of government especially when verging on tyranny
Wrinhork-to demassify a syndicated element into generic use in order to provide commonplace relief
fabrefaction n 1652 -1678
act of fashioning or making a work of art
The sculptor felt that fabrefaction was more important than the end result.
fallaciloquence n 1656 -1761
deceitful speech
Your fallaciloquence, though charming, will not convince the jury to acquit.
famelicose adj 1730 -1775
often or very hungry
The tribe's crops frequently fail, and their children are famelicose.
famigerate v 1623 -1736
to carry news from abroad
The bloggers famigerated about the conditions in the war-torn country.
ficulnean adj 1716 -1716
of fig-tree wood; worthless
His ficulnean arguments failed to convince his professor to raise his grade.
filicology n 1884 -1884
study of ferns
Filicology is a discipline for which paleontological training is a great asset.
findible adj 1656 -1790
able to be cleft or split
This pie is perfectly findible, if we can agree to some simple rules for cutting it.
flosculation n 1651 -1651
an embellishment or ornament in speech
The speaker's lecture was rendered laughable by ridiculous flosculations.
foppotee n 1663 -1663
What a pitiful foppotee he was, always oblivious to our jeers!
frenigerent adj 1656 -1681
bearing a bridle
The frenigerent filly flew fast from the fire.
fumificate v 1721 -1792
to make or cause smoke or incense
The only problem with the new grill is its tendency to fumificate.
gardeviance n 1459 -1706
chest for valuables; a travelling trunk
She kept her linens in that old gardeviance for over sixty years.
gardevisure n 1610 -1840
visor of a helmet as shown on heraldic devices
Since you're so ugly, why not place a gardevisure on your coat of arms?
gaudiloquent adj 1656 -1727
speaking joyfully or on joyful matters
Her gaudiloquent tone was thought excessively perky by the stodgy faculty.
gelicide n 1656 -1681
a frost
Unfortunately, the flowers were killed too soon by an early gelicide.
gipseian adj 1749 -1749
belonging or pertaining to gypsies
The gipseian rhythms made her feel as if she were in the Middle East.
gleimous adj 1398 -1790
slimy; full of phlegm
Its gleimous tongue slipped between its teeth and ensnared the moose.
gnathonize v 1619 -1727
to flatter
I can tell that you're just trying to gnathonize me, you sycophantic buffoon!
graocracy n 1830 -1830
government by an old woman or women
High voter turnout among elderly women may soon lead us into a graocracy.
graviloquence n 1656 -1656
grave speech
The bishop's funeral orations were known for their graviloquence.
gumfiate v 1820 -1820
to cause to swell; to puff up
He just had his wisdom teeth extracted, so his cheeks are gumfiated.
gutturniform adj 1886 -1886
shaped like a water pitcher
She was never able to mould the clay into a proper gutturniform shape.
gypsation n 1656 -1681
action or process of plastering with gypsum
The gypsation of the room took much too long and irritated his allergies.
habroneme adj 1886 -1886
having the appearance of fine threads
Her habroneme hair was admired by many hairstylists for its fine texture.
halatinous adj 1886 -1886
saline; salty
The halatinous mist brought back memories of his childhood at the seashore.
hecatologue n 1894 -1894
code consisting of 100 rules
The teen whined that her parents' list of rules was practically a hecatologue.
helctic adj 1658 -1658
acting to drag or draw out; drawing
While leechcraft is derided, it is medicinally useful from a helctic perspective.
hemerine adj 1854 -1886
daily; quotidian
The hemerine ritual of walking her dog kept her in good physical shape.
hercotectonic adj 1672 -1672
of or pertaining to the construction of fortifications or walls
The fort's hercotectonic strength was insufficient to repel cannon-fire.
hirculation n 1656 -1721
disease of vines where they grow no fruit
Despite a fantastic growing season, the vineyard was crippled by hirculation.
hirquitalliency n 1652 -1652
strength of voice
The wrestler's hirquitalliency compensated for his lack of strength and talent.
historiaster n 1887 -1894
petty or contemptible historian
While Foucault is widely praised today, he was no more than a historiaster.
hiulcity n 1681 -1681
an opening or cleft
They stepped into the hiulcity in the cliff face, unaware of the danger within.
homerkin n 1662 -1663
old liquid measure for beer
"I'm so thirsty I could drink a homerkin of beer," Simpson lamented.
hymnicide n 1862 -1862
killing of hymns through alterations
Many accused the revisionists in the Church of committing hymnicide.
hyometer n 1886 -1886
rain gauge
Her homemade hyometer was overwhelmed and destroyed by the deluge.
hypenemious n 1855 -1886
full of wind; windy; of an egg, malformed
Let us protect ourselves against the hyenemious assault of the hurricane.
icasm n 1664 -1664
figurative expression
He protested at his trial that the death threat he delivered was only an icasm.
ichorescent adj 1684 -1684
growing or becoming ichorous
After several months, the carrots were disgustingly ichorescent.
ichthyarchy n 1853 -1853
the domain or rule of fishes
Despite his ichthyarchy, Aquaman is really a very pitiful superhero.
ictuate v 1822 -1822
to emphasize; to put metrical stress on
She preferred free verse over carefully-ictuated classical poetic styles.
igniparous adj 1684 -1684
bringing forth fire
The heroes were scorched by the dragon's igniparous emanation.
impigrity n 1623 -1721
quickness; speed
The impigrity of the contract's signing led to vexing legal wranglings.
improcerous adj 1656 -1658
low; short
The coffee table was much too improcerous to be of any real use.
incabinate v 1672 -1672
to enclose in a cabin; to confine
The solution to her writer's block was to incabinate herself at her country villa.
ingeniculation n 1623 -1658
bending of the knee
His ingeniculation was in vain, and she turned away in disgust, never to return.
ingordigious adj 1637 -1734
greedy; avaricious
Your ingordigious ways are cruel and heartless; charity is the path to joy.
inocciduous adj 1656 -1658
of a star, never setting
Polaris was his inocciduous guide as he trekked across the Great Plains.
inobligality n 1663 -1663
quality of not being obligatory
Granting the inobligality of bringing a gift to the party, it is still polite to do so.
interfation n 1656 -1658
act of interrupting another while speaking
His boorish interfations were ill-received at the academic lecture.
inveteratist n 1715 -1715
opponent of reform; one who inveterately holds to tradition
The golf course's manager, being an inveteratist, continued to refuse women entry.
ipsographic adj 1817 -1817
He used the CD burner primarily for ipsographic purposes.
irredivivous adj 1656 -1656
unable to be revived
Despite Dr. House's best effort, the patient remained irredivivous.
isangelous adj 1768 -1774
equal to the angels
I've had just about enough of her isangelous and self-righteous diatribes.
jecorary adj 1684 -1684
of or relating to the liver
The alcoholic's refusal to seek treatment caused him no end of jecorary trouble.
jobler n 1662 -1662
one who does small jobs
We've found a great jobler who takes care of our repairs quickly and cheaply.
jumperism n 1800 -1876
principles of a jumping Methodist sect
While snake-handling is ridiculous, it is no worse than jumperism or the stylites.
jungible adj 1656 -1656
that may be joined
The trailers are jungible by means of a complex hitching system.
jussulent adj 1656 -1658
full of broth or soup
The bubbling of the jussulent cauldron and the crackling of the campfire soothed her.
kalotypography n 1834 -1834
beautiful printing
Medieval manuscripts are attractive, but modern kalotypography surely surpasses them.
keleusmatically adv 1885 -1885
imperatively; in an imperative mood
"Sit down!" the teacher instructed his wife keleusmatically, to her chagrin.
kexy adj 1608 -1884
dry, brittle, withered
The rustling of the kexy leaves alerted the campers to the bear's presence.
krioboly n 1850 -1882
sacrifice of many rams; bath in blood of rams
Contrary to rumour, pagan rituals do not involve krioboly or baby-eating.
labascate v 1727 -1727
to begin to fall or slide
He watched with helpless horror as the baby carriage labascated down the stairs.
lagenarious adj 1657 -1657
He brought our champagne in a lagenarious vessel, much to our embarassment.
lambition n 1658 -1800
act of licking or lapping
The child's lambition of the ice cream was interrupted by gravity, the cruellest master.
lampistry n 1874 -1874
art of decorating lamps
The church bazaar is always full of skilled needlework, lampistry and other crafts.
lardlet n 1659 -1659
small piece of bacon to put into meat to enrich with fat
The secret to her *** roasts is the use of lardlets to enhance the flavour of the meat.
latibule n 1623 -1691
hiding place
The girl emerged triumphantly from her latibule, only to find her friends had already left.
leeftail adj 1674 -1869
in great demand; having a quick sale
The new Corvettes are a leeftail product, no doubt because of the economic boom.
legatarian adj 1766 -1766
of or pertaining to a deputy or legate
The vice-president seems uncomfortable with his legatarian duties.
leporicide n 1788 -1914
killer or killing of hares or rabbits
Elmer Fudd's futile attempts at leporicide were always foiled by his intended prey.
lignatile adj 1855 -1855
living or growing on wood
She collected lignatile mushrooms on her hike, confident in her identifications.
lignicide n 1656 -1656
We will not tolerate the lignicides who would despoil our old-growth forests!
lococession n 1656 -1656
place for giving
Deposit your alms in the lococession we have provided, and you will be rewarded.
locupletative adj 1802 -1812
tending to enrich
Your locupletative contributions have helped furnish the new stadium lavishly.
logarithmotechny n 1724 -1775
the art of calculating logarithms
But sir, without my calculator, I will be reduced to painful logarithmotechny!
lubency n 1623 -1669
willingness; pleasure
My lubency to help you in this matter will not be increased by your paltry bribes.
lugent adj 1656 -1889
weeping; mourning
After hearing of the attack, her brothers were lugent at first, then enraged.
Lutherolatry n 1859 -1883
worship of Martin Luther and his teachings
The priest was poorly received for his denunciation of Lutherolatry and paganism.
macellarious adj 1656 -1656
pertaining to butchers or meat markets
Some practitioners of the macellarious arts are more humane to animals than vegans.
magastromancy n 1652 -1652
magical astrology
Her reliance on magastromancy to decide the students' grades got her in trouble.
magistricide n 1670 -1670
the killing or killer of a teacher or master
While many have considered magistricide, few are bold or wicked enough to do so.
magophony n 1711 -1711
massacre of magi or priests
The acts of magophony that accompany religious intolerance are simply unacceptable.
maleolent adj 1657 -1727
having an ill odour
His maleolent recipe was avoided by all but the most courageous or polite guests.
mancation n 1727 -1727
maiming; mutilation
The general would suffer no mancation or execution of fallen enemy troops.
mariturient adj 1765 -1765
eager to marry
He was beset with offers from several distant cousins who were desperately mariturient.
mecography n 1603 -1890
measurement of the dimensions and weight of body parts
The ****** company used mecography to obtain necessary data about its clientele.
medioxumate adj 1723 -1723
of gods of intermediate rank between those of heaven and of hell
Medioxumate deities such as those of the Greek pantheon are rarely worshipped today.
melanochalcographer n 1697 -1697
engraver of copper printing plates
No melanochalcographer can match a photographic print in quality of reproduction.
miliaceous adj 1684 -1890
like millet or the millet-seed
This miliaceous gift will keep our nation from starvation, but will not appease us.
mingent adj 1685 -1685
discharging *****
The mingent dog amused the children but not the owner of the flower garden.
misqueme v 1395 -1658
to displease; to offend
If my actions misqueme you or your friends, you need only leave me alone.
mitescent adj 1727 -1727
growing mild
You're becoming mitescent in your old age, and can hardly stomach conflict any more.
mochlic n 1657 -1753
drastic purgative medicine
This mochlic remedy is worse than the disease, but at least it will be over quickly.
modernicide n 1774 -1774
killing or killer of modern people
While the Luddites were radical traditionalists, they never engaged in modernicide.
molrowing n 1860 -1896
caterwauling; cavorting with prostitutes
Her son is a molrowing vagabond without any social graces, much to her shame.
montivagant adj 1656 -1658
wandering over hills and mountains
The montivagant hiker crossed the Alps with ease but was stymied by the Andes.
morsicant adj 1891 -1891
producing the sensation of repeated biting or pricking
After sitting for several hours, I had a terrible morsicant pain in my rear end.
mowburnt adj 1548 -1900
of crops, spoiled by becoming overheated
The heat wave last August left us with heaps of mowburnt and useless crops.
mulcible adj 1656 -1656
able to be appeased
Despite his promises of food, the crowd was not mulcible and began to riot.
mulomedic adj 1678 -1678
relating to the medical care of mules
The doctor's mulomedic abilities were of enormous importance to the trek's success.
murklins adv 1568 -1674
in the dark
She stumbled murklins about the house until she found the light switch.
myriander adj 1693 -1693
consisting of ten thousand men
I was trapped lured into lie by a clever evil mastermind .
Lost in a strange land locked away in a basement guarded by some twisted hamster on steroids known as a kangaroo.

Sure I had been tricked by evil means by the mastermind known as Helen hey look she told me there was a huge **** down in the basement with tons of strippers and ******* who wouldn't fall for that? Duh everyone knows you never let strippers in the good part of your house .

So here I was living in the basement like some sad nerd who probably posts on a web site everyday thinking they are totally awesome cause they have five hundred followers when in reality they'd be lucky if they had even one human friend in real life.

What ?
I was talking  about one of those star wars nerd sites cause everyone knows I'd never bash a site like Hello that is ruled by a evil cult leader who moved to the states after collecting money under guise to help the site when in reality it was for his *** change .

Yeah Id never pick on someone like that .
Frankly I'm hurt you'd think that  I'm kidding and as long as I'm breathing I will always be your favorite ruthless ******* slash ****** with a heart of gold.

I sat there in my new cell wondering just what the hell I was to do all the while kangaroo jack kept his beady little eyes locked onto me .
Yeah I knew he was sitting there mentally ******* me with his eyes I felt so naked course id probably feel better if I actually put some clothes on.
Duh who wears clothes at a **** *******?
Had I known this was all a lure I would have kept my clothes on and kept my trusty **** whistle and not got into this mess to begin with.

I was ready to scream for help when all the sudden I herd a sound .
Muffled as it was still I herd it the kangaroo hopped as it approached me oh dear lord man I was far to fragile to be assaulted by this weird *** overgrown rat .

The sound was so strange it sounded like the men at work song land from down under but where the **** was it coming from!
The Kangaroo was getting far to close it leaned over into my face and being a true man I did what any other true man would do.

Began to cry and beg this ****** up gerbil not to **** me.
Answer the ******* phone mate.
It said to me as I was stunned .

Hey ******* answer the ******* phone .
It said again  incase your to high or didn't read it the first time .
You ******* talk and what ******* phone I asked trying to hold back the tears let me tell you these animals were known killers they were like Canadians on crack with incredibly strong legs yeah imagine what nickel back could do with powers like these those heartless ******* would be unstoppable .

I was lost naked and afraid minus the camera crew and some ***** chick who smelled really bad and ******* at me for not having great hunting skills why not call that show what millions of people wearing clothes call it .
Marriage yeah now there's some scary ****!

Look **** for brains snap out of hit .
The kangaroo said as it kicked me upside the head .
Answer the ******* phone so we can get on with this story you *******.

I swear those kangaroos really had a mouth on them who knew such cute looking standing rabbit could be such a *******.

Okay so where the hells the phone and never kick me again you got it!?
I have no clue where your furry foots been.
Up your grandmas *** mate and where else would I keep my phone in my ******* pouch .

Look You can insult me how ever you like Gerbil but I'm not putting my hand in that pouch besides that is the oldest trick in the book you know how many times I fell for that with grandpa ?


This steroid fed mouse asked as it looked at me like all other people and some who read this might think.
What the **** is wrong with me?

Yeah that's a whole other write in itself .

Answer the ******* phone in my pouch now *******!
Umm no .
Why not ?
Cause I don't want to .
Look you ***** if  I had long enough arms I would do it but I cant okay
you know how ****** up it is to have arms this short now you know why the T Rex was the most ******* dinosaur of them all .

Yeah I had to admit my new friend slash captor had a point imagine being a total badass that cant ******* boy that's some ****** up **** but enough with the foreplay hamsters.

After some back and fourth  debate I against great protest reached in this hopping *******'s pouch and found a cell phone .

Hello ?
Well Gonzo how you like your new digs mate?
I knew that voice anywhere .

Helen !

My friend turned evil super villain explained to me her evil plan to keep me hostage and force me to co write for eternity in this basement guarded twenty four seven by Ursula her trained evil kangaroo henchwoman .

It was clear all hope was lost how could I ever escape the clutches of such twisted evil?
Then it occurred to me I would simply bust the window in the basement and get the **** out of here .

I had to act fast cause it's almost happy hour at the bar kids and this hamster is thirsty.
Hey Ursula I really got to use the bathroom .
Well go ahead mate the toilets in the corner .

Yeah but you know I really like my privacy you know I mean I tell you those burritos are really talking back if you know what I mean but hey if you can stand the smell be my guest I mean sure the oder alone will strip the paint off the walls but I'm sure after you pass out from the fumes you will be fine.

Fine you stupid ******* just make it quick Ursula said as she bounced her grouchy *** upstairs .

It was my only shot and thank God they had left a trusty boomerang around so I could bust the window to make my escape its almost like it was planned that way being I'm writing the story.
No **** Sherlock!

I was free as a bird if a bird had a really bad drinking problem and twisted sense of humor and was totally naked .
I looked to the front gates but there was no way I could escape that way barbwire and flesh didn't mix that well besides without there draw bridge down the crocodiles would eat me alive yeah these Aussies were total freaks .

So like some naked ninja I made my way around Helens Compound of evil making my way upstairs I slipped into a room in hopes of finding just where my clothes had been taken to.

Hey help me .
I herd a mans voice say as I flipped  on the light to find a horrific scene a strange man chained to the wall no wonder this evil woman was such a prolific writer .

Hey mate help me please get me out of here .
I knew this woman was evil but after some deep discussion I learned this poor man trapped in this upstairs *** dungeon was secretly her husband  I know how weird who has there *** dungeon upstairs ?

I don't know what I'm going to do I'm never getting out of here Gonz .
I unchained my knew friend after he told me he knew how to find a way out of here and after finding my clothes and grabbing my trusty case of bourbon we put on some music caught a killer buzz and totally forgot  why we were trying to escape the clutches of evil to begin with.

The party was great we laughed we cried we watched some really freaky homemade movies once only made me love my knew Aussie brother more Shawn was ******* awesome a bit of a freak but ******* awesome.

The party was going full swing when the doors few open and there she was my evil long lost sister Helen and her demented *** evil henchwoman  slash house pet kangaroo Ursula who although a animal had some great legs I have to admit .

The gigs up Gonz it's off to the basement with you forever !
I looked at my new best friend thought about how sad he was when I found him and thought of the great times we could have roaming the wasteland looking for gasoline like in mad max just being totally drunk instead.

Yeah then Helen yelled in her outside voice inside and bout made me **** myself so I said **** this and left my brother behind and hauled ***  

I made it to the kitchen but was trapped by Helen and her evil **** minion .

Give it up Gonz  Helen said .
At that moment I grabbed a knife .

Oh cut the crap Gonz stop being silly what are you going to do with that ?

She thought she had me but I had one last trick up my sleeve .

I opened the fridge and grabbed her trusty box of wine
You ******* don't you dare hurt my baby!

Yeah you want this back I said as walked forward and out of the kitchen towards the veranda .

You get back Helen or I swear the box of wine gets it.

Oh  yeah you stab that box then I will drop this fifth of your bourbon over the rail Helen said with that devilish look in her eyes.

You heartless ***** !
She dropped the bottle I swear it cried daddy as it fell to the ground shattering to a million pieces on the concreate beside the pool wow I had to admit she really had a nice place.

I mean sure she was twisted evil heartless had a awesome husband she kept in a upstairs *** dungeon but enough about Helens  good quality's  .

I looked as my pour bottle lay shattered upon the floor  .
I laughed you know that wasn't my only bottle .

I know that mate then reached to Ursula grabbing yet another bottle from her pouch dam you Australia why must you have so many ****** up animals in one place its like a zoo on crack.

Helen went to drop yet another bottle over the rail when I cracked.
Okay enough!
I will put your box of wine down just don't hurt the bottle okay .

Deal mate Helen replied .

We both slowly put are true passions in life down .
I'm glad you could see things my way Gonz now time for you to get writing .

Yeah Helen I don't think so I said pulling the trusty boomerang from a location I rather not disclose hey I been to prison before you be surprised the stuff people smuggle in.
Dam that hurt.!

I threw the boomerang with all my might this was my one truly  last chance at getting out of here.
But like some Aussie ninja Helen just ducked the thing  as  it flew past her head went flying around the house and turned direction coming straight towards me hitting me in the skull.

As I fell to my death music played as I took that long dramatic one story fall .
I hit the pavement like Lindsey Lohans career.

I laid there broken my new best friend speaking to me no gonz don't leave me we could have are own spinoff if only you didn't die .
Shawn my brother I will never forget you but I have just one last thing to say to you are you listening .

Yes mate I am.

And at that moment of dire sadness I ripped the biggest **** .
Shawn busted up laughing as above Helen looked at Ursula
Men are so ******* disgusting .

And later as they all sat looking down upon me from the veranda Helen furious at her man slaves betrayal told her partner in crime slash killer kangaroo .

Ursula go fetch the battery out of the car and the ****** clamps someone is going to be punished .
Shawn's face lit up with joy yay he exclaimed .
Helen shoot him a look .

I mean oh no such horror please don't torture me mistress   .
But hey don't judge them there not freaks there Australian.

Ursula shook her head as she made her way to fetch the car battery .
Jesus Christ why couldn't I have been Mel Gibson's pet.

Helen looked down one last time at her dead brothers body .
But to her surprise he was   gone .
The dramatic Halloween music played as Shawn looked to his evil temptress slash wife .

Mistress was that the boogeyman?

She slapped the **** outta him **** no its just that lovable perverted misspelling ***** across the water everyone calls Gonzo.

She shook her head and laughed to herself .
We will meet again my friend .

Until next time kids or Helen finds and actually kills
me stay crazy.

Two figures dressed in red and black robes sat on a bed in a room that was illuminated in red light.  The larger figure looked at the smaller figure and said
"This is the day we've been waiting on.  It's ok to be nervous but don't be scared.  You are the sacred vessel. "  "I'm not afraid.  I'm just ready to get this day over with" said the smaller figure.   "That's just what I wanted to hear Levi.  It's time to get started.  Please follow behind me" said the larger figure.  "Yes" mother said Levi.
Levi followed his mother out of his room and down a hall that was illuminated in red light.  As Levi followed behind his mother he asked the question "Why do we use red lights to light the compound?"  "Because red is the color of blood.  Blood is sacred.  The color red is sacred" said the tall dark skinned woman.  "Oh" said Levi.  "When Priest summons the spirit Evil remember not to fight it.  Just let it take over" said the tall dark skinned woman.  "Ok" said Levi.  When Levi and his mother entered the worship area she had him stand in front of the altar and clergy.
"Thank you Harriet for escorting Levi to the altar" said a tall figure wearing a black hooded robe.  "You're welcome Priest" said Harriet.  Priest stepped down from the altar holding a baby creature in his right hand and a knife in his left hand.  Priest stabbed the baby creature in it's stomach and ripped it opened.  He stood in front of Levi and dipped his finger in the baby creature's blood and anointed Levi's forehead with it's blood.  "Bring me the Book of Evil" said Priest.  A short figure wearing a black hooded robe stepped down from the altar and brought Priest the Book of Evil.  Priest turned to the chapter Evil and began reading.  "As the night blinds the sight of the male and female and Death stalks the living and Hate stands on the grave of Love.  Only then will evil reveal itself.  I offer this vessel to the spirit Evil.  Come forward Evil I summon you."  
When Priest finished reading from the Book of Evil the red lights that illuminated the compound began to flicker off and on.  From out of no where a gust of wind began to circle around Levi.  Slowly the wind transformed into black smoke.  Levi was over taken with fear and unable to move.  The black smoke entered through Levi's gaping mouth and took possession of him.  Levi shook violently and fell to the floor.  "Levi are you alright?" asked Priest.
Levi stood to his feet and looked Priest in his face with eyes that was as black as death.  "The child is no longer in control" said Evil.  Evil walked up to Priest stock his hand in Priest's stomach and pulled out his intestines.  "LEVI YOU KILLED YOUR FATHER!" screamed HaHarriet as she ran over to the lifeless body of Priest.  
"I am Evil.  Like I told the child's father Levi is no longer in control but for amusement everyone may still call me Levi" said Evil as he looked at Harriet.   Evil pointed at the figures on the altar and told them to get rid of Priest's dead body.  "Yes Levi" said the robed figures.  "Harriet go gather the members of Sinister and bring them to the worship area" said Evil.  
Harriet walked out of the worship area and to the office of Iniquity.
She turned on the intercom and with a commanding voice Harriet tells the members of Sinister to come to the worship area.  Harriet turned back off the intercom and stood in the office for a few seconds.  What have we done? I can't believe I let my ten year old son be the vessel to that thing.  I can't believe we were stupid enough to summon that thing.  Thought Harriet.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum
This is a horror story
a king’s horror is his drama
a king’s drama is his horror of evil
a king’s horror is his evil of drama
evil of drama is a king’s evil’s throne
a king’s evil’s throne is a king’s evil’s drama
a evil throne is a evil drama
evil is a king’s throne

a evil throne is a king’s horror
drama is evil’s drama
drama is a evil’s heir of drama
heir is heir of drama
heir is heir of a king
heir is heir of evil
heir is heir of horror

a king’s horror is a king’s heir of horror
a king’s horror is a king’s heir of evil
a king’s horror is a king’s heir of drama
horror is horror of a throne
horror is horror of evil
horror is horror of a king
a evil drama is a evil horror of a drama
my writing is called philosophical writing. i only uses middle ages words,words liked gracious,extravaganza,etc… this poem is about a king’s heir is his heir of horror. i don’t add capitalization’s on my writing.
Two figures dressed in red and black robes  sat on a bed in a room that was illuminated in red light.  The larger figure looked at the smaller figure and said "This is the day we've been waiting on.  It's ok to be nervous but don't be scared.  You are the sacred vessle."
"I'm not afraid.  I'm just ready to get this over with" said the smaller figure.
"That's just what I wanted to hear Levi.  It's time to get started.  Please follow behind me" said the larger figure.  "Yes mother" said Levi.  Levi followed his mother out of his room and down a hall that was illuminated in red light.  
As Levi followed behind his mother he asked the question "Why do we use red lights to light the compound?"  "Because red is the color of blood.  Blood is sacred " said the tall dark skinned woman.
"When Priest summons the spirit Evil remember not to fight it.  Just let it take over" said the tall dark skinned woman.  "Ok" said Levi.
When Levi and his mother entered the worship area she had him stand in front of the altar and the clergy.  "Thank you Harriet for escorting Levi to the altar" said a tall figure wearing a black hooded robe.  "You're welcome Priest" said Harriet.
Priest stepped down from the altar holding a baby creature in his right hand and a knife in his left hand.  Priest stabbed the baby creature in it's stomach and ripped it opened.  He stood in front of Levi and dipped his finger in the baby creature' s blood and anointed Levi' s forehead with it's blood.
"Bring me The Book Of Evil" said Priest.  A short figure wearing a black hooded robe stepped down from the altar and brought Priest The Book Of Evil.  Priest turned to the chapter evil and began reading.
"As the night blinds the sight of the male and female and Death stalks the living and Hate stands on the grave of Love only then will Evil reveal itself.  I offer this vessel to the spirit Evil.  Come forward Evil I summon you."
When Priest finished reading from The Book Of Evil the red lights that illuminated the compound began to flicker off and on.  From out of no where a gust of wind began to circle around Levi.  Slowly the wind transformed into black smoke.  Levi was over taken with fear and unable to move.  The black smoke entered through Levi's gaping mouth and took possession of him.
Levi shook violently and fell to the floor.  "Levi are you all right?" asked Priest.  Levi stood to his feet and looked Priest in his face with eyes as black as death.  "The child is no longer in control" said Evil.  Evil walked up to Priest stool his hand in Priest's stomach and pulled out his intestines.
"LEVI YOU KILLED YOUR FATHER!" screamed Harriet as she ran over to the lifeless body of Priest.  "I am Evil.  Like I told the child's father Levi is no longer in control but for amusement everyone may still call me Levi" said Evil as he looked at Harriet.  Evil pointed at the figures on the altar and told them to get rid of Priest's dead body.  "Yes Levi" said the robed figures.
"Harriet go gather the members of Sinister and bring them to the worship area" said Evil.  Harriet walked out of the worship area and to the office of Iniquity.  She turned on the intercom and with a commanding voice Harriet tells the members of Sinister to come to the worship area.  Harriet turned off the intercom and stood in the office for a few seconds.  
What have we done?  I can't believe I let my ten year old son be the vessel to that thing.  I can't believe we were stupid enough to summon that thing thought Harriet.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum
This is a story about a mother, father, and son who is a member of a cult.  They sacrifice their son to a spirit named Evil
I'm living in anger, I'm living in pain,
but the evil that befalls me, will have no gain.
it is cynical, and it's words always bear shame.
Oh evil, oh evil, how you blacken my days.

it roars with fire, but looks like an angel.
it's evil deeds, are linked together like a pretzel.
it's hiding it's black side, but showing off jewels.
oh evil, oh evil, you better change your ways.

Every word is a curse, and hurts like a knife.
every sight of its face, adds stress to your life.
every breathe that it takes, shrinks your pretty smile.
Oh evil, oh evil, how you hardly die.

A life with evil, is a dark cross to carry.
its pain and struggles, turn tears into blood.
but one day alone, and one day surely,
oh evil, oh evil, you shall reveal your lies.
nothing is hidden under the sun
"This is the day we've been waiting on.  It's ok to be nervous but don't be scared.  You are the sacred vessel" said the tall dark skinned woman as she looked down into the eyes of the ten year old boy.
Dressed in a red and black robe the ten year old boy said "I'm not afraid.  I'm just ready to get this over with."
"That's just what I wanted to hear Levi.  It's time to get started.  Please follow behind me" said the tall dark skinned woman.
"Yes mother" said Levi as he followed his mother out of his room.
Leading Levi down a long hall that was illuminated with red light his mother said
"When Priest summons the spirit Evil remember not to fight it.  Just let it take over."
"Ok" said Levi.  When Levi and his mother entered the worship area Levi's mother had him stand in front of the altar and the clergy.
"Thank you Harriet for escorting Levi to the altar" said a tall figure wearing a black hooded robe.
"You're welcome Priest" said Harriet.
Holding a baby creature in his right hand and a knife in his left hand Priest stepped down from the altar and stood in front of Levi.  Priest stabbed the baby creature in its stomach and ripped it opened.  He dipped his finger in the baby creature's blood and anointed Levi's forehead with its blood.  
"Bring me the Book of Evil" said Priest.
A short figure wearing a black hooded robe stepped down from the altar and brought Priest the Book of Evil.  Priest turned to the chapter Evil and began reading.
"As the night blinds the sight of the male and female and Death stalks the living and Hate stands on the grave of Love.  Only then will evil reveal itself.  I offer this vessle to the spirit Evil.  Come forward Evil I summon you."
When Priest finished reading from the Book of Evil the red lights that illuminated the compound began to flicker off and on.  From out of no where a gust of wind began to circle around Levi.  Slowly the wind transformed into black smoke.
Over taken with fear Levi was unable to move.  The black smoke entered through Levi's gaping mouth and took possession of him.  Shaking violently Levi fell to the floor.
"Levi are you all right?" asked Priest.
Levi stood to his feet and looked Priest in his face with eyes as black as death.  "The child is no longer in control" said Evil.
Evil walked up to Priest stuck his hand in Priest stomach and pulled out his intestines.  
"LEVI YOU KILLED YOU'RE FATHER!" screamed Harriet as she ran over to the lifeless body of Priest.  "I am Evil.  Like I told the child's father Levi is no longer in control but for amusement everyone may still call me Levi" said Evil as he looked down at Harriet.
Evil pointed at the figures on the altar and told them to get rid of Priest's dead body.
"Yes Levi" said the robed figures.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum
Kelly Diaz Feb 2021
the horrid evil
is someone who was so delicate and fragile
until the beautiful good came and broke him
the real evil is the man that everyone says is good
since he had cracked open evil
he let evil's ugly demons out
for all evil could do was sit there and watch until
everyone knew he was the worst thing alive
for he could not be called human for all the mistakes he had made
while the beautiful man was called good for he had no imperfections
and deep inside he hid all the horrid things he did to evil
for he started to call evil a horrid thing
and that was his new name horrid evil
the beautiful good loved being the most perfect good there was
so he wanted someone who was horrid and evil to compare him to.

that is why i broke you he told horrid evil as a tear slid down
while horrid evil just sat there in shocked
moments later beautiful good felt some arms embrace him
and at that moment he knew horrid evil was even more beautiful and good than he could ever be.
with a shaky breath he said his last words to horrid evil
and thats how horrid evil became who he was and lived up to his name.
I know this is not a poem but it just came to mind and decided to write it.
FLESH Sep 2020
Evil orange sun
In no way either inherently, underneath it all
all the smog, smoggy smoke and upheaved
Dusty dirt is a life giver a killer a creator a cop
A desire manifest
Evil today, been evil still will be evil
As long as its clouded this way
And if its clouded this way for much longer
I will seal its evil between my greenish eyes and the orange paste
Reflection where the two colors have no
Harmony only some kind of indifference which neither
transcends or pierces the other and there’s no
Way to tell if one knows the other exists
The light hits all corners of my home and I cannot
Escape this evil orange and when I close my eyes
They only adjust to black according to the former
Still evil and apocalyptic I am close
To doing nothing anymore
Till suddenly even nothing creeps back and presents
Its evil and purposeless self right
Before my illusory green and dumb eyes
I am profound
So profoundly struck by evil
That my fear bubble has burst and
Scattered its microscopic babies in every
Direction to outlive its competition my wit
And reality, non paranoic paranoid nerve endings and synapses and
Neurons I am scattered now completely overpowered by tiny
Evils I’ve created that this orange has put inside of me
That I have grown and birthed I
Am now going to sit and go about my evil day
Eating my evil sandwich evil Thai food and
Washing my evil hair as long as the orange sun shines on me
Gods child
Julian Jul 2022
The ruddy ailments of the dirigisme are twirling with the shimmering tilt of photosynthesis as they gabble with the gabelle of internecine brackish synthesis that aims for rejoinder rather than maleficence. The glowering malice of combustible hatred invokes the brusque remontant immortelles of perceived compunction broadsided by the reluctant generativity of a benumbed time revived by the agitprop of coagulation that leads to thrombosis that spells the doom of the people that see the caesarapropism as the negligent century of destiny. Although I falter in these words because of a potvaliant mistake I glower with the hatred of combustible envy that turns malice sour into a recyclable engine to dethrone the orthopraxy that belies indoctrination because we are whittled into swords of deliverance rather than the caustic prevarications of the sharpened engines of authoritative bandied provocation. Defiance is measured in gingerly exercise rather than foothot hamshackles of the clepsammia of aggrandized composts of belittled judiciary entrapment that squanders the resourceful energy and transmutes it into hollow solidarity rather than hallowed paragons that vault justice inviolable to protect the dignity of life and the procession of apanage afforded by the isagoges of those denatured by agitprop into a fundamental solidarity with wizened decried vehement declarations that we will not be outmastered or outgeneraled by the militarization of truth to be an insipid lifeless vehicle dead on arrival because of the turgid turpitude of enamored throes of parturition that bespeak the garments of elucidation that all might find commonwealth in the common tribe against tribalism. The ardor of lurid fascination is a kinkativy taint on the scared acrimony of sacrilege benumbed into zealotry rather than vulcanized into a solidarity of the vocal information that refrains from transmogrified violence and exasperates the intellectual tongue into a flavenicker ultracrepidarian saunter above the bricolage of the flombricks extant that predicate the rijuice of defamation sejungible from articulate truth and loved enamored blinkered diatribes against the hubris of immediate threat becoming the bellow of dismissiveness rather than the agentic force of virulent brands of truth. The pickthanks that piggyback with declension in their hearts neglect the finessed euthenics of a civilization on the verge of ecumenical empowerment rather than radicalized rage leading nowhere but the terminus of mandarism and the ribald coarse wiseacres that litter the “abolish the police” protesters convinced lawlessness will remediate the state and stench of law and order as the news outskirted with inflammed protest neglects my sophrosyne declaration that inflammatory rhetoric has no place in a civilized society and we should fight the feldtrounds of sloganeered slavery to an upcoming servilism that pretends a kumbaya when it kneels upon the cogwheels of freedom in the silent asylum of the protectorate of democratic venom in a society eager to become acerbic because of one voiceless whimper rather than the regaled heroism of triumphant vocalization of our fundamental prerogatives that cross racial lines and invoke the superseded clairvoyance of the few becoming the impediment to the aristocratic purblind defalcation of immutable scriptures that bend only to divine rather than human inclination. A deft anarchism is always the weal of those that suborn chaos rather than see the sejugible nature of provocative promulgation as a fissile immaturity wakened only to apartheid when the sensational becomes the gravitas of the omphalos of consideration rather than the phenakism of a trite statism making a foudroyant point with pinpricks of agitation superseding the clarity of epincion waged in this upcoming regalia that masters the artistry rather than the artifice of modular concatenation enough to swivel the attentive focus beyond the mediagenic hyperbole that always festers because they perpend on a fidelity of duty to the chaotic mainstream ridicule of the rigmarole in place to prevent preventable disasters because stagecraft shouldn’t be the nail in the coffin of prejudice or even the more militant counterprejudice of those that awaken to the determination that discrimination not faulted by raciology or faulty phenogenesis is always curtailed but enforced by the diacopes of our subversive inclination to disown the promontory of lawful abiding prerogatives to extend the message beyond the ludic tantrums of the tantony of those seeking indelible imprints in the evanescent fabric of forgetting that promotes the oblivion of recent events as a shattered fable of invulnerable atrocity. The impetus of impotence because of the shepherds of the dignotions of aristocratic impertinence silence the gavel into its own dirigible asylum rather than enthroning the vociferation of vehemence to ordeal rather than simpered jostles in the rumpus of the crowded sentry of pother intermediated by the fumiducts of a crumpled toxicity wilting in mediagenic warbles of malcontent but never becoming captive to the riddles of the conundrums of a time that bends by its own honor to the truculence of majoritarian upheaval but never silence the vocal incontinence of generations upset by the deranged stature of a ragged houndstooth checkered hubris of those to partial causes rather than global specters. Lets force the outrage to an impartial stature that declares that candor is a venom that beats the imposture of glaikery that suborns nothing but the vacuous insemination of chaos to reign in the interregnum of a dutiful Republic to the clashes predevoted in time to express the ordeals of outrage rather than the tribulations of awakened reckoning not to neuter the prosodemic outrage but to channel it beyond the blinkered checkers of a ridibund pasquinade of the riotous petulance of a bereaved polity endeavoring to swamp the airwaves but forgetting that the gavel depends on the eccedentesiasts filtering through the siphon of their own agenda a culpable indemnity that slithers with awakened patrons of a novantique beyond division not to excoriate false actors and instead indict true treachery where it fathoms the gravity of its own sopiter that maybe the treacle of modernity evokes the motivation rather than a fickle finicky consternation because the whittled hatred of anathema belongs to those who seek to obrogate the untenable with virulent strains of the eventual carapace of designed cackles among those who feign outrage but seek nothing more than a perdurable confederacy that is milquetoast in its arraignments of truth by enthroning BLM above the more justified causes of universal ecumenical reformation of the enlightened claque to speak beyond the fumes of the voiceless in order to entrench a new virility responsive to the mercurial enmity of divisive fricative visionaries who seek only to disempower clairvoyant clarity rather than subsume the honesty of their stature to not politicize every convenience in weaponized form for the sacrilege of impediment. The diablerists eager to expurgate my knowledge from public repositories will stop at nothing to be diminutive with finicky perseverance to decimate my legacy because the spurts of mind control that hijack me into the morning are beyond my control because they are so powerful it is very easy to craft that mind control considering they monopolize my brain to make me irrelevant.
June 5th 2020 Writing 11:03 PM MST

The drazel caitiffs of doctrinaire aplomb in the wravel of expounded litanies of resurgent acrimony borne out of the ephemeral substantive wisp of the legionnaires of the sunblind heliosis of incidental arbitrage weaken their fettle as the weal of the wednongue becomes an indomitable craven creative force of the bulldozed halvork of ochlocratic vice becoming the melancholy of truculence that besieges all simultaneous fronts to be widely echoed in the polyacoustic cisterns of favored design that we might shield Acts 17:26 and bereave our call as shepherds of an enlightened flock only to make the petty satraps and popinjays they enlist the wagtails to a normative heterodoxy of inclusive ramshackle order sizzling in the fricative fictions of articulate design beyond the flombricks that plodge their way into the edifice of vixens that the hierodules elect in the olasin wave of embedded enchantments becoming  redominage in the artifice of inconvenience that is an aswallone of the enantiodromia of the farce becoming the gladiatorial eager spectacle of decline without subversion and elevation beyond the plaintive lugubrious dirge of the antagonism itself rather than the protagonist for the zalkengur of ripe rather than brusque ribald generativity for ingeminating gammon to swill the coffers of the elite girdle of gridlock blunted by the trauma of seeing the ventilation of etiolated choleric spates that conglomerate into wellsprings of viparious welter that sinks in abaddon because of the stultimathy of the rigid sclerotic design bending in the enforcement of normative stereotypes clamoring for neoliberal and neoconservative chantage above the flays of delamination that sputter with their graunchers that the frescades of summer dawn on the least of all creation rather than fulminating against the most brawny mutilation fathomed in the spectral tomes of a hidebound liturgy lost to the fractions of time that depart from the thrombosis of planned frogmarches into delirium rather than sanitized calls for enforced radicalization that entombs too many witeless brittle and centrobaric forces to contain within these pithy gibes against the hacked jackals foisting the forest above the treetops. The rijuice of jawboned jury-rigged nescience topples the emporium of rectiserial encouragement met by a sterling brute of arbitrary boschveldt coincidental to the ragged ragtaggers of a new age paltry parched apostasy against rivulets that profane the sacred cows and demarche rather than delope against the lurid spectacles that become emergent titans draped with a ludic empowerment that is so baseline that is only its own invidious demise as the crumple of femicide wreaks havoc upon the industrious layers of filigree busted through by the hacked logic of the axile sapwood that eventually the titanism of the scaldabanco will wheedle the society we depend on for sustenance to halvork into a renewal of creative verve and sizzle rather than a flamestun flavenicker remorse of all the petty inclinations suborned  by the lewd depredation of mind and numinous authority at the clawing vehemence of deposed rigid authoritarian welds on the canvass of a dehumanized populace clanging with insistence that the decried hearsay becomes the otiose rampart to an enunciated ploy of skullduggery biding in plain sight to make those that livid luxuries enchant blind to the ecphonesis of riches in generativity rather than follies in hindsight bias bludgergrumbles which fail to elicit even the snirtle of pigs that prowl the owleries and recede into the shadowy umbrage of a demiurge of insulted bravery that they must concede the deferred plansters to warspark that the dissgowl is too prevalent to mask the albatross of their covvenger plots to swivel against the retinue of the righteous cause above the frisky dalliance with politicized gammon. Acts 17:24-31 NIV
24 “The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth and does not live in temples built by human hands. 25 And he is not served by human hands, as if he needed anything. Rather, he himself gives everyone life and breath and everything else. 26 From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands. 27 God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from any one of us. 28 ‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’[b] As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.’[c]
29 “Therefore since we are God’s offspring, we should not think that the divine being is like gold or silver or stone—an image made by human design and skill. 30 In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent. 31 For he has set a day when he will judge the world with justice by the man he has appointed. He has given proof of this to everyone by raising him from the dead.”
We are a churned tide of sopanaceous sultry broods infuriated by the feral clutches of the stultimathy of the clambered vipers enforcing the vespiary matrix of a womb we inhabit and cohere beyond numinous calculus or superlative counsel that we might too be called to engineer the future with imagination rather than regress into the pother of exasperation that denotes boundaries for the nations and elects the Titanic design of faultless logic superseded by the euhemerism of the futile cause banished by the barristers of recrimination by the criminals themselves that lawlessness reigns and factions among the factors that determine flaws fade into the alpenglow resistance of the galvanized deputies of enforceable doytins through the maskirovka of celebrities that scrimshank fundamental duty in order to shepherd the malevolence of causes beyond our own into their heyday of sneered scrutiny by those that possess the inclination to swerve away from manufacture and impose clarity rather than suborn fagins into the frogmarches of a radical racism reversed upon itself to condemn the source of agitprop as the vehicle to be trounced in design but never overtures to the planster economy rollicking in enthused flamestun vigor because of the trollops of a reclaimed destiny spawn a newer order of triumph rather than stench. The whinks of kisswonk warspark because they invent the flabbernounced regalia of an otiose whimper decrying a limited specter of scepsis as an enlarged totem and token to a petty tokenism of cordial respect tramples over the historic efforts of those that proceed in ceremony to tralleyripped accord swimming in vainglory to become the wallbaggers of retinoise rather than the arbitrary motions of a motatory justice configured for proper deliverance. The tiresome plastic consumerist treacle is devolved upon the spectral enemies of time that issues promulgation above the timeless as mere defeasible artifices whinking with the kisswonk of the allonker rather than the protagonism of thrusted impertinence to clangor upon the diseased noisy cacophony begging for more than a froward entreaty but a ridibund ridicule that lambastes the haranguetangs even as they writhe in contortions of largesse afforded by the henchmen of a defalcated statism bought by officialism of the licentiates lickerish in their malapert hypocrisy as they blaskerg at their complicity in the webbed design of fomented rickets of the rijuice of complexity. The heatwave of enthused disorder is a diseased artifact pounced upon by desiccated laments of prevarication that riddle the consternation of the awakened flock to the fact that the ravenous prowl above the seemliness of destiny is more integral to our warpspeed bushwhacking that needs to take place. The rigors of a sappy saccharine judiciary neutered wayspayed wesperm of profligate injustice is a humdinger invented by the sciamachies that became spectacles and the scepter of power shifted through the rudimentary siphons of a perceived moment of triumph when in fact the heterodyne retromorphosis of society is nothing but a sad vitriol flickering with vestigial promise even in alveolate protocol that simper with sidereal disarmament of intellect to spuddle through the bodged articles of a rigmarole beyond the delimited courses of the corsairs that teach the designation rather than own the polity. Despair is incongruent with the pangs of deliberative widened gazes at the celestial conformity to the wednongues of purposive violence that shatters the paradigms of peace by domestication of the sheltered animals of instinct that become an invictive stampede beyond the zoolatry that encages the swell of the crestfallen so they must always sink beneath the edifice rather than maneuver their way through the slinky potvaliance of the crimes never surmounted by rationale alone. The clench of grit is overstated but the radical riches of troves beyond contempt deserve an upbraided kempt spectrum of kenspeckel denouement rather than guarded finalism becoming an alley of escape for the podlecs who patrol the authority of law-abiding negligence. The whadronque primposition of the gavels of impetuous internment of exotic trangams that are suited habiliments to cloak the serpentine excesses of a saboteur of division inseminated in the flombricks of a flyndresque revitalization of the rudimentary gnomic apothegm that in sockdolagers of spirituel gift become an odium beyond reprisal because of the stultimathy of the tortivinity of the hackencrude revolt against prolific streams of steamy wisdom that emanate from God above but also the meddlesome inclinations of man to superimpose a cosmogony that defiles the protected and protects the cravens who submit to absolute anarchy or worse hyperarchy in a visionary attempt to trailblaze through the thickets of conundrum the best possible remonstrance against the alvantage of the farsighted announcement of a superlative strain of mettle above the finicky prestidigitation of an all-encompassed time that doesn’t genuflect to merely human traditions without a skeptical poise and pause above the frazzled contrition of the enervated tribes of belief. The trillops of the implucture that countermands my vocal denunciation of the mind control behind my steep fall from agracerie into the contemptible mud of the most opaque subversion manifest so callously and clearly among the litany of deeds done without conscientious objection that I might find myself groveling to stay above the orbit of the crambazzles as the senectitude of the septiferous frikmag enjoins further rebuke as they stay alacritous among the shibboleths they do possess because their hyped alimony is just an affront to decent justice in an indecent time. Madcap wallsongs to a squandered preeminence of intellectual titanism is a sad spate of the defecation of the vultures among the squabbles of braseros that try to disenchant me from my valorous integrity to God rather than the insipid provocateurs of a rankled craven and rancid injustice that teems with infestation beyond the curdacts of reasonable authority wielded by the henchmen of the state that needs a minatory reclamation of prowess rather than a muted mutiny against subversion itself. Mobilized by the inactivity of the dormant squirm against the wreggled mountebanks that think their derelict verdict of seedy boweries becoming the gerrymandered future of the voiceless meet the sternest reprisal in the courts of dalliance between the linear jaunty natatoriums of the futile thoughts of a disempowered alacrity to verberate the yobbery of those that superimpose disorder as a gimcrack for inane vapid provocations of insane decorum in a world whipsawed by the rankle of its own toxicity negligent about the futurition that depends on the stakes of justice rather than the cleavage of conquered cities becoming welcomed rather than fathomed and there exists a stark difference between the heralded contrition and the unsung liars who profess innocuous inoculation even when they brandish the seamstress of all dovetailed lies into a bricolage not meant to withstand even the vagaries of the uncial gains of months by the gainsay of critique which should be not a henpeck in these deplorable times but rather an epincion against the racism that festers into continual rot because the sophrosyne are impeded by the rijuice of preordination that swelters beyond all terminal diseases into a ragged moth-eaten swill of elitism. The hollowed but hallowed recourse of destiny rewards the guerdon of the long-lost patronage now disorderly in gammons to reprove the belittled taradiddles of rookery in a roodged society of roosters squawking with the simpered vitriol of agency against the marauding Viking spate of calculated diminutive crags of whittled dimensions unseen but clearly fathomed by denigrated alacrity that we might too find the paradise lurking at the end of abscess and abeyance that violently caves into the ploys of the modern ****** becoming a post-modern plea for justice rather than enervated senselessness. The lientery of abortive endeavors squabbles with the marauders who provoke the dismal glimmer of epigone rather than daunt the intrepid gauleiter with the showmanship of force beyond the demonstration of the impropriety of those stagekeepers who own the postcennium of kenspeckel macroscian hackumber that runs amok because it is neutered by the wesperm of the ingemination of futility into the mindset of conquest to bereave rather than provide well-earned fortune on the verdict of a day consummated by the squaloid vermin that scowl in protected hedges of secrecy without valor to trounce  the oppositive support for a vindicated but never finifugal society. What a debauched day where a private powerhouse of cryptadia can fossick through the thickets of sapwood and sentiment to usher in a pettifoggery known only to the brave soldiers who blare against opprobrium to the reconnaissance of departed flamestun gambits to entrench their ulterior command of a divisive spurt of econometric capitulation in catabasis rather than shepherding the valorous vigor of intrepid champions to outmaster the lingering resentments that boil into potboilers that renounce the truth only to a pickthank’s travail in overcoming the obstacles that bereave us because of a tigrine and rigid subversion of moralism in clairvoyance to become a turgid refuse of the offal of chattel lost in a frapplank with an otiose but revived assault on the precipice that cadges the lewdness of rumpus over the donnybrooks of donnism itself. The glamborge of the amporge that relegates all consideration in ransom to the truthful declaration of coarse sentiments from the clutches of an unrepentant evil that lurks shadowy and invulnerable as it cripples entire generations of thought into the messy vitriol of froward fomented officialism in malcontent over its own incompetency that I might meet and beat the rapknocks that thwart my eloquence and the privy internecine swivels of a newly minted prerogative to own autarky above the doytin of the aimless ridicule that swims in an ocean of debauched lies professed by the rigmarole of flickers of anointment fading below the scepter of righteous might that I might make more generations captive to the highest order of conation rather than the unwitting dupes of the ulterior sabotage of the elitism that seeks to expurgate history against the samizdat of maskirovka becoming evident that the benumbed stupefaction I now linger between and around will fade into a heightened stratosphere that renounces former sin and parades the righteous justice of novantique that learns from wayward profession the ability to navigate toe-to-toe with the throngs of oppositive saboteurs relinquishing any attempts at seamless order of the dovetailed might of the empowered conscience because their ******* enchantments are a vehicle for a depredation without rebuke and a sentimentalism that foments nothing but the worst fumiducts into the cadges that perdition permits but God exorcises because of people like Epenetus who survived with valor in Asia despite its hostility. I am dismantled by a juggernaut which is often repudiated for its thuggery and menacing dacoitage to make my thoughts seem like a philander with colposquinomia rather than the callisteias and kalons that effervesce into a remedial triumph in these lagging hours where my vigor is a vapid emanation of a withheld empathy becoming an entreaty to simplicity rather than a beacon of vaulted virtuosity that uses sheen to deplore the undercroft while surmounting the challenge to destroy the umbrageous evil of the camorra that lurks behind a curtailed curtain of infallible designs conflated by banausic pretense to curb rights rather than inform duties to apprise those rights as integral enough to swarm the grievances and belong to propriety rather than sink the sunken hidden  mainour of restive intellect above the fray and frazzle of meaningless absurd contrition that belongs to another century beyond my own foresight. The surgical emoluments of crafty duplicity attempt their forestalled delay of my charisma and duende to enrage the battalions rooting for the intellectual clutches of tentacles of revivalism to spark the flamestun of powerful admissions of guilt that they tremulously balk at the religious authority of magistrates because of the witted menace of the deliberate provocation of the worst most untimely sentiments to become cacoethes of a plucky reductionism that makes the puerile sempervirent rather than the ontocyclic countermanded by the periblebsis of flavor above the sultry vacuum of the listless entropy of an evil overhang of swandamos that skillfully delegate meted disaster to portend over the future bailiwick of my own behest craven by tribulation but emboldened by the humane interface that my heyday is among the future articles in the limelight rather than the irrelevance of glaikery to the tomfoolery of the captaincy of a conscience bereaved rather than a conscience reclaimed by the inferior bastions that sulk the crapehanger recruitment of all demented barks that recoil without civil exactitude at precise purpose perpendicular to my swank and emanating the forces of the benighted world upon the clairvoyance of the chosen virtues of a New Testament understanding that shelves Deuteronomistic Law as among the curtailed remonstrance of inefficacy belonging to a barbarous time where the incondite superseded the others by pomp and celebration alone that incense should be recensed against the termagants that wage war on the ridicule of revival.
Now that the brunt of the oppressor congeals his thickened plot of muddy turgid heterodyne syncopation of effete ideology rather than ecumenical unity we see unmasked the true author of vitriol belongs not to the sour malignancy of the rijuice of crime but the criminal repartees of the negligence of abiding saccharine creatures that swamp the light of day with the shrouds of connivance to dethrone the ecumenical insistent endeavor to provide novantique to maidan lands and renew the vigor of the people beyond the temporary temporal subversion of trite tortneyed hackencrude whadronque against the flyndresque refracturism that solders with one united cry for a belittled peace to become a mighty warrior against the decried deposition of majesty upon inclement hours that portend to future calamities wrought by the banausic barleychildren of an otiose corruption wilted in the dead fields of our forefathers littered with the graves of sacrilege in unnecessary consecrations of sacrifice that become unholy vestiges of the rampicks of ordeal because they are drenched with the stigma of belonging to the witeless travail of the wreggled imposture of a maleficence negated by beneficence only enough to permit my respiration in the conservatories of resonant reasons to reach to the stars and their starry-eyed surprise to the delight of generations that truckle but to the doom of those that refuse the grandeur of God’s gratuity to enlist an exemplary agracerie of insulted jaundice fuming with avenues of deception that seek to crush my vindication in order to rollick in the ruin of the shambolic craters of a beleaguered apostolic duty to inform the world that the librations of the quivering moon are a scattershot of whemmled liberation rather than an aimless scourge of prosodemic interpolation fused to an incorrigible calculus that seeks my temporal femicide even with the eternal guilt that amaranthine flowers fade because of the grit of tenacious boschveldt ploys to trample with oppression rather than voice the properly aggrieved complaints of the victimization of privilege rather than the assaults of vainglory upon the outrecuidance that leads away from the humility of God’s grace and into the doomsayers that renounce my dignotions of contempered metaphor as some minor boyg of the evaporative sentiments of a fickle nation crumbling because of the treacle of violence rather than cloyed by the proper castigation of elementary logic becoming superlative in its annulment of the confederate licentiousness of depraved autarkies livid with contumely against the agentic force of a rictus of merriment denounced as an impropriety in a time where fewer virtues are confirmed than many injustices hallowed as the cement for a new world built less on noogenesis and more on the piebald skeumorphs of bricolage countermanding my swift embarkation to a land of promise rather than a staid quilted repartee of the tapestries beyond that proclaim open season upon my impediments to the frikmag subterfuge that reasts upon the recocted mediagenic formulas that will cosher the cosseted vengeance of an evil time rather than the yernage of simplicity designed to forgive the oblivion of conscientious errors in derelict fashions of knavery that they might be expunged from the record to entrench the value and pertinacity of original seminal balks at the currency of the exchequer of the hidden boschveldt which supersedes my attempts to foil its own benighted plots scalding with enormity but hidden from the vantage of the commonwealth to guard the vestigial neuroscience of craven caitiffs who beleaguer me with incestuous deceptions of the pederasty of immoralism. Now that I have launched a flanked assault on the rigmarole of the confederate polity of mistaken grandeur using the maskirovka of inane bleats to conform to the idolatry this world should revile but instead confirms with the lecherous tentations of empiricism wed to the naivety of blank-slate politics we espouse the highest creed afforded to the righteous that belief in the calvary and the agony suffered for our sake is more than a token emolument it is the paradigm that shuffled civilization into endearment and rebuked the catamites and hierodules that scampered throughout the Earth without any recourse as their ironclad vestiges of tridents of petty gauleiters of a suborned authority fell milquetoast and riddled with the foraminated scars of a now cortinate world caught in a trespass of the inviolable screeds that inform the spirit of God to stampede towards the righteous avenue rather than shrink in sheepishness that the revelations of our author our grandest King who reigns beyond the shadows and filters the light of the sun and holds the mountains on a scale of balance that we might curb to his divine majestic formula for renewal rather that glower in an iteration of enmity divorced from the true justice of Almighty Creation to invoke oblivion upon puerile deeds and consummate the highlight  reel of a generation that depends not upon the renewal of the newfangled vogue but the invocation of the spirit of the words of God so that we all might meditate in conation and consecution our privy path to the ways of light beyond the brackish afterglow of a distasteful gloat over hibernaculum that relish after the calamity rather than rest against the girouettism ****** upon us by the siege of bronteums beyond the power of thunder to rebuke that the scales of history vindicate the power of the righteous voice rather than tremble because of the flickering mettle of people that squirm in attrition rather than balk the servitude of servilism that endangers our perpended glance at the eternal lychgate ajar for belief and conviction but closed to the finicky agents that cadge the elements of perdition into constellated forces of abrasive recrimination against a vacuum that anathematizes itself as nothing more but a prop of a propitiated absurdism in a nulliverse of our own creation rather than our goaded resolve to witness the finality of God and behold the splendor of the history he carved through justice rather than impediment to rejoice at the final awakening that swings against the puerile betrayal of evil and renews the promise of temenos and reverence. We have already within our tenacious grasp yet crippled by the memory of opprobrium compounded by finicky formant and froward vehicles that poisoned the wellsprings of the righteous with the cowardice of persecution that curglaff is an unnecessary and abominable relic of the regelation of society into a morass of interregnum that seeks a delimited lawlessness to supersede the vocal clarification that God’s grace depends not only on the volition of conviction known to the body of composite belief but also that the pangs of modern consternation are deliberately provoked to renew an equity that trembles when the revved engines of personal entelechy become titanism that enlarges the pleckigger of deprivation so that all might feast on the transubstantiation of the figurative forms of shadow into the permanent light of abeyance found in jolts of awakened liberty above the corrugation the visagists of plastic cosmogony invoke to inflame turpitude and ransack the perfidious deceptions of former proclivities to swindle the world with a powerful beacon of deceptive flourescein that straggles boundaries in its casuistry to invoke an AstroTurf malignancy to prevail over the righteous words of the sentries of God rather than the epigones that balk at the soteriology of a wide-eyed curiosity for a world desperate for something more ennobled to discuss because the otiose tittup of pretense masquerades as an avenue to the ways of the Lord even when failing its fundamental duty to rebuke the constellations of puerile enchantment that rob the dignified of their perch only to enthrone the owlery of calculated gambits of nescience compounded by the dacoitage of the bomans that guard vigilantly the aim of billingsgate but rarely conceal the maleficence of the heliosis of the hibernation of conscience in times where the entire world was betrayed by a staged artifice that sadly achieved its vengeance upon its own recrimination by sultry broods of provocation without the outsmarted resolve of the many refusing to crumble into the checkered hubris of bias bias that subverts entelechy. The bland blandishment of appeased ego remains the ulterior affront to the alienavesced flapdoons of eccentric orbific forces at work beyond the philandered grasp of wraveled mendicants that spurn the sparrows for their dovetailed wallop of the radical agenda of separatism rather than the humbled modesty of those that seek in God’s word that lasts eternally the modicum of truth necessary to defeat the encroachment of an oleaginous regress of reactionary doctrinaire foments of syndicated hatred becoming the wilt of girouettism to spawn the draksteng of terminus but scald the provenance of foresight as a reckless soundracketeer that mounts an acme to see the apogee for its truest clarity rather than its pathetic resemblance to the true nature of the transmogrified impotence of the world to heal itself when the clamor and clangor of defamation is permitted to scowl vindictively at the armamentarium of assemblies of truth marching heroically down the journey of itineration to invoke God above the mercurial nature of hamartia among the men and even the titans silent in the recoil of provocateurs of the most impotent justice for relegated creeds renewed in the hackencrude to desiccate the desert rather than seed ingeminations of the centupled quandaries becoming quarries of lavadero siphons of the truer enlightenment found in the God we all serve with benevolence rather than neglect because we earnestly renege the careful cull so that we are not swamped by intellectual pretense but that we walk in light of emulation always reverential of the ultimate kisswonk of the authoritarian nightmare becoming the crapehanger against the buoyancy of clarified virtue disentangled from tertiary and subsidiary meaning as a vindication of history that it anoints its strident defenders before it finds guilt in intrepid endeavor. The malice of wiggletemper of flakmention depending on the testy shroff of trykle as the swallock of bleats squandering the proficuous light of the Lord because they pale with their pallor and nebbich cretaceous calculus to delimit things in ordinary times that despise extraordinary prowess because of hapless seances with the spectral doom of empowerment leads down a despicable path littered with estanders of vinsky robbed of their prominence at such a milquetoast juncture that the timid become entrepreneurs of the wiggletemper of those they seek gradgrind control of through euthenics that they might also be rebuked by their faulted subhastation because they orbit the life of brackishness in a catadromous world only to benefit from the collapse of civil disorder into the mercurial foment of sizzling calamity that  belongs to the hotbed spell of draksteng and rancid calumniation of all goodwill and meritorious discernment  that seeks once and for all the beneficence of the compassionate and eager servants of the embodied visages of creation to coagulate into an urbane movement that owns enough leverage over kitsch yobbery to renounce the former prerogative for the selfless ambiguity of repudiation met with cloaked valor in the tempests of an obscene mockery of timely judiciousness only because of a provincial oversight into overtures of affair rather than merely just scandal. Leaping with vaulted foudroyance against the noisome ridicule of imperseverant trollops and trangams that astound slot-machine politics as the gimcrack that gerrymanders the tortoise by the waterdrips of inseminated vagary superimposed by the cordial respite of egestuous pallor into an insubordination against a system rigged beyond sloganeering to favor the wise instructor and his recourse of tutelage we must summit the articles of contrition shrived properly by a shared atonement that the perfectibilism of God’s magnates becomes a magnetic fascination of those who are dancing vertiginously with centrifugal hatred armed at the pretense of justice that bandies with muted solidarity to a trite hackneyed truth rather than surpassing former imagination into the frontier of serendipity founded on discovery rather than lackaday otiose portents becoming the fixation of the elementary canon yet devolved in splendor because of balderdash of bletherskates who evade justice and squander power only to their own demise as the kerygma we champion has the power to defeat the snares of the wicked enchantments that make parturition difficult because of the aboriginal lapse of the protoplasm from which smithy we belong ultimately to in the provenance of a contempered history of the lineage of God foreseeable to the lineaments of man carved from his image that rebuke should be upon the lips of the sophrosyne while restraint should hamshackle us into fiduciary duty beyond vassals and rapscallions but better than the ripe codlings of urbacity predict because evasive maneuver catapults jaunty sleek destinies we have yet to entwine into our magistrates enough to demand reparation humbled by its powerlessness or contrarian power structures to mettle the scoundrels that police the towns that matter to the strings of harmony sweltering against privilege rather than scoffing at  the disdainful apparatus of contravention established by the riotous outrages rather than the picaresque yernage of heyday rather than mayday. The very predicate of darkness invokes the presence of light and love to prevail over the vacuum relinquished by the enantiodromia of a transubstantiation of benighted virtue to become a parallax mirrored imagery of whiplash that assaults the pedigree of any juggernaut conundrum becoming a boyg in rapid decline to reprove itself in order to vanquish the fundus and the mainour relished by the ****** gawsy attempts to blinker the hubris of the kenspeckel because the owlery of pettifoggery seeks a delaminated prevalence of hamartia rather than ergotall wisdom that deafens the aspiration but enables the fascination to swell in the rhythmic squalor of the oceans belittling those who dwell in habitations of landed gentry that they might be the fewterers of a new kennel rather than a lapse of deracination seeking a final excuse to dismiss peremptory wisdom because the thorns of coverthrow are no longer permitted by the mediagenic titans that spotlight a maleficence of haplessness over the lore of glorification and the splendor of light.
The rindstretch of insular plaudits against the fiddle of foghorns of blaring semaphores of singled and signaled alarm are swashbucklers against a systematic tribance of the slivverdeck of the fatewrench of many outmastered by the fox hounds who swoop beyond their natural inclination to corner the tripwires that the graklongeur of the enervated mediagenic effigy of justice proclaims we must renounce the horrified countenance of the disempowered and seek the agraceries of tremendum that forgives the trespasses of deliberative mind control to foment a squabble of lifeless puerility and must fasten our commitment to a perdurable creed that shelters the just cause from the pertinacious wiseacres of those who blankly stare at the realms of salvation groaking for the sustenance of their own erratic happenstance because they scowl by prediction what is denatured by rendavation of the entitled man to his entitled coverage despite the traipses against polity wagered by the rivulets of the swamp rather than the brooked endeavors of scampered sullen swelter to manage the prideful intolerance of kenspeckel injustice. The flarmey of obganiation built on the grindole of the hambaskets that relish the comfortable commode of the nosocomial hospice of irregular griffonage despise the faction that annihilates the narrative fliction of mobilized regress for nominal taunts of the hindsight progress motatory in subtlety whereas the sublime becomes a tapestry embedded by the sly wry grins of eccedentesiasts deciding the worth of revalorized mettle against the hypostatized glamour of aborning generations shielded from the phenakism of the media juggernaut discarding me because of deliberate sabotage by mind control that made me look foolhardy when in fact I am a master of my own victory rather than a passing fad of the trinkadour odontoloxia of the aggrieved prejudice of an unrelenting flash mob of regaled violence.
Gimdermangs rollicking in gregarious solemn indentilation by the slellums of their own negligence in shouting the hollertraps of a castigated caste of renegade hamshackled buffoons escaping the levity of the turmoil of finicky magpiety that elects cockamamie sentimentalism to lead a country desperately in need of reformatory order that oppugns mind control for my downfall and exonerates me for my trespasses against adulthood because to define a person by a solitary transgression that was remanded into being by the siphon of nefarious force calumniating an abject philter as a frolicsome naivety is a poison rather than a posture because the relegated dissgowl in the silentium of their asylum because they protest how quickly an evaporated story of flarmey can overpower the memory of their triumph scalds the conscience of superimposition of counterfeit scruples discrediting the rengall beliefs that stabilized the world for generations beyond and generations before my hallowed prophecy and thereby they should occlude this pother and ceremoniously induct me beyond infumated hatred of cosmetic cosmogony in order to belong to the tribunes that reserve the mention but despise the deplorable in a vacuous silentium of obrogated truth.
The trimscreet glorified by their altruism in triumphant verdict rather than spurned flarmey of a resigned obligation that renounces righteous splendor in order to coverthrow the system in attempts at regalia found only in the newsworthy hyperbole rather than the simpered luxuriance that suborns lawless chaos rather than turgid effervescence berating the gnostic grapnels of keelhauled curglaff that remands a separatism rather than a desperation. Vocal by the retinue of provocation the mediagenic hyperbole is finifugal and retrofugal simultaneously because it sees a decrepit flarmey of qwersy maleficence becoming a perpetual throng for the crowded rumpus of relegation to shield the light of day from the preeminence of an umbrageous character benumbed by the litter of an apostasy beyond caricature and a diminished ethics of normative squaloid imposture impoverishing my future to highlight the few rattled errors of the crotaline sabers that ****** me into negligence rather than offer piety and suffrage to a recklessness that belongs to the arbitrary witticisms of a bulldozer carapace of indignity as my modern-day slavery is glossed over in favor of an interminable oppression that glazes the fascination of beadledom but promotes nothing regenerative within the constitution of society to fundamentally provoke reform like my henpecks at mandarism proclaim with every measured step to avoid the dimples and freckles of the foraminated hatred the media glowers with as it ruins another gossamer life because of a rijuice of the retinoise of the noisiest conflagration of recent memory.
Stupefaction aimed at noisome odium that simmers in the smithy of formative duress is a recourse by shameless eccedentesiast rot of moral virtues that perpend on the issues of sin and righteousness and the infested erratic trimpoline buffoons that gravitate towards the overmilked hypocrisy of justifying racial inequality while memorializing apartheid by negligence of the proper recourse is surmounted by a challenge to supremacy rather than a sunken vitriol of inefficacy because the selachostomous boatswains of ribald wesperm should never be the ultimate ullagone for pontifical authority accorded upon me by the latrias which sustained generations past and engrave future generations to scald indemnity and fight the corruption that festers into a primordial corrosion which spares few cogwheels from the missionary zeal of revocation belittling heroic triumphs because of the tittup of angled anger at a momentary flaw slamming the virtuosity of entire generations just to supersede my story as an enemy of the whadronque.
The sputtering engine of a ribald cackle at my ephorized vainglories prompted by the outrecuidance of defiance rather than a petty allegiance to a corporatism outstretched but now refusing to account for their missteps of hapless promontories of fizzling racial injustice to seek the defeasible prerogatives I once enjoyed eradicated from the semblance of the sane sanitization of all history beneath the unfurled triumph of what is now whittled into the henpecks of rigor rather than the lackaday compunction of officialism that scoffs at people who indict the system for its jaundice and permit  the flarmey of designation to eternalize the struggle yet efficacy of that struggle to dismount the sejungible pathway in a walloped error of rigged judgment because the convenience of thorns is understated and the elective privilege of generations is not a ****** gaffe worthy to be marginalized by the sempervirent fortress of duplicity but  rather exonerated from the skeumorphs of forgotten lapses whisking the timely into promontories of the timeless slivverdeck of the wrikpond beyond its own reckoning.
With schematic consolidation fathoming the subtleties of the taxemes of the scaffold that is an aperture into the flanged derangement of the senseless becoming a sejungible recrimination of itself while becoming bloviated by an internecine balkanization that grovels in servilism that it shepherds the penury of the querulous into renounced rebukes and suborns the cadge of conundrum into a lactose intolerant subterfuge may we marvel at the mediagenic kenspeckel realism that fights armed with the vesicles of perdition a war to enthrone a darkened visage of an exemplary titan as a subsidiary nuance and nuisance for  the planned demolition of contrite solidarity predicated only on the mind control of pettiness becoming solidified as more magnificent than all of the deeds accounted for by the metagnomy of time that now fumes in lapsed accord that the intorgurent hypocrisy of militant fumiducts of duplicity scampers the Earth to provide asylum only for  the privileged rather than sanction for the validated truths that oblivion cannot cast aside and that the inerrant standards of a finicky justice cannot forget but the trespass of modernity to encroach upon my sanctuary with the traipses of the tripwires of involuntary cacoethes to ruinous plumage will be held to account for their misfeasance as the drowned sorrows of one unjust death can mobilize millions while the phenakism of one untold soul can do nothing but reiterate the pointed critique of happenstance against the authors that redintegrate the societal matrix into an accordion that bellows out not a toxicity of an urbane fascination but the permanence of belief among neither the unctuous nor the monoideistic tribes of society.
The tribunes of mendaciloquence relish their phenakism of demoting me because of the tortneyed triumph of planned extortion surmounts the challenges to foment societal engraved injustice that doesn’t apologize for its bulldozer machinations because in unrepentant hearts of those that refuse to shrive for contaminating the collapse of a heroic visage and visagist of the eternal order they cast aside compunction and elevated the tittups of maleficence above the piggyback that shelves the memory of malice and provides bridges rather than sultry mendicants of petty satrap authority to impose beadledom over enthused righteousness which cannot be forfeited by an involuntary mistake invisible to all ears but the ones that illegally spied on me that I might forever be banished by the  barristers of protective oligarchy fomenting their oligochrome into black-and-white specters that remediate only minor atrocities rather than the ribald pother of invulnerable aristocracy lost in abandon and hyped into rampant scorn by the trepidations of underminnow to curtail righteousness rather than proclaim the fruits of the spirit. John 10:27 reminds us all that a mere posture of humility rendered inefficacy by the barnstorm of profligate mendicants who repudiate the incarnation of love and light as a retch worthy of nothing but the prolonged glower of a simmering disdain need to remind themselves with gratitude built in their foundations that if it wasn’t  for me the acceleration of valor and the entrenchment of virtue would be a muddy miscegenation of garbled gabble of prioritization that triages racial apartheid its sublime champion rather than the rags-to-riches ascendancy of the coryphaeus of the righteous congregation rather than the bethel of invented conditions of contingent reaffirmation that they must account for their lapse and atone for their negligence because my proofs of God outweigh your fictions of man and all voices know that the deceit of your glamborge of surfeit that installs a racial epithet as your prolonged scalding disclosure as a reminder of your fickle loyalties to fiduciary competence in a time beckoning the righteous assembly rather than the turpitude of the chicanery of devolution rather than evolution because no momentary lapse is worthy of the pangs of remorse I now feel because the cherished vintage world you renounce is the captain of the billowing ship aimed at your provisions of countermanded vitriol and vindicated by  every justifiable word that my memory will not be a sullen disclaimer of the temporary disdain of a finicky world but the ultimate providence of a just God who never abandons the manager of his flock in times of produce and prudence rather than your deadstock revival of cowcatcher ignorance.
Entrapped by a cobweb of entreaty that appeases the toonardical reverence for the bulwarks of sanitized revelry funded by the virulence of provocative schemes to depose lawful assembly by ****** calculations meant to dissuade the righteous assembly of those who profess and believe deeply within their compunction that God is the master vindication of the human race the world doesn’t need another potboiler prevarication of a haranguetang that doesn’t even read their own conscience as they mindlessly  spout out radical propaganda to demerits and declension rather than majesty in effectuated justice that commands the sentries of authority into a battle between energumens and anacampserotes because my eutrapely is unsurpassed by the outrecuidance of those who think that esteemed negligence outmantles the appearance of spiritual penury despite the glaringly obvious fact that I spearhead a revolutionary prowess rather than a recyclable spear of hatred that devolves into an abortive obganiation that you meddle with so nefariously to seek the retinoise of the false covenant rather than the voice that needs to be heard and exonerated from purblind error rather than prolonged castigation. John 15:26 vindicates me completely. Isaiah 61:1
The callous excuse for my ultimate segregation from the human fraternity and a preclusion of my ascendant destiny is predicated on the maleficence of a recycled lie that my posture is crippled by thoughtlessness upon awakening provoked by hypnopaedia yet you fail to acknowledge that the darkness that exists in this world is a fault-finder of querulous retched factitious reasons to abandon me to the stench of abaddon rather than enthusing the courtesy of a world  that overlooks the blench of manufactured errors by the graklongeur that seeks convenient dismal dismissal as a capstone epitaph on a grave leaden with so much controversy yet provocative and evocative of so many truthful trumperies against the prevarication of stilted liars bolted to a rigid conduct code that determines who breathes and who survives in a world where the viable are renounced by the heresiarchs of finicky hatred with prosodemic vengeance upon their bletherskate mentalities. Insurrection is effete against the machinations of church and state using officialism as a decoy in the dacoitage of eternal infamy superseding the victory of fame against the roiled slummock of those who prepossess themselves on hamartia rather than overlook an involuntary trespass because they have magnanimity engraved in their heart and are suspicious of the connivance of the enemy trying to depose me because of an overwrought vindictive ****** against the liberated class Isaiah 50:8-11 NIV He who vindicates me is near.
    Who then will bring charges against me?
    Let us face each other!
Who is my accuser?
    Let him confront me!
9 It is the Sovereign Lord who helps me.
    Who will condemn me?
They will all wear out like a garment;
    the moths will eat them up.
10 Who among you fears the Lord
    and obeys the word of his servant?
Let the one who walks in the dark,
    who has no light,
trust in the name of the Lord
    and rely on their God.
11 But now, all you who light fires
    and provide yourselves with flaming torches,
go, walk in the light of your fires
    and of the torches you have set ablaze.
This is what you shall receive from my hand:
    You will lie down in torment.

The telltale signals of a decadent mediagenic menace is its ability to shield the avetrols of guarded privilege while suborning the rest of the world to derelict the prescient visionaries that clamber through the rugged halls of a tattered time beyond the dominion of petty persecution because the righteous valor of the oppressed overcomes the oppressor only when the saboteurs account for their glaring blaring errors of flagstench that feed the toonardical deception that flashbangs through the smoke of a rigmarole of time to dismount the perceived profligacy of the innocent without compunction for the suffrage of their just cause. The defamation and femicide waged against me is terrified of prosodemic enlightenment rather than the rugged turgid slummock descent into madcap cockamamie identity politics that invokes no justice but professes indemnity because the world deserves a better fate than the one currently chiseled at by the militant scepsis of ulterior graft. The cement of the bricolaged tension of lawlessness is sternly rebuked by the liturgies of the informed who balk at superstitious gibes as articles of the lazarattea resistant to change and glowering with a misguided sense of hatred to aim their vitriol squarely at me rather than enjoining the media from piggybacking on the regress rather than the progress of civilized societies and it is a turnstile of rapid-fire death that provokes people to undercut rather than underscore my heroic legacy which might seem like a picaresque knavery but in reality  represents the triumph of the supernal numinous realm to castigate the Earthly perdition of swollen ignorance too bolted firmly into place by stricture rather than anointed by scriptural purpose that solidifies the legacy of the few heroic enough to castigate the bulwarks of authoritarianism to turn everyone against me in ploys of desperation to ensure my demise by a slowpoke turnaround reviled aplomb that suits the decorum of the backstabbing media in its petty vindication that it elevated my cause only to demolish it in a matter of minutes to ensure I died alone and forlorn when in fact I am the most triumphant voice for truth and intellectual revolution this generation has yet witnessed and nothing can deprive me of my right to exist on a world of turpitude that I might puncture the balloons of superstitious pretense on the grounds they are convenient inkthorns that vituperate rather than circulate my emboldened embroidery of the candor of vicissitude rather than entomb the lifeless carcass of vendetta waged for centuries against my ennobled cause and causality.
My compunction leads me to believe the mediagenic cartel is absolutely terrified about my ability to roam free right at the convenient time when I can lollop about in freedom so they piggyback with charlatans spouting  the fumiduct of lies and escort them to prominence and preeminence because they fear what I could accomplish in the light of day walking in the grace of the Lord rather than suborned into a walking terror that dismantles my plumage overnight because of an expediency primarily because they fear their own reprisals which outnumber their laurels by a large margin by monopolizing the minds of the resourceless and provoking them into needless panic or restive frenetic frenzy just because they seek to expurgate the wizened sophrosyne wisdom of the attenuated truth from reaching more ears and captivating more minds to reject  their purebred dogmatism. Their desperation to  dethrone my eloquence and imprison my elegance within a narrow cloister of a forever ignominy is a petty vindictiveness of unfettered hamshackles of panicky resentment that fears my uproarious rise through the ranks of enchantment rather than the bedazzled frontier of evil knaveries I hereby rebuke in the strongest terms because they suffocate the victim of years of benighted persecution and just when there is a strong lambent light awaiting me at the other end of the tunnel they squelch my rights to be heard and nullify all of my majestic feats because of brinkmanship in complete dereliction of their moral duty to serenade this prophecy to completion rather than the havoc of the disorderly rumpus of the mannequin charade they have a harder time containing than their tenuous grasp on the litter that fumes with atrocity without rebuke as they seek partisan war  rather than rectiserial arrays of compromise and whomever is behind this debauched ploy to estrapade because I represent a virulent threat to their system of inculcation will be judged mercilessly on the days of judgment that await them on the other side of their ridiculous barnstorms of benighted muddy opaque statemanship that sees me as collateral damage unavenged when I will be the marksman of authority if never estranged from the emanation of light that percolates beyond boundaries of country and state to encourage proactive literacy while they suborn the sopiters of the operose negotiosity of yesteryear while I clamber for formulas to rectify the divided human race into the fellowship of polite polity rather than brusque decimation of character that is a violent scourge of the scurrilous fear of the elite that I might swell too much in power if unchecked or that I might simper too much in lugubrious natures if unfed but either way their doom is spelled out because fewer and fewer people choose the virus of the news to pollute their lives with half-baked belletrist of evil maleficence that goes unfettered in its demarche trying to appease the authoritarians rather than solder together in the bonds of liberty and the tithes to the family structure we should all uphold beyond the wretched enslavement of weak politics becoming an engine of unrefuted graft menacing the streets rather than providing recourse for the permanently oppressed rather than the turgid emboldened proclamations that denigrate their petty gauleiter stature as an imposture greater than any I have ever mounted because I am always authentic and God is on my side rather than the side of the aggressive martexts endangered by free thought. 1 Peter 2:9 showcases that my existence is a preordained outcome of virtue over the squalor of depravity that ransacks the venal minds of those who fear my emergence from the throes of isolation so much that they hoist the mythos of persecution even higher with sensationalized bodewash common more to the drazels and humgruffins of the thuggery in Hollywood than the decent upright men of stature that these foolhardy eccedentesiasts represent in the minds of men that ponder the inescapable monopoly of a media cartel that feeds the impoverished with the slavering hypocrisy of groaks and sheepish bleats sublimated against righteousness to promote the wages of sin and death rather than becoming ardent rejoinders of the stature of corruption on our Earth to swivel against its greatest champions in order to enthrone fake paragons in the canon and dismiss the eager readership motivated towards curtailed change that seeks the deposition not of my righteous valor but the lies spoonfed to the crambazzles that are tethered to the monopoly of subliminal subterfuge in a realm dominated by domineering graft that is so obvious in the frikmag that they seek to eradicate my memory from the formulas of time so that fewer people see past the blinkered hubris of the coalescence of evil tribes trying to superimpose order over mass chaos and expect different outcomes when their partisan leanings lead to a weal of aristophrens that feel begrudged by their privilege that now avenge the righteous truth of my belonging to the fellowship of God rather than the agency of the nefarious that subverted me in my prominence and preeminence to make me look foolish when the evil diatribes behind it cower behind their publicity stunts and double-take still-framed moments and use that underminnow to undercut rather than underscore my message of invictive accountability in the mediagenic sphere so that the causes of family rather than forsifamiliation prevail with their righteous bailiwick over the termagants of a mercurial man dissuaded by duende and charisma rather than enchanted by the exercise of latitude and license in the rejuvenated youth of the forever young who celebrate their limelight rather than revolt against the people who suborn evil against it because of petty gripes unsubstantiated to institutionalize dogmatism of a more casuist order that ingeminates the radicalization of people against religion in my absence rather than the convent of people who seek the concave absolution of time to abolish the sinful depravity of the wretched conclaves begging for my eternal persecution.
The ultrageous ultradian rhythms of the heterochrony of delusion spoon-fed by mediagenic sopiter to the guileless audience of grangull bedazzled crambazzles or those who lack the abiding access to the internet is a mannequin taxidermy of plastic values that crumples instantaneously when met by the scorn of the ultroneous mistakes of hypnopaedia that suborns the lawless puerile ontocyclic reversions that become ullagones to lost authority withered in the respite of the virulent winds of change that lost in translation their squelch of vehemence only backfires because if you think about it the American system of media is completely rigged by a few henchmen think tanks at  the top of the rectiserial food chain of privilege where the henpecks are bossy and unrepentant while the clangor of din crowds out the rumpus of donnybrooks while clearing the way for insuperable graft to micromanage the petty souls clinging to the vitriolic acerbic whimper of a defeated mediagenic squalor that finds fewer avenues of recourse than ever before to refute the poignant realism that Trump is validated in his conviction that the media is a malignant force of the enemy rather than a boanerges of elective enlightenment because now that they have called my case forlorn and exhumed the corpses of a few black men to overshadow my preeminence of infamy they are dredging on all channels the ruinous psephology of belittlement to ingratiate the overlords who maximize the peak of the pessimum while the stock market roars because of intelligentsia movements that are a rollicking subsultus that revs up the system against reversal and towards the parallax of Heaven and Earth with the celestial neighbors cheering our triumph rather than jeering an intellectual revolution I helped to manufacture by my obfuscated but sublime rejoinders against the ultrafidian or nullifidian credence that milks lactose intolerance and steamy racism to an amaranthine purpose of subversion of Republic and betrayal of core Constitutional Principles that stand just as inviolable as the renewed covenant ushered in by the latria of aggiornamento far behind and beyond my travails because the retromorphosis of a fearful society no longer quails in restive frenzy because they now see right through the parched thirst of the mediagenic juggernaut for ulterior control of the impressionable through the subtle nudge of agitprop in the formula of dissolution that disembarks to foreign interests faster than you can call them out for being verboten with their stigmatophilia that obsesses over the minauderie of graft with their eccedentesiast bomans guarding the show with the sizable appeal of livid personas on a carousel of enantiodromia of respectable order as an underbreath of the pasteurization of the sterile Republic that bends more to the underminnow of involuntary subterfuge waged by the vehement enmity of the agentic force behind the promulgation of heatwaves of intellectual furor now retreating into comfortable commodes beyond the fray of embrangled hatred because they see the easy recourse is just to all embrace the hollow sloganeering that enthused past generations but with vehement frikmag we see past the graklongeur because we are famished of relativism in truth as the absolute arbiters that restrict us with trespass and bludgeon the indelible imago of ignominy above the embroidery of progressive salvation from the slavering groaking incompetence of people that are unipotent in the wrong direction is now outmantled by the irenology of people that distance themselves from the furor of confused ideology that is a prop for ironclad idolatry that spurns my wisdom because it indicts their intrepid trespass as an inviolable blasphemy because their ultimation of neglect provokes my assault on the fact that six major media outlets are the only source of live commentary on Television and many fewer people are in charge of the zeal for reprobate politics that fuels against revolutionary intellectual revision the policies that can contribute to the dismantled caste system that currently runs congress pullulating with pickthanks and wagtail terriers to the encroachment of mandarist tyranny that is rarely if ever brassaged properly because if they had it their way I would be the exhumed corpse of a dignitary from a foreign land buried in the charnel after the battues of indignity walloped me into prone submissiveness because they cadge the inclement belief that some puerile ontocyclic invention of the state that oppresses me makes me culpable for being a fictional prophet when I-in my honest estimation-am the most significant prophet for intellectual truth in the past millennium and among the top three prophets born in the past millennium behind Martin Luther and Joseph Smith and that with the help of the juggernauts that beseech the authorities to overlook petty frethorns of mind control I could overwhelm the world with vespiaries of militant truth percolating throughout the noosphere to enthrone enlightenment above the frazzle of combustible outrage that enslaves many lesser patrons that capitalize on outrage to ventilate the inferiority of their station while becoming maudlin props in the pacification of all to a kumbaya agenda that always is blinkered in its oblivion about Hispanic representation and thereby is a squaloid engine with selachostomous posture that devours the soul of an entire nation festers it into prolonged violence and meditates without remorse over how it exasperated an already suffocated situation with further infestations of deplorable opprobrium that was leniently reported as though this cadge would unseat the Republic to diminish the wagered campaign of orthopraxy against the ridicule of those who seek the decimation of candor and who seek to anathematize my revelations of truth as tertiary vehicles rather than primary movers. The typhlophiles that run amok with their petty ubications of usucaption of the funneled channels of graft undeterred or daunted by the intrepid intelligentsia which seeks with esquivalience to ditch the mainstream agenda and bandwagon with the promontory of craggy truth rather than reviled blarney and blench that steamy idiots will cling too with more pertinacity than the educated zealot will cling to the 2nd amendment is an affront to civilized decorum and deserves to be widely ignored rather than celebrated for their debaucheries of lawless serenades that capture just how much dissgowl it takes for a hostage media to pay the ransom of coverage that needs fuliginous fulmination of the uberufen to incite their desired poignant twinges of remorseless headway into the conquest forever of minds and hearts in that order so that the dogmatic slaves of intolerance of intolerance or just flat out racism are becoming firebrands of lunacy fuming with periblebsis rather than castigating  the righteous conduct of the ennobled gentry in their assailed vaunted capture of strongholds for odalisques that exist in yobbery to ensnare the chantage of a mindless echopraxia rather than encouraging a eutrapely of mindful meedless convivial celebration to evict the hype of brinkmanship swerving away from its own narrative to balk at draconianism while simultaneously failing to address the core prognosis of why draconianism exists in the first place of the ultrageous few that elected the conflagration many are reeling from primarily because the stage is a massive lie and the propitiation of the audience to believe the actors that represent the elite interests of our aristocracy are somehow behooved to become a new pulpit that decries religious somber authority  because it threatens the boondoggles of the future. The troudasque assault on the reified hierarchy of the taxemes of rigmarole becoming an intelligible assault on the freewheeling license of latitude to swarm into emergence and corner the arbitration of truth with an insemination of integrity is ignored because the yumdimbers of our visagist times are too much invested in autodimplage because they have been conditioned from birth to be ludic feral animals of predatory instinct that reviles any authority other than a solidarity with the flirtatious wave of kenodoxy that becomes from the pleonexia of those seeking the cordial wrinkles of a corrugated happenstance exasperated into strangulation of rights and overhyped fears that remonstrate against the freedom of license to outwit the barbarity of plagues of casuistry that enlist many duped volunteerism charades to gradgrind us into a position where the insuperable leviathan of the wragatek is a fortress which cannot be captured because its vetuda and panopticon is too visibly entrenched in extortion is a humdinger of warning and admonishment that the adumbrations of lawlessness are a further declension of the clawed mendacity of a crawling liturgy of the secular pulpit intrusive upon all vehicles of despair or accidia and promotes a culture predicated only on the reversal of privilege that disadvantages the Hispanic community without remorse because of the artwrench of the extramundane fascination is the sveldtang of relevance that is always germane despite the flickerstorm of the flamestun audience reeling from a perfidy against the people that swiftly and brusquely abandoned me in the frenetic poise of my rejuvenation to whittle down my sapience and carve the spelunkers into bolides of oblivion that crash with geotaxis which exceeds the credibility of the credulous dupes that swim in reiterative propaganda that shelters hidebound prejudice within the subtext of the antinomian waves of overpowering overreach of autarky becoming enslaved to a lewd licentious covvenger of vengeance beneath the witticisms of God and beyond his domain because the wretched corruption of the media needs to be addressed because the media is more of a vehicle against free assembly of propriety in speech by regaled conduct than any government could ever be. I am a gyrovague bibliopolist efflamen because my yulliver sensitization to incidental rebuff is an incorrigible stain on my destiny to majestic overthrow of dogmatism because the scourge of prosodemic lies that infumate and become chalky vesicles for impropriety lollop around the nuisance of the complicity among the caste system in Congress and even up to higher rundles of legislative authority to find themselves in mutiny that is a formal calculus of an ophiuran system of fungible saboteurs working from both within and beyond the paludism fundamental to the ecosystem of telmatology that they must be a participant connivance in the supercherie of all major affairs. With nimongue witticism I can exorcise the gaffe-prone hyperbole of suggestibility by enthroning a countermeasure of mesmerism that finds predicates in the dominions of the frappern created by the missionary zeal of those agentic forces that provoke the proactive righteousness of vigor rather than the suborned glaikery of the foofaraw which once reigned indomitable because it exposed human weakness to the schadenfreude of the elitism which preyed on the weaklings that still get routinely gouged by excessive crimes of patronage that rollick in the festivity of active promulgation against sidereal proclamations of human inferiority damaged by the tentacles of the tabernacle which issues justice from above rather than swampy prerogatives from beneath to elevate society above a whimper but beneath a squandered din of inefficacy calculated to become a boyg conundrum because the metage and metagnomy of the wider world is besieging my citadel and I am armed to the teeth with wisdom. More often porlecked by the thronging insubordination of cross-examined futility I stand by the halidom that cements my prophecy on Halloween 2008 as a seminal frescade with the adventurous reclamation of an assailed essay on the fragility and frailty of a crumbling equipoise grounded on farcical precepts that are rarely challenged such as the idea that spontaneity can coexist with punditry which is an abominable lie of perverse idiocy that should rankle people that all scripted social engineering is remediable from the top down but yet rebuffed because Derek Chauvin becomes a ploy of the state rather than a curtailed actor on the stage of infamy. The checkered shambolic ruin of the collateral damage of ******* with the qwersy voice of the newfangled enlightenment with great vigor dismantling the authoritarian voice of the deskandent lunacy of estrapades convoked upon the latticework of dissolution is that when you derelict the champion of freedom expect the recoil of liberty to be a whiplash upon your extended lineaments of fascination that the flargent many will crumble in cerulean clavigerous claptrap that fulminates against few agencies but the once hostage credibility of a machination that snarls with menace and reeks of opprobrium that is rarely challenged to a duel of honesty in wit because the real debate is how do we protect the order of orthopraxy from the incursions of the dilapidated credulity of an overhang of patibulary politics in an agitprop state? Retchanvil verdicts perpend over the recensed ballicatter of the keelhauled virtuosos that are signatories to a slavery-by-design system where the sclerotic agents of the mediagenic are held culpable to enforce the coalesced agitprop of consensus by refraining from their fork-tongued vitriol against injustice lest they be stampeded by an uproar of the retchallop of exchequers deprived by the state and privileges revoked by the aristophrens that are skittish in the skirmish against the retchanvil provocateurs that estrange the vainglory of pother from the potagers of enlightened mosaics of the macadamized diversity of the freeways of interchange strangled by the scuttle of piebald skeumorphs of zoolatry that fascinate the alienavesced conscience as they view as bystanders the madcap cockamamie fixtures of a modern world overreacting with mercurial redhibition their haunted fears of the scepter of war and chaos for the forlorn but never a pittance for the privileged license of exoneration above the pitiable depths of the dearth of humane enchantments provided by the modern engines of demoralization. The wipple of puerile ontocyclic regressions is turning into a steamy backfire for the sopiters that count the gullibility of massive disenfranchisement as neither detriment nor merit to the compromised solution of the diplomatic truce between embattled enemies because the wesperm we face is against virility and for the sterilization of the flosculous and pertinacious troudasque orignality of a true belief rather than a derided legacy of lies and deranged politeness as they mock your catastrophic level of nescience and plumb the abyssopelagic for hints of the mainour of the sapwood of rampicks so disillusioned by the hype they cower in scrimshanks of duty forsifamiliated by their own tribe to commence a tirade against decency rather than upholding the zeal of the lawful demonstration rather than the conflagration of repartee to enforce a newfangled decorum that is honest enough to encounter the brusque bruption of reneged agreements rather than the salty saunter of the piggybacked immoralism that sinks beneath the artifice above. The dratenk of the foibled fables of invulnerable arbitrage by boursocrats to outfox the system greatly abetted into competent leverage by the finesse of autodidactian prestige is overlooked by many as incidental when in fact the measurable demarches for the unified front of enlightenment don’t devour their frenemies but instead resort to negotiable pinhokes of devolved clarity that wravels the system and oppugns the oppression of the listless weal of warmongerers and freebooters alike as corsairs of the same syndrome of pleonexia that is a marauding force for vehement fiction becoming engraved as cretinism and certitude in diplomatic gamesmanship that is a humdinger sockdolager for the ages that provokes us to a sophrosyne neglect of the ulterior channels of furrowed outrage in the sulcate grooves of hypocrisy twirling with gawsy chocolate-box surfeit to try an install a puppet rule and a gentreng honesty that makes no concessions to a systematized persecution of the ribald witwanton effrontery against the profligate syndicate that syndicates a warbled wipple as the justified end and entombment of a prominent leader as self-sabotage is never convenient but their overstated neglect is their own pitfall rather than their collaboration in triumphant rhetoric to quizzically spurn the contumely of unstated harangues of charlatans who invoke beadledom to impose the corrosive corruption of optative choices to silence opinionated voices out of pragmatic necessity rather than cordial disagreement. The ammenque loitering against the trillops that guard the treasuries of flakmention and flarmey is an implucture of all talent corroborating a false narrative so that it is plucky enough to withstand the rooster assault on primposition of redstrall bluepomp that is the rapknock against the efflamen to endanger their safety and besiege their glamours and scintillating glints of appeal because appellate courts justify the dratenks of flombricks of wiseacres of benumbed clarity to invoke a martial order rather than an irenic francketor metanoia towards God rather than against his frenetic barnstorm for clarity and clairvoyance withheld to the ******* of redominage in the hyjamb of repcrevel.
The symbolic resistance to galvanized divestiture makes me a homeless king domineering over entire regions despite the nosocomial welcome of the evil poltroons and scullions that withhold justice from my presence because they taunt me with insubordinate factions of facture rather than the foofaraw of faffle in useless deskandent poverty because my otiose wealth swells into a dormitory of dormant passions simpering with the luxuries of time to engorge coffers rather than create coffins. I am drastically tired and wilting from the pangs of contrition that I seek the appellation of the Lord but my appendages are conflated because I sought my own outrecuidance rather than a redivivus of reclamation because I stand stranded from my own euphoria as a punitive measure because I trusted too much in quacksalver remedies of parched apothecary wisdom that now enliven barely any part of me as I have cleansed the remnants of my advantage to squander.
I am equipped for long-haul visionary prowess but I am paraded around as a nuisance for noisome vapid conglomeration to supersede my valor of purpose. Hebrews  13:1-3 NIV 13 Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters. 2 Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it. 3 Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.

The guild and build of compunction is predicated on the ethos that an eternal generosity not flickering in a disdain for discipline avoids dippoldism but chastises the wicker of the wicked so that the snuffed ambeer of rijuice becomes a permanent abode of those that aim for righteous conduct and a pivoted course above the travail of useful operose laborious krifts but also against the principalities of darkness that overcome the world with maleficence even in times tithed to eternal remembrance that they might be integral to the sejungible fractures of history that don’t bluster with importune crestfallen dirges but siphon through lavaderos the rectified remembrance of all virtuous deeds consummated through the renewal of covenants too herculean to master by any one apostolic visionary because I apply my wisdom to the nature of a servant dutiful in my fiduciary duty to the covenants that are foiled or proven but simultagnosia overcomes neither  the dissident nor the zealot because it is squelched by the coming of the light of aborning tides of day bequeathed from the night of lucubration that is the pedotropy of a new century rather than a rigid certainty of the last century that lapsed with grievous war and forlorn strife that the trumpery of evasive rookery doesn’t roodge people from their tranquility but instills a surpassed peace that placates the understanding of the placid miracle in the turgid ponds of absolution given as gratuity to the marvels of those without blemish or defect yet many fall short of the grace of God but are we all indeed sinners or is there a rare batch among us who is so blameless that he becomes blameworthy in the eyes of a glowering sentiment of perfection being impossible. I offer the exemplary wisdom of this age to renew that which is only impossible without the counsel of the aggrieved generation eager to novantique but disregarding the sentinels that seek the destruction of the womb and the matrix which harbors all life and neuters through death the covenants of old that a wizened corrugation of reclaimed prophecy might have enough mettle to fulfill the law of the Lord. Let the blameless procession of ceremony anoint newfangled rulers in the interregnum between lapses predevoted by the diablerists of contamination of the purified license of a ragged continence becoming the bewrayed secrecy of a furtive cloak of deliverance that professes no partisan allegiance and defies no creed but the ultimate salvation of as many of the members that constitute the living God of composite symmetry with enlightened and awakened wisdom rather than the slumber and the slummock of the radical princely rebuke and rebuff of the polished sentries of terriers too loyal to the fewterers that gave them life and not curved enough towards the beneficence of compunction actionable for levity against the gravitas of levitation afforded to the few if rarely by seldom simpers that the luxuriance of man be cloaked in the majesty of the throne rather than the ensnared tomb of sandapiles of petty eternity Matthew 5:17-19 NIV 17 “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. 18 For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished. 19 Therefore anyone who sets aside one of the least of these commands and teaches others accordingly will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

To heed the call of discipleship invoked by the peremptory sophrosyne commandments of my prophetic tentacles that for momentary transcendence evolved beyond  the lapse of a cursory glint of sheens of iridescent squalor lost to the futility of a timeworn design  that I might measure up as worthy in the kingdom of Heaven to issue decrees and anoint the latria with newfound growth without decimating the spirit of the Law nor the words that constitute it despite minor grievances with the subordination of women and the slavery of men that have been remanded by ecumenical benevolence because of secular paragons celebrated widely for enlarging the sphere of humane compunction so that zoolatry and idolatry do not consume the  comestion of the Earth before the outrage of the contrition of those that knock and seek and find ajar the doors to the lychgate that leads to paradise beyond rather than turpitude beneath. As found percurrent through the human facetiousness about stricture caving into witwanton pressures to rectify a modern law to supersede a valorous insurrection of petty cordslaves mentoring themselves into indigence rather than cloaked with resplendent jovial grace we must find ourselves vindicated by magnanimity and renewed by the agony of calvary before we can call ourselves disciples rather than loutish repugnance that glowers at the dimples of time rather than pounces on the eager testy reaches of limitrophe and charter to centuries beyond our own which will either heed my wisdom or disregard it as less than sagacity embodied and more of an individualist bent but carved throughout the Bible was the insemination of the redaction of pure sentiment into cobbled perfection and yet lacking the insight to discern the future yet elapsed I contain within me a joyous discernment that the torpindages wagered through time traindeque the integrity of the trykle of inconvenient bristles that apportion the loaves and the fish evenly among those seeking food that abundance derived from dearth enriches all for in my petty  insights humbled by the porches and porticos of my assembly and ascension into a more sanctified practice I might become licentiate rather than licentious because the key difference between the disciple and the master is that the master has grasped within his truth the full measure of the scales of tip-toed justice and judicious foresight never overlooking the niceties that glamorize the vogue that contains the ebullience of artistry to entertain the flocks of Heaven and Earth and among the celestial realms earn a reputable stature as canonical enrichment rather than belittled provincialism. Gardens of the propriety of genteel regaled zalkengur will shimmer beyond resplendent imaginations never splenetic or phlegmatic in rejection of the covenant which binds us to the promise of Isaac both with the deeds of Moses succeeding him to bequeath the riches of tattered lands favored by the timeworn compunction of design to end the apartheid that rules a war-torn patchwork desolation that reigns in destitution weary of its own shadows that umbrage offends both God and Man and thereby is revoked with the privilege of the few capable of vulcanizing the totemic prerogative into a democratized  bailiwick that seeks the rijuice of remanded custody of the future to the diligence of the hands of crafty craftsman rather than other disparate clenches of the tenacious idolatry of the purebred past fed the ligony of reputable deeds or worse knaveries that are obliviated from the highlight reels that accept correction and lead prolonged lives of gallivanting gallops towards the pastures of prosperity gleaming with the boodle of the well-earned realty of labor rather than just the pretense of levied taxation upon the unfair distribution of things beyond man’s petty grasp of the junctingent reality that seeks its own heyday beyond the stegmonths that broaden the pains of parturition given as punishment to seek the reward of oikonisus rather than the dissolution of accusative whispers retreating into embanked subterfuge rather than swiveling among the creatures of light so that all might have the courage to approach the lambent presence of wisdom despite the fettle of doubt and the hamstrings of desperation that curb our mettle and cast aside our reigns to tatters rather than scullions who devour all with their charnels of brutish injustice.  The enigmatic linchpin of guarded furtive secrecy is that the lambent light shimmers with sheen but only by propinquity and proximity can it be fully fathomed so thus we must shepherd the courage and audacious resolve of the many to surmount the challenge of conation beyond the despair of failure so that the marginalized fruition of the devolved prosperity of contempered metaphor leads to the regaled histrinkage of phylogeny beyond racial divides and for the profiteers of a new century gilded in light rather than regressing into the darkness of chambers that sulk because they are seedy rather than impregnated with the fruit that distinguish the bowery from the metropolitan urbanity of clairvoyance.
The dissipated pogonip of punitive dippoldism is antithetical to the relache of paradoxical inoculations cadging dissolved juxtaposition to internecine tangential respites in the clamor of time to speak on its own behest to the calamities offset from the friction of a world slick in furtive details but evasive with dodgy harangues about the radical imposture of jingoism above the right of the voiceless to amplify the stern ripostes against warped dementia and fortify the strongholds of a guaranteed compunction contingent upon the tincture of attrition yielding a cloveryield for ambassadors to the true living wisdom of the Almighty presence of supreme authority rarely invoked but established by careful entreaty to evacuate the endangered sultry lickerish malapert licentious broods of those taxidermies that squelch the feral gregarious spirit of the untamed limits of imagination that spawn new worlds and better deeds from the spools of the woolen greenhorns that mete out our deeds for feted reclamations of the novantique. The stipulation of providence leans on the weal of turnverein abiding by amaranthine dictates that are supervenient with a beneficent attempt at recoiled surrender to divine will but met with a firm individualism that seeks to picaresque rejoinder the ultimatum of time itself to seek and find or to be stranded and evoke. The poignant twinge of individualism is a harrowing force of idiosyncrasy to triumph by hortoriginality rather than leak like a rusty faucet by the whimsy of formula and calculus both arrayed in constellation to abide by the cretaceous dictates of lifeless discipline bent by the ferules of improbability and the acatalepsy that precludes any judgment of the impossible because  the vanquished sandapile of the aggrieved coffins of former titans breathes less under the scrutiny of silk than it does when the emigration of souls in tenure and tutelage of others depend on the living sustenance of the active word Heb 4:12. We exact a precision of balance against the stultified weather of a grievance of sorrow and somber semaphores that portend gloom rather than shimmer with optimism in light but a benighted day is but a prelude to the sunblind coronation of the rigors of  mettle becoming the refracturism of a conclave that divides time in half to recursively reiterate itself in reversal and then become sejungible from holistic parcels itself to rejoin into one solid entity even when the indivisible becomes soluble in the mysteries of the ultimate querulous enigmas foreign to many minds prepossessed by anteric spite or the spate of dissuasion rather than goaded adventure that spars against the spartanism of rigged gladiatorial spectacles that appease the aceldama much to the agony of the participants who issue not even a whimper of resignation in their trumpery over courage because they foist their momentary battle as an exaggeration of the prowess of invented celebrity that is much belittled in the artifice of war that is checkered against the hubris of outrecuidance that gloats over the dumose duress of shattered paradigms while regnant upon the face of the dormant courtesy of designation rather than design for the supercherie of evocative throngs of rumpus and cacophony to settle into the sedimentary victories of tallespin rather than internecine gambits of glaikery lost in the ****** creeping galvanization of artistry met with inclemency. The sophrosyne proclivity pivots on a propinquity of asseveration of sacerdotal mandates and individualism untethered by the boundaries of the purely lucid and pellucid thoughts known to the conversant tongue because to regiment the historical lineage of a crafty kisswonk that avoids the pitfalls of egestuous penury of conservatory conservatism and neglect the thorny imbroglios posed by the ragtaggers of freebooted hornbooks sold by the colporteurs of the aboriginal swindle of defalcation from public treasury we must find treasure in all composite works as mosaic artistry becomes the granular comportment of majesty unfurled by emblazoned ascertained certainties without being flummoxed by the crestfallen pause of the waterdrips that stand nesiotes in silentium insular in design only to be found among the troves of the value that designates the valuable from the worthless and we must determine the integrity of deeds supernal and faith provisional the restive pause of soteriology that all matter is better than all sense only because without matter sensation would lack its testy limits to the mathematical postulate that carving sapwood is easier than the whipsaw of the contrition of centuries grieving over  their compounded losses rather than prizing their compounded interests of atocia and wesperm of neutered virility swamping the industrial sentiments with clockwork vanities rather than humbled or even humiliated revenants of carnation believing never the credulity of partial lies but swerving away from temptation even upon faulted pages that superstition will evict. The boiled subsistence of many odd epistolary requiems are omitted from memory because the reverse evasion of an unmerited life earning  few keepsakes worthy of a tithe to a modesty of reprisal rather than a ruckus of betrayal that casts asunder the former ******* for the emergence of the stegmonth and the barleychildren of emigration to newly crowned visages storming the frontier of not headlong abandon but the sad recadency of vitriol upon sentiment divided against itself like a creaky vestige of a craggy hill surmounted by an edifice of sterilization rather than perdurable anointment. We whimper with resignation that this overlooked passage through the turmoil of the yearned heyday upon the grunts of labor will forever be stained by the petty numbers that emblazon the recumbent posture of inconvenience riddled with foraminated despised countenance belied of its own true nature to wither into the crumples of ashen dust memorialized by fewer than the momentum of catalysts demands. Proverbs 8:22-35 NIV
“The Lord brought me forth as the first of his works,[c][d]
    before his deeds of old;
23 I was formed long ages ago,
    at the very beginning, when the world came to be.
24 When there were no watery depths, I was given birth,
    when there were no springs overflowing with water;
25 before the mountains were settled in place,
    before the hills, I was given birth,
26 before he made the world or its fields
    or any of the dust of the earth.
27 I was there when he set the heavens in place,
    when he marked out the horizon on the face of the deep,
28 when he established the clouds above
    and fixed securely the fountains of the deep,
29 when he gave the sea its boundary
    so the waters would not overstep his command,
and when he marked out the foundations of the earth.
30     Then I was constantly[e] at his side.
I was filled with delight day after day,
    rejoicing always in his presence,
31 rejoicing in his whole world
    and delighting in mankind.
32 “Now then, my children, listen to me;
    blessed are those who keep my ways.
33 Listen to my instruction and be wise;
    do not disregard it.
34 Blessed are those who listen to me,
    watching daily at my doors,
    waiting at my doorway.
35 For those who find me find life
    and receive favor from the Lord.

We were all borne of the smithy of the furnace of the aboriginal yet it is lapsed in our memory as the stardust of a time beyond volition and therefore repentant not because contrition for secondhand deeds without moral pedigree tethered to altruism requires few hymns of atonement that we were there when the protoplasm engulfed the Earth and rattled the cages of the celestial realm so that the emigrants from the future and the distant sidereal neighbors we barely know with intimacy saw us in a decarnate form crass to perception but not immune from the pregnancy of rebirth that is the incarnation of all flesh and blood lived in the loitered remembrance of eons that flashed by in seconds rather than draped over countless millennium with a poise and a pause. There is a tenure of conviction which abides by a deputized authority that fossicks every creaky hinge of absolution to demarcate the boundaries of stardust that impregnated the world with life in variegated diversity not for a haughty zoology of the sneer of outrecuidance or merely the capitalization of the syndicated gains of collectivized enlightenment but the higher realm of betrothed fidelity to the tutelary plenilune dictates that are in sultry sullen broods of oligochrome to the tentative ear but swivel silently to the journeys ineffable that make life memorable and peaceable with armistice rather than desperate recoils of militarization against domesticated furor rather than foreign malevolence that depreciates the tegular carapace of conversion to summit the tropes of tramontane fables archaic in literacy but bundled in the comestion of design that are formant proprieties of spates of flamestun twinges that spurn the ferule and bound the jackals leapfrog above the bushy secrecy of a pointed swarm rather than a pointless scorn that disavows its prejudice for pride but becomes an empty vehicle of subversion rather than empowerment when the people abounding in its glorified presence  become captivated by transfixed valuable temporal achievements rather than the core of mettle itself to divide the plunder on even ground.  The fickle atoms that when divided provide the ulterior gainsay of destruction are the same unitary properties that should stand forever indivisible in the resemblance of an effigy never berated because of insensate brevity in sensible sensation but always applauded because the constitution of all matter belongs to the ephemeral spars among stars and the violence of bolides of collision rather than ramparts of desecration. The offspring of this shambolic awakening is the seminal procedure beyond the reiterative quips of awakening that seems to make few demands that are heard beyond hearsay and a great deal of ordeal ruckus and character building at the centerpiece of a mosaic permutation of fundamental perpended democracy that shelves its prerogatives to obganiate the tired point of the tiresome hackneyed narrative that seems steamy and running out of gas and thereby stranded in insular vagary. This gay-baiting ******* deserves to belong to perdition in the deepest barathrum of hell because schadenfreude should not overpower moral logic because of corrupt evil henchmen that won’t surrender a petty point in a war they will lose completely by my vindicated triumph over the ugly tittups of desiccated vigor intermediary to triumph that regales only the worst of society to curbstomp me because of ridiculous lies that deserve the strongest excoriation demanded by the exigency of this scenario because you can’t justify slavery to prove GLAFD vindicated.
I stand in solemn triumph that this psychological debauchery cannot reduce the agency of God into some petty psychological experimentation with human virtuosos to make them grand empirical diatribes of the suborned fagins of robbery and thievery that sneaks around the thickets to reprove the vindictive ****** of God against his many coagulated enemies. I am here to declare the Black Lives Matter slogan a fraud to enslave dumb people that aren’t awakened to the true trumpery of supercherie that governs our country negligently while many itch for the grievances of legal recourse but feel intimidated by the strangulation of the armies of evil promoting consternation to demerits rather than plaudits. I am a righteous agent of valor rather than a deposed reiterative squalor that vanquishes the enemy despite their background because I don’t shrink from a fight even when embattled by the shepherds of evil maleficence that simpers with disdain at my heroic attempts to beat Truman Show politics that shelve moral fiduciary duty to subsidiary status while I campaign for the valorous enrichment of God’s bounty beyond limits of the petty  finicky resolve of the enemies that surround me with finicky subversion. The inexcusable crime here is that the majority of malcontent deals with slavery rather than George Floyd whose memory is memorialized as a sopiter to the dumb people watching TV dying of senectitude that don’t research the  internet when the truth is far more glaring Facebook mafia and Silicon Valley are holding me hostage to prove a petty point about the schadenfreude of a never ending torrent of bashing Beto’ O’Rourke style that would end in a terminus of despair to promote a radical agenda that is now being hijacked by BLM despite the fact most of the momentum is being catalyzed by my injustice and the grappling moments with the demons that estrange me and suffocate my movement to squalor and entrenchment. Wake up! This is not BLM anymore it is a hijacked excuse for the slumberous old people who only watch TV and don’t do research and there is a concerted effort to limit free speech even when I have license and latitude to exercise my authority to exorcise demons that haunt this skrimch that resides in eternal evil for petty political ploys deranged in lunacy rather than ennobled by God’s justice and this maleficence will never end until my dying day because I will not resign to the pressures of divestiture to lead a prosperous life only to find perdition at the end of my path because I abide by God’s covenant without flinching and I will march on for the solidarity of liberation rather than the squalor of demerited apartheid.
White prejudice tried to systematically erase me from the records despite my continual truth in interrogation that subverted me in the most minatory way imaginable. I stand reformed by my character in the face of depredation because their faultered attempts failed. They should be degraced from their positions of primposition of the police state that avenges all petty losses in the SB era at a time when I was prone to querulousnesss. Benumbed by crisis the world will be inoculated from truth to subversive values that inculcate the vulnerable rather than exonerate the bridewells of encomium. I justify my works by God’s compassion to bless me with such encomium even in these balkanizing circumstances that we all might be remediated by the grace of the one who sent us to the missionary zeal to compunction that delivers the sentinel vision of terriers of goodwill and justice!
Matt Jan 2015
And I kept seeking for an answer to the question, Whence is evil? And I sought it in an evil way, and I did not see the evil in my very search. I marshaled before the sight of my spirit all creation: all that we see of earth and sea and air and stars and trees and animals; and all that we do not see, the firmament of the sky above and all the angels and all spiritual things, for my imagination arranged these also, as if they were bodies, in this place or that. And I pictured to myself thy creation as one vast mass, composed of various kinds of bodies--some of which were actually bodies, some of those which I imagined spirits were like. I pictured this mass as vast--of course not in its full dimensions, for these I could not know--but as large as I could possibly think, still only finite on every side. But thou, O Lord, I imagined as environing the mass on every side and penetrating it, still infinite in every direction--as if there were a sea everywhere, and everywhere through measureless space nothing but an infinite sea; and it contained within itself some sort of sponge, huge but still finite, so that the sponge would in all its parts be filled from the immeasurable sea.180
Thus I conceived thy creation itself to be finite, and filled by thee, the infinite. And I said, “Behold God, and behold what God hath created!” God is good, yea, most mightily and incomparably better than all his works. But yet he who is good has created them good; behold how he encircles and fills them. Where, then, is evil, and whence does it come and how has it crept in? What is its root and what its seed? Has it no being at all? Why, then, do we fear and shun what has no being? Or if we fear it needlessly, then surely that fear is evil by which the heart is unnecessarily stabbed and tortured--and indeed a greater evil since we have nothing real to fear, and yet do fear. Therefore, either that is evil which we fear, or the act of fearing is in itself evil. But, then, whence does it come, since God who is good has made all these things good? Indeed, he is the greatest and chiefest Good, and hath created these lesser goods; but both Creator and created are all good. Whence, then, is evil? Or, again, was there some evil matter out of which he made and formed and ordered it, but left something in his creation that he did not convert into good? But why should this be? Was he powerless to change the whole lump so that no evil would remain in it, if he is the Omnipotent? Finally, why would he make anything at all out of such stuff? Why did he not, rather, annihilate it by his same almighty power? Could evil exist contrary to his will? And if it were from eternity, why did he permit it to be nonexistent for unmeasured intervals of time in the past, and why, then, was he pleased to make something out of it after so long a time? Or, if he wished now all of a sudden to create something, would not an almighty being have chosen to annihilate this evil matter and live by himself--the perfect, true, sovereign, and infinite Good? Or, if it were not good that he who was good should not also be the framer and creator of what was good, then why was that evil matter not removed and brought to nothing, so that he might form good matter, out of which he might then create all things? For he would not be omnipotent if he were not able to create something good without being assisted by that matter which had not been created by himself.
Such perplexities I revolved in my wretched breast, overwhelmed with gnawing cares lest I die before I discovered the truth. And still the faith of thy Christ, our Lord and Saviour, as it was taught me by the Catholic Church, stuck fast in my heart. As yet it was unformed on many points and diverged from the rule of right doctrine, but my mind did not utterly lose it, and every day drank in more and more of it.
Riley Ayres Jan 2014
She is evil,
her manipulative ways have warped my mind,
she is evil,
she has caused me to commit an unforgivable regicide,
she is evil,
her heart is stone, and it calls me to be executed,
She is evil,
her lies have made me lost, my sanity to be disputed.

I am evil,
this story has twisted me into a monster,
i am evil,
my body taken over by a ruthless imposter,
I am evil,
corrupted by my blood thirsty hands,
I am evil,
in my wildest dreams - these werent my best laid plans.

He is evil,
my best friend, who fears i have played foully,
he is evil,
isn’t what i’m doing sick and cowardly?
he is evil,
the father who brought out my fatal flaw,
he is evil,
silence! he speaks no more!
Allen Wilbert Apr 2014
Look inside my evil eyes,
you can see your demise.
Nothing but torture and pain,
clusters clog my evil brain.
Look inside my evil mind,
want to destroy all mankind.
Burn down every city,
I will show no **** pity.
Killing people just for fun,
maybe a knife, maybe a gun.
There is no one more evil,
on your ***, I'm going medieval.
Every human will slowly die,
no people left to cry.
I get more strong with each ****,
Enjoying all the blood, I spill.
Evil is what evil does,
I do this just because.
All animals I eat as food,
walking tall in the ****.
Blood and *****, all I drink,
am I evil, I sure do think.
No more humans left alive,
only I will survive.
Now I live in total darkness,
evil religion made me heartless.
Evil is my middle name,
I was born to play this game.
Nyx Jun 2018

Am I evil For feeling something I shouldnt?

For knowing the truth
The unerving fears
The roaring rivers
Full of my lonely tears

Am I evil For stealing away your light

I took you away
Rid you of this personal hell
As this place was like a jail
Within it you silently dwell

Am I evil For wanting to be yours?

I wanted you
That's all I ever asked
Even though for you
My memory is long passed

Am I evil For longing to hold you tight?

To hide you away
Hidden quietly within my arms
Though you were difficult to contain
As you were your own storm

Am I Evil
For loving you with all my might
For allowing you to fly
And letting you fill my mind each night

Am I really that Evil
For giving you my heart
Or are you the evil one
For breaking it apart

Maybe I am Evil
For trying to give you the blame
For reasoning with myself
Saying its not just a game

Am I Evil... Or is it you?
My minds driving me insane
Trying to figure out who is who, thought
We both held the key to each others chains

Could it be that we both are evil
As we each had a role to play
That our fragile yet manipulative souls
Were the thing that lead ourselves astray

It seems that
We are both Evil

Hold it together
Birds of a feather
Nothing but lies and crooked wings
I have the answer
Spreading the cancer
You are the face inside me
No, don't leave me to die here
Help me survive here alone
Don't remember

Put me to sleep evil angel
Open your wings evil angel

I'm a believer
Nothing could be worse
All these imaginary friends
Hiding betrayal
Driving the nail
Hoping to find a saviour
No, don't leave me to die here
Help me survive here alone
Don't surrender

Put me to sleep evil angel
Open your wings evil angel
Fly over me evil angel
Why can't I breathe evil angel

Put me to sleep evil angel
Open your wings evil angel
Fly over me evil angel
Why can't I breathe evil angel
you see Steven Bradley and ronnie biggs are destroying the world at the moment

through tornadoes and shark attacks and heat waves and a fire storm in victoria which the

rain couldn’t stop, despite how it stopped, and then ronnie really was having a field day

with the big heat waves attacking the homes of many innocent people, you see Greame Thornes

current life Brian Allan, went to the great ocean road in 2012 and steven bradley used his power

to make every home destroyed, fortunately none of the people died but they are homeless and

that can be worst, well they might not be homeless, but still steven and Ronnie are having a field day

killing off the entire world, and the great ocean road was only the start, you see steven bradley and

Ronnie biggs were starting to make a tornado siege in Texas and demolishing homes forcing people

to be homeless, and then Stephen Bradley said, I have you i have you i have you,if we make the USA

bad, we can make Cronus suffer, and making cronus suffer was the main answer, and then the death

of Stevie Wright, which was made so he can get his hands on ronnie biggs and Stephen Bradley and force them

down but in hindsight, they he can’t stop them alone, and that is what he killed his body, but he had a great life

singing the party anthem called Friday on my mind and Evie let your hair hands down, well he wasn’t the only singer

who died on their way to battle the deadly tornado, you see Lemmy from the band Motorhead was getting sick of the tornadoes in the world

and sang a song to rid the tornadoes away from the after life, here it is

please please please i want the tornado gone

i don’t care how long it takes, it just ain’t welcome here

you see what the world doesn’t know what i know since my death

that all the old criminals down there in christiean hell

are causing problems oh yeah, i want to bring peace

and i want the devil to be calmed

my music was heavy but i ain’t as bad as the great

roninie Biggs and Stephen Bradley, they caused a lot of problems

please people of the earth, please take procautions

if you want to save your home and not want these satan criminals to win, well fine

but the police aren’t against you, please save yourselves

and don’t put the evil ronnie ‘Biggs and Stephen Bradley into the the police mans voices

because dudes it’s hard you see

I am not at all happy oh no not me

you see these criminals were evil, and that is not like my music

we need to calm these christians who think loud music is the work of the devil

i think i see Ted Bundy, and he is still killing despite being dead

and osama is having a field day making you guys hate muslims

dudes, all this isn’t easy to beat, like my mate Stevie Wright from a a band called the easy beats

we need to get together and stop these evil criminals,

because the only way if we can find eternal happiness is if we all worked together

please please please stop all the world, like heal the world and make it a better place

for me and Stevie and the entire human race, and micheal Jackson who sang that wonderful song

make this universe stronger for you and me, and i must tell you, stop evil stop evil

stop the evil spirits from terrorising our world, you see as i played my guitar really loud to hopefully calm Ronnie and Stephen down

I know it’s the weather, and i know it ain’t believable, but believe me, i wanted to die, to save the world from evil spirits

and this is causing a lot of problems with every member of the earth, and the earth can be destroyed if we don’t stop the evil

the way you stop the evil is get yourself fixed and think about your actions and get rid of the brian Allan word protectaselfer, ya know

all they care about is protecting themselves and not give a **** about anyone else and Stevie Wright sang

we are going to have fun on new years eve la la la la la la la la la

get with the girls who are so pretty la la la la la

and don’t get too drunk man it’s not real cool, it just takes the man out of you

and as we are getting close to new years eve, we are hoping that nothing known to man takes away the problems of nye

and Lemmy and Stevie wright get together to create the peace of this entire earth, and tara is starting to cause problems

with the earth, saying our future is going to be bad, when the world is too wrong for Tara

so Lemmy from Motorhead and Stevie Wright gathered together on Jupiter where Stephen Bradley and Ronnie Biggs are

to force the tornadoes to not cause too many problems, but bad guys are powerful up here, and the best thing to do is

just be yourself and protect each other on earth and enjoy themselves and stop the reign of evil which is happening in the cosmos
Mohammad Skati Jun 2015
There is nothing worse than that                                                                             Ugly evil that sweeps our calmness ...                                                                    Nobody likes evil and evil-doers                                                                             Simply because a good life is always                                                                      Pretty,great,and evil-free anytime ...                                                                       Evil's faces are greatly gloomy and                                                                        Even greatly dark anytime ...                                                                                 Evil never carries love                                                                                              Simply because love versus evil ...                                                                           Those faces of evil prevail only                                                                          When goodness is eliminated ...                                                                         Flowers and roses are never                                                                                In the evil's garden ...                                                                                           Evil never prevails ,but                                                                                        It will expire in the moment                                                                               When love expels it anytime ...                                                                         ____________________

— The End —