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Najwa Kareem Nov 7
Raise our God consciousness
Raise our “Allah is greater than.” “Allah is more important than.” “Allah is more significant.”
Raise our minds
Raise our confidence
Raise our love for the oppressed
Raise our voices
Raise our hands
Raise our prayers
Raise our grassroots efforts…talking to ordinary people
Raise our signs
Raise our slogans
Raise our bravery
Raise our solidarity
Raise our red, black, white, and green
Raise our love and our cries for our human brothers and sisters
Raise our commitment to the martyrs
Raise our commitment to the grieving families
Raise the greed out of them
Raise the racist out of them
Raise the arrogance out of them
Raise the Netanyahu caricature devil looking ears out of them
Raise the butchers out of them
Raise the terrorists out of them
Raise the grotesque torturers out of them
Raise the chumps out of them
Raise the monsters out of them
Raise the two-facedness out of them
Raise the facade out of them
Raise the raids out of them
Raise the bomb strikes out of them
Raise the nuclear weapons out of them
Raise the baby, children, women, and men murderers out of them
Raise the assassinators of grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, wives, husbands, and more out of them

by: Najwa Kareem
The writing of this poem on 11/6/23 was inspired by the passion and unity of the people protesting in London (Trafalgar Square) for an immediate ceasefire in Palestine (GAZA) over the weekend.
Najwa Kareem Oct 14
Standing and looking up from underneath these Allah made magnificent trees while waiting for the next bus to come
with all of their complexities, dimensions, features
each branch artistically and uniquely designed
many almost hook like in shape
variations of pink colored carnation flowers hanging delicately from them in light, medium, and dark shades
with pin drop size black dot on each flower's stem                                                             ­                      
complemented by green and copper tone leaves
I see All Blue Skies and think they should see All Blue Skies, too

Looking up, I think it isn't fair that I see what I see
All Blue Skies and people of Palestine, people of Gaza don't see the same and don't have the same

Do they even have a moment of pause
a chance to look up at what's above  
an opportunity to marvel at something
to rest a bit

And if they have lived or survived to be able to look above their heads                                                        
isn­­­’t it often
that they see gray or black and not All Blue
Is it not rubble from deadly bombs that they see falling down on them
for many, many not to live life as they were meant to live it

Looking up at the All Blue Skies from underneath these marvelous trees
I shake my head right to left, left to right and with expressions on my face I wish I myself could see, think this isn’t fair

When we look up at the All Blue Skies above our heads and wonder why our blue skies don’t feel as blue
It’s because Palestine’s All Blue Skies aren’t there
It’s because people of Palestine and people of Gaza don’t have them that we don’t relate to them and their long standing, ongoing struggle
Because they don’t have what we have, we don’t see them as one of us
But like Nelson Mandela said, We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.

We have a lot of work to do
with us unified and with proper guidance by moral leadership
We have a lot to do
So that All Blue Skies are had by all and felt by all

We should all work in significant, high priority ways – be the Abds,
be the servants, be the slaves that Allah created us to be for Him
so that All Blue Skies for Palestine’s Human Lives are seen clearly, seen vividly, from everywhere on the globe
And afterwards, when we look up wherever we are at the All Blue Skies sitting above our heads,
we’ll feel not blue  

By: Najwa Kareem
*Originally published on on April 16, 2023. This poem was written on Al-Quds Day - the early morning of Friday, April 14, 2023 in honor of the Palestinians in Palestine and in Gaza and in memory of their near 75 year struggle against racism, oppression, brutality, imperialism, etc. because of Zionist Israel's illegal occupation and colonization of their land and their people.            
Free, Free, Free Palestine!!! Free, Free, Free Gaza!!! Free, Free, Free Masjid al-Asqa!!! All Blue Skies For Palestine's Human Lives!!! We must do what has long needed to be done for this to happen. As Musa said in one of his conscious rap songs, "I want freedom to become a reality."
Najwa Kareem Sep 28
September 23 is for Harmony
23 plus 5 equals 28
The birthday of Allah's Prophet (PBUH), a most memorable date
2 plus 3 equals 5
days later, God hollers, Eid Milad Saeed, we're live
Your birthday starting last night
with a full moon shining bright
I waved happy birthday with a schoolgirl's sincerity
and you said back, A rainbow lunar halo, for some a symbol of harmony
To the most honest man, the most trustworthy human
Messenger Muhammad's full of Iman and taqwa, alive with stocks boomin
A fighter against injustice, oppression, colonialism, imperialism, racism, sexism, any ill we name
As Musa said, Somebody has to explain that paper money is the key threat in this game
The Final Chosen One went low to get he and others high
Talking God's words, speaking truth respectfully to help call girls get shy
On 23, God said, Enter the world a bright smile Harmony
On 28, Here comes good people to celebrate, a beautiful bumble bee
A most lovely man, we shout for, Yay, she saying, Cheese
His humble reply, Thank you. No, please
Insisting we give thanks and show gratitude to the one who birthed The Prophet, Amina
and to the ONE who created him and his daughter al-Zahra, Fatima
God's dutiful servant urging us, More eggs in the basket for the akhirah and less in the basket for the dunya
She too would say, your Siti Haneefah
We're here today, September 28th already and tomorrow will soon be gone, no more a life
An exuberant cheer, We love you dearest Prophet and your most beloved and favored wife
For Ahmad, Hamid, Mahmud, the focus, the VIP today
From a grateful student and from a thoughtful Auntie, this poem is for The #1 Muhammad and Harmony K

By: Najwa Kareem
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PROPHET MUHAMMAD and HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY HARMONY (on purpose to acknowledge, honor, and celebrate her birthday at the same time as The Holy Prophet's) 🎁🎁
Najwa Kareem Sep 22
Who'd be good to help make a reason to rise breakfast
because I'm thinking of waffles being cooked
She who stood in our home's kitchen on an early am Sunday
frying MorningStar sausages in a pan
My Mom told her
You cook like how your Mom cooks so perfectly
Any food lover would be a fan

Fatima Z said at the end of an evening program at I.E.C.
I'm going to help a friend now who's deaf
It's an hours drive to get there
As you can see
she's much bigger than a chef

She who on the 1st day of Eid
tricked us saying she wanted to stop at the mall to buy herself clothing
instead came out with Eid gifts for her friends
illustrating Ramadan's lesson of no greed

Fatima Z upon entering the Akhgar crib
cleaned and organized their entire kitchen
No thanks in return did she want
Who does that as a guest
Far from looking like one
she moved around comfortably
working hard with no desire of ditchin

She holding the hand of an elderly lady
speaking Farsi to her as best she could  
as she guided her walk carefully to the end of the path
all her focus on a charity

Fatima Z after giving a short speech
on Fati's wedding day
was described by my Father as wise
Her good spirit and happiness filled the air
like can be felt in the month of May

She organized Fati's second bridal shower
Planned with me on the phone late at night Fati's Bday party
Commuted from one distant city to another
to help Fati through labor and delivery

Extremely hospitable
Fatima Z on an incredibly tragic day
offered us something to drink
in our own house
said T
Not only her way
but what it is her beautiful eyes and smile blink

All these thoughts or memories of her came to mind this morning
She I remember
and blown away that immediately afterwards
I reflect that today's the 9th of September

Fatima Z, a lady is she
It's your birthday
from Najwa
She'll likely humbly chuckle
hee, hee

By: Najwa
*Flashback to September 9, 2023. Flashback to happy thoughts and memories of Fatima Z.

*Beginning with her frying sausages so perfectly popping in my head as an answer to my own question, Allah hu Akbar..."All these thoughts or memories of her came to mind this morning" and inspired me to write this poem about you, Fatima Z and to offer it to you for your special day. Happy Birthday, lady Fatima! You were my morning star today :)

*In reply to the receival and reading of this poem about/for her, Fatima expressed, Thank you. “I did laugh and then cry.”

*I don't normally or typically publish poems that are personal - ones that I write for friends and family. I do publish them, however, if they have a message that others (readers) can benefit from and if the content brings forth important reminders and assistance, information that is religious, moral, ethical, social, political, humanitarian, etc. in nature. I decided to publish this poem about Fatima in honor and in celebration of her; also in recognition of her being a member of a family who sustained and experienced an overwhelmingly tragic loss this year.
Najwa Kareem Aug 13
Many married women in America
Those with husbands payin ALL the bills
Are they getting more out of their marriage than their husbands are getting?
Are they benefitting more?
Are these wives getting the longer end of the stick?
Are they getting more out of the marriage deal than their husbands?
I ask these questions
My answer to them is
I think yes
Being able to have a roof over one's family's head in America comes with a high dollar, a high cost and for many husbands and fathers payin ALL the bills, a lot of work
Being able to feed oneself and one's love ones comes with high dollars if living in America and for many husbands and fathers, with much sacrifice (that is, if they are indeed working ******* the job; that is, if they are indeed making an honest income)
Many wives turn the other cheek, make excuses when their husbands come to them for love, for nurturing, for acts of respect, for nutritious home cooked meals i.e. breakfast (the most important one of the day), for a beautiful appearance comparable to or better than the one they offer to those in the public space, for lots of things
You can't turn the other cheek, make excuses, not go to work and still get paid
Many wives give more time and that of quality to their careers or paid jobs (Because their husbands make enough money, ones they don't have to have) and own interests than they do to their husbands, children, and family (leaving their homes disordered, improperly and inadequately attended to, dysfunctional; they choose my, me over ours, we)
Many wives who are also mothers are neglectful of their children, uncaring and unmotherly to them or less caring and less motherly than they're suppose to be or than what God who gave to them their children has required of them to be
They cheat their families - slack off on being a wife and slack off on being a mother
Many wives certainly in America are getting more out of their marriage than their husbands are getting
It's the wedded truth
Najwa Kareem Jul 23
She who has her own but uses his I postulate to deceive, to manipulate, to conjure up feelings and thoughts, to market and promote what she likes and values in his name, to elevate her status as a y and as a z in his viewers' eyes, to elevate his status so that through association hers is raised, to... is his wife who uses (his) social media as a device, as a ploy, as a stratagem

And it is he, her husband who is to blame for allowing her to be deceptive using a tool of his, a tool by which the public understands to be (his)...why of course, his first and last name is ascribed it
It is he, her husband who is responsible for enabling her deception and her game playing

He went along with it from the start
She asked for my passwords, I have nothing to hide was said of the reason he gave them to her, said about 12 years ago
Why do you want my passwords?, is what should have been the reply. What do you need my Facebook and my email passwords for?

We're not like you and him...You've been married a long time...
We're newly married
said to a relative
Logic would say, if both parties are questioning at the start of their marriage whether each can be trusted or not, the two needed not to have gotten married
But was the issue of trust (as illegitimate of a reason as it is given marriage and distrust of one's partner are incongruent) the reason (what her husband concluded/assumed) or the primary reason or the only reason she asked for his passwords?

12 years later, she still has his passwords

He's still going along with it
I postulate because what she's doing has resulted in no serious harm to him (so he thinks), it does not threaten him in any serious way(s), there is no/there are no immediate or negative consequences to him that he deems meaningful, it's very, very likely that by now, 12 years later, he's been conditioned to think that such abuse is normal, yes a kind of domestic abuse that he gives his consent for, not by a husband toward his wife as many, could be said most conceive domestic abuse to be but by a wife towards her husband

And they have her in the classroom teaching and grooming very young kids with no other adult in the classroom regularly to observe her and what she's doing
Just like how she puts much on camera should have had a surveillance camera in her classroom
And the primary reason she's in there, the reason it was allowed to hypothesis is because they have been long time friends of her husband and like him

His Facebook is her name
His social media is her fame

Viewers don't be misled
Viewers don't be fooled
12 years later, she still has his passwords
12 years later, she's still posting on his Facebook (when she has her own) and doing so whenever she chooses or when she decides to
12 years later, she's opening and reading personal emails of his (emails others have sent to him/his email account at the same time violating their privacy and confidentiality), and when she chooses, replying to them

Just as many, many, many husbands are guilty of domestic abuse so are many, many, many wives. Yes, yes...many, many, many wives are guilty of domestic abuse. It's just not as talked about or publicized largely in part because it's presentation is not of a physical nature and because typically speaking, husbands don't speak about it or make it known publicly for the number of reasons that they don't.

Often, very often, one who is a chronic victim of long standing or long-term domestic abuse is equally as dangerous (their danger is illustrated in a number of ways) as the domestic abuser. Often, he/she too becomes a domestic abuser because he/she has willfully been subjected to abuse from his/her spouse for so long, he/she has gone along with the program (for whatever reasons) for so long that the abusive behaviors of his/her partner has in essence rubbed off on him/her; he/she learns the behaviors of his/her domestic abuser and in turn behaves in a like manner or similarly with others - what is called learned behavior.

Domestic abuse is a danger to those who are being targeted and to the viewers of it. To say the least, it is a menace to society. Everyone gets negatively impacted or hurt by it.

I don't like being around domestic abuse. I don't like to be a witness of it. I refuse to be around it and around those who enact it or perpetuate it.
Najwa Kareem May 19
Shall I repeat?
Shall I repeat?
Shall I repeat?
Would you please not be consistent?
Would you please not be so loud?
Would you please not be so disturbing?
You're irritating us
Don't bring Godly attention our way
Don't remind us of our responsibility
Stand up
Sit down again if you're going to put your hands up and pray
while OUR GOD is playing
OUR GOD is playing, Mahmoud, don't you hear HER?
Aren't you a slave like us?
You're more of a slave than us
You're paid better than us
You're paid big money
like the rest of your proball player colleagues
You're making us feel uneasy
We feel jittering
We're uncomfortable right now
Now, we're upset
STOP right now
or Get out. Go.
We want you to leave
We don't like you anymore
Hang up your jersey
and toss away your basketball
Do whatever you want with them
Sale them, Give them to charity, Put them on display in a museum or at an exhibit somewhere
We don't want to see them anymore
We don't want to see you anymore
We don't like that you make us feel like cowards
We don't like that you remind us that we haven't any reason to have pride
in our nation
in a stolen land
You're making us think
We didn't come to watch a NBA basketball game to think
We didn't come to leave a NBA basketball game thinking

Don't you know anything about America separating church and state?
You're American, right?
Though your name is different
If you were an immigrant
you might have had to learn this
to take a test to get your citizenship

Yes, yes, I know
that a basketball court is not a state
and that you don't believe in the church
And you've said
that the making of a prayer's never confined to any particular institution or place of worship
You said
At the doctor's office,
I pray
In the car before I pull off,
I pray
In the restaurant before I eat and after I eat,
I pray
At the start of a game,
I pray

All this unnecessary buzz
All this unnecessary hype
around me refusing to pledge allegiance to the American flag
and instead pledge allegiance to God
and pray during the anthem
Even more than 25 years later, a 1/2 of a century later,
we're talking about it
But this time
I get to speak my story
to whoever is interested
I get to speak to the world
through a number of ways
so that the truth can be heard

As for the NBA
compensate me in a way that can never repay me for what you did
for what I've gone through and others
for all of the suffering
compensate me as justly as possible
compensate me appropriately
Do what you would want to be done to you
in a fellow human's shoes
if you were in my Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf basketball player's shoes

It's your choice
Either way
My light has shined
GOD has told us that
Joslyn Rose Lyons
said this, too
and with her production
a documentary film
about me and my truth,
it will continue to shine

Anything done for GOD will always be zoomed in on
Will always be talked about
Will always STAND out
Because with as many Hitlers as there are
As many Netanyahus as there are
As many corrupt Saudi Kings as there are
No matter how few,
there'll always be
There'll always be
El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazzs or Malcolm Xs
Imam Khomeinis
There'll always be
Imam Asis

You see
Mahmoud's See
"Once you see something,
you can't unsee it"
Mahmoud's See
Mahmoud's See
is like that of the SEA
with a beautiful, eye-catching tide
that keeps coming back
and keeps making waves
and keeps giving us reason to notice

You said what you did and what Kaepernick did
By the way  
I bought 10 copies of your autobiography (audio CD)
"In The Blink Of An Eye"
produced by Kaepernick Publishing
allowed you both to speak your conscience
to do what is right
to speak against injustice
but it doesn't translate into POWER
because as you said
in so many words,
there are still many injustices
happening in America and around the world
and crimes against humanity still taking place

What you, Kaepernick,  
and the other professional athletes to whom this applies did
doesn't translate into power
because there aren't enough like you  
taking a STAND
asserting their human rights
speaking truth to power
More are emergently needed
Insha Allah, as those who take a STAND
become the norm and
they become a sizeable number,
POWER will be the result

your STAND beckons more to STAND
It's a rare match to start a flame
Injustice will always have its See
And justice will always be seen
even if and when it's seems to be at a distance
even when it appears out of reach

Like Mahmoud,
myself, and others,
we are forever changed by
an NBA star's See,
a human who chose to STAND's See
With it,
there is no turning back

By: Najwa Kareem
*The idea to write this poem came after viewing SHOWTIME's official trailer/teaser in August 2022 for the documentary "STAND" about Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf. This poem was written in February and in March of this year (2023).

"Once you see something, you can't unsee it." Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (in SHOWTIME's Trailer/Teaser for documentary "STAND")

Trailer to My Poem (August 2022): The Power of Mahmoud's See

Once you've seen basketball, you can't unsee basketball
Once you've seen God, you can't unsee God
Once you've seen Islam, you can't unsee Islam
Once you've tasted Islam and its teaching, you can't spit Islam out and its' teachings out
You can't force a person to be something he is not
You can't force a person to stand for something he does not endorse or believe in
whether the NBA wants him/her to, or some other entity or influence wants him/her to

September 2022: The goal of Mahmoud's autobiography and documentary should not be for us to watch and be entertained. The goal should not be for us to learn and know more about Mahmoud and his life. The goal should not be for us to be familiarized with his story. The goal should be for these two forms of media about Mahmoud to act as a catalyst, to serve as motivators for us to each do whatever we can, to carry out whatever actions, to put forth whatever efforts we can to ensure that Mahmoud is fairly compensated for his career having been taken away from him, having been destroyed by the NBA. Mahmoud's autobiography and documentary are to serve as an impetus for a no BS, no nonsense, no playing around here DEMAND FOR JUSTICE FOR MAHMOUD from those who acted criminally against him in a most profound way, who bullied him, who punched him in the face and knocked him to the ground, who robbed him of his worth, etc. We need to PROTEST (there are a spectrum of forms of protest) for him in ways that many of us did not at the time of the inflammatory onset.

Again, as pertaining to the release of a basketball legend's autobiography and documentary, let us not see our role as being consumers but rather contributors to a cause and case involving a violation of human rights, freedom of speech, social justice, the terms of a business contract, etc. We mustn't forget that we (those who are included) have benefitted from Mahmoud in one way, shape, or form, in minute ways and/or in big ways. At the very least, we owe him something in return.


Mahmoud believes the flag symbolizes oppression. "Am I saying, everything in America's bad? No! Wherever the bad is, as a Muslim, we don't stand for it."

*This poem was written in honor of Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, what he doesn't stand for, and what he stands for while praying for. Thank you for what you have done of good and continue to do that is good! Happy birthday to you, today! (March 9, 2023; my plan was to publish this poem on your birthday, however, after learning of the tragic death of a from childhood family friend on the same day, I did not publish it.)

*Poem published today (5/19/23) in honor and respectful memory of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) whose only choice was to STAND and who dutifully encouraged all of us to STAND, to fight against injustice and oppression at all levels and in all forms - to fight for our human rights; he, a most courageous, committed Muslim...a most peace loving, justice loving, human loving, injustice hating, corruption hating, greed hating person - one most generous with his time and efforts for the good of all mankind, etc. Happy birthday to him/you, today!
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