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Najwa Kareem Jun 4
Anticipation rising
as our holiday nears

My gosh, Eid ul Fitr
is already here

In the early morning
on your way to groom and a bath

I know it's so because
I too clean up to be on the same path

Squeaky clean
the skin on our faces shine

A gigantic goal accomplished
oh we're feeling really fine

Who needs Christmas when we've got Eid
a festivity that includes all Muslims even those in need

Decorative clothes we wear while extending our hearts to each other and offering a good cheer
it isn't hard to tell our love of our religion is near

From the same community we come, it's known we throw a fun-filled Eid party
"Because this is my holiday" and our festive spirits aught to be really hearty

Allah hu Akbar, the accessory and ornament of our special day
along with a duo and nearly two billion others, you'll hear me loudly say

When little girls, Atefeh's and my enthusiasm about Eid blossoming as we sang a Eid song perhaps trying to compete
"From sunrise to sunset, no food did we eat. All praises are due to Allah, our fast is now complete."

Mehdi whose thoughts of his beloved in the distance too busy with his boys climbing trees and ducking low
a long time friend of two families to witness a wedding and a start of a Eid tradition that brings the community together, what a show

So here's to Mehdi and Atefeh, Eid enthusiasts among a few
showing you gratitude and appreciation, for we've heard it said "It takes one to know two."

by: Najwa Kareem
Eid Mubarak!!! Eid Saeed!!!
Najwa Kareem Mar 27
4 Years, 1500 days, 3600 hours, 2,160,000 minutes, 129,600,000 seconds
Yemen with a devastating war
Yemen crushed by Saudi war criminals
Yemen wounded by US' immorality
Yemen killed by too many's frigid hearts
Yemen unbelievably destroyed

4 Years, 1500 days, 3600 hours, 2,160,000 minutes, 129,600,000 seconds
Yemen a skeleton
Yemen with its sustainable resources confiscated
Yemen its country's wealth no more
Yemen with blood everywhere

4 Years, 1500 days, 3600 hours, 2,160,000 minutes, 129,600,000 seconds
Yemen with 20 Million affected
Yemen with babies deceased
Yemen with young orphaned
Yemen with old without shelter
Yemen with men buried under sand
Yemen with women *****
Yemen with countless widowed
Yemen trapped under rebel with people screaming for help

4 Years, 1500 days, 3600 hours, 2,160,000 minutes, 129,600,000 seconds
Yemen in shock
Yemen weary
Yemen with its hands up high in the air pleading for an end

Are our hands up with them
Are our foreheads wet
Are our eyes full
Are our mouths dry
Are our fingers in motion
Are our legs fatigued
Are our brains thinking

YEMEN: 4 Years Starving, 4 Years Dying, 4 Years Bleeding, 4 Years Grieving, 4 Years Hurting, 4 Years Too Long Not With Our Oppressed, 4 Years Too Late We Must Begin
In commemoration of Yemen's 20 Million people affected by a unfathomable, ruthless 4 year Saudi led, US supported war
Najwa Kareem Feb 14
Far into the door
one glass of hope sits quietly
in colors uncertain
his sky is drawn

Dusty its face
of streams and butterflies
a smell of rose and plumeria
galloping in love is she

So two the sweets pair
buried under a hallow escape
the sheer grabbing of desire
oosing from their lips

That shape a heart
this place in pink
a dunkin donut
that should have been red.
Najwa Kareem Feb 12
Muslims are not to date.

But you've seen him kissing Kate.

Zayd, Khalid, Luqman don't care that ALLAH tells us to wait.

They flash their sinful pictures straight.

Without shame, a number of my brothers show children watching how to fake mate.

Selfish, self-centered, I do what I want to do is happening at a fast rate.

Most of them who date know ALLAH regards their actions with hate.

Persistence to do wrong, to fake date Kate, prevents them from moving in a direction that is straight.

Maybe their children, ones they were never told about would have entered the world as ******* late.

Maybe their done away with babies would have exited the world as ALLAH'S slaves who used Islamic knowledge as bait.

Before marriage it is said, I love you, You're hot; Kate steals these phrases from the role of a wife and uses them to increase her heart rate.

They share a bed and have *** but what they want not to know is that they fornicate.

A load of grave sins they accrue and a heavy punishment from ALLAH if they do not feel guilty, if they do not repent, if they do not end what they perpetuate.

Many Muslim maids want not to marry them. Little do those who fake date Kate know that their actions likely got in the way of GOD'S good fate.

That their use and abuse of ALLAH'S fashioned female and a Father's beloved daughter, violates her like how a dog with his razor-sharp teeth on her arm viciously ate.

He and Kate with memories to relive the sores and bruises, the trauma and incidents of disobedience which cut off grace from ALLAH, The Great.

You're going to make wait late.

You're going to fake date Kate.
Najwa Kareem Feb 7
Elevated position
strategically sitting
following a script
she says apathetically
three words
An audience a witness
Differently they speak
a language of friendliness
and graciousness
Lying on the innocent
she spreads confusion and doubt
Around the corner
a ray of goodness manifests
She averts her head
the mirror to a heart in crystal white
and guilty
is the Satan in her eyes
Najwa Kareem Jan 21
You're going to force me to violate a practice that has been ordained upon me by GOD for specific reasons after locking me up when I've committed no crime.

You're going to bully me and try to intimidate me and the many others who cover our hair and our body parts in order to dress modestly when in public and dignify ourselves.

You're going to forcefully remove my headscarf I've been willingly wearing after my conversion to the most perfected faith tradition, with the last, final, revised God's words' edition.

Well now you've contributed to a response to injustice in me.

Well now you've contributed to a response to violations of civil liberties, human rights, and religious freedom in me.

Well now you've contributed to a response to a crime against me and my blood and religious family in me.

Well now you've agitated a trend of resistance.

Well now you've fueled a trend of by whatever means necessary.

Well now you've instigated a trend of I love my GOD, I love my Prophet, I love my religion and you're not going to stop me.

Well now you've aggrevated a trend of many who are ready to stand up for me, by many who like me, by many who are like and unlike me.

Well now you've wised up a bit and have let me perform one of my religious duties, the wearing of my headscarf again proudly.

By: Najwa Kareem
P.S. No, we are not going to celebrate the fact that the corrupt, crooked system is letting Marzieh Hashemi wear a headscarf again and cover her arms now. No, we're not going to be happy about that to any serious degree, well at least I am not because compared to giving her what she has absolute rights to, her freedom, what they have given her is nothing.

Free Marzieh Hashemi Now!!!
Najwa Kareem Jan 19
She chose to sit in the driver's seat

Marzieh Hashemi isn't afraid of the smoldering heat

nor is she like the rest that one should try to beat

Like a butterfly in the mountain's wind

she'll pick up speed and bounce to the end

and help those around her confidently amend

Insightful, optimistic, she'll make you think

distracted by her intelligence, you'll feel no need to blink

on a gathering day, she looked beautiful in pink

Safety, cheer, and comfort were well dished out

to more than her own, a Mother for all to draw to and pout

Our unforgettable journey is Marzieh Hashemi, an icon of strength to plead about

By: Najwa Kareem
The words of this poem were created in memory of a fun-filled day of adventure in Denver with Sr. Marzieh Hashemi who bravely drove some of our friends and me up to the top of Mount Evans, the highest paved mountain in North America in a van that while on our journey didn't operate well. Even though she was very nervous, our friends and me weren't in the least bit able to tell as she was so considerate of us not to show us her angst and did all she could to comfort and encourage us as she manuveured the van, as she steered the wheel of the van ever so carefully and managed to get us back down the mountain safely.

Sr. Marzieh Hashemi is a one of a kind mountain high strength full of life, God's light, peace, compassion, hospitality, intellect, dignity, warmth, and much more. Every person would wish to have a friend like her.

Marzieh Hashemi is a moral and law abiding citizen of America, of Iran, and of the world.


(Please check the above on Twitter to learn more and to support she and her family. Thank you.)
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