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Gwen Pimentel Jan 2015
It's so selfish
to not want
to go to school
while others work
so hard
just to get some education
Gwen Pimentel Feb 2015
We talk about love
Like we're some sort of experts
Like we've mastered the subject
Like we know every nook and cranny
But in reality, we're just at the tip of the iceberg
Gwen Pimentel Mar 2015
Believe me
When I say I want to write
And you're the only one
Holding me back
and at the same time
Inspiring me
Gwen Pimentel Jan 2015
I dreamt so big today
That it literally
Gave me the chills
If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough
Gwen Pimentel Apr 2015
Happy National Month of Poetry
As tradition, I join this thingy
It's something called 30/30
For the whole month, one poem daily
I invite everyone to join with me
Challenge your creativity
Push your boundaries
And explore your vocabulary
I HOPE I KEEP THIS UP HAHA *** I know I posted late but yes I will catch up. Please bear with my poems which may range from nonsense to extremely emotional lol.
Gwen Pimentel Dec 2014
O, how nice it feels
To let out my all to you
And yet you still stay

To have a love beyond words
Gwen Pimentel Jul 2014
A word to describe you
A word that encompasses your being
Especially your voice

Oh, your ohhh soooo amazing voice
Where do I even begin describing such a voice?
I feel like when I say anything about it
It would underestimate the majesty that your voice is...

You make me melt with every word, every note
every strum on the guitar every, every breath
Your voice is perfect

If your voice is the pizza
I am the 3-cheese melting on top of it
Gwen Pimentel Feb 2015
I write about what disheartens me
And this one does, way too deeply
The harm cannot be undone
Most were lost, not just some

To go into a field, gambling with the universe
Our brave soldiers, with actions they can't reverse
Lost their life fighting for he country
Til the very end, only one thing on their mind: family

We sit here ignorant in our comfortable seats
While they defend our people, only to end in defeat
Every bullet shot into their hearts
Their blood splatters, turns into art

Thank you dear soldiers, for your service
We will forever be grateful for this
No words can heal and no money can repay
You'll remain in our hearts every single day
Gwen Pimentel Mar 2015
Be careful when you fall in love with a poet
We kinda don't really think in the same way as everybody else
If everybody's thinking outside the box, were probably the ones thinking on the box
Or with the box, or in another box
Yeah see that was kinda weird
We think in metaphors
We write with our own blood
We write about anything and everything that makes us feel
Which means we will probably write about you
And will continue to write about you even after we've broken up and you moved on and youve forgotten about us
We will still write about you
Because you engraved feelings in us which we have immortalized into words
Think of it like this
You come into our lives
You spill wet cement on the walls of our hearts
We write all the feelings we get on the wet cement and when you're gone it dries up

Be careful when you fall in love
With the girl who can compare you to the sun
One minute she can tell you that the sun is the source of life in this world and brightens up her day
And the next, she can tell you that the sun's UV rays are actually harmful and the sun sets too
While you are talking
She is thinking about how your eyes crease at the corners when you laugh
And how your smile is the most beautiful thing she has ever seen
And how your hair is the perfect mix of messy and hot
She will try to put all these feelings into words
And despite her vast vocabulary and experience in writing
She will never find the right words to describe you
Searching for words will be like using internet explorer as your browser
Or riding a snail
Or looking through a dictionary when all the words are crossed out

Be careful when you fall in love
With a girl who writes
Because you just might be the reason for her writer's block
And she will probably hate you for it
But at the same time love you for it
Yet you can also be the reason she can never stop writing
Because you are more than enough inspiration she needs
You will be the driving force of the pen in her hand against the paper
And that's pretty **** amazing if you ask me
She can turn your world into words
Turn your thoughts into lines
Turn your feelings into poetry
She will say the things you never knew how to say

Be careful when you fall in love with a poet
Because you just might be turned into intangible literature
Gwen Pimentel Jan 2015
How important it is
To have a friend
A bestfriend
Someone who won't leave you
No matter what
No matter how hard or complicated thins get
They'd always understand
They'd always be there

Someone who will catch you
When you free fall into the unknown
Someone who will be there to say
"I told you so!"
When you go don't listen to their advice
Someone to laugh with
And more importantly, someone to cry with
Someone who knows you better than yourself
Someone who will know your type of guy
Someone who can smell trouble
Someone who will defend you and will stand up for you
Someone who will stand in front of you and take all the pain in the world just so that you wouldn't get hurt
Someone that is worth keeping and
Someone that is worth fighting for
Gwen Pimentel Jan 2015
we'd rather
in silence
do anything
to help
Taken from Sir Tony during CLE hehe
Gwen Pimentel Jan 2015
you know dat feel
when your heart goes
tibok tibok
and your hands
become pasmado
and you get jabar
and da butterflies
fly around in ur tiyan

its dat feel
when u see
Gwen Pimentel Jan 2014
I want to love and be loved
I want someone to sweep me off my feet
I want someone to hug
And I want someone who will love me

I want someone who'll take care of me
And hold me, when times get rough
I want someone who'll tell me
Everything will be alright

I want someone who'll be there for me
No matter what happens
I want someone who'll make me laugh
And cannot bare to see me cry

I want someone who will teach me how to live
Teach me how to smile on the darkest days
Teach me how to love unconditionally
And teach me how to live myself

Lastly I want someone who will love me
And all my flaws and insecurities
I want to be someone's everything
And he will also be my everything
Yes I repeated 'I want someone who will love Me" twice
Gwen Pimentel Apr 2015
There was something so intimate about sharing our favorite colors with each other
About sharing something that people deem as unimportant, basic information
"Does it matter?" He asked
And I said "Yes, because it's funny how we can know so much about each other yet still not know the basics"
I want to know the things that most people don't know
I want to see the parts of you that you hide in your shadows
I want those parts of yours that have gathered dust and cobwebs in the crevices of your mind
I want the parts of you that you may have thrown away
Black was his favorite color
And then he followed up with orange
So he likes Halloween colors
Totally cool with that
And he asked me what was mine and I said I'm a bit colorblind but sky blue appeals to me
And he said he liked that
He liked this thing about me that people deem as unimportant
He liked this small piece of knowledge about me and even if my favorite color may just be as small as a sprinkle on a monster banana split, he liked it

I said I wanted to paint my room sky blue
So that when I'm in bed I feel like I'm lying on one of the clouds in the sky
He said he wanted to paint his red
And I said well that's a dark color
But he said that when he was little the sun shined through his red curtains and covered his room in this red light
And he loved it
I liked that about him
I could imagine his little self sitting on his bed staring at the red light that shone through his curtains
And all this red was all he could think about

If he would ask me again today, "what's your favorite color"
I think I would say, "You
Because ever since you came into my life you were the only color I could see. You were the only color I could feel like how you felt the red from your curtain, I felt your love. You made me realize that color is one of the best things the world has to offer. If I was a blind person and I had met you, I've no doubt I would have the best set of imaginary colors in my head because you have the ability to make me feel so much things at the same time and these feelings come out of me like paint, splattering all around creating the masterpiece of our existence. It was the best masterpiece. It was the kind that you didn't have to understand it to love it. You just loved it as it is. You love the color, the unusual mixture of color over color and the mystery of not knowing the reason behind this festival of colors. you came into my life not with smooth gentle strokes using a paintbrush, instead you painted with your fingers. You told me you wanted to feel the colors at the tips of your fingers and imagined that our blood would change color according to our mood. You wanted to feel that moment when paint meets paper, when color meets blankness because that's how it felt when I met you. You made it seem like knowing the favorite color of a person is like knowing what gives life to a person. I can't say my life has been black and white before you because I could see a few colors here and there in very low tones. As if I was looking at life through filtered lens. But because of you, I am no longer colorblind."
Gwen Pimentel Feb 2015
We were in each other's company for quite a while
Neither of us speaking to each other
And somehow
It didn't feel lonely at all
Was at a coffee shop with a friend and we just read books for 4 hours and it was fun.
Gwen Pimentel Mar 2015
I still reread our messages
As if the spaces in between our sentences
Would suddenly produce new words
It was like waiting for flowers to bloom in an eternal winter
I checked every period making sure that you were done saying what you wanted to say
And maybe you'd want to turn your periods into semicolons – your sentences may have ended but your thoughts haven't
I was trying to find something, anything
In the string of words we told each other
Staring at each "I love you"
Trying to figure out if maybe I did something wrong
I had no one to blame for your decision but myself
I couldn't even blame you, I loved you too much
In the sea of I love yous and sweet nothings
I was hoping to find when it exactly stopped
When you stopped feeling the same
When our love became one-sided and you left me hanging
When you let go and I was still holding on
Why didn't I notice that you were gone

If we wrote to each other in Chinese characters I wouldn't be surprised that I misunderstood you somewhere in the stroke of a letter
But we spoke the same language and loved the same things
We went to the same places and made plans about similar things
You made me believe that the language of love isn't French but it was whatever we spoke, whatever we felt,
yet it felt like your words passed through google translate so much so that it turned into a language only you could comprehend

If humans only use 10% of their brain
Well believe me I'm racking my brain so hard trying to understand why I just wasn't good enough for you that I may be using 10.1% of my brain already
Maybe I just missed something
Maybe we lost something along the way and I was too naive to notice
Maybe it's the fact that I loved you after all your mistakes and I tried to understand you like you were my favorite song in a foreign language and I just had to sing along
Maybe I was too blinded
By my own love
Gwen Pimentel Jul 2017
I lost my mother

No, not to death
I lost my mother to technology
To social media
To that ******* Facebook
I lost her to the bright rectangular shard of glass that was her phone

There she could reconnect with her friends
See what they were doing
Reunite with long lost childhood buddies
And see cute videos of dogs and babies

I used to love going on dates with my mom
Just the two of us
Most would say we were like sisters
We shared clothes and stories
And life lessons in between
Sips of coffee and slices of cakes
And walks in malls just because we wanted aircon

But now when I'm sitting across her at the table
Her eyes fail to meet mine
If they do all she'd say was wait, I'm replying
Then her eyes would fall back to the screen of her phone
Never-ending conversations became conversations that never even started
Loud chatter above food became silence so loud I could hear myself chew
Laughter and smiles were all the same except they were done looking down, facing a phone

And now I would rather dine alone
Than dine infront of someone glued to their phone
And that says a lot coming from someone with social anxiety and fear of being alone
Because if instead of talking to me your talking to your phone
I really would rather just be alone
I promise you it's not that different

Social media was designed to make us all connected
Countries apart, continents in between
We could talk and call like we were together at that very moment
But now the people were beside
The people we can touch and feel
The people with us physically
We forget to talk to, we ignore
We become disconnected with
Yes, you are retying old ties with your old friends who are miles away
I get that
And I am more than happy for you
That you and your highscool friends talk again
But what's the use of making new ties if you don't keep the ones you have now

I lost my mother to technology
I don't know if it's too late
I know technology won't stop advancing any time soon or any time in the future for that matter
But I have faith
I know beneath my mothers eyes glued to the screen
are the same eyes as the ones that first laid their eyes on me
Who looked at me ever so lovingly,
Like the most precious gift in the world

I lost my mother to technology
And I hope it's not too late to find her again
Gwen Pimentel Feb 2015
There's this look people give you

You're trying to see it for yourself
Fighting in between people
Squeezing in, trying to get a peek
Only to end up with the same thing I've been seeing for 2 years:

It's the look on the faces of people who believed in you
Who told you you could do it
It's that look of pity, sadness
As if you've lost everything
It just adds to the agony of it all
Confirming the nightmare before my eyes

It's the worst ******* look people can give you
It's the same words over and over again
"It's okay" "you're better than that" "there's always next time"
It's not okay **** it
This is the next time

It was like
Trying to build a sandcastle
You put everything you've got
Your blood, sweat, tears, money and time
You try to keep the sandcastle up
And even if the tide begins to rise to the foot of your castle
You still continue to build it
And in the end
It would just be destroyed by a single wave

Tell me that it's okay
That i put the best parts of myself out there
And i spent every waking moment trying to get everything right
And I worked so **** hard for it
Only to end up in a puddle of my own tears, self pity and despair
Despair /n/ - the complete loss or absence of hope
Gwen Pimentel Mar 2015
A dream is a wish your heart makes
Or so they say
If I dream of a nightmare, am I wishing for one?

I dreamt of you last night
After years of having no thoughts about you
In your white polo under your blue cotton sweater and
Your glasses that sit perfectly across your nose bridge
You are exactly how I remembered you
You were taking photos, that was your hobby
And I had a camera in my hand
We didn't immediately talk but
Stolen glances were evidently exchanged
Until you went behind me and grabbed my camera and said
"Can I take a few pictures?"
God, you were so cute
How could I say no?

"Sure," I said, following you to the tree you were about to shoot
You took a few photos and I watched you
I watched your familiar grip on the camera
And how you squint one eye as you look into the lens
How you smile as you look at every shot you take, satisfied with your work
I could not believe how familiar you seemed
As if we just stopped talking yesterday
The next thing I knew
You were leaning in to me with the lens pointing at us
"Selfie!", you said
Ugh that smile!
And so we took a selfie
And another one and another one and another one
You ran across the field with my camera
Which I obviously needed,
So I ran after you
And there we were like two lost sheep who found each other again,
Chasing after each other with these huge smiles on our faces
And when I finally caught up to you,
I hugged you in an attempt to grab my camera back
And I felt the familiar shape of your shoulders
And how they harden as you tighten your grip around my camera
You were laughing
And, ugh, that laugh was like...
Hearing your favorite song which you've gotten over and being reminded of why you loved it in the first place

I laughed along with you
And we were lying on the field laughing with cameras in our hands

Then I woke up
Gwen Pimentel May 2015
A slow and gradual movement or change from one place, condition, etc. to another
The ******* feeling in the world
It’s like, were still friends but we’re transitioning into acquaintances,
maybe even strangers in the near future
Daily conversations start to get rusty
And every word said feels like so much effort
Real talk, becomes small talk, and soon, maybe even no talk
Maybe we’ve just exhausted the list of things to talk about
And you know everything you wanted to know about me and I know everything I wanted to know about you
Or maybe you’ve reached your word limit or something, I don’t really know

But what most people don’t know about drifting is that
Drifting can be a one sided process
Like I’m here freaking out about our friendship and how we haven’t talked in days
And you're just there, probably not even noticing that we haven’t had a single conversation
If our friendship was a group work
I’d be that person doing everything, trying to fix things, putting so much effort
And you’re the one who seenzones the facebook group chat
It’s like we were on boats and suddenly a current rips us apart and if you just pull me in your boat everything will be okay
But no, the current is pulling me away from you and I am using all my strength to paddle back to you
And you don’t even notice and you even find the time to take a swim
Our friendship was a rubberband
You were holding one end, I was holding the other,
The rubberband stretched as the friendship grew, it got tighter and tighter
and suddenly, you decided that rubber bands weren't cool so you let go and i got slapped in the face by our friendship
It’s like wanting to chase you, but not wanting to chase you
Because it can come off as clingy
It’s like wanting to talk to you but I don’t
because I don’t want to disturb you
and that ***** cos you're the only one I want to talk to
but I'm probably not the one you want to talk to
so I just scratch the idea out of my head
and think of another way to talk to the person I once had endless conversations with

the hardest part in drifting is deciding what to do
should I let go?
Because they say that drifting is just a sign from God that you’ve learned everything you can from that person, right
And if I do let you go and we’re meant to stay friends aren’t we eventually going to find our way back to each other?
Or should I hold on, on this one-sided stretched rubberband of ours
and try to fix something that might not even be broken in your eyes
Gwen Pimentel Jan 2015
I'm sorry, okay
I'm sorry for breaking down
I'm sorry for showing my weakness
I'm so sorry for showing you that I, too, cry
That I, too, am human
That I have exactly the same feelings as everyone else and crying is how I choose to let it out
I'm sorry for showing you my tears
I'm sorry that I showed my vulnerable side to you and that you'll never see me the same way again
I'm sorry that I was tired of being strong
I'm sorry that I need to cry just to get back up stronger
I'm sorry that on that day I couldn't stop the tears from falling
I'm sorry for not bottling up my emotions
Gwen Pimentel Jan 2015
I was as pure as water and you were raging fire
We tried so hard to stay together
but look!
Even nature's telling us that we should be apart
only ended up hurting each other
Gwen Pimentel Jan 2015
Make the first move
Go on, I dare you

Make the first move
Before I lose control, ****** I miss you
Gwen Pimentel Nov 2013
I hate how I feel like I'm forced to write in school
Forced to write about a topic I hate
Restricted to few sentences
Forced to write about something I barely understand
Required to go on for 3 pages

Isn't writing supposed to be fun?
Something free, something that's in MY control
Something that no one can call wrong
Something that expresses who you are

And that is why I love poems
I feel like a gazelle in a vast field
Free to do anything, to write anything
Where my deepest thoughts meet the paper
Where I control every word, every phrase
No one can ever tell me I'm wrong
How can feelings be wrong?
idk i just really dont wanna write my soc stud thesis???
Gwen Pimentel Dec 2014
I was there when she wasn't

Gwen Pimentel Jan 2015
no expectations
no disappointments
Gwen Pimentel Jan 2015
to live without the pressure to exist
is the true meaning of freedom
Gwen Pimentel Feb 2015
i bask
in your
and you
don't even
Gwen Pimentel Jan 2015
early morning blues
i can
think about
Gwen Pimentel Feb 2015
When our hair turns gray
And our memories fade
When our bones get weak
And we lose our teeth
When our meds increase
And our hearings decrease
When everything else turns gray and old
I promise you, our love will stay safe and gold
Immortalized in this poem, my love
For the generations to unfold
Gwen Pimentel Jan 2014
How do you look at the man you love
and tell yourself "It's time to move on
there's nothing here for you"
Gwen Pimentel Dec 2013
You love her
I love you
What's new?

I love you in the dark
Where the shadows hide me
Where you can't find me

It hurts so much you don't even know
When you tell me you love her, more than it shows
You're a gobemouche, can't you see the truth?

Whenever you need me
I'll always be here
Waiting and waiting

for something that might never even come
*gobemouche - an obsolete word that means naive
Gwen Pimentel Jul 2015
n.*  hy•po•thal•a•mus -ˈthal-ə-məs\
: the part of the brain that controls fight or flight responses

September 23rd
The first time our eyes met
Travelling across the room
Not knowing that those were the same eyes
That could **** me with a smile

December 28th
I found out that you wrote
And ****, that was hot
Your words that got me hooked
Were the same ones that cut my strings

February 14th
We were nothing close to lovers
Not even bestfriends
But I somehow felt less lonely
Talking to you everyday

April 8th
The beginning of heat
And I think I barely noticed
Because the thought of you
Makes blood rush to my cheek

June 19th
The start of school
And the start of the drift
Or maybe it was just stress?
I hung on to our conversations

July 31st
You talked about this new girl
And how she was pretty
And funny
And everything I wasn’t

August 17th
We haven’t talked in 2 weeks
Not like you noticed much
All you cared about was her
I'm starting to miss you

September 27th
I was in Biology
I studied the hypothalamus
And how it controlled
The fight or flight response of our body

September 27th
I was studying the hypothalamus
And learned that the body has a natural instinct
To detect danger or warning
Thus activating the hypothalamus

September 27th
I was studying the hypothalamus
And **** who gave you the right to walk in my mind
I was studying the hypothalamus for God’s sake how does this even relate to you?
I saw you in everything
A notebook – Cos you write
Coffee – because you loved it
The Fault In Our Stars – because you hated it
Pictures of New York – because it was your dream
My playlist – because you made it
My jacket – because it smells like you
My little sister – because she looks for you
My mother – because she still makes your favorite dinner whenever you visit
The flowers on our porch – because you planted them
Hot Pockets – because you despised them
But **** never did I expect to see you in a hypothalamus

September 27th
People don’t come with warning signs attached to their necks
And even if our body has a natural instinct to detect danger
People like you, know just the right things to say or do to trick my body into thinking you're good for me
You know my passcode, how to get through my walls
So all this time I’ve been wondering
Where was my hypothalamus, if I even had one
Why didn’t it warn me
To flee your arms before I got entangled in your words,
Before I sunk in the quicksand of your charm
Why wasn’t I warned, to fight or flight, before I got hurt this bad?
Why wasn’t I warned of the danger that was you.
Gwen Pimentel Jun 2015
On those nights you feel lonely
Days you feel gloomy
When it feels like the universe
Is conspiring against you


(And, no, the universe isn't conspiring against you)
someone tell me this right now please
Gwen Pimentel May 2015
I am not a morning person
Sun glaring through the curtains, birds chirping on the tree
Such a pretty sight i know, but you know whats prettier? Sleep.
Wake me up when the sun's shining and i. Will. ****. You.
Coffee doesnt do the trick, neither does breakfast
so just let me sleep in — it'll do everyone a favor
"good morning!" Says the starbucks barista who trys to make conversation with me and all the while i am wishing for my drink to come faster as to prevent any further contact with any human being
Good night

I am not a hugger
Being that close to someone makes me cringe
Maybe im just not all about that intimacy thing and showing affection
Also have you ever hugged a girl?
You feel their ***** against you especially when they hug suuuper tight
Or maybe im just really afraid to let my guard down
Which is hard because when people know you dont like hugs
and you actually need a hug
No one will give you a hug and you just learn to **** it up and accept that the only hugging youll ever get is from your teddy bear at night

I am not a good conversationalist
As i have concluded and confirmed with my friends
It is hard to keep a conversation with me
I think its because most of the actual conversation is happening in my mind and my mouth cant follow through
I get scared to speak most of my thoughs because im scared of what other people think
And that leads me to not saying anything at all and that leads them to think i am shy and awkward
So no matter if i say anything or i dont, i will be judged

And theeeen i met him
And he was everything i wasnt

He was a morning person, a hugger, and the best person you can spend hours talking to

I began getting up earlier than usual
I started to eat breakfast and have an actual conversation with laughter at 8 in the morning
I say good morning back to the starbucks barista and find that morning interactions with human beings arent so bad after all

He gave the best hugs — the ones that make you feel warm, safe, and protected you just wanted to hibernate in his arms
When i feel his muscles squeeze me, i feel my sadness squeeze out of me little by little
And the best part? He doesnt have *****

He is the number one person who can hold a conversation with anyone
He always finds something to talk about
And makes the worst jokes
I feel comfortable with him
Like i can say anything and he'd understand

So thank you, because of him, i am a morning person, a hugger, and a good conversationalist
Gwen Pimentel Oct 2013
I hope to be found, by myself through myself
I hope to be found, before it's too late
I hope to be found, so I can be pulled when I'm not in too deep
I hope to be found, even in my darkest days

I hope to be found, by someone who loves me
I hope to be found, by love that consumes me
I hope to be found, to be cared for, to be saved
I hope to be found, to belong somewhere safe
I'm sorry why am I so emo
Gwen Pimentel May 2015
Putang inang pakshet gago putangina mo tarantado x2
Kinakanta ko 'to tuwing nagagawa ng isip kong paglaruan ang mga alaala kong ang nilalaman ay ikaw
Ikaw lang naman talaga eh, dati, ngayon, at bukas, ikaw pa rin
Ikaw pa rin ang sinisigaw ng pipi kong puso
Ikaw ang tanging Nakikita ng aking mga matang bulag
Ikaw ang tinig na naririnig ng bingi kong tainga
Ikaw ang nakapapasok sa maliliit na eskinitang daan papunta sa aking puso
Ikaw lamang ang may kakayahang baguhin ang daloy ng ilog ng aking dugo upang masundan ka

Ikaw pa rin ang pipiliin
Kahit ilang beses mo akong saktan
Kahit ilang beses mo akong saksakin gamit ang bubog ng aking nabasag na puso
Kahit na mawalan ng boses kasisigaw ng iyong pangalan
Kahit ilang babae pa ang pinagkukwento mo sakin at ang pakiramdam ng bawat kuwento ay tila baril na tumatagos sa aking puso
Dahil pagkatapos mo akong saktan nagpapakatatag lang naman ako upang masaktan mo muli

Na minsan kong tinawag na mahal, babe, pangga, bebe luvs,
Ay matatawag ko na ngayon na
Tanga, ulol, manhid, pangit, hampas lupa, haliparot, lintek, demonyo, leche, gago, tarantado,kulelat, hayop, sira ulo, walang hiya, bakulaw
Iilan lang to sa mga katagang binigay ko sayo
Sa pag-asang malilimutan ng puso ko kung gaano kita minahal
Pero wala
Nag-aalumpihit na ang sikmura kong pinipilit ilabas ang lahat ng mga parte **** linunok ko hanggang sa wala nang maiwang bakas na minahal nga kita
Nag-aalinlangan ang isip ko, kung itatapon ko na ba ang ating mga alaala o itatago lamang upang mabalik-balikan kapag nalulumbay

Siguro ikaw si Kuya Kim, diba ang buhay ay weather weather lang?
Kasi nagdala ka ng bagyo sa aking mga mata na naging landslide pababa ng aking pisngi
Nagdala ka ng lindol na ang epicenter ay sa puso ko at nabulabog ang buong mundo ko, at ang puso’y nawasak
Nagdala ka ng buhawi ng hangin na paikot-ikot lang at kahit sinisira mo ang lahat, nahihigop mo pa rin ako
Nagdala ka ng tsunami sa aking isipan at binura mo ang lahat kaya’t ikaw nalang ang laging isip

Sa kabila ng lahat ng kasawiang dinala mo sakin
Ako na yung tangang nagmahal pa rin sayo
Ako na ang nagpakamartir na harapin ang matitindi **** hangin
Ako na ang sumalo sa lahat ng bubog ng iyong puso, sa lahat ng luhang iyong iniyak
Ako na ang trainer wheels sa iyong bike, sabi mo di mo na ko kailangan pero gusto kong naroon pa rin ako upang masigurong hindi ka masasaktan
Ako na ang bandaid sa bawat sugat na iniiwan ng mga babaeng minahal mo, mga halik sa sugat pinapatigil ang dugo
Ako na ang unan **** sa gabi mo lang nakikita, sinasandalan tuwing pagod, may problema, mahihigpit na yakap tuwing luha’y di tumitigil
Ako na yung stik-o sa pakete mo ng sigarilyo, inosente’t di ka sasaktan, pero iba pa rin ang pinili mo
Ako na ang babaeng umaasa sayo na parang naghihintay ng ulan sa tagtuyot
Bakit ba hindi nalang ako

Ito ang tanong ko sayo, ako nga ba ang talagang tanga rito? Di ba ikaw rin?
Bago ka maghabol nanaman ng isa pang babae, kuya tingin tingin naman diyan sa paligid
Baka nasa harap mo lang, ang babaeng matagal nang hinahanap
ikaw filipino tagalog hugot nanaman potek saklap sakit pagibig love
Gwen Pimentel Oct 2013
"I love the way her hair falls on her shoulders
I love the way she cuddles when it's colder
I love the way she smiles at me
I love the way her eyes are ******

I love the way she laughs out loudly
I love her, even when she's cranky
I love the way she's so moody
I love the way she effortlessly looks lovely

I love the way she holds her phone
I love the way she makes it feel like home
I love the way she stands when she's shy
I love the way she goes to me to cry

I love the way she talks
I love the way she likes to kick rocks
I love the way she gets all excited
I love the way we are, reunited

I love the way she makes weird faces
I love the way her moles are in all places
I love the way she's emotional at times
I love the way she's so good at rhymes

I love the way she thinks about every tweet
I love the way she's nervous about people she meets
I love the way she fantasizes about food
I love the way she does so much good

I love how you've showed me life (in the most amazing way ever)
I love how you say "I love you forever"
I love how you notice when I'm faking being fine
I love how I love you and you're mine"
I just really want someone to tell me this (hence, the quotation marks)... Ha ha ha
Gwen Pimentel Mar 2015
My name is Gabrielle Rose Pimentel
But everyone calls me Gwen
My mom wanted to name me Gaby
But my dad insisted that my nickname should come from their names
So I got the G from grace and the WEN from Wendell and formed Gwen

I have 4 moles on my face and a ton more on my body
One eye is smaller than the other
I have dimples on my fingers
I like to connect my moles
My hands have caught so much pain, they are blistered
My shoulders swelling from the weight of the world
My feet red from running around in circles trying to figure out what I did wrong
And yes, I have a double chin

I can get pretty random
From the pyramids of giza to why does soap bubble?
I’ve loved and it is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced
It takes you on this rocket ship into the void
And it makes you feel like all the shooting stars are falling for you
But with love comes hurt
I’ve been hurt and I’ve learned
That the more i try to stop the bleeding, the more it goes
So I let it bleed, and I allow myself to feel the pain
I feel things very deeply and
every feeling is either a bandage to a wound or a punch in the stomach
I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse
I’ve been careless, I am learning
I walk on the glass shards of life barefoot, hoping that the wounds teach me a lesson
As if the blood on my feet carry the answers to my biggest questions

I am just 15 years old
My eyes wide as the universe, ever expanding, ready to see all there is to see
My brain, eager like a little child at the ice cream store, wanting to taste every flavor there is
I am at the peak of my own age of exploration
Waiting for my marco polo moment, when suddenly everything will be clear
Do questions have legs? Because a ton of them run through my mind
Do aliens exist? Is God real? Are there really mermaids? Can dogs feel? Do plants talk? How big is the universe? Is everything real or merely a dream? Why is there poverty? Is there a cure for cancer? Why do bad things happen to good people? Is there any hope left in this world? Will my questions ever be answered?

If life was a new movie everyday,
I would be at the front row
I wanted to see everything that was about to happen
I would stare at it all day in fear that if I looked  away I would’ve missed my prince charming
I will obsess over every detail, trying to figure out what it means
And this is probably why its good that life doesn’t have a movie
It’s the uncertainity of it all that makes life so special
It gives you the choice whether you want to embrace it
Or let it hold you captive and paranoid of whats about to happen
In my case, I learned that I should just let life go and take its natural course of action
Never mess with the universe because the universe is beyond our imagination
We think we’re so important
Like the world revolves around us
but really we aren’t even as small as a speck compared to everything

I'm Gwen and I'm just 15
But this is me, this is who I am
And I'm so done changing myself just for others
Gwen Pimentel Feb 2015
my tears
fall down
yet you're
in the rain
Gwen Pimentel Feb 2015
If Latin is the root of modern words
And Latin is a dead language
Then does that mean that
The words we use now that have flowered from Latin
Are dead too since the roots are so-called 'dead'?
My friend asked me this and it got me thinking.
Gwen Pimentel Dec 2014
my new year started
the moment your eyes met mine
the moment your lips met mine
the moment our bodies intertwined

and that's when the sparks flew
our sparks flew
brighter than the fireworks within my view

and that's when I knew
that this is forever
Gwen Pimentel Nov 2013
My mind
Is an endless maze
With countless twists and turns and knots
I have so much to say
That I can't put it into words
They're all rushing to the tip of my tongue
Waiting to be said, wanting to be heard
Some things are better left unsaid
And these are not one of those things
Gwen Pimentel May 2015
Just friends
2 words, 11 letters, 2 syllables and a dagger to my heart
Just friends
Was what you would say when people would ask "hey who's that girl you're always with" or "you look cute together"
Just friends

We talk everyday
I've opened up to you more than I ever have to anyone
I've seen the parts of you that you refuse to show others
I know you and you know me like we finished a PHd course on each other
Just friends

When I am with you I seem to forget everything else
You consume me in the best way possible
Every breath you make clouds my mind until you are everything I feel
I catch you stealing glances at me from the corner of my eye
Just friends

I tell you about this guy I found attractive at Starbucks this morning
You gave me the cold shoulder for the rest of the day
You told me about this gorgeous girl
And well let's just say I thought I was prettier
Yknow well just friends can't be jealous when the other one talks about someone else right?
Just friggin friends

Tell me we're just friends
When we look into each other's eyes like a window to our soul
Tell me we're just friends
When I call you at 3 am, crying and you come to my door and take me into your arms
Tell me we're just friends
When you have the ability to make me feel like everything is right int he world
Tell me we're just friends
With every smile, tear and laughter shared
Tell me we're just friends
When i crave your scent and every minute we're not together I just need to be with you
Tell me we're just friends **** it

At this point I don't even know
If you're just lying to yourself about being just friends with me
Maybe you're in denial about what you're actually feeling
And you don't want to admit it to yourself nor say it out loud because if you do then the feelings become real
Or maybe that's really all you ever think we could be
Just ******* friends
Gwen Pimentel Jan 2015
find your way
the crevices
of my
Gwen Pimentel Jan 2015
the **** reason
i'm still
at 3 am
Gwen Pimentel Mar 2015
These past few weeks
Whenever I put pen to paper
I end up with nothing
No words flowing from my veins
No thoughts running in my mind
No stanzas waiting to be written
My leaves have dried up
My lake is frozen
My lemon fully squeezed
All thanks to you

You have been the only thing running in my mind for the past week
Tell me how long your legs can run cos I'm not sure I can take it any longer
You have been the only one dominating my mind like a computer virus
Making me forget everything but you
You are on my mind twenty four seven
In the 86400 seconds in a day
I can assure you you're the first and last thing on my mind
I'm starting to lose track of time

And yet I find no words to write about you
You bring out the bad poet inside of me
You bring to life this other side of me which ssstutters, always unsure of what to say because it might not be good enough
I am an overheating motor
I am an overmixed batter
I am a pen whose cap is left off

You know,
The funny thing is you have absolutely no idea how you affect me
You go on in your everyday life
You go about your day
You make endless maps and cross roads in my mind
And I don't even know if I cross yours
When others talk to you
I don't think they're aware that they're talking to my world
I don't think you're aware that you are my world
No, actually you are my universe
I am the stars, the galaxies, the comets, the meteors
The endless possibilities in our constantly expanding universe
Ready to be filled with our love

You leave me breathless, searching for words
So please,
tell me when you're going to leave my mind, cos I **** sure wanna start writing again
Should be studying but oh well
Gwen Pimentel Jan 2015
Just say it
Say that you don't feel the same way anymore
And I will let you go

It will be hard
And I will get hurt
But just say the word
And I will let you go

I will never cease loving you
But I will let you go
Gwen Pimentel Nov 2013
Love is the clouds in the air, swirling, white ***** of cotton
Love is the moon, a gentle glow, a light in the dark
Love is the grass, the cushion beneath my feet, tickling my soles
Love is the sun, a never ending spark, which brings life

Love is the sky, happy and sometimes sad
Love is the water, flowy, clear, a necessity
Love is the land, sometimes breaks down, but is the foundation of everything
Love is the breeze ever so soft, ever so gentle & warm to the touch

Love is the world
You are my world
And therefore
You are my love
it's okay guys, i dont get my poems sometimes too
Gwen Pimentel Jan 2015
Being in gymnastics
Is like being in an abusive relationship
Everything just tells you "NO"
But you still stay

From the bars,
And how it releases the grips of your hands
To the beam,
Which only aims to make you wobble and fall off
To the vault,
Running full speed to it only to make you miss the vault
To the floor,
Wherein you try to flip and twist only to be defeated by Newton's law of gravity

With the stupid scoring system
Pointing out every flaw
With a deduction
Just cause your bra strap is showing

And how we are trained to achieve the unachievable —
How every move is supposed to be precise
Every muscle squeezed and tight —

And the fact that
You'll never actually be the best
There's always a harder skill
After you've achieved what you may think
Is your "hardest"

It pushes you
To your breaking point
Forcing you to be
This perfect formed strong gymnast
Which pays so much costs
Literally blood, sweat and tears

It tells you that
Every ******* time you fall
You just gotta get back up
And try again
That no matter how much sore you are
You gotta **** it up
And do it again
And again and again and again
Until you finally get it

But there are these magical moments
those little moments of pure happiness
When you get a skill you've been working on
When coach praises you for your improvement
When you get over your fear
And when you stand on top of that platform
Knowing you gave it your all

These moments
Are what keep us going
These moments
Are what we come back for
Time after time after leaving the gym saying
"I hate training!"
There's just something about
These moments so special
That keeps us wanting more

And I will never
Stop loving gymnastics
No matter how many times it hurts me
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