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He is passionate
Overflowing with untamed emotion, magic slips from his
Fingertips creating masterpieces with his hands

He is fire
Dry throat, silent pleas, match to gasoline, uncontrollable
Skin devouring

He is love
Where nothing can become everything
A halo of light illuminated in a darkened room

He is balance
The kinda person who makes you feel like a sinner and a saint
All at once; You wanna see him happy even without you

He is art
His eyes compose irresistible stories but only to those who listen
His tongue an abstract painting, each stroke so intricate; delicate

He is sad
For he gives his love endlessly, concern is his language
He fears he's not enough, but hes so much more than he knows

He is a dreamer
In the eyes of the world doomed broken by design, all the things he Knew he was meant for; the sweetest ignorance of how to get there

He is familiarity
Sweeter than any childhood memory, you want to wrap
Yourself in his embrace, you feel like its something you know

He is
when you fall in love with an old friend, Wether it be Platonic or romantically, i will love you always
Mrs Anybody Apr 16
i'd like
to think
i am
on your mind

but i'd
just be
also check out my other poems!  :)
Zack Ripley Aug 2019
when can I go home
when can I see you
cherry blossoms bloom
when I think about
you, friend
I left you behind
when I was afraid
To love
first attempt at a lai (9 line poem with 3 sets of 2 lines of 5 syllables followed by a line with 2 syllables
you‘re still on my mind
and maybe this idea of love makes me blind

I guess, for you, I really fell
your name is the only one I can spell

still remember your smell
hoping you’re doing well

so if you’re reading this,
can’t you get me a kiss?
wait, what do you mean
“you’re not the girl I miss“?

you’re still on my mind
should I really leave it behind?

you could at least come back
and explain what made us crack

or we could start over,
maybe get a lil’ closer

because hope is the last to die
and I don’t want to say goodbye

- gio, 22.03.2020
Zack Ripley Jul 2019
I need to say what's on my mind before I leave this life behind.
When I'm gone, please don't cry too much
I'll still be with you even if you can't feel my touch
I want to thank you for changing my life for the better.
You inspired me to be a better man.
And as I make my peace, just remember I will always be your biggest fan.
Alex Silver Jan 14
has a moment gone by
where I haven't thought
of you?
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Never the never

If all was to disappear in front of your eyes,
Would you still reach out for me?  
In an echo chamber I am only ever,
Calling out for you to hear the words that I need to speak.

If I was to whisper, into a gale force wind,
Would you find a way to hear the words that I say?  
If I am gone in the morning light, as you open your eyes,
Would you still reach out for me?  
Would I still be near...?
Would you find a way?

You resonate, around my mind,
When ear plugs are in, to drown the din,
Of everything that I can’t help but think.  
When I am blind drunk you are still the only one;
A sight for sore eyes, that feels right inside.  
I keep you next to my heart, to never be torn apart,
By your absence or absinthe; a step too far.  

We are in a three legged race to the finish.  
Broken wishes, broken promises;
Never heart’s in broken pieces.  
We regenerate each other every day with the words we each say
And in the way we move in tune, so soon, I am with you again,
As without you could never even be considered.  
All the love, I have to give; if selected,
I would never again have a heart of wither.  

With or without, you are priceless; no selling out.  
Counting diamonds as they escape from your mouth
And leave me intent on making this last.  
You are my first; you will be my last.  
You take me past the past and into forever.  
I am statue, made human by you.  
Brought to life by your promise of never the never.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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