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Asiah Mangham May 2019
I apologize to my penetrated ****** for whom I rubbed and finger ****** to the comfort of others.
I opened myself with open arms and when they closed I was holding myself...
Lowkie May 2020
I'm a poet, but not a conversationalist
All these thoughts going through my head
But really, I don't talk a lot
"Why you so quiet"
My tongue is caught in a knot
I'll probably turn into a different person
After another shot
I'm a thinker, not a speaker
If you want to get know me
You'll probably have to dig deeper
Analyzing my every response
Before finding a simple one
That might hopefully reach you
I'm a poet, I'm a thinker
I'm not a conversationalist, I'm not a speaker
If you approach me
I'll probably keep it brief
Maybe it's a blessing or maybe it's a curse
But if you want to get to know me
I'll have to let you into my conscious first
Zack Ripley Jan 2020
Pressure in my head
Pressure in my heart
All this pressure from society
Is tearing me apart.
They try to tell me what to want.
Try to tell me who to be.
Starting to feel like freedom's
Just a fallacy.
If I can't be by your side
With a thought to call my own,
Maybe it's time for me to leave.
Maybe I'm better off alone.
I thought I'd miss your kiss.
I thought I'd miss your smile.
And I won't lie,
They cross my mind
every once in a while.
But then I remember who I am.
I remember who I want to be.
and I remember how good it feels
When the pressure's off of me.
Thought about it as lyrics but there might not be enough flow in the end. What do you guys think?
Nishant Rawat Dec 2019
I am someone who doesn’t know himself after all these years.
I am someone who has unknown fears.
I am someone who wants to express without being vocal.
I am someone who wants to share, without being social.
I am someone who doesn’t care but still cares.
I am someone who looks harsh but has emotional layers.
I am someone who enjoys loneliness, the company of his own.
I am someone who connects and stares through the phone.
I am someone who wants to travel roads and miles.
I am someone whose life is entangled in files.
I am someone who dreams like a child.
I am someone who acts weird and wild.
I am a human, a mere human I am.
This is who I am, I have no shame.
This is me.
Tabitha Lee Sep 2019
All I see around me is a happy family but I am not.

All those scars and bruises make me want to mask,
they make me want to run and hide.

All those thoughts in my head saying
"I am worth nothing, nothing at all."
I resist all the things that come afterwards,
The wounds, the scars, and the pills.

Everyone tells me that I must have a reason to be this way
A reason to bleed
A reason to want to die
By pills, pills and more pills.

These reasons to live
These reasons to die
I have to choose my way to go
to fight or to die.
Hey i dont actually feel like this right now but i did a this point and time. Risks and benifits seem to be equal for living or not. so yeah thanks for reading!!!
Tabitha Lee Aug 2019
One thing people don't want but get

The Heartache.
Because of you, I think that it is my fault that something happens

That's the truth

That is my pain I feel everyday behind every smile.
Hidden underneath my breath with every burst of laughter.

The pain has made love and myself a stranger to myself

The pain you feel because of everyone looking at you like you are not there.

The pain that you know only a few people can see you.

Love and Pain
Fear of Falling Apart Everyday
It is a big disaster.
This is me.
This is a new series that is going to jump around in dates because im looking at past diary poems i've written
Thank you for reading
Cc Jun 2019
I am vulnerable.

Like a budding flower, I try to open myself up to you

but my petals are fragile

though you are harmless to me while shut up

when I am opened, I am exposed.

And you are just the wind

you do not know your force,

your strength,

until all my petals and

my protection is gone.

I am afraid.

A child in the dark with a flickering candle.

But every touch of light belongs to you,

and in those moments where the light banishes the dark

I am brave.

I leap over the chasms that you carve into my heart

the rivers you trace over my skin

and though I drown in your lips

it is not air that I search for.

I am selfish.

Though I should try to protect you

my mind screams to be with you

steal you away

keep you even though...

Even though you may not be mine


I am lost.

I search for stable ground

but with you, there is no such thing

so as the ground disappears beneath us

and though we are vulnerable,





We fall together.
Sunshine May 2019
Why does
I know.
You are
You were
With the
Of my
You will
You will
Or try
But I
I will
So many people who try to stop being and doing what you are.
hannah May 2019
May I say I do have some fears
Like everyone else
Yes, I hate spiders
Yes, I hate snakes
I hate roller coasters
What else do I need to let you know about me
I am a really picky eater
Yes, I hate celery
Yes, I hate tomatoes
Yes, I hate plain tastes
I still have a whole lot I hate
Well whats next
I love my family
Yes, I am the youngest
Yes, My parents are divorce
Yes, I hate 2 cats
I like them more than you can imagine
Well now lets talk more deeply about myself
I hate the way my body is made
I hate that I look more like my dad than my mom
I hate that I am the shortest senior in my grade
But Yes I am fearfully made
hannah Mar 2019
Well let me just say, I am not that big of a fan when it comes to myself
But there are some things I wouldn’t to put on a shelf

I love my hazel eyes that like to switch colors and sparkle when the sun beams
Compared to some other teens

I love my long eyelashes that I magicly have
But I don’t like how they don’t curve

My face wasn’t clear
But now it only does that a few time through the year

I may be really shy at first
But trust me I will definitely burst

Music is something that always keeps me calm
Because its the bomb

I love being creative with some things
I’m not that good to paint Colorado Springs though

I love my hobbies
But I don’t like coffee

I love how I keep an eye on something that really sticks out to me
Because hoepfully someday mine it will be

I will always love my summer tan
But sadly not as tan as one of my sisters Morgan
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