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Bella S Apr 2018
You are saying I am cruel
I bet you even care
Yes I am rude and also somewhat mean
Because I am a thunderous sea trying to calm the hurricane of your betrayal going inside me
You think I don't know
that you're the one spreading the rumors
Thank you for sharing with the world your opinion of me

I was not like this before
You loved me, you stood up for me
Making my already hard life somewhat nice
It's you who forced my mind
To shut the windows of my demons
but then, they finally convinced you.
these people, you call your friends.
stole me from my happiness and rid you of your love for me.
and from that day on I have thanked you, for making me a stronger person, for making me hate you, for making my life; a living ****.
Olga Valerevna Jul 2016
There're so many people who open your eyes
           and show you the craters they see in the skies
Perspectives are jaded when Truth's within reach
  and I have rejected most people who teach
I forfeit the frenzies they feed themselves to
I'd rather go hungry than eat out of you
And even if crazy is all I've become
     My sanity's measured by little to none
I drew my conclusions like everyone else
in anger and envy that put my in ****
The fire was pretty, the darkness the same
             but I want to hear what the light has to say
I cannot be honest if I cannot see
Surrender my soul to the Spirit in me
Alvira Perdita May 2016
she was always looking away
at the river, the sun, her phone
never did her eyes meet anyone
else's, and she never smiled

she was sick and fragile
and never smiled
but people loved her anyway
as they hugged her and held her close
she never smiled

she'd answer their questions
in the least personal way
and they wouldn't ask
too many questions or
anything that was personal
and she'd ask many questions
leading into personal parts
of their lives

she sat alone
with her hair hanging like
a curtain in front of her face
hiding her brokenness from the world

worst of all, she hid behind this falseness
that she showed off to the world
a blank mask that held everyone
at an arm's length
and she never smiled
my true reflection.
Tyler Froes Jul 2015
The swamp’s where the wild things wallow
Where lies are common and promises are hollow
With so many choices who do we follow?
Do we vote for an ogre with a shower as a head
Or do we vote for the donkey who’s inexperienced instead?
This tower we live in
Is going to be our eternal grave
That knight we’re hoping to win
Is just another of the dragons slaves…
Tucked away in never never land
Is our hidden saving grace
We haven’t been banished or lost
The fact is that there is no such place
Here the gingerbread has knives
Prince charming has hives
And the cat doesn’t have nine lives
Because the cat is dead
Locked up in my basement
For me to do my black magic with
And drink my tonic
To end this bubonic
So that critters can frolic
Free in my mind
To plant my seed in time
But still know
That it will never grow
Because there’s something many dont know
And that’s I don’t have the ability
To create any seed with fertility
Therefore my beanstalk has no validity
As that golden egg from the goose in the infinity
Shows that the goose may be a trinity
But to say there’s a golden egg
Is just a fallacy…
South Africa and its Politics
Tyler Froes - 30 May 2015
Tyler Froes Jul 2015
I once had a dog
His name was Jerry
He was so cute
So big and so hairy
But he died and that’s all I can say
Still Life goes on in a mysterious way

I once played soccer
I had a lot of fun
I made so many friends
And had a good run
But soccer ended with many hopes and dreams
I lost all those friends but it’s just another of life’s schemes

I once was happy
Nothing felt so good
But life got real
The way that it should

I don’t know when I’ll be happy again
But I really hope it comes soon
I don’t know how much more I can handle
But even then
It would just end with “I once was” too…
Tyler Froes - 30 May 2015
Tyler Froes Jul 2015
There was a man named Ty
He was a Jack of all trades
But like any other average Joe
He had his own Achilles’ heel
In his mind Elvis had left the building
To say he was as happy as Larry
Is a big no way, José
It was elementary my dear Watson
What you have seen is not the real McCoy
Alas, poor Ty! You thought you knew him well, Horatio…
But now Daniel has come to judgement
And the only place Ty would be happy
Is down in Davy Jones’ locker…
Tyler Froes - 30 May 2015
Tyler Froes Jul 2015
Late for everything,
Awkward by choice,
Zealous for nothing,
Yet always tired

I really wish I wasn’t like this
But I don’t really have a say of any kind
Personally i think its because of depression
It’s like a crippling crutch for my mind
I try to work hard,
I really do
I know that it seems like i don’t
But you don’t know what I’m going through
Getting tired of being tired
Waiting for some inspiration to come my way
But if some never comes
Then, “Oh well” is all I can say

Lethargy is something I have
And it admittedly it’s getting pretty bad
Zebra, zebra, zebra
Yes, you just witnessed it first-hand
Tyler Froes - 31 May 2015
*Read the first letters of each line for the first and last stanzas*
Gwen Pimentel Mar 2015
My name is Gabrielle Rose Pimentel
But everyone calls me Gwen
My mom wanted to name me Gaby
But my dad insisted that my nickname should come from their names
So I got the G from grace and the WEN from Wendell and formed Gwen

I have 4 moles on my face and a ton more on my body
One eye is smaller than the other
I have dimples on my fingers
I like to connect my moles
My hands have caught so much pain, they are blistered
My shoulders swelling from the weight of the world
My feet red from running around in circles trying to figure out what I did wrong
And yes, I have a double chin

I can get pretty random
From the pyramids of giza to why does soap bubble?
I’ve loved and it is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced
It takes you on this rocket ship into the void
And it makes you feel like all the shooting stars are falling for you
But with love comes hurt
I’ve been hurt and I’ve learned
That the more i try to stop the bleeding, the more it goes
So I let it bleed, and I allow myself to feel the pain
I feel things very deeply and
every feeling is either a bandage to a wound or a punch in the stomach
I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse
I’ve been careless, I am learning
I walk on the glass shards of life barefoot, hoping that the wounds teach me a lesson
As if the blood on my feet carry the answers to my biggest questions

I am just 15 years old
My eyes wide as the universe, ever expanding, ready to see all there is to see
My brain, eager like a little child at the ice cream store, wanting to taste every flavor there is
I am at the peak of my own age of exploration
Waiting for my marco polo moment, when suddenly everything will be clear
Do questions have legs? Because a ton of them run through my mind
Do aliens exist? Is God real? Are there really mermaids? Can dogs feel? Do plants talk? How big is the universe? Is everything real or merely a dream? Why is there poverty? Is there a cure for cancer? Why do bad things happen to good people? Is there any hope left in this world? Will my questions ever be answered?

If life was a new movie everyday,
I would be at the front row
I wanted to see everything that was about to happen
I would stare at it all day in fear that if I looked  away I would’ve missed my prince charming
I will obsess over every detail, trying to figure out what it means
And this is probably why its good that life doesn’t have a movie
It’s the uncertainity of it all that makes life so special
It gives you the choice whether you want to embrace it
Or let it hold you captive and paranoid of whats about to happen
In my case, I learned that I should just let life go and take its natural course of action
Never mess with the universe because the universe is beyond our imagination
We think we’re so important
Like the world revolves around us
but really we aren’t even as small as a speck compared to everything

I'm Gwen and I'm just 15
But this is me, this is who I am
And I'm so done changing myself just for others
Caitlin Buttars Feb 2015
The past is gone and washed away
Those scars and tears were yesterday's
I'm new I'm clean
I'll be who I can
The future is right here in the palm of my hand
The past is a story, that I'm done telling
The hope and joy that will come,
Keeps swelling
I'm moving on stronger each day
Now all I have to do is find my way
Goodbye demons, doubts, and pain
I'm going to go out and enjoy the rain
That rain will wash you away
And then I'll start with a brand new day
Caitlin Jan 2015
You see me,
At first glance,
I may look like a strong young women.
Like I have confidence,
Like I don't care about what other people say.
But if you look closer you'd see the miniscule fractures that make up my heart,
The broken peices of my soul left in the hands of those I love,
The tears that come down my eyes, when I think no one is looking.
*I am broken..
Always have been.
Always will.
Just something.. a challenge. Hope you like it, it's more raw emotion than anything really
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