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Gwen Pimentel Feb 2015
I write about what disheartens me
And this one does, way too deeply
The harm cannot be undone
Most were lost, not just some

To go into a field, gambling with the universe
Our brave soldiers, with actions they can't reverse
Lost their life fighting for he country
Til the very end, only one thing on their mind: family

We sit here ignorant in our comfortable seats
While they defend our people, only to end in defeat
Every bullet shot into their hearts
Their blood splatters, turns into art

Thank you dear soldiers, for your service
We will forever be grateful for this
No words can heal and no money can repay
You'll remain in our hearts every single day
mac azanes Jan 2015
Guns and bullets.
Destroy dreams Of a kid who lost a father,
A son to a mother,
And a love to be surrender.

Body laid on the ground,
Covered with his own blood.
Poured in his land.

Peace ,
For us to sleep,
At ease.

Their life,
And sacrifice.
Is enough.

Their battle,
Will never be won,
When we always think,
For our own instead for our nation.

Filipino ,
**** Filipino?
Where is the love and peace,
Mga kababayan  ko? (My countrymen)

Tagapagligtas naming sundalo(soldier),
You're a hero,
In a heart of every Filipino.
Remembering  you.
Please pray for the 44 brave souls of our soldier who has been killed in battle serving peace in my beloved country.

— The End —