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Amanda Sep 2019
April 28/30

Let me be your Sunshine from Harlem Nights.
Taste this cookie, you'll fall in love from the first bite.
I’ll have you contemplating about leaving your wife;
you said your kids will be all-right.

I want to be your sunshine when your days feel like nights.
When darkness clouds your mind, and you're not sure
if you should shoot or fight.
Let me be your clear conscience.
I’m not the devil on the left shoulder,
I’m the angel on the right.

Let me softly kiss your cheeks when daylight peeks,
I like to express my love to you in the morning.
I can bring your wet dreams to reality.
My juices dripping down your shaft,
we didn't even take a bath.
You get me wetter than the dew on the lawn.    
I wanna' be your sunrise lick my crack of dawn,
from dust ‘till dawn then put it in my mouth when I yawn.

Baby, I’m a lucky dime.  
No, I’m not gold, but
I glitter from within my soul.
My curves are so fine, my kisses are divine, and
my ***** is so good,
if you threw it up in the air,
it would turn into sunshine!
The silence is filled by
Slowed breathing and quiet
Quakes in your chest.
Your heart a heavy
Drum and my burdensome
Lids can hardly make it
Through the symphony.

I give up my fight
And take one last glance
At the clock before surrender;
Just in time to
Witness the universe
Just for us.
Young seedling sprouting,
Bold blades surrounding her like
Guards. Adolescent
Leafling sways, dancing softly
In the breath of the forest.
It feels like paintbrush
Fingertips caressing
Porcelain canvas;
Like a gentle metronome
Between your shoulders,
Held in chrysalis arms.

It feels like butterfly
Kisses under cotton sheets.
Passionate hands carve
Into electrified skin, and
Your ears attune to
The static moans from
A pair of sealed lips.
I've cast a hundred
Smiles at strangers and
Loved ones and no
Smile back has ever meant
More to me than yours.

I've gazed into a dozen
Pairs of eyes, trying to
Spark my clairvoyance.
I'd yet to see the future
Until I dove into yours.

I've poured all my love
To only a few, and none
Have nourished my soul like you;
Like a fresh breath after April showers,
And I am in full bloom.
I wake in the belly of a poem.
Wading into watercolor
And a twisting labyrinth
Of Boston ivy.
I can't see through this fog
But it can see through me.
Words like pollen glide
On the wind and
Guide me like fireflies to
A sanctuary of wildflowers.
Here, everything speaks
To me, fluent in my native tongue.
Inhale, exhale, repeat until there's peace.
Bonsai at my feet as if
My toes are whispering to the roots:
"Grow, blossom, thrive",
And I will learn to
Take my own advice.
Levi Kips Apr 2018
There was a reason I unfriended you in November of 2016, but my heart won't let the rest of my body do what your president does so well like hate, discriminate, let ignorance drive. with the click of this accept I am far from forgiving who you choose to align yourself with. I just do what people of your party does so well like forget. like, forget the humans has rights no matter what shade of skin you are, or where your place of birth is. I'll just forget the all lives matter posts to my black lives matter post. I'll just forget........
You say you have
Glitter butterflies
Tinglies in there
Oh, you've evicted the butterflies princess
Those are storms coming
This is the eye of it
Wait till your captain steers the ship
Towards that looming dark cloud
You will beg me for butterflies little bug
You would beg for a swarm of bees
In exchange
for the beating you've earned

From me
then your captain
Levi Kips Apr 2016
She said she loves me
I said why then remembered
Its April Fool's Day
09/30 for 30/30 something i should of done on April Fools Day
Levi Kips Apr 2016
Dear Pressure,

I want to blame for you all the times when I want to write but my pencil never works. I want to blame you for the times when I stumble over my words when I'm trying to talk to a female but won't shut up as soon as I'm friend zoned. I want to blame you every time I stand out in a crowd then hide. I want to blame you when you make her cry. who is you, and why me. My remote must not be working because i can't seem to skip pass the scene where you're chasing me like a never ending nightmare back in middle school. see you live inside of me and others, like a parasite. you peak your head when we have a chance to matter Then, drive us insane and at the end of the scene some of us are injured beyond repair. You can't be created nor destroyed like matter we just have to live with you. So no matter how much medicine we take to try to suppress you, or ignore fact that you're there, we all know that your just one cancer that's can never be surgically removed.
06/30 and was a draft for as long time but now its finished
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