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Sep 2020 · 211
“Life is all good”
Emillee Goodwin Sep 2020
One last phone call
Then you were gone
Trying to make sense of it
But no sense came at all.
Your smile and joy
You decided to quit
however I know
it was all a decoy
Your heart was broken
you felt so low
You tried so hard
many words unspoken
I know you are watching
And keeping guard
Life is all good
like you always said
Until we meet again
Be proud of all you withstood
I’ll send my love up there instead.
Sep 2020 · 46
Remembering You
Emillee Goodwin Sep 2020
11 years
You paused
You couldn’t continue.

I miss you
Your smiling face
Forever remembered.
Jan 2020 · 336
Emillee Goodwin Jan 2020
Nice to meet you

It’s not nice to meet you.
You’re just another one.

Another one what?
That’s ok, I’m just glad you came.

Another person to promise me things
Another person to let me down.
I didn’t want to.  

I know you didn’t want to.
I’m sorry people have let you down.
I can’t promise I won’t. I’ll do my best.

You want to know my life story
I have to repeat it again.
When will this stop. I hate you.

No, you tell me what you want.  
What do you need now?
You can hate me. But I don’t hate you.

I don’t want to take the pills.
They make my head foggy.
I need to sleep. I need food. I’m hungry.
Why don’t you hate me. Everyone else does.

Who is everyone?
I think you are very brave.
Why don’t you sleep then?
You are safe here.

Brave. How am I brave?
People are watching me.
I can’t sleep. Not safe.

Because you asked for help.
You are safe. I’m watching you yes.
To keep you safe. Here’s a sandwich.
Eat. Then sleep. Are you cold?

I don’t want to. You don’t get it.
I haven’t eaten for days. You are nice.
Not cold. But I haven’t showered for days.

Well shower. That’s your room.
I don’t get it. You are right
But I know you are exhausted.
Here are some clean clothes.
You are going to be ok. I promise

How do you know it’s going to be ok?
I am so tired. Will you watch me all night.
I’m scared.

I know you are. I’ll be here all night.
Lay down now. Tomorrow will be better.
It will get better.  You will get better.

I don’t hate you.
The sand which was good.
If you say so, I hope so.

Sleep well, goodnight.
Was just thinking of a conversation I once had with a patient who self presented. As a mental health nurse, its a conversation of many people on their first night in a mental health unit. So scared and lonely. If only we could show them their last day there so they could see that it wasn’t the end for them. Anyways, just a random thing.
Jan 2020 · 214
Emillee Goodwin Jan 2020
I dream of being a child again
The child runs around flying a kite
Yelling and screaming laughter
butterflies in many colours flying by
The child tries to trap them and giggles

If I could just be that child again
Jan 2020 · 313
Emillee Goodwin Jan 2020
I am down and out.

I stay in my safe place.

I try to convince myself I’m not hiding

In fact I hide because I’m afraid

Afraid of things I’ll do if I go out.

I’m so strong but right now I’m nothing.

I feel like the world is suffocating me

No one understands, they can’t cope

When I am not myself.

I carry everything I smile I talk.

When I don’t people flee they disappear

Where are my people, I need you

I’m trying but I feel tied down.

Everything hurts everything doesn’t make sense.

I can’t be strong all the time.

I am not. I feel down and I feel like escaping.
Nov 2016 · 953
Raw Emotion
Emillee Goodwin Nov 2016
This is me
Raw emotion

It's like if it was possible I could rip my body open and show the pain running around like blood flows through veins and arteries

To open my mouth and scream and for the air to fill my lungs without taking a breath so all the noise and anger goes soaring out

I sit and stare I often catch myself not thinking just staring and then I wonder what caught my mind and all the tears start flowing

My body aches it's exhausted not in a tired way but just where everything just feels it's too much to cope with I don't want to deal with anything at all

I hate this me
I want to switch off
Stop feeling
Just for a day
Nov 2016 · 699
Emillee Goodwin Nov 2016
As you watch the water glisten.
The Moon shines and shows. The beauty of life as I sit here and think of how life would be diving in and forgetting the world. The innocent submerge the rocking the swaying. I think of the sea world the sharks and whales and fish they seem so insignificant so unhurtful. To just be and be one and to feel.
Would that not just be the most unbelievable feeling in the world.  To feel. And to know.
Nov 2016 · 385
Emillee Goodwin Nov 2016
When the only thing you've ever known breaks in front of you,
When your heart is grieving, so full of love, it hurts, it shatters,
There is no one to fault, no one to put the blame, just raw emotion,
There are no words, just tears of pain and anguish, not a life has been lost
Nov 2016 · 984
Emillee Goodwin Nov 2016
My heart broke in two.
You didn't mean too
It's no ones fault
No ones to blame

Shattered and confused
You are our role models
And now you're apart
I don't understand

We always thought you'd be together
I guess life isn't perfect
You will always be our parents
New memories, new traditions

Our love will never stop
My heart still hurts
One day I might get it
For now I'll just trust
Apr 2016 · 563
Emillee Goodwin Apr 2016
You were meant to be there
Be there when I was little
When I was a teenager
Even when I became an adult.

I know you were there
But it didn't stop the bad things
The bad things from happening
I needed you to protect me

I shouldn't blame you
I know that everyday
I just wanted you to fight
I needed to hear you fight

You were my protector
At least my very first
You'll never not be
The one that I call

I just wanted to know
That you would be there
When your little girl falls
Always  there to catch her

Don't worry I've learnt
You can't always protect me
But you will always be
My dad.
Apr 2016 · 614
He said (10w)
Emillee Goodwin Apr 2016
And then he said; we will get through this together.
Apr 2016 · 559
His love (10W)
Emillee Goodwin Apr 2016
His love engulfs me and makes me feel safe again
Apr 2016 · 4.5k
I am Strong
Emillee Goodwin Apr 2016
I am Strong

Darkness can consume me
Life can be overwhelming
The mind can feel suffocating

I am strong

I crawl out of bed
I shower and dress
I eat my breakfast
I sit on the couch

I am strong

The day progresses
Tiredness overcomes
Exercise clears the mind
Study occupies my thoughts

I am strong

I go home
I cook
I listen and talk  
I get ready for bed

I am strong

Another day has finished
I got up
I accomplished
I am strong
Mar 2016 · 697
Cry at night
Emillee Goodwin Mar 2016
I cry at night
Every night
It seems

I can't tell you why
I don't know why
I cry at night

Maybe it's where I feel safest
Or maybe it's where I can hide
Every night I cry

Tears just roll
My nose gets stuffy
When I cry at night

I try to escape
Think of happiness
But still I cry

My heart feels broken
It hurts at night
That's why I cry

At night
Every night
I cry
Mar 2016 · 547
You were meant to be safe
Emillee Goodwin Mar 2016
I used to look into your eyes and think that nothing could ever get to me.
You always said I'd be safe with you and no body could ever hurt me.
We planned and laughed and dreamt about the future we would have.
Then one day you hurt me.
You stole that all from me.
I found someone in my spot, naked and guilty.
You looked at me and told me that you didn't mean it.
It was all lies.
That I believed.
You made me feel like it was my fault.
That I was the one who made you.
You hurt my name and my heart and didn't care at all.
You broke my heart.
My body went into shock.
The days that felt like weeks and the nights that felt like years.
I was numb. I felt numb.
You tore through all my layers and left me so vulnerable.
I felt like I was standing on a cliff so lifeless and light that even a small amount of wind could push me off the edge.
You drank and partied and bullied me.
You showed me that you didn't care.
While I wasn't sleeping and wishing that I could die
Until I got up and started building myself again.
I realised I could walk and breathe by myself.
Life became real again and not just a nightmare.
I became me again and bounced around with laughter.
I met another person.
He is so much fun. He's taught me how to love again.
He's made me smile like I used to.
He doesn't make me feel alone and always stands beside me.
Holds my hand and holds me tight.
Let's me walk towards my dreams and cheers me from the sideline.
He wants me to succeed and doesn't hold me back.
My life is so exciting.
Until I go to sleep at night.
Where that day still haunts me.
The day I saw a blue car.
And a girl in bed with you.
A girl that wasn't me.
I didn't feel safe that day.
I felt so lost and lonely.
I didn't have anywhere to go.
You were the place I used to go.
But I know it wasn't me.
It was you.
As I learn to deal with it.
My life gets brighter.
It is hard.
But it will be worth it.
And maybe it won't haunt me
Just be a distant memory.
One day you will understand exactly what you did.
When you finally feel remorse
I'll be so far away in my happy place living and enjoying life
You will be the one feeling like I did.
You will be awake at night.
Thinking about that day.
Wondering if I still hate you.
Let me help you now.
I do not hate you.
I forgive you.
But I will never forget.
Mar 2016 · 581
Emillee Goodwin Mar 2016
I try to shut my eyes at night.
I am restless.
I wonder to my self will it ever change
Will it ever get easier

I close my eyes and see darkness
I feel like I am deep under ground
So deep I can hardly see the light that shines
Down the hole where I have fallen

I hold on
To anything
Hope, Love

My hand is in another's
They have got me
I still feel like I'm stuck
Deep down somewhere.

Will this ever change.
I close my eyes and finally
I drift, into a deep, deep

— The End —