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Moomin 4d
There are Angels among us
Metaphorical Angels
They have no wings to fly
No superhuman powers to call upon
And no ability to remain unseen
They dance to the tune of human need
Become a crescendo in this dark time
She leaves her little one asleep at dawn
With aching heart and weary eyes
For even Angels tire out
She enters Hell where monsters roam
Little creatures with verocious appetite
Leaving lungs and lamenting in their path
She stands her ground and grapples fear
For even angels are in need of courage
She gathers the sweat and blood and tears of strangers
And soothes them to life or death
Yet while she suffocates in misery and mask
Selfishness abounds outside
And those restrained insist on fun
They gather together in revelry
Kissing flesh and adoring sun
She sees them on the nightly news
While she strokes her daughters brow
And comforts her with unfulfillable promises
Yet though they have the right to be free
They make her burden heavy and sad
With more victims for her ordeal
Yes, they have the right to take the loaded gun
To play roulette with their stubborn lives
Yet when the game involves warheads and virus
They invite death for others too
Who did not choose to enter the deadly casino
For even angels die!
Dedicated to our wonderful nurses
Why do I try when everything sinks and the water keeps flowing?
Why do I plant seeds when in this land nothing is growing?
Why do I buy clothes for a body that I don't know?
Why do I put glitter on when another cry soon will follow?
Disappointed but alive, or dead?
I don't know what feels worse.
But when I have to be alive I'll always keep on trying to cure this curse.
But why?! Cause I'm a bad bad nurse!!!
I want to be able to **** the reason why I fight.
I don't mind if I die in the process.
Dying in this way is progress.
How many times do I have to keep trying to explain it?
Will the right people get it when I'm dead?
Will they admit?
I'm a nurse that will always be bad.
Bad at living, bad with an attitude, bad and in a bad mood.
Bad but good.
Sometimes feeling alright too.
When I smile when I see you.
But please get it now.
I'm trying to find the poison to **** that virus that's in me and it will **** me.
And it's fine and the truth and it's just all reality.
But doctors never want to see that and only they can provide it.
One day I'll make my own and not just a little bit.
Just wait and see, watch me and change things hopefully.
Cathy May 1
After you see the look
Of pain and fear in his eye
After you feel the chances
Slipping on by
After you bear witness
To the screaming shaking pain
After the wave of anger
Washes you with blame
After you feel hope slipping
From your very hands
After you soothe and comfort
And hope he understands
After the grief of what can’t be
Of not accepting where you’re at
Good luck finding sweet dreams
After all that
Poetic T Apr 29
I'm a silently panicked individual,
on the outside  I'm calmer than
    the ocean on a windless tide.

But underneath I'm like a riptide of
             I wonder different scenarios.

What if's,
                when will I,
              why the hell are they
                                    not 6 feet away.

In my view, a cotton cloth isn't going
to stop anything, if a **** can get through,
                boxers, and Demin trousers.

How's a thin cloth going to stop it,
              P.s the rest of your face neck
hair is open for business.

Its absorbed, every breath, touch
cough, that travels much, much
further than you think.

With your vinyl gloves that spread more
than you realise..
             But what ever makes
                          you comfortable.. that's ok!!!

                             But don't touch anything
I want to pick up with your filthy hands.
Id rather trust unwashed digits to those
blue, white, finger puppets of falsehood.

I read the news, so many who help us,
          those in need thank goodness I'm
not one, not yet..
But they help the poorly,
                            the dying..
  I hate that word
             of family unable morn you,
             to smile and wish you good journey.

You, we, them just die without a smile.
               a We Love You.
No they just gasp looking for comfort,
      but all they see is others gasping for
           just another day...

Pinanday ka ng panahon
May tapang na hindi
basta sumusuko,
sa lahat ng laban
wala kang inuurungan,

Agimat mo ay katapangan
na umagaw mula sa kalaban.
Buo at tibay ng iyong loob
ano man ang iyong sagupain
walang di kakayanin.

laban mo’y hindi biro
Una kami sa iyong puso
Bago ang iyong pagkatao
Karamay ka, sa bawat
along bumubugso.

Ikaw ang bagong bayani
ng ating lipi na nagbabalik
ng kulay at sigla bitbit
ang bandila na may kisig
at buong katapangan.
Dedicated to all frontliners and to all great leaders.
Maunas Apr 22
Working while COVID is lurking,
You are selflessly nursing and returning,
Those that were hurting,
Sometimes it can be disconcerting
But remember, we are chirping because of you,
Thank you for serving.
Dedicated to all Front line workers doing their all to fight COVID. You guys are awesome We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
special thank you to Dr. Devan Thanki
Cathy Apr 16
I’m standing in the spotlight of the gas station
Waiting for the tank to fill
Doing the mundane and ordinary
Glad that I’m not ill
I look up at the inky blackness
So dark against the glare
The wind stirs and snowflakes drift
Towards me standing there
I’m not a fan of winter
My fingers frozen to the bone
I’d rather have a summer day
And make the beach my home
But the beauty in small things
Lifts my heart from doom
Each tiny speck of crystal white
Brightening the gloom
Perhaps they are a blessing
Saying I’ll be alright
Perhaps they are a promise
That I’ll have a better night
Maybe they’re a sign
From one who passed as I held her
A thank you and goodbye
A pause to reflect and remember
Poetic T Apr 1
We show the fatigue of Twelve hours
       of duty, to care for those that
Cant even breath without our care..

When we leave those that we wish
could survive till our next shift.

We go to grocery stores to find
             our next meal,
but shelfs stripped clean...

By those who don't need,
but horde more than there need,
                          for either greed or profit.
                                                      We weep,
for we are holding our hands out like Oliver!!

        Sir, Madam do you have anymore,
As we weep with empty stomachs..
      making do with the scraps left behind..

            "Sorry not till our next delivery,

                             But ill be at work then..
A tear drops lonely down a cheek.  

             Yes I've seen eBay, or online selling sites...

They make me sick to my heart,
        to think I may have to save these gluttons
on an empty stomach.

But I don't judge
              I just drop a tear for those I lost the
night before.

I tried,
               they tried
              but this venom, sinks in fast..

I wear the scars on my face, the masks digging in,
                   the cracked skin that I don't have time
to moisturise as I know its been a twelve hour shift.

                                                       I only sleep a few,
     my moments of peace and tranquillity woken
        My beeper goes off, were on call..

At least I got more than most,
           I give myself a two minute stretch,
and a wake up call, then I'm in fresh gear,
          sanitise my hands, and put gloves on.

I'm fearful of this virus, as many have fell like
warriors on the battle field, now breathing through
                                masks of life and death.

But my vow of care is strong and I shake off
              this fear, and walk into the ward a warrior
of positively.

"I will care for the fallen,
           I will hold a fearful hand,

never will I let anyone go.

But I'm only one in a sea of many.

If I can keep on breathing till they have strength

             its a win..
Lily Priest Mar 26
I see the ones
who don't see anyone.
Their skin is as fragile as the pages in an old book
and they look at me with eyes that have read it all,
seen it all
and are still scared.
I know their loved ones;
the worried fingers
that lace and unlace
as they stare a hole in the space between their shoes,
unused to the barriers,
fighting every instinct just to keep dear ones safe.
When I grace their bedside,
adjust the pillows behind their heads, I think;
every touch is their touch -
the ones that can't be close -
reaching through closed doors.
Every look is their look.
Every word of comfort are words those loved ones would say.
I hope they know,
and I pray they are
no longer alone.
For the nurses who are looking after people with coronavirus. Caring for them in spite of their own health and being a comfort to the people who are in qaurantine and cannot see their families.
Lisa Conway Jan 21
The police come knocking at half past one
Your son is dying they said
Stabbed they said
I felt so frozen inside ,dead
And there he lay
Covered in blood
With wounds all over
He tried to **** me ,he said
He stabbed me in the back,he said
Fear and anger warred inside
I hated this unknown then
Prayers were answered that day
After surgery ,he's still here
Looking at me ,tubes in his chest
Do you know how lucky he is? They said
An inch higher and no one could have helped they said
As it is he has fourteen wounds
Lungs, liver, kidney, tendons all cut
But he's still here still fighting
and a very lucky young man
He could have died that day
It changed us both forever!
Thank you so very much
For saving my son

© L conway 2020
This is for who helped my son
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