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Egeria Litha Feb 3
Needles inside our veins
Reminds me of your heroine phase

We stare at each other’s blood as it swirls into a bag
Earlier, we were taking hits and drags
For the first time all night
I was finally relaxed

Draining my life force with you

The nurse asks us, “Are you two a couple?”

     NO!  YES!
In unison, we chime
his girlfriend is not supposed to know
“Perplexing but alright, Here are two tickets to a comedy show!
       No smoking for an hour
and drink lots of water."
Stumbling off the blood truck,
It strikes me
He is old enough to be my father
If he had a baby as a teen
I could have been his daughter

He tells me, “I need to ***.”
Yeah right, so I peek
And see him through the glass wall
On his knees
As he locks eyes with me
He doesn’t know how to bleed
His lungs want to breathe or
pass out on the floor
to compensate for a sacrifice he made
A couple of miles back
Annie Jan 15
Under sizzling and bleeping
The time runs nigh
Between heaven and ****
In a room, too bright
Runs a body deadly circles
Captured in pipes
While the fellowship falls silent
As the headman decides
To live and let die

Slow, but soon, the dying noise
Leaves a weakly beating heart
Fighting it's own pointless war
No men alive shall ever thwart
And lifes children turn quiet
As they face the final loss
The fact they can´t deny
They live and let die

Now, the silence bales and centers
Around the fallen prey
Slowly, death spreads, like a cancer
Drives the living away
Until only ease is lagging
In the minds that still stand by
Relief about the outcome
To live and let die
Written 2013, after a very, in a psychological way, exhausting day.
Asante' Dec 2018
You're the scar
that everyone insists on
rubbing their finger in.
they say as the blood starts
oozing again.

Then they leave me to
nurse my own wound.
Delia Darling Sep 2018
The one who gave me a heated blanket
While switching it out every so often
Covering my wounds with caution

The one who gave me water
All concerned about me,
Like I was her daughter

The one who gave me slippers to keep
So I don't leave with ***** feet
(and wouldn't take no as an answer)

Who's soft eyes held no accusation
Blinding those with which
My thoughts held in possession—
That'd say I ******* up once again

These people cared about me
A lot more than I did
Gave me a kindness that
I had never yet tasted
A loving memory between strangers
For the rest of my life, I'll never waste it

With the sincerest of wishes,
Bless all you nurses out there
I **** at writing cheesy poetry.. eh oh well
Terry Collett Sep 2018
As the night nurse
let me into the ward
the noise hit me
like something
from ****.

He closed the door
behind me
and I wandered
further into the ward.

A group
of the mentally insane
surrounded me
wanting to shake my hand
to touch me
yelling various greetings
as I walk past them
to the nurse's office.

The male nurse
gruffly told them
to shove off
and they disbursed
out of sight.

Got to keep them
in order
he said
gathering his things.

As long as you
are here I can go
he said.

He left and the door
shut behind him.

One by one
the patients came
to the door and stared
and smiled
or grinned weirdly.

I spoke to them
and walked around the ward
one or two followed me
down the passageway
as I walked past dormitories
with unmade beds
and the smell of *****
and bodies.

One of the patients
touched my sleeve

We make the beds
he said
me and Gough.

He followed me
back to the ward
muttering news
of this and that
and in his eyes
saw emptiness
and vacant spaces
and sighed seeing
that in many
of their faces.
Graff1980 Apr 2018
The plain porcelain ***
is splatter painted,
a smoking crimson
as the yellowish ****
swims in the bowl.

The old man moans
from the agony of
an antibiotic resistant

The nurses undress him
To find a score of bed sores
that were hiding,
open wounds deep enough
to touch bone.

Gentle hands wipe
while he softly whimpers.

The round and dimpled cheeked teen
watches, smiling warmly,
offering calm words,
emoting compassion,
and answering any questions
the dying man might be asking
in the last stages of
his drug induced delirium.

After the cleaning she holds him.
He calls her mother
and she doesn’t correct him.
Jagged breaths slow
as she hums an old
family Lullaby
and he goes
as peacefully as possible
into oblivion.
ryn Jan 2018
Nurse the wings
of the broken bird

Care for it
as though you would
a newborn

Remedy the wounds
of the broken heart

Love it
so it lives to beat
the next morn
Terry Collett Sep 2017
Some would not have given that
a second sight, that part body
(German I presumed from what
uniform was left), blown near

the trench where we sat waiting
for the shelling to stop. Only the
fresh blood, young ones up to the
Front for the first time, gave it more

than a causal gaze as we had done
in our first days. Thomas paused
and ****** on his pipe in the lounge.
I sat next to him waiting to give

him his bath. Someone's husband,
lover, brother or son I guess, Thomas
went on, just there in the mud bloodied
and part gone. He paused again *******

his pipe, puffing out smoke. War's
a deadly matter, boy, no fun, no joke.
An old soldier talks of ww1
Jordan Ang Jul 2017
the Doctor will see you now
the nurse announces into the hallway
she doesn't shout - only raising her voice a little
louder to get my attention.
i'm nervous, it's my first serious appointment.

as i sit down the stool, She looks into my pupils
it's an eye exam, She says
lightly brushing across my face
skincare is of importance, also sleep more
your eye bags aren't a good sign

grabs my arm, pinching it lightly
muscle density isn't all that bad,
her rope of iron is hooked onto Her ears
a small disk between Her fingers
breathe in, breathe out

a stethoscope!
it presses against my chest, the palpitations almost
minuscule, yet She grabs onto my arm
Her ears almost dance at each knock
fingers tap to my rhythm

Her stethoscope presses harder down my chest
it's almost as if my ***** is pushing back
against the now warm instrument
then it sinks, i swallow it
down, down, in! she pushes lightly into my skin

why is Her warm hand in my chest?
She sinks deeper and deeper in
until she grabs the soft fruit of my Eden
She's gentle, feeling every jump in my chest
this is supposed to happen?

Her fingers caress every vein, studying it,
tracing it, she notes down the rate in her head
no good, She says, getting faster by the minute
my sweat pouring down my neck
isn't making this any easier, is it?

then Her hand slips out
i didn't realize she needed no gloves
She notes down Her measurements
in...  a blog?
be sure to be back tomorrow

i stand up, button up my shirt
i am sure to be back tomorrow.
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