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Emillee Goodwin Sep 2020
One last phone call
Then you were gone
Trying to make sense of it
But no sense came at all.
Your smile and joy
You decided to quit
however I know
it was all a decoy
Your heart was broken
you felt so low
You tried so hard
many words unspoken
I know you are watching
And keeping guard
Life is all good
like you always said
Until we meet again
Be proud of all you withstood
I’ll send my love up there instead.
Crimsyy Sep 2016
It is

my own mind

that hinders me

from feeling freedom

hit my wings and make me fly.

It is my own tired mind

it is me so beg my blood to flow

Will you sweep up my mess for me?

My broom broke long ago.

— The End —