Carol Aug 2017

I'll prepare myself for this like I've done everything else

May Davis Jan 2017

Why did I ever think
you'd love someone like me?

I loved you... but did you ever love me?
Erin Marie Nov 2016

And my mind
        always finds its way
                               back to you..

Batool Jul 2016

lets talk about angels,
while our demons
nibble our souls !!

Keren Jun 2016

Words kill like bullets they say
But so does silence

Ten-word poetry
OH NINA Jun 2016

a bad habit
of loving people
who doesn't love me

you got this? because i got it bad
Emillee Goodwin Apr 2016

And then he said; we will get through this together.

alli brunell Nov 2015

I am just another doll lost in the marionette holocaust

AM Jul 2015

If I know where to begin
he is my again

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