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Hourglasses and volcanic eruptions;
Stop time for passion this strong
Dizzy rainbow after
the aural
Downpour; drained to the
Shaxy Aug 2018
She was a
breathtaking beauty
that kept him
eternally mesmerized.
She had put him in such a Godly spell,
and he could not stop staring at her.
Shaxy Aug 2018
Smoking is bad,
but he looks good
with a cigarette.
I watched him take a long drag of the cigarette.
Gosh, he looks **** doing it.
Shaxy Aug 2018
Your memories haunt me;
And yet,
they keep me alive.
So tell me how could I move on?
I love
your skin
my skin

Carol Aug 2017
I'll prepare myself for this like I've done everything else
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