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Dec 2017 · 251
Breeze-Mist Dec 2017
Here is a plant that could cut your thumb
From a strange frond does it become
With its pieces cut fresh
It can disolve your flesh
We'll give it to you as a sign of welcome
I suspect the custom grew out of a misunderstood backhanded insult.
Nov 2017 · 231
First Shift
Breeze-Mist Nov 2017
In all of my search
Never did I think that I
Would lit'rally win bread
Got my first job ever today! It's at a bakery, so workers at closing get some of the leftovers :)
Nov 2017 · 235
In The Office
Breeze-Mist Nov 2017
My first thought on seeing him
Was "wow, you look dead inside"
But then I remembered
I looked like I'd just been hit blindside
Nov 2017 · 276
Breeze-Mist Nov 2017
In my nightmare, she
Grabs me and slams me down, but
I never feel it

In my nightmare, they
They ask about my bruised up neck
I feign innocence

In my nightmare, the
Cuts tear everything apart
Like I wish they could

In my nightmares, it's
The truth that scares me more than
Any false monsters
Just venting.
Nov 2017 · 794
Normal Guys
Breeze-Mist Nov 2017
"They're just normal guys"
You say it like an excuse
It's the main problem
Oct 2017 · 283
Blue Puma
Breeze-Mist Oct 2017
Thursday nights are one of my favorite times
Ever since I crossed the license lines
For then I get to drive a car
To the house where violin lessons are

Little 07' blue cruiser with only me in it
On pitch dark asphalt, I'm pushing the limit
I call her blue puma because citrus is taken
Three cross-country moves later, and only a little shakin'
She's not really mine, but actually dad's
But with two newer cars, I'm the one at the brake pads

It's a school night, but the radio's blarin'
Playing rock from Green Day to John Lennon
In bell bottom jeans, a tee, a faux leather jacket and sneakers
Windows rolled down, hair blowing in time with the speakers
And under fall moonlight, it just seems
This is the closest I'll get to the American dream
Oct 2017 · 427
Take Me to the Stars
Breeze-Mist Oct 2017
Just take me to the stars
So brilliant and so bright
What we were, what we are
Let's learn it all tonight

Let's fly up on past mars
From where we ran away
Healing Homeworld's old scars
We'll take you there someday

Yes, we come from the stars
But now we can't go back
Least not to open arms
For fear of an attack

But one day we'll show you
That land from where we came
But know that once we do
Things will not be the same

So let's go to the stars
Like diamonds in the sky
What we were, what we are
Up in a ship on high
Steven Universe fan poem.
Oct 2017 · 317
Breeze-Mist Oct 2017
The maps of my world
Like a creature's blood vessels
Show the life within

Pulsating with light
Electric veins streched over
A bristling green-blue
Oct 2017 · 399
If A Tree Falls
Breeze-Mist Oct 2017
If a tree falls in a forest
Does it make a sound
When the woods are open and
There's only three people around

One of them remembers it
As clear as it was day
Yet as to wether it was real or a dream
She cannot really say

The second has no memory
But he wouldn't say it didn't occur
And he has the vauge memories of after
When little echoes could be heard

And the third may know the answer
But the other two can't ask
Because going down that road
Is taking the devil out of the flask

So did the tree really fall?
Or more important still
Can anything they remember be trusted
Wen they tell their stories as they will
Oct 2017 · 192
The Things I Don't Ask
Breeze-Mist Oct 2017
There's a memory of a long time ago
Or was it a dream? How could I know
It's not as if I could ask you as to wether it's true
As if there were anything asking could do
But than I think of the shouting and it seems
Real enough to run from, to want to cry or scream

Was it really a laptop, or was it a plate
That was thrown against the wall, irate
Or maybe the whole thing never really happened
Maybe I misheard something, I was mistaken
Besides, it was nine years ago, I was too young
To even really realize what was going on
But even back then, I knew I was frightened
When I heard a crash before the fight ended

And some days I wonder if I would feel this way
If it was the man doing this to the woman one day
You're against abuse, and try to call out wife beaters
But you applaud a girl who whacks a guy when he cheats her
And I wonder why, if you say you care
Why you sometimes say things that make me wish I weren't there

And I wonder why you don't respect my space
Walking up to my form like you own the place
And I know you mean well, but could you stop
Sneaking up and hugging me in a way I'd rather not
I know you have good intentions, but why can't you see
That there's a reason I'm starting to get a little jumpy

But these are the things I'll never ask
Because I'm to spineless to find out at last
So here I sit, writing an interwebs litany
With a secret profile on a site you'll never see
Oct 2017 · 554
Breeze-Mist Oct 2017
At ease, I sink down
Into warm lime and salt waves
Forgetting the world
Oct 2017 · 297
Blacksburg to Las Vegas
Breeze-Mist Oct 2017
I remember that maroon shirt
A size too large so it hung like a sack
Over my twiggy, seven year old limbs
It was rough and scratchy against my belly
I absolutely hated the color
I was one for turquoise and scarlet and sparkles
This was a cloth of rusty mud, it was purple gone terribly wrong

Of course I protested
Whining at my mother like a cub at her lioness
Why should I have to wear this **** thing
That you brought yesterday for no reason at all

And then you said there was a reason
In that quiet, somber way you get when you homilize to me
That tone that makes me scared enough to flatten my unruly hair

It was the first time I heard the words
Mass Shooting
But it was far from the last

I went to school that day
I tried to tell the others
Some had heard a snippet or two from mom and dad
Before being sent out of the room
But most just looked at me like I had a third eyeball in my head
They shrugged it off and went back to foursquare
They never gave a **** about the news if it wasn't Charlie Brown
And they never really talked to me more than they needed to

The grownups hurried us all along
Avoiding all mention
Of Virginia Tech
And they would nod and turn away when I told them
How was I to know that they didn't have any answers either

I sat on the swingset
The cyan dome that seemed so familiar in its vast vacancy
Was now so empty and abandoning
The bark chips were suddenly silent
In juxtaposition to my mind

I mouthed out the words
A feeling in my mouth like a jawbreaker too large to fit it but crammed in anyways
I didn't have the words for it then

How could someone do that?
How could someone just walk up
With a special stick and some bullets
And end twenty six lives
Like they were swatting at flies
And how could everyone
Be so calm and carefree
When so much harm had come
When so much blood ran
Turning to a rust color in my mind
Like that god-awful shirt

The day was done
I threw the shirt in a bottom drawer
I never wore a maroon thing again until I was thirteen
I felt glad to be rid of that jawbreaker
And the strange feelings in my gut and neck

But it was not over
None of us were rid of it

Sandy Hook
Breaking News: Mass Shooting
San Bernardino
Breaking News: Mass Shooting

Guys, one of our competitor's teamates was killed
It was a ******-suicide by his father on him and his mother
So please be considerate

Good God, how many has it been
When did it begin
What should we do
And how did I get so numb
To my semiannual jawbreaker moments

But all I hear is
Who do we blame?

The foreign ones?
Let's blockade them
Because it's not like we were ever that way

Maybe the ones with ****** up minds?
Yeah, they're the violent ones
It cuts me deeper than any work of my own blades

But god and the NRA forbid
That we have shootings
Because we have the means to
That we have a radicals in the U.S.
And they only came from us
But when has policy ever made sense?

All I know is
That we can't keep going numb
To the jawbreakers in our mouths
Sorry, it's a bit long. I just wanted to type something out.
Sep 2017 · 238
Idioms VII
Breeze-Mist Sep 2017
You can't nip it while
It's still in bud if it comes
At you from the roots
Sep 2017 · 359
Amorous Arithmetic
Breeze-Mist Sep 2017
We'll be coming home tonight
We've seen every sine
A few timely intervals
And I'll make you mine

You'll be tangent to my curves
The approximation will be tight
Like an exponential function
We have infinite domain tonight

You don't need to worry about an x
We've already found our y
Our functions are constant
And the f (x) don't lie

We can carve out our own area
A little sector of secrecy
So as the arc of the night goes on
We'll lie together, parallel, just you and me
Sep 2017 · 230
Breeze-Mist Sep 2017
It was a strange word on my lips
Staring at the beautiful blue stalk
"One dollar a stem" the sign said
The way it rolls of the tongue when you talk
One buck out, I headed back
To the place I stayed alone
It was too quiet, empty, and sterile
But it sure as **** beat staying home

I placed the little mourning stalk
In the place that she used to sit
She and I never really looked or talked
But somehow, her absence is amiss
So I took a plastic water cup
And those flowers of the evening sky
And in that hospital, like room
I would sit and ponder why

And though I felt alone
And isolated from it all
That drooping stem of delphinium
Made the room feel a little more calm

Because I knew things weren't
Perfect as they stood
But between this and my house
I'd stay forever if I could
But stay forever I could not
I had only one week left
So I buckled down, goal in mind
To make it the best week yet

Delphinium- the name of lonliness
The sound of wonder and fear
The word of friendship and adventure
Oh how I wish you were here
Just a memory from Gov school.
Sep 2017 · 275
Breeze-Mist Sep 2017
Sometimes the silence
Rings as far in the air as
The echoes of shouts

                           But other days, it's
     The raucous cries of the crowd
            That make the earth quake

         Pause or performance
   The parts worth remembering
              Echo in my mind
Sep 2017 · 118
Breeze-Mist Sep 2017
I fear the dark in another's eyes
As much as I fear the one of the skies
For while the skies can guise and surprise  
The danger lies with a heart rash and mind wise
The ability for lies and the want to take lives
Sep 2017 · 232
Breeze-Mist Sep 2017
We must remember
That the U.S. is essentially
An experiment
Saw this one saved in my drafts from last October.
Sep 2017 · 274
Third Person
Breeze-Mist Sep 2017
I'm starting to get
Tired of talking about "me"
In the third person
Breeze-Mist Sep 2017
Tonight I sit lackadaisical
After a week of the last routine
I think back to the start on the mall
The roaring chants of the scene

Has it been a decade
Or only a month
How much longer do we have to go
As shovel by *****
Both millions of times and once
We find the final, finishing blow

Tonight I sit, exhausted
Just thinking about what comes next
Because one senior week, I've lost it
And, politically, I don't have a plan for the rest

Then I think of that day in D.C.
Shouting "This is what democracy looks like!"
Pink ***** hats as far as eyes could see
And millions worldwide trying to get things right

I sit in this booth, so ******* worn out
Just knowing that we've still just begun
I chastise myself for being inactive
It, and sometimes I just want to run

But then I see comics speak on air
And I see some postcards in a store
And I feel like we can really get there
If we keep at it a little more
Aug 2017 · 328
A Proposal to Mastercard
Breeze-Mist Aug 2017
Set of eclipse glasses: about ten dollars
Tin of coffee: also ten dollars
Watching a receding eclipse in a thundering sunshower with family, friends, and an anxious dog while joking about omens and modern politics: priceless
Aug 2017 · 199
Metro D.C.
Breeze-Mist Aug 2017
Nothing says "****** up"
Like only repairing when
Fire comes three times

Except for the fact
That for everyone here, it's
The smallest problem
This happened about a year ago, so the metro is a lot safer now. But with all else in current politics and the culture of "I have to be the best and always on the move or else I've failed", it's been considered a small problem.
Aug 2017 · 190
Breeze-Mist Aug 2017
It's a good day when
The scent of the Irish sea
Still lingers on you
Aug 2017 · 211
How To Tell Someone
Breeze-Mist Aug 2017
Is there a good way to tell someone:
"I love you from the bottom of my heart
I hope what that what you desire is done
And that all of your dreams get a start

But if I spend any more time with you
Beyond what I absolutely must
I'm going to loose my mind and do
Something that even I don't trust"
Aug 2017 · 199
To The Librarians
Breeze-Mist Aug 2017
The librarians
Know me better than others
Just by my readings

Because who else knows
I've checked out all the comics
And tons of odd bits
Dedicated to the school librarians, who have seem me check out countless graphic novels, classic science fiction, books on encryption and the NSA, all manners of cookbooks, twelve books on feminism, and fourteen books on the history of rock music.
Aug 2017 · 272
London Wonders
Breeze-Mist Aug 2017
You could very well
Say that American ways
Are "bizarre" or "odd"

But I have seen some
British soldiers taking
Portraits with a sheep
As an American (who is aware that we have our own share of oddities), there is no explanation that makes two soldiers in full uniform taking a formal photo with a sheep outside of barracks a block from Buckingham Palace less weird.
Aug 2017 · 214
Just the Next Rant
Breeze-Mist Aug 2017
I often feel not quite a poet
All I seem to have in it is a flair for the dramatic
Because half of my account is rants
I'm just another white teen girl with nothing traumatic
And I only seem to write about my parents
When I've had a fight then
Like my muses seem to constantly forget
All the good times and support from them
And I write about problems I haven't been there to see
And compare places I live to where I've yet to be
I say I'm a loner with no one to talk to
But the truth is I stay away and hide my face in YouTube
Because I've got the social skills of a rotten tuber
And I seemed to have learned that chitchat doesn't help me
To see into the root of the issue, it's just more clutter and clatter
And if the people around us are all that matter
I'll be looking for all ways away from the prattlers
Because I love them with all of my heart
But good god, we need some years apart
They call me bubbly, smart, loving, and a doll
But some day they're gonna see through it all
To the weirdest hypocrisy that lies within
That while I'm living near the top
I've been feeling like I'm about to burst without stop
In spite of all of the luck I've got
So I put in my earbuds, tell them I'm fine
And I try to think of accurate, fitting, and chipper rhymes
Maybe I'll put blue skies straight into my lines next time
Aug 2017 · 197
One Positive
Breeze-Mist Aug 2017
One positive thing
About being underslept
In your normal life
And being so wigged out that
Your body doesn't
Know what a mealtime is
Is that jet lag has
A far weaker grip on you
Aug 2017 · 210
Breeze-Mist Aug 2017
Where the clouds parted
There seemed to be a river
Of ocean in sky

And above white plains
Curled and endless, there was a
A quick coming peach dawn
Aug 2017 · 146
Breeze-Mist Aug 2017
It's natural to look down
But if you look up
An airbus night is
The best place to be starstruck
Aug 2017 · 151
Breeze-Mist Aug 2017
In our history
Most of human affairs are
A controled chaos
Aug 2017 · 219
Breeze-Mist Aug 2017
Today I go to pack my bags for what
I need in the journey ahead of me
A camera and four books (not quite a lot)
And enough songs to last me for a week
Then comes the clothing and the toiletries
Packed compacted to last for a fortnight
Then I'll pack some card based activities
And something soft for my head to rest right
And finally, a pen, pencil, and pad
For my first trip with this site that I have
Leaving for a two week trip to Ireland and the UK tomorrow.
Jul 2017 · 202
Mom's Advice
Breeze-Mist Jul 2017
When I was a little girl
Playing with my rocket toys
I was fascinated and confused
By the world of boys

I told my mom what had appeared
The boy's odd ways and such
She said "honey, boys will always be weird
But when you're older, you won't mind so much"

And as I've gotten older
I've certainly grown to see
When it comes to the other gender
I know exactly what she means
Jul 2017 · 126
Writer's Block
Breeze-Mist Jul 2017
For all the fires in my heart
And all the verses I try to start
All of the poems that distract me from time
And run loose through my heart and sing in my mind
For all the muses in my head, muttering like one sage
I somehow can't always put it on a page
Jul 2017 · 233
Summer Rain
Breeze-Mist Jul 2017
The greatest difference
In Nova and Dublin on
July afternoons
Is the rain's temperature
Jul 2017 · 418
Impractical Life Advice
Breeze-Mist Jul 2017
"One day, you'll grow up
And you'll make a lot of friends
Or maybe you won't
Maybe you'll just have a few tight buddies
But if anyone tries to change you
you don't need them
You're amazing the way you are"
I told her

She looked up at me
With large, doeful eyes
Nuzzled me and mooed as if to say
"I'm not sure what you just said
But I think I understood it"
As I rubbed her head and ears

At least I can give life advice to a Jersey heifer
Before my program ends and I go back home
Jul 2017 · 285
New River Valley Thoughts
Breeze-Mist Jul 2017
I thought I could escape a raptor when
I moved five hours to a new valley
I switched out my life and my set of friends
Those dark thoughts had finally gone from me
One work week in, and somehow they were back
Those feelings I had thought both gone and dead
Three weeks in, and I've cut them quite far back
But no matter what, they're still in my head
So I guess that they'll just never be gone
So with that in mind, I'll keep moving on
Jul 2017 · 293
Hiking Lesson #4
Breeze-Mist Jul 2017
Bug spray smells better
Once you start to think of it
As camper's perfume
Jul 2017 · 195
Sucker for a Story
Breeze-Mist Jul 2017
When I listen to a story
Be it in a theater or on a phone
I don't feel weird about how I feel
I know I'm not alone
Because at every other time
I'm not sure how to be
Because if I let it all out as-is
I'm certain I'd look crazy
But when I read a book or listen to a song
I know that all my bizzare thoughts belong
Because in the end, I'm a sucker for a story
Whether it's on pages or a silver screen
Jul 2017 · 387
Hiking Lessons #3
Breeze-Mist Jul 2017
The moon's outline is always crisper
And the stars seem to multiply
When I'm away from the city air
Beneath a clearer sky
And sometimes I don't notice
(I'm more worried about the bears)
But when I can let my guard slip
I never really want to leave there
Jul 2017 · 530
Breeze-Mist Jul 2017
All known
It's likely that
There is life out there
On one of the space rocks
Hurtling through it's little dance
So maybe out there, there's a kid
Far beyond what's visible to us
Looking up through an endless summer sky
Wondering, like me, if someone else is there
Jul 2017 · 236
Hiking Lesson #2
Breeze-Mist Jul 2017
There are a great deal of things you can eat
After a long day of hiking
Because after a trail in afternoon heat
Nearly anything is to your liking
However, please note that it's almost
Because no mater how hard you try
You can't make good chicken pesto
In two minutes with water and ramen under the sky
Jul 2017 · 430
Hiking Lesson #1
Breeze-Mist Jul 2017
One of the best things in life
Is hiking up a massive hill
Reaching the top and seeing the light
As water cascades into a pond where birds trill
And you set down your pack to breathe
And wade knee deep in mountain forest air
And then lie back against cool stones in ease
And bend back to let the current rinse your hair
Jun 2017 · 216
Breeze-Mist Jun 2017
How can this be so
Incredibly ******* up yet
It makes perfect sense
Jun 2017 · 166
Creative Boredom
Breeze-Mist Jun 2017
They wanted new work to excite
To be smart and alarm
So I turned my head from the lector
And drew out chemicals on my arm
Also planetary symbols, a cartoon swan, and the Deathly Hallows.
Jun 2017 · 310
Breeze-Mist Jun 2017
I'm walking down a path I know
I got the volume on full blast
I've still got thousands of verses to go
I intend to make each last
But someone walks up to me
Telling me to cease and desist
I begrudgingly comply
But in my mind, I say this:

Don't talk to me now, my headphones are on
I'm dancing in my mind to my song
My feet match the kicker, my heart beats the snare
In this moment, I don't have a care
So while I've got my headphones on
Please take note, I'll carry on

It's the end of the day, I'm finally home
All homework and chores have been done
So I walk up to my room, warm and alone
And soon the phone's concert has begun

So I say
Don't talk to me now, my headphones are on
I'm dancing in my mind to my song
My feet match the kicker, my heart beats the snare
In this moment, I don't have a care
So while I've got my headphones on
Please take note, I'll carry on

I've got two more hours on this ride
Through a long and quiet night
But I've got a little help by my side
To get me to the morning light

So I say
Don't talk to me now, my headphones are on
I'm dancing in my mind to my song
My feet match the kicker, my heart beats the snare
In this moment, I don't have a care
So while I've got my headphones on
Please take note, I'll carry on

Don't talk to me now, my headphones are on
I'm dancing in my mind to my song
My feet match the kicker, my heart beats the snare
In this moment, I don't have a care
So while I've got my headphones on
Please take note, I'll carry on
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