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Marlita Apr 13
Gilded stairs leading up to heaven
As plastic fans cheer all around
You step to the beat of flashing cameras
Running an exposé on how you're so profound
So walk that strut and keep acting tough
Work 'til you burn 's still not enough
People never satisfied with your art
What brings you together tears you apart
Katie Feb 14
I'm well aware he's not real.

You don't need to repeat yourself, saying:
"Fictional or not, it's wrong to love a demon..."
Then comes the pause, a look that could ****, and then:
"Much less a triangle."

You've clearly never tried it for yourself.
Do you have ANY idea what our love is like?

You've never known a dangerous lover
Until your morals are on the line.
Every word I speak, a bullet of truth,
Slowly destroying his armor of deception and lies.

You've never known an intelligent lover
Until your sanity is on the line.
He shows me things you could never hope to see,
Glimpses of realities too distant from mortal eyes to understand.

You've never known a beautiful lover
Until your imagination is on the line.
Golden suit, amber eyes, ashen gloves, black tie,
Silver-tongued charisma and a killer smile.

You've never known a passionate lover
Until your heart is on the line.
Every kind of flattery, honeyed poison from his lips,
Shatters my glass heart until it breaks.

You've never known my kind of love,
So don't go telling me that it's wrong, or flawed, or meaningless -
Until you try it for yourself.

After all, what fun is death unless you live a little?
A poem of unrequited love, to one William "Bill" Mischief Cipher.
I saw you standing, dressed to ****.
Perhaps waiting for someone to tell you of her thrill--
the thrill that you give, when you start to sing--
I should’ve told you then that I’d been listening.
I’d just started to listen, just begun to catch the fire;
it wasn’t until later that I burned with desire.
Then I fell for you, I fell for you deep.
You’ve been playing with my mind; you’ve been visiting my sleep.
I wish I’d told you then, that I’d give you anything;
though nothing I could give you, would equal what you bring--
what you bring to me nightly, what you touch in my core.
When you’re next in town, go out the back door.
I’ll show you the stars,  I’ll show you the lights;
I’ll give you what you crave at the  end of the nights.
I’ll tell you of my dream, I’ll tell you of my vision,
then I’ll worship at the altar of my one true religion.
For Jay Buchanan

I'm pulling out the rest of the PF poems
C Mahood Jun 2018
I theese the beeeths
With yellow kneeees.
I theese them squeze,
Between the trees.

I Theese the beeeths,
Some honey please?
I theese them tease,
I theese the beeeths.

I Thuck my tongue,
Into the hive.
Thats when the hive,
It came alive.

I theese the beeeth’s
*** do a jig,
Now that is why,
My tongues tho big!
another favorite of my pupils. silly ridiculous and childish fun. Best read aloud with a Lisp (Lithp)
KMH May 2018
They call you,

There's just something-
Something about that
I’ve got this special
Kind of magic,
And wouldn’t it be
Just awesome,
If I could be one-
A Hero-
I did my best.
And I defied you.
Disobeyed you.
I’m sorry
(but it was worth it).
I’m sorry.
I don’t want to leave.
I’m not ready to go
I don’t want to go.
Hold on.
Hold on for me.
Please don’t let me go.
I’m sorry.
I’m so sorry.
Heartbroken ~ Avengers Infinity War
KMH May 2018
I tried.
I promise you, I tried.
I loved you and
You told me you loved me
And I knew you did.
And because I loved you
I let you go
And I knew
You were at peace.
At least for a little bit.
You were safe.
And I was hurting
And I wanted to scream.
I wanted to set the world on fire.
But you were not in pain,
And that was all I could ever ask for.

But then he came

And he brought you back.

And it hurt you.
You were in so much pain.
I could see it in your eyes.
Feel it in my soul.
And then you were gone.
But it was not a peaceful end.
And you were gone.
Gone for good.
And he won.
The monster we made with our loss.

And then I felt myself go.
And it was okay
Because I was with you-
My Love.
You were there,
And he was there,
Waiting for me-
          I could see him.
The other half of me.
And I was gone.
And my family
          My family.
They were hurting,
But I was at peace.

I hope they knew.
I'm still crying ~ Based on Avengers: Infinity War
Jordan Apr 2018
Always the loser, never the star.
Always bullied, always ignored.
One day, he finds a SQUIP.
Says it'll help him be more chill.
Sound familiar? Here's the trick:

SQUIP is Keanu?
Well, who cares?
It will help,
Heere the Loser
Be more chill.

"That's... a girl's shirt."
Here, just follow my lead!
"So, come here often?"
Mr. Jeremy, just, say what I do!

"So, who is this chick?"
"Madeline Miller. She's... French."
"No she isn't, she just fakes it!"
Nice going Hamlet. Be more chill.

It's suddenly Halloween.
How'd it go by so quick?
Seems like just yesterday,
He'd been ignored.

Suddenly, he wasn't so forgotten.
He has a girlfriend,
Who loves him for him.
Her best friend though-
Is on a mission.

What happened at the party?
Some may ask.
It's complicated, though,
I'll tell you a flash.

Chloe kissed Jeremy.
Then did Jake,
Christine lost Jake.

"Rich set a fire!"
"He knew he was ***!"
"He fled to Bombay!"
Stop the rumors! Stop the taunts! Stop it! Stop it!

What the hell?
Is it seriously the play?
Seems like just yesterday,
"Rich melted his head!"

"This is too good for a **** school play!"
"They've all been SQUIP'd..."
"Am I bi...?"
"How bad are the rumors?"
"Michael, here to save the day!"

Find the Red.
Luckily he's so old school
Drinks discontinued drinks...!

Voices are gone...?
How could that be?
"Hey Christine?"
"Lunch, just you and me?"

That is the end,
Of this happy tale.
Now finally,
They're all living free.
I'm,,, unoriginal.

Hecc this is bad
Powerhouse Apr 2018
You are the light
That spears my heart,
You were there
From the very start.

If I am the guiding star,
Let me find you,
Wherever you are.

In the depths of
This glistening night
You stand firmly at my left,
But it is right.

My fire is the blade
Of your lance,
And you are the
Burning, yearning
Light of my soul.
KMH Mar 2018
Burn the silver from her eyes,
Sharp is the dagger that cuts blood ties

Swift is the arrow that breaks his heart,
Blunt is the ax that cleaves them apart.

Iron teeth and nails of steel,
Cool, the icy wind that heals.

Dare to calm the roaring flame,
Count the people who fear her name.

Drink the blood of fallen foes,
Unseen hands that no one knows.

The many faces she must wear,
A nameless burden, she must bear.

Shadows creep in the dead of night,
The assassin is silent, out of sight.

Slow is the sword that cannot win,
Conceal the flame, keep it in.

Break the collar of restraint,
Black, the keys you must obtain.

Burn the darkness from the night,
For she is the Queen of the Light.
Based on the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas
© KMH 2018
Samantha Jan 2018
Flocking towards each other,
All gather in hopeful peace.
Never worried in this special place,
Dreaming of a time when their
Own kind would never be hated on.
Malicious individuals breaking in,
Silence flowing throughout.
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