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Anais Vionet Jun 2023
(An exercise to write a sonnet in iambic pentameter)

With heavy heart, I offer my remorse,
for I'm too tired to dance this weary eve.
The echoes of my workday's tireless chores
linger, leaving naught but fatigue's relief.

Oh, believe me, I hate to disappoint,
for the music tempts me to sway and dance.
But the hours I've toiled, each task and each point,
have drained me to a tired nudnik, perchance.

My spirit, once bright, now longs for respite,
to find solace in rest and heal my self.
Though my love for dance burns hot like cordite,
exhaustion demands I stay on the shelf.

Forgive me, my friend, tonight I must rest,
but once refreshed, we’ll fete and dance with zest.
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Nudnik a boring person
Filomena May 2021
"So how much will the rental be?", he hollers.
"A thrifty fee of fifty three green dollars."
Simple couplet written around a spoonerism.
Wrote this one a while ago.
Haven't published in ages so might as well.
ArianLlwyn May 2021
Once I dreamt of a world so grand,
I reached to hold it in my hand,
But it fell away like pale sand.
Pia V May 2021
If love were flight then I’d stay perched
Perhaps for fear of falling but
To see it all, I’d watch atop
Up twenty stories, far enough

Observed, and learned, but never felt
That freedom comes with many doubts
And I, for one, will not go out  
Much further than my steady perch
ArianLlwyn Mar 2021
They say the sun shines bright
Beyond the hills of night.

Perhaps one day I might
See this beautiful light.

For now my days are dark
My dreams are nightmares wrought.
ArianLlwyn Mar 2021
The world's small eyes bare down like heavy gold,
On whomsoever seeks their glazed dim gaze.
My second attempt at a couplet in iambic pentameter.
Filomena Mar 2021
When on a modern battlefield,
You shouldn't wield a wooden shield.
Sometimes I find that less is more, when I try to write a metaphor.
(Same idea as last poem but less elaborate.)
(Subtitle: Spoonerism 1)
Filomena Mar 2021
On this one bit I will not yield:
When on a modern battlefield
Where not one thought can be concealed
As hidden things can be revealed

You Shouldn't Wield a Wooden Shield
Simple idea worked out over a few days.
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